Friday Clubbing


I was sitting down in the chair in front of my desk, my eyes going over a file I’d been meaning to go over for months and never got around to it. Silence filled the bullpen, and of course it was a bit strange that Ricci had been sitting there working on a file on a Friday of all nights.

Ricci typically took Friday nights to go out to clubs and pick up women, something I had terrible troubles with, but not this Friday.

The clubs Ricci frequented were far from the ones I frequented, and my frequency isn’t nearly as frequent as Ricci. If I’m not at one of the clubs I go to, to pick up men, I’m probably at home or working. Ricci goes every Friday, though. I don’t. I only go when I’m feeling particularly frustrated. I limit myself to once every two months, if that. Most of the time, I don’t even get around to it every two months.

But tonight, I was practically aching. I wanted to go out, it’s been about four months, but something was off about Ricci. And it was absolutely driving me batty.

“Pretty boy,” Ricci said, and I jumped, finally noticing that he was standing behind me.

“Sorry, Ricci.” I said, my cheeks heating up as I turned around in my chair, and I looked up at him. Ricci was leaning back against the desk behind him, looking down at me thoughtfully.

“Do you want to go out tonight?” he asked, and I sighed deeply, and looked down at my lap.

Dammit, I can’t say no, but I really wanted to get laid… I nodded silently, and stood up, closing the case file and putting it into my desk drawer. I locked the drawer and grabbed my messenger bag.

It was a silent ride down in the elevator, and I was feeling rather grumpy, but tried my best not to let it show. I hate that I can’t tell Ricci no. something about the man just made it literally impossible. Maybe it was his deep eyes, or the sexy smirk he wore. Ricci made my insides warm, and my body is on edge.

What a wonderful day to decide to invite me out… I thought grumpily as I slumped into the car. A few minutes later we pulled into the club parking lot and we stopped, parked, and got out.

I was so desperate to get laid; I just… want to be touched. The line into the club was short, and thankfully we got in quickly. I couldn’t wait to just get a drink and maybe I’d sneak off into the bathroom with some guy and suck him off… maybe. Hopefully.

We sat down at the bar, and moments later, we were both served beers. “What case were you reading?” he asked me, and I looked up.

“It was a case I was interested in from a long time ago.” I said smoothly, not answering. “It doesn’t matter.” I looked down and took a small sip of my beer.

“Well, you must’ve been pretty ingrained in what you were reading because you didn’t even know I was behind you.” He said, and I shrugged.

“The light is in front of me, therefore creating a shadow behind me, not in front of me.” I said logically, and Ricci rolled his eyes.

“Leave it to you to know the exact place where the light in the bullpen casts a shadow.” He said sarcastically, and looked down at the bar.

“It’s just l…” I trailed off, as someone sat next to me. I looked up, and saw a handsome man looking down at me. I immediately watched him closely.

“What are you drinking?” he asked me, and I blushed, and looked down at my beer which only had a sip taken from it.

“Just a beer.” I said, and he smirked easily.

“I’ll buy you a new one.” He said, and I smiled softly, looking over the man appreciatively. Muscles, strong jaw-line, and pretty blue eyes the man was certainly a looker. Why he was picking me up made no sense, but I didn’t question it much. It’s just a beer, and it’s unlikely that I’ll leave with him since Ricci is here.

“Pretty boy,” Ricci caught my attention as the man was talking to the bartender.

“What’s up, Ricci?” I asked him, and he glared heatedly at the man beside me.

“Nothing.” He practically growled, and glared at the man. I rolled my eyes and took a sip of the new beer.

“So what do you do?” the man asked, running his eyes over my body, making a certain part of me jump to attention.

“He works for the FBI.” Ricci piped up before I had the chance to speak.

“Oh really?” he asked, intrigued. “You look awfully young to be a part of the FBI.” He said, and I smirked softly, putting my hand on the bar as I turned to look straight at him.

“I’m twenty three.” I answered, and he nodded, licking his lip nervously. “What do you do,” I asked him, and he smiled softly.

“I’m a fire-fighter.” He answered, and I bit into my lip hard.

“If you don’t mind, I have to run to the bathroom.” I said calmly, and leaned into him, whispering which stall I’d be in. I walked into the bathroom, and looked into the mirror tiredly. I really just wanted someone to touch me. I walked into the largest stall, and used the restroom quickly, before flushing and waiting.

Five minutes later I heard the bathroom Bomonti Escort door open, and then the stall to my door opens, and I’m thrown back into the wall before I even have a chance to see who it is. I moved my lips against the lips that’d touched mine hard, and fast.

The heat surrounded me, and I gripped the shoulders of the man. In my head I knew I didn’t know his name, and having sex with him would be unwise, and I wouldn’t take that risk. Our lips clashed together, and I gently pushed him away, too look at him.

The man my eyes opened to find wasn’t who I thought it was, it wasn’t the guy from the bar. It was Ricci.

“D-Damien…” I stuttered, looking up at him, my cheeks red and my body hot. The air in the room was thick, and I couldn’t help but feel embarrassment flood through my body.

“Scottie, you can’t hide anything from me.” He said calmly, and put his hand on my face softly. “If you were this horny you could have just told me…” he said a real look of hurt on his face.

“Damien, you know…” I whispered softly, my cheeks red and hot, “this isn’t funny. I don’t know why you keep doing this to me.” I pushed him away from me hard. He stared at me, his gaze full of heat.

“You never give me a goddamned chance.” He snapped, wrapping his hands around my wrists and pulling them above my head and pressing them into the wall. “You told me you weren’t into men when I asked. You said that it was impossible, Scottie.” He said, and I nodded at him, looking down.

“D-Damien, sexuality is assigned at birth.” I said easily. “You can’t just up and decide that you’re into men. It doesn’t work that way.” I whispered, and he groaned. “Homosexual males and females have different hormone levels, and I’m pretty sure you’re only doing this because I told you you…” I stuttered, and he rolled his eyes.

“Scottie, I’m not gay.” He said easily. “I don’t find any other man attractive. I don’t want to fuck any other man. I don’t want to hold any other man. I don’t want to protect any other man.” He said, and I looked down. The thought of Damien on top of me, moving inside me, and completely controlling me had my body hardening, and I couldn’t help but whimper.

“I-I don’t need…” I whispered, “I don’t need… p-protection.”

“No you don’t,” he agreed softly, “but that doesn’t mean I can’t give you it.” Damien had me pressed against the wall, and I was feeling slightly light-headed. All the blood in my body was pooling in my stomach and I couldn’t help but let out a whimper, looking up at the hands holding me against the wall, helplessly.

“D-Damien…” I whispered, and looked up into his eyes.

“Come home with me.” He whispered back, and stared deeply into me. “If I’m not gay there’s no reason you shouldn’t. You’ll prove that it’s impossible for me to get aroused by you, and then you can come back and meet up with Brad.” He told me, and I blushed, licking my bottom lip. “If I prove you wrong though,” he said, his breath fanning across my face, making me shiver. “I get to have my way with your tiny little body.” He told me, and I couldn’t help but let out a tiny moan at the thought of him having his way with me.

My mind immediately conjured up the dirtiest sexiest things that he could possibly do, and I found myself moaning my acceptance. Damien let go of me, and pulled me out of the bathroom stall, and then out of the bathroom. He paid the bill for our drinks, and shot a glare at the man that’d been flirting with me before. I was pulled out of the bar, and taken to his SUV, and I got in, buckling up quickly.

“Whose house is closer?” he demanded, and I took into account where the club is.

“My place is exactly ten minutes away, two rights, and one left. Yours is forty-five, two rights, three lefts, and then one more right.” I told him, and he rolled his eyes. “You asked.” I said calmly, my cheeks heating up.

“Your place it is.” He said, and drove. The ride was silent, and it wasn’t forced, or uncomfortable. Ricci was anxious, but I could feel the anxiousness of the impending change too.

I was scared because, what if I am right and he’s not attracted to me? But then again, I was excited. What if I’m wrong and he is attracted to me? What does that make him? Is he bisexual, or homosexual? Is he pansexual?

He pulled up to my apartment building, and we both got out of the car. I walked into my apartment building, nerves eating away at me. This moment in our relationship would be key. It’d be the one defining moment. Are we a couple, or are we friends? Are we nothing at all, or everything?

I unlocked my door, my hands shaking slightly. Damien walked in behind me, and shut and locked the door. We stared at each other momentarily, before Damien stepped forward and kissed me. Our lips moved, hesitant at first, but as they moved together, I couldn’t deny the heat… the desire that was encompassing me.

Our lips moved faster, my hands gripping Damien’s Bomonti Escort Bayan shoulders as he lifted me up by my hips. My legs wrapped around his body, holding us close together. Our bodies were touching everywhere, and it was so amazing… I felt him moving his hips against mine, and I felt him… his dick was pressed against my stomach, and I moaned loudly.

He looked down into my eyes, separating us for moments before he began trailing kisses and bites down my throat. My hands clutched his shoulders hard, pleasure making me shake all over.

“Scottie,” he groaned into my ear, and pulled back away from me. I looked into his eyes, and leaned back slightly. I blushed brightly, my hair finding its way down into my eyes. “Do you want to suck me?”

I nodded desperately, my dick controlling me. All I really want is to touch him, to feel him all over me, to feel me all over him… fuck, anything at this point.

He pushed me down on my knees and I stared up at him, my cheeks heating up from embarrassment. I blushed and unbuckled his pants shyly. I pulled his dick out, and marveled at it. His dick was amazing; it was long, thick, and absolutely amazing. He was shaved, and I couldn’t wait to… I leaned forward and took the tip into my mouth, and moaned quietly.

I pulled him deeper into my mouth, and gagged slightly. He didn’t give me much of a chance to breathe before he shoved back into my mouth, and I moaned loudly, whimpering around his dick as he thrusts in and out of my mouth.

Between pleasuring him, listening to his groans and moans of pleasure, and feeling him deep inside my mouth, not being able to breathe properly, and everything else had me absolutely dripping.

I loved the amount of control that Damien had over me, and I couldn’t help but whine as he pulled himself off of me and looked down at me. My mouth closed as air filled it, and I missed his dick in my mouth almost immediately. “Do you like sucking me off, Pretty Boy?” I nodded, and looked up at him sweetly.

“Please,” I whispered, and he looked down at me.

“You can beg all you like.” He said calmly, “but this is all about me. I want you to be moaning so loud your neighbors complain tomorrow, not this quiet shit.” he snapped, and picked me up off the floor and led me down to my room.

He picked me up, and then threw me onto the bed.

I looked at him, shocked. My elbows held me up as I watched him take off his pants and then pulled his shirt over his head. I moaned quietly, my eyes finally coming into sight with his long hard dick from a distance.

He appeared to be bigger than I’d first thought, and the fear of the stretching sank in a bit, but I brushed it off. The pleasure from the stretch would far outweigh the pain. And I do love myself some pain.

“Take off your clothes.” He commanded, and I blushed, nodding and taking the first button on my shirt between my shaking fingers. My coordination was null as I tried my buttons, and failed. “Scottie.” Damien said his voice hard. “One at a time, slowly.” He told me, and I moaned loudly, the look in his eyes had me slowly doing as he commanded.

My fingers slowly trailed over the buttons of my shirt, undoing each of them slowly, until my shirt was undone. I threw it off of me unable to help myself. My pants were undone quickly, and I pushed them off of myself, blushing at my Star Wars underwear. Damien cracked a smile, and then lay down on top of me, taking special care of my underwear, which he tossed in a random direction after he took them off of me.

“Scottie, baby,” he said, and I blushed brightly.

“Lube is in my top drawer,” I whispered, my cheeks heating up.

“Do you have a condom?” he asked, and I shook my head no because they wouldn’t fit him, and my cheeks turned redder.

“I have some small ones, but…” my cheeks were bright red, and he smirked, and I lowered my eyes down. He got into my drawer, and got out the lube. He pushed me up into the center of my bed and got on the bed beside me.

“Spread your legs.” He commanded, and I did as he told me to. He got between my legs, and put an arm underneath me to hold my ass up. He trailed little kisses down my stomach, alternating between kisses, sucking, and hard bites which caused me to moan loudly, and feel desperate. He made his way down my body, leaving little bites all over my neck, stomach, and abdomen. I knew what he was doing… he was marking me. He breathed on my balls softly, and then down to my hole.

A moan left me as Damien’s tongue gently caressed my hole. Slowly he ran his tongue up and down my hole. He pressed his tongue into my hole teasingly and it caused me to moan desperately. Damien ran his finger over my hole, and then he sucked on the spot between my balls and my hole.

A moan left me as my entire body bucked forward, and I shook all over. “D-Damien…” I moaned loudly, and felt him lick me again and again. It was driving me crazy, Escort Bomonti so, so crazy. I gripped at his head, unable to find anything to grasp onto.

He didn’t respond to me, just pulled me closer to his face, and licked me faster. Faster, oh shit… oh shit… “Fuck!” I whined, and I pushed down into his face, his tongue felt so goddamned good against my hole.

His hand came up and he pinched my right nipple hard, and I moaned. My chest pushed up into his hand, and I whimpered. His hand came down to my dick, and he pulled me hard once, and licked me, his dark eyes looking up at me.

The combined pleasure from his hand on my dick and his mouth working on my hole, I came with a shout, unable to control it.

Immediately, my cheeks flushed bright red from the embarrassment of cumming too quickly. “Sensitive,” he smirked, looking up at me. I bit my lip hard, and looked down at him with hooded eyes.

He leaned up and kissed me softly, “Whoever made my pretty boy so sensitive?” he asked and I blushed, and looked up at him innocently. “How many others have there been?” he asked, and I blushed. I would have been annoyed, but I found myself arching into his hand as he pulled my dick in a firm grip and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips.

“U-uhm…” I stuttered, and bit my lip.

“That many?” he asked, and I blushed, and bit my lip. He smirked and looked down at me, his eyes dark, lustful and… angry? He’s angry with me? I felt a wave of tears start to try to force their way out. “How many this year?” he asked, and I bit my lip nervously.

“T-three…” I whispered, and he smirked.

“Alright then,” he said easily, and pushed his finger against my hole, causing me to whimper loudly. “You have to cum three times before I’ll fuck you.” He said, and I whined, my cheeks turning red and sweat enveloping me.

I don’t know if I can cum that many times… I’m young but not that young…

He pushed his finger into me hard, and I whined loudly, my entire body seized up and I grabbed his head and pulled it down to my lips, so that we could kiss desperately. My body pushed into his, and he smirked. He stuck two fingers into my body and I whined.

Pain struck me, but it made me feel so great. I groaned and closed my eyes, sucking a deep breath.

He scissored my hole, and I bucked down into his hand. He pulled away from my mouth and went down, his hand thrusting in and out of my body and then he enveloped my shaft with his mouth.

I moaned, thrusting up into his mouth. “More… more… oh god…” I couldn’t help myself. I was chasing my orgasm again, and I couldn’t believe it.

He sucked on my tip and pushed another finger into my hole just as he found my prostate. “FUCK!” I cried, my hips bucking up and I felt my balls empty into Damien’s mouth, my face turning red. My body was so sensitive, and he didn’t give me a break.

He swallowed around my dick, swallowing my load before he continued sucking me, taking me all the way down his throat. He didn’t give my sensitive body time to relax before he was deep throating me.

He pulled back off my dick and then put my hands over my head and held them there. He wrapped his hand around my dick and jerked me off. He moved his hand so fast, so mind-numbingly fast and I couldn’t help but push my dick into his hand.

I was desperately moving my body, and I couldn’t control myself. “More. Damien I need you… I need you inside me…” I moaned loudly, and he shook his head no one more time.

“Pretty boy you gotta cum one more time first.” He demanded, and I couldn’t keep from groaning in frustration.

Tears ran down my face as I shivered, he sucked my dick into his mouth again, and I couldn’t control myself. Before I came, he pulled his mouth away and started moving his hand faster.

“Oh god,” I moaned, “more… fuck!” I cried, tears of pleasure coming on strong as I moved my body, groaning and begging. “Oh my… oh god… Damien please…” he didn’t let go, just kept pumping my member, making me cum again.

He smirked down at me as I slumped down on my bed, my body shaking. I closed my eyes, my body humming with pleasure. My entire body felt so good right now.

He pushed my legs apart and I whined, opened my eyes and looked at him.

He was settling between my legs, his dick standing up, and then he opened the bottle of lube and poured it into his hand. I watched him, feeling hazy.

When he went to press into my boneless body, I whimpered, and tried to close my legs. “D-Damien I c-can’t cum again.” I said and he looked down into my eyes, and smirked.

“Did I say you had to?” he asked, and I shook my head no. He smirked and pushed into me.

My boneless body just sat there, feeling overwhelmed with pleasure as he slowly pushed into me. Once I felt his abdomen against my ass, I groaned, my dick somehow managed to get hard again, and I moved my hips. I’d never felt this amazing—this full before in my life.

“F-fuck…” I whined out, pushing back into his dick as he slowly picked up the pace. He thrusted into me hard, nailing my prostate on the second try and it had me arching up, begging loudly. “Ahhh, D-Damien please, oh god…” I whined, and he kept thrusting.

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