Found My Bi Side at the Seaside


I was 22 and not long out of university with a degree in geology when I landed a job with an American oil firm based in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk and working in the North Sea offshore fields. I rented a small flat in Gorleston, a small dormitory suburb of the town. I was still a little confused about my sexuality – I had girlfriends at uni but I knew I got horny thinking about gay sex. My initiation wasn’t exactly comfortable but it helped me make up my mind that I was indeed bisexual.

I had been out to a pub on the seafront and then to a small disco bar before deciding to walk home along the cliffs to my flat. I had reached the mid-point with the sea on my left, the ornamental gardens on my right and only the cliff walkway behind and in front of me. I hard footsteps behind me and then a breezy

– Hello.

A man in came alongside me. He was a little tubby, probably in his 50s and dressed in an open-necked Hawaiian shirt and red shorts with open sandals on his feet.

– Been out for the night then, he said.

– Yes, I replied as nonchalantly as I could.

– Didn’t pull then?

– Obviously not, I replied

– Happy to help if you’re still feeling a bit horny, he said.

I was stunned. This was as blatant a come-on as I could think. And I felt my cock stirring.

– Well I’m not sure, I replied, trying to keep my voice calm.

– Well look let’s go down to the shelters and see how we get on, my new friend said taking me by the arm.

We took one of the downward paths which eventually led to the beach promenade but which had shelters halfway down where people could sit and gaze out to sea. We reached one of these shelters in seconds and as we came to a halt I felt his hand grab Küçükköy Escort my cock and balls through my jeans.

– I don’t think you’ve done this before but you’re a bit interested, he said squeezing my tackle gently and getting a very positive response. Go along with me and if you want to stop at any point just say so.

I nodded and watched startled as he quickly stripped off his shorts and shirt leading himself utterly naked with a creditable hard-on beneath his pot belly which he began slowly wanking until it had become a fairly fearsome erection with a large purple knob. I realised, too, that he had shaved (or waxed) his crotch so that his cock seemed even bigger than it might.

Heaven knows what possessed me but I stripped off too and as he pulled towards him my own cock was firming up nicely.

– I don’t do snogging, he said. But anything else is OK by me.

He held me close and began grinding his hips into me so that I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my belly. I was soon as stiff as I’d ever known and thrust back at him until he moved away a little and took hold of my cock and began to wank me slowly but pulling is hand back the whole length of my stiff cock until my knob bulged. He angled himself so that I could grasp his, which I did – tentatively at first but then happily started to wank him in response.

I really was turned on by this encounter. Just looking at his cock jutting out from his smooth abdomen made my cock start to leak. Instinctively I knew what I wanted and knelt in front of him so that I came face-to-face with his prick. Still wanking him I licked at the tip and then along the shaft. I tried to imagine all the things I’d want done to me and put Küçükköy Escort Bayan them into practice. After licking his shaft and his balls I slowly took his knob into my mouth. He groaned loudly.

– Oh fuck yeah, he muttered. Suck me honey. Suck Daddy’s naughty cock.

He stroked my head as he began to face-fuck me with more urgency. As I reached around to hold his bum with both hands he opened his legs.

– Do my bum baby, he cried as if through gritted teeth. Finger my hole ’til I cum.

It took a couple of second for me to realise what he wanted but then it dawned. Still gripping and stroking his bum with one hand I moved the other to the front and between his legs. Carefully I used my ring finger to stroke his arsehole which I found already slippery. He’d lubed up on the off-chance of sex, I thought. Gently I slid my finger into his bumhole and when that provoked a delighted ‘Aaaaah’ and added a second finger. His thrusting became faster and he started to grunt. When his knob started to swell in my mouth I knew he was going to cum. Finally:

– Aaaah. Ohhhh. Fuck. Oh fuck fuck fuck, he yelled as spunk pumped out of his snake-eye.

I thought I’d be able to take all his semen in my mouth but there was just so much that I gave up and let him cum into my face. When he finished he looked down at me.

– Oh Christ. That was fucking amazing honey, he said breathlessly. Give me a minute and you can have your chance.

As I got to my feet, my cock still standing straight into the air and seeping juice, he shuffled towards the seats at the back of the shelter, braced his hands on them and thrust out his arse.

– Fuck me, he said almost pleadingly. Fuck my arse Escort Küçükköy and spunk inside me. I put loads of Vaseline on before I came out.

Whoa! This was very new territory and not at all what I expected. But by now I was on fire and as he parted the cheeks of his bum the sight of his puckered slippery brown ring made me throw caution to the winds. I rubbed my bell-end against his anus until it was slippery. His Vaseline and my own Cowper’s fluid meant that my cock was slick as I began to push into his arse.

My knob was now seriously swollen so it took a firm push to break through his ring but once inside I was able to slide my whole length dep into him until my crotch was hard up against his bum. He groaned again:

– God you’re so fucking big. Go slowly at first honey then just give it to me hard.

I did as asked and slid in and out gently until I sensed that his arsehole was comfortable with my cock inside it. I took my cock back until it was almost out and then pushed it back in as hard as I could. I began to thrust in and out, holding on to his hips while he grunted and groaned and began wanking his cock. The sensation of feeling my own hard-on inside his tight arsehole was extraordinary and I realised it wouldn’t be long before I needed to shoot my load.

– Oh go big boy. Fuck me hard, he panted.

– I’m ready to cum, I said as I felt my balls tingle and my cock grew even bigger.

– Oh God yes, he groaned. Fill me up with your spunk. Come on. Harder, Spunk up me.

His exhortations were too much for me and with a sigh I felt my cock release spurt after spurt of hot spunk inside his bum. I let my cock subside and then pulled out of him. So I withdrew I could see the semen dribbling from his arsehole down the inside of his thighs.

– So, he said, were you OK with that?

– More than OK, I replied grinning.

– Well I’m here with a friend. Would you like to meet him tomorrow?

– Can’t wait, I aid knowing that I had truly discovered my bi side.

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