From Across the Mirror Ch. 01



All characters portrayed in the following work are above legal age.

All situations, places, and people portrayed are completely fictional, any resemblance to any circumstance, location, or living person is entirely fortuitous and completely unintended.

Chapter 1

“It’s already past two a.m,” I muttered.

The job of a father never stops… especially…when you are the father of young girls.

In my case, two of them.

Amy and Sarah.

My eighteen and nineteen years old bundles of joy.

They are both out partying currently.

Where exactly? I don’t know.

Once they became legally free to do as they please, I became little more than their doorman.

I spoiled them rotten, and so did my wife, and even their aunt.

My little sister, Rebecca, lives with us.

She is twenty-one, as my parents had her late in life.

She came to live with us a little over seven years ago.

My parents had an unfortunate car accident, and I was the only direct family member she had left.

Going through such loss at such a young age was tough, so I procured to give her space and tried to comfort her.

Even for me, that was a hard pill to swallow, to a teen girl, that was a soul-rending blow.

Precisely for that reason, I tried exercising patience when she started acting up.

I struggled with her for months.

She constantly got into fights at school and wore those emo clothes that I hate so much.

She is of average height, at five feet six inches tall.

Her eyes are light blue, she inherited those from pop’s

Her hair is that of a natural redhead, just like my mom was.

Sarah shares that one trait, only Amy is a dark blonde, like Nicole.

Rebecca’s proportions are plentiful for someone her age.

She owns a pair of D-cup breasts.

That one I know because I have laundry duty from time to time.

A narrow waist and curvy lower body, those measurements I don’t know, but she looks close to the hourglass figure that is supposed to be ideal.

The day she turned eighteen, she got home late at night, drunk, and with a tattoo on her left shoulder.

I was going crazy, but my wife, being a lot more patient than I am, hugged her and acted like nothing was wrong, wishing her a happy birthday.

Rebecca was so sure she was getting into trouble, that, when Nicole hugged her, she broke something inside Becca.

She hugged Nicole back with all her strength and broke down crying.

Nicole accomplished, in a single evening of good intentions, what my many months of lectures couldn’t even come close to.

I sucked at this parenting gig.

Fortunately, I wasn’t alone in it.

I think that night changed her a little, as she stopped getting into fights and behaved somewhat more normally.

She became best friends with Nicole, my wife.

Her wardrobe also improved, as she stopped wearing black boots all the time, and started to wear similar clothes to my girls.

Still, one thing didn’t change.

Her late-night arrivals became recurring happenstances.

I complained to my wife on several occasions.

But she dismissed those, saying that I couldn’t do anything about it and that it was Ok as long as she got home in one piece.

The reason I complained so much was that both of my little girls looked up to her.

They were supposed to be sleeping, but I knew that they stayed awake, peeking out the window, waiting for their aunty to arrive, whenever she was out until late.

I was concerned, since I travel a lot, because of my job.

I’m a sales executive for a sizable furniture company, and my job takes me out of town often.

I don’t consider myself rich, but I think we are better off than most families around us.

Our house is the biggest on the block by far.

As I feared, once they became legal adults, they exhibited the same behavior as Becca.

Sarah since last year, and Amy just a couple of months ago.

Now, it is usual for me to stand up in the middle of the night and pass by empty rooms, on my way to the bathroom, whenever I am home.

I don’t even know if they go out together or if each finds their scene.

And I haven’t even gotten to that part yet.

I know girls nowadays are in a more definite control of their sexuality than when I was young.

But sometimes, certain situations just simply transcend or exceed concepts like generations…or…morality.

At first, it was just them getting home late, and sometimes with alcoholic breath.

But then, I caught sight of a bruise-like mark on Becca’s neck.

“a hickey” I immediately thought.

As I saw that, I realized that Becca was no longer a child, but a grown young woman.

And not long after that, I realized that Sarah and Amy were the same.

I hadn’t seen any marks on either of them, but I figured it was a matter of time.

Once again my wife laughed at my concerns.

She said that they were bound to meet someone and that I had to make peace with the idea that they would have intimacy with that someone, at some point.

I gerçek resimli gaziantep escort couldn’t refute her statement, but it still hurt to hear it, as a father, one would hope that they waited until my corpse got cold, inside my grave, before they even considered doing that.

That led me to the worst idea of my life.

Since I wasn’t around as much, I would install cameras around the house.

Just to make sure they were alright, I thought.

We already had a couple of security cameras, but I bought those almost since the eldest girl was born, and they were crappy, even by the standards back then.

I knew that Nicole would rip my head off if she ever found out.

So I dug around on the internet, trying to find out what the best surveillance equipment was.

A guy on one of the forums recommended surveillance equipment from a certain company, that required a careful installation.

I dug a little more into different sources, and that one company seemed the way to go.

Their website advertised complete discretion and the top, state of the art equipment.

I contacted them, and they said, that depending on the number of cameras and the features I wanted, the price varied.

That’s where my mistake became that much worse.

I asked for as many cameras as I could afford, and the ones that had microphones, so I could not only see but hear, what was going on.

Big, crass, horrible mistake.

They informed me that due to the complexity of the installation and the sheer number of cameras requested, it would take them a full two days to finish.

Now that everything was arranged, the only thing left was to get them all out for a whole two days.

I came up with a weekend getaway trip to the beach for the whole family.

All of them, unsuspecting, readily agreed to my proposal.

And so, we headed to the beach.

I made sure to give them detailed instructions on where the key was hidden, and especially on where I wanted the cameras.

We spent that weekend very happily.

The girls behaved and Nicole and I enjoyed a romantic beachside dinner, and beachside sex, once we returned to the hotel.

When we returned on Monday morning, nothing seemed out of place.

For a minute, I thought that they hadn’t even come.

But then, I noticed a tiny shine, on top of the tree that was planted in the little patch of lawn between the garage entryway and the entry path to the house.

I, of course, noticed because I knew what I was looking for.

The girls, on the other hand, had no clue and noticed nothing.

I must say that those guys delivered.

I roughly knew where the cameras were, as I had chosen their locations carefully, but even I had trouble spotting them.

“Nice, this will keep Nicole from killing me,” I thought.

I proceeded to my studio.

There, I found the control center, a bulky tower with lots of little lights and wiring coming out of it.

Being afraid of Nicole finding it.

I asked it to be installed inside a big cabinet with a lock on it, which, of course, was custom made.

It seemed I wasn’t the first Looney these guys had encountered, as they offered a solution to my every problem, even down to matching the cabinet’s color with the rest of the furniture inside the studio, to make sure it didn’t stand out.

I waited for the night to test my new little toys.

I made a job excuse to Nicole and retreated to my studio, locking the door.

The equipment lived up to the hype.

The software provided allowed me to connect any device, like my desktop, as well as my laptop, my tablet, and even my phone.

And the cameras were sublime.

They came equipped with not only remote, independent movement but also an optic zoom, 20x I think they said.

It was capable of even spotting stains on the rug.

The night vision was a given, but these babies were even capable of color night vision.

And the microphones were so sensible, that I could even hear the night breeze, as it blew over the lawn.

The coolest feature was, however, that the motion detection was customizable, meaning, that you could even set a certain set of automatic behaviors for the cameras, depending on what the movement was.

Like zooming in directly on the source of the movement.

I was honestly fascinated by it all.

I ordered enough cameras to film a reality show.

Not only they were all around the house’s perimeter, including the garage and the backyard.

I also had them installed on the inside:

The living room, kitchen, stairway, foyer, porch, and even the basement, were all covered.

Even the rooms upstairs.

The master bedroom, each of the girls too, and even the two bathrooms upstairs and the one downstairs as well.

In other words, total over-kill, I admit that I overdid it.

But I honestly did it out of love.

Still, I assure you, the punishment I received, didn’t fit the crime, so disproportionate it was, that, to this day, I believe gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan my sanity was lost right then and there.

About a week passed from that first day.

Then, I got a call from my boss.

I had to leave on another trip, two days later.

I did as I always do.

I had breakfast, bathed, changed into my suit, and then, kissed my wife goodbye, just before leaving.

The trip went, as usual, the usual cheap flight, the usual crappy hotel room, and the usual boring business meetings.

When I got back to my room, around midnight, I was dead tired.

I took a shower and put on the bathrobe.

I was just about to numb myself to sleep watching T.V.

Then, it hit me.

“The cameras,” I thought.

I jumped towards my briefcase and took my laptop out.

As I turned it on, I was busy thinking about the girl’s faces if they knew big daddy was watching.

The thought made me chuckle.

That first night, I amused myself by alternating between the cameras and zooming in on everything.

I didn’t notice anything out of place.

I watched as my wife got ready for bed, The girls chatting about some guy they called “Tank,” whom Sarah had met just the week before.

And Rebecca busies on the phone with one of her friends for most of the night.

I finally stopped about two hours later, once everyone went to sleep.

I was happy with my new toys and felt the thousands I spent were worth it.

As I discovered that I liked to watch around without anyone noticing.

Harmless fun, I thought.

Fuck that.

The next day, the second of three and a half scheduled, went by the same way, up to the part where I turned the laptop on.

As I was switching between the cameras, I noticed that the two of the girls were absent.

Rebecca and Sarah.

Amy was in her room, soundly asleep.

“well, one out of three is better than none”.

I debated about whether I waited for the other two, or just finish up and go to sleep.

I should have chosen the latter.

Alas, I didn’t.

Sarah got home about half an hour later.

She mildly stumbled out of a car I had not seen before.

“She’s drunk” I mused.

Then came a man out of the same car.

A tall man, seemingly in his mid-twenties.

He had black, short trimmed hair, a muscular build, and wore blue jeans and a black tank top.

“Tank” I guessed.

The guy helped Sarah walk to the front door.

I did notice his hand going to the lower back of my daughter, as he wrapped his arm around Sarah, on the pretext of helping her.

“Improper” I judged, but I used to do the same thing to Nicole, back when we were dating, so I kind of thought it was alright.

The guy spent about a minute making out with her, right on the porch.

Again, same move as mine.

He left after that.

“Ok, one down, one to go” I figured.

I waited for another hour, but nothing.

I was just about to close the laptop when I spotted something.

It was Rebecca.

Just like Sarah, she had company.

A man was walking her down the entry path.

I figured I would watch the same scene.

But, boy, was I wrong.

Thanks to my awesome cameras, I saw who it was.

It was Cameron.

Cameron was one of our neighbors.

He was a forty-something man, about my same age.

He was a little on the stocky side, just barely.

He still had a good amount of hair on his head, brown eyes, and a bit of a beer belly.

He was wearing a plain long-sleeved shirt, that I imagine at some point looked ironed.

Not anymore.

It was obvious, going by their appearance, and way of walking, that they had been partying for quite some time.

I didn’t know they were acquainted, much less that they frequented each other.

I didn’t know what to think about my little sister seeing someone as old as I was.

She finally made it to the door.

She turned around.

I thought she wanted to bid him goodbye.

“Wanna come in?” I heard on the microphone.

Wow, I didn’t see that one coming.

“I don’t want to impose, and certainly don’t want to bother your family” he replied.

“Sensible guy” I nodded.

“Don’t worry, Nicole and the girls are already asleep by now, and my brother is out of town, we won’t bother anybody” she declared.

Cameron was supposed to refuse, at least I thought he would.


“Really, can I”? he smilingly asked.

” Come”. Rebecca said while using her little right index finger to signal for him to approach.

I was shocked.

I couldn’t believe that I was watching my little sister invite a man inside my house.

That ungrateful little shit dared to allow a stranger into my castle.

I was seething in rage, as I gripped the laptop with both hands.

My first thought was to reach for my phone and call Nicole, to stop this bullshit immediately.

But, as I was unlocking it, a thought came to me.

“How am I going to explain gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort it to Nicole?” was the specific thought.

I honestly didn’t have any ideas about how to explain how I knew what was going on, before asking her to put an end to it.

I stood there, staring blankly at the phone, for about a minute, not sure what to do.

“Damn, forget it” I barked, as I threw the phone on top of the bed.

“Let’s see where this goes” I finalized.

Once I found them again, they were inside the kitchen.

Becca was busy rummaging through the fridge, while Cameron stood behind her, across the counter.

Becca kept talking even as she kept searching.

Cameron, on the other hand, although also engaged in their chatter, was busy ogling her butt, as she kept her head inside the fridge.

I could see the lust in Cameron’s eyes, as he kept his sight, going up and down, from her legs to her butt.

“Like what you see, big boy?” Becca enticingly asked, with her head still inside the fridge.

“Most definitely” he replied, not even bothering to pretend he wasn’t looking.

“Just wait for a second, I feel like having a snack,” she said.

“Don’t worry baby, I am not going anywhere, and we still have plenty of time left until dawn.” he declared.

“Until dawn?” She finally emerged from the fridge “Ain’t you getting ahead of yourself?”

“Ok maybe dawn is pushing it, but at least a couple of hours more” he conceded.

“That’s more like it” she smiled, as she chewed at a piece of beef jerky.

“Let’s move to somewhere more comfortable” he suggested “Your room?” he probed.

“No, the girls are already asleep, I don’t want to startle them”

Good to see her nerve had limits, I thought.

“Then, where?”

“Living room, couch” she pointed, as she grabbed a couple of pieces of jerky, before walking there herself.

Cameron said nothing as he followed, with his eyes still glued to her rear.

“So much for that theory” I barked.

They both sat on the couch and continued to talk normally for a couple of minutes more.

“So…what you wanna do now?” he finally inquired, while circling his left arm around her shoulders.

By the time he did, the last piece of jerky was already gone.

“I certainly didn’t ask you in to just have some snacks” she smiled, as her right hand traveled slowly, first on his chest, then gradually, it went south, until finally reaching his crotch area.

“I like where this is going,” he said while enjoying her little hand rubbing on the progressively bulging package in his crotch.

“And you are going to like it, even more, trust me,” she said while planting a lust-filled kiss on his lips.

He responded in kind, and they kept at it for about a minute.

I remained frozen stiff, with my laptop in front of me, as I watched my sister and the neighbor.

Part of me wanted to close the laptop and forget about the whole thing.

I certainly wasn’t Ok with it all, especially inside my own house.

But my sister had every right to do as she pleased.

I just didn’t know if I could stomach it.

A girl will grow, whether we want it or not.

Another part of me, however, couldn’t help but want to see what was about to happen.

It was a weird mixture of feelings I had never experienced before.

The anger, excitement, indignation, melancholy, frustration, lust, love, and many more, all jumbled up together, at the same time, and magnified to a degree previously unknown to me.

I had never, in my whole life, not even once, thought I would ever feel something like lust for my little sister.

Love was a given, as I deeply loved her, and all the negative ones I saw as normal, given the circumstances.

But I found myself feeling things like Lust about her, and excitement about what was about to happen.

Saner thought didn’t prevail, and I found myself glued back to the screen.

My eyes saw my little sister in a very different light for the first time.

I knew her face by heart, but It felt like watching her for the first time, like truly watching her.

I noticed how her freckles adorned the upper part of her nose and both of her cheeks, making her look very angelical, while her red hair was now loosely cascading through her shoulders, and around his arm.

How her perky little delicate straight nose and very fine jawline made her look elegant.

How her eyelashes adorned those baby blue eyes, making them look alluring and mysterious.

For the first time, my eyes traveled to her chest, I could see the beginnings of her flesh mounds that her low-cut wine-colored blouse did little to hide.

I felt a bulge grow in my crotch as lust crept into my eyes.

I used the camera’s controls to zoom in on her lower body.

She wore a denim miniskirt, that by her position while sitting, was beginning to show the first hint of a small, laced inverted triangle, that matched the same color of her blouse wine red.

No man ever should even think about looking at a female relative that way, as there is no going back, once that door opens, you will find that there is no longer any way to lock the door again, ever.

This, I learned the hard way.

“You know what, baby, I noticed that you were in the mood for some meat” I heard on the microphone.

“Son of a bitch” I raged, clearly knowing what he was after.

“Observant” she smiled “I guess it would be rude of me if I turned down such an offer,” she said while leaning down towards his lower region.

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