Forced to Strip Ch. 02


Forced to Strip Ch. 02: Tammy’s Revenge

Edited by Pantera Bonita

Follows in sequence behind “Forced to Strip” and “Tammy and the Twins.”

The night of the Who concert was well worth the grounding we got. We got home very late and we both got two months restriction. Yes, I know it is odd that my parents would ground a person who was 18 and another who was 21, but that is how things worked in my family. Age was not a factor in obeying or disobeying you parents. Besides they were paying for Kevin’s education.

I would have to come straight home from school with no outside activity. They gave Kevin a little leeway on his restriction because he needed to spend time at the school library. In spite of that leeway, I doubt if he strayed much. Being a small town with many eyes tending to everyone’s business we wouldn’t dare cheat on our grounding. Besides our parents were like liberal prison wardens who gave us time off for good behavior. Six weeks tops is what I expected to serve of my sentence, then back to see Jimmy.

In the meantime, I would get horny reliving that night I made love to Jimmy and his brother Johnny. I found myself spying on my brother through the bathroom keyhole, like I did as an adolescent. We shared a Jack and Jill style bathroom. It had an old tub, Dad converted to a shower with one of those do-it-yourself kits. Actually Dad didn’t do it himself. He wasn’t good around the home. He bartered with a sick plumber to put it in. I remembered that day. I must have been about 8 years old, standing in the bathroom doorway with my brother watching this man coughing, wheezing, and hacking up phlegm trying to put up a bar for the shower curtain. We had never seen someone cough up mucus like that. Mom herded us out of there and told us to “go play.” That was also the first day we ever played doctor. Unlike most kids, we used a real stethoscope, an old one discarded by our father.

Kevin’s towel rack was located at the far end of the bathroom, away from all the porcelain, between the two doors. I had a good view of his large olive colored cock whenever he would dry himself off. He didn’t have a pattern or anything. Sometimes he would face my door, other times away, or to the side. I loved the times when he would face me, only inches away, he would vigorously dry towel his back and his cock would shake from side to side like an elephant’s trunk. His cock was still big and yummy looking even after being in the water. It didn’t crawl back into his body like so many I have seen, that would need my coaxing to come back out. It was a no excuse cock.

I would normally be kneeling in front of the keyhole, with my pants unzipped fingering myself at this time. My passion would also come to an abrupt halt when I heard the door right in front of my face unbolt. My heart would jump up in my throat at the thought of getting caught in this position. Afterwards I would jump into bed and play with my pussy until I came. Sometimes I would use my fingers; other times I would use the aid of the dorsal fin of my stuffed toy dolphin Dad got me one Christmas. It was soft, firm, and furry and felt real good rubbing back and forth across my clitty.

After four weeks of grounding, our parents were leaving town for a few days. Dad was going to a doctor’s convention and taking Mom with him. We children would be on the honor system as far as our grounding went. Since our parents would call us in the evening at an unknown time, (normally at 8PM) we would have to be at home for that. Plus heaven help us if any of our neighbors reported us running around when we should be at home.

I was coming up the stairs headed for bed the first night when I saw a light coming from Kevin’s doorway. He hadn’t shut his door properly which happens often in our old house. His door had to be lifted a little by the door knob in order to get it to latch properly, if not it would swing open. I peeked in to see what Kevin was up to. The hallway was dark so he couldn’t see me. I took a chance and pushed the door just a fuzz to get a better view.

Kevin was masturbating in his bed. His sheet was covering him so I couldn’t see his cock. An Annette Funicello movie was on his Bycasino small black and white, no cable hook-up TV screen. Once Kevin got himself off, he flipped off his sheet. His penis was covered with a sock! He removed his sock, wiped himself off, and then placed the sock under the center of his mattress. Kevin went immediately to the bathroom afterwards. No wonder Mom would announce a day in advance to us kids when she was going to air out the mattresses. I bet she had found the old sock and didn’t say anything to avoid Kevin the embarrassment. I would not be so nice. This would be sooo easy. Besides I owed him one.

While Kevin was eating Fruity Pebbles the next morning I slipped upstairs with a fork, grabbed, or maybe stabbed his crusty sock and hid it in my closet. I couldn’t bring myself to touch it with my hand. I threw the fork out. The thought of ever having to eat off that fork, even after it was washed was too much to handle.

It was a boring Saturday for me staying at home, morning cartoons, Soul Train, and a dubbed Hercules movie. Kevin got to go study at the library. That evening, I heard a noise from Kevin’s room. I went to his doorway and looked in. He had his mattress turned over frantically searching through the sheets, looking under the bed, and even in his pillow case. I stood there and laughed at him. “Missing something?” I asked.

Kevin was caught off guard. “N-n-no, I’m not looking for anything.”

“Oh, I thought maybe you were missing a jack off sock.” I said, then turned and walked out.

Kevin darted out of his room. “Where is my sock, give it to me” he demanded.

“I am saving it for Mom. I want her to see what you do with the socks she buys you.” I said with no emotion.

“Please T-T-Tammy, don’t do that. I’ll do anything you ask, but please don’t give Mom that sock,” Kevin pleaded.

I couldn’t believe that he was acting so much like a child. Had he called my bluff, I would have given him the clone sock back. Mom would have thought me a bit daft to have given her Kevin’s crusty sock. She would have either told me to throw it out or to put it back. I am sure she knew her son was masturbating.

Be that as it may, I had Kevin now. “Okay” I said. “I will give you your sock back, but you must first get naked and masturbate for me.”

“B-b-but Tammy,” Kevin protested.

“No b-b-buts now buster, strip!” I said.

“Okay” He responded as he took off his shirt. “But it would be easier for me to masturbate if you were naked too, like w-w-we did b-b-before.”

I thought for a moment. My main goal was to masturbate over seeing his cock. We pretty much did this same thing a couple of months ago. Only this time I would be completely in charge. I agreed. “Alright but I am in charge here.”

“Yes sir, you’re the boss” Kevin agreed.

I removed my tee shirt. The tops of my large breasts and cleavage became visible at the same time Kevin unsnapped his pants. “Do I look like a sir to you?” I arched my back and thrust out my breasts even more.

Kevin laughed, “You are correct, you are definitely not a sir.”

I removed my bra and set my chest melons free. Kevin watched them all the while he slid his trousers down to his ankles. I unsnapped, unzipped and dropped my jeans to the floor. By then Kevin had his massive dick in his hand, playing with it to get it hard.

I watched Kevin as he slowly stroked his cock. I was fingering my pussy as I stared at his erect art work. It was really nice looking. We watched each other as we masturbated ourselves. I used one hand to squeeze my tits and pinch the nipples. But this is almost like tickling yourself. It would be so much better if someone else was pinching my tits. I took a quick gander around the room for a tit handler. Seems Kevin was sole option. I wondered if I could train Kevin to handle tits. He did such a lousy job the last time.

I took Kevin’s unoccupied hand and placed it on my boob. I said, “Here squeeze.”
Kevin resorted back to his idiotic palm technique across the nipple.

“No”, I instructed. “Squeeze it, pinch the nipple. It is not a basketball, it just looks like one.”

“I Bycasino giriş w-w-won’t hurt you if I squeeze it?” Kevin queried.

How pathetically sweet I thought. “I’ll let you know when you are hurting me.” Now that I had pointed Kevin in the right direction, he wasn’t half bad. He squeezed my tits near the top and worked his way down to a gentle pinch on the nipple.

“Pinch it harder” I pleaded.

Kevin pinched harder. With one hand freed up, I was able to feel Kevin’s balls. They were stiff and solid. I tickled my fingers across them. Kevin began a stroke frenzy on his cock. I picked up my pace on my clit. Kevin had one hand working over my tit, one hand on his dick nearing orgasm. I was fingering fervently at my clit playing with my brother’s balls when the phone rang.

I came out of my daze and looked at Kevin’s alarm clock. It was 8PM on the dot. I got up and streaked naked to my parent’s bedroom. I caught my breath for a second and picked up the phone and said, “Hi Mom.”

Mom said, “How did you know it was me?”

I couldn’t tell her that she had called for the last two nights at exactly 8PM and I had her figured out. “Lucky guess,” I said.

Mom began her twenty question routine as I sat down on her bed. She wanted to know if I had been out, if anybody came over, any phone calls etc. when Kevin came “running” into the room. His pants were still at his ankles, his legs moving awkwardly with his cock still at attention jerking about. It was a funny sight and I found my self giggling at Mom’s questions.

“What’s so funny Sweetie,” Mom asked.

“It’s Kevin, Mom. He is making funny faces at me while I am trying to talk,” I said. I didn’t think she could handle the truth.

“Well you tell Kevin, Mother said to stop,” Mom instructed.

I pointed my finger at Kevin in a half scolding manner, “Mom said for you to stop making funny faces.”

“I’m not making faces Mom, Tammy’s fibbing!” Kevin shouted so Mom could hear him over the phone. I continued to talk to Mom about the phone call she got when Kevin climbed on the bed behind me. I was sitting on the edge of the bed using the phone on the nightstand. While I was talking to Mom, Kevin reached around from behind and grabbed a hold of both my breasts. It felt good. I lifted my arms to accommodate his tit play. I wasn’t going to let him get to me while I was on the phone. I was going to show him how tough I was when all of a sudden he went from squeezing back to his stupid palm technique. I had to giggle again.

Mom asked, “Is Kevin still making faces after I told him not to?”

“Yes Mom he is.” I replied.

“Put Kevin on the phone,” Mom demanded.

I released myself from Kevin’s grasp, stood up and handed him the phone. “Mom wants to talk to you.”

Kevin took the phone and assumed my old position on the bed, sitting on the edge. Seeing his huge penis hanging there, talking to Mom was too much of a temptation. I got on my knees in front of him and placed his cock in my mouth. I quietly moved his cock in and out across my lips so as not to make any noise Mom might remotely recognize, although until this day I cannot imagine my parents ever having sex or even getting naked in front of each other.

Kevin spread his legs wide open and placed one hand on my head as I worked over his dick. He loved it. I could hear Mom’s voice over the phone, “Kevin, were you making faces at Tammy, after I told you to stop?” (Pause) “Kevin, Kevin! Are you even listening to me?”

Kevin came back to earth for the moment. “N-n-no Mom, I w-w-wasn’t m-m-making any faces.”

Mom said, “You’re lying to me Kevin. I can always tell when you are lying.”

Kevin had to push my head off his dick as he told Mom what he did all day. He continued to deny making faces at me, but his stutter convinced Mom he was nervous about something. She had concluded he was lying. The fact that his sister was giving him head while he was talking on the phone never occurred to her.

Kevin hung the phone up and we both lay down on our parents’ bed and laughed. We bonded on this event. We had a shared secret we would never tell anyone. Bycasino deneme bonusu Kevin reached over and began feeling up and squeezing my large breasts again. He was doing quite well. I eased back into a comfort mode and enjoyed my big brother touching my breasts and admiring his large cock.

It didn’t take Kevin too long to plead, “Tammy, Sister Sweetie, ar-ar-aren’t you going to suck me again?”

I giggled, “That’s one heck of a thing to ask your own sister. Okay, say please.”

“Pretty please with sugar on it”, Kevin immediately offered up. He remembered the routine I used to put him through as children.

I swung my body around to a horizontal sixty-nine position and grabbed a hold of his dick. I placed his dick to my open mouth and stopped short of sucking him. I looked up at Kevin’s face as his George W. Bush smirk went to a look of panic. Kevin opened his eyes and blurted out, “What? What? What’s the problem?”

I said, “You ain’t resting through this one making me do all the work. You need to get busy buster.” I opened my legs apart. “Here start eating.”

Kevin wrinkled his brow and said, “Don’t you pee from there?”

“No. No, I don’t pee from there Kevin, not at that spot. Go ahead and lick it, if you want me to suck you off,” I replied. I couldn’t believe this guy was a doctor’s son. I gave Kevin’s cock a few slow deliberate sucks between my lips to coax him along.

Kevin hesitated. He stuck his tongue out and approached my pussy slowly, like a kid might do to see if his tongue will stick to a metal pole in winter time. He ventured a few licks. He accidentally hit the clit once. I jumped a bit and said, “Oh yea brother dear that’s the spot. Just lick right there until I say stop.”

I held Kevin’s cock up in my hand and sucked on his balls, first one, then the other, and then I put them both in my mouth. I slid my tongue up his shaft and flicked it back and forth on the underside of the helmet. Kevin responded with a little pre-cum. By the hardness of his balls I could see he was about ready to pop. I stopped licking for a moment and used the pre-cum as lubricant as I used my hand to slowly stoke my brother’s cock. It was just fast enough to keep him hard, but slow enough to keep him from cumming. I wasn’t quite ready to cum yet.

Kevin had stuck two fingers in me and was finger fucking my pussy. It felt good, but wasn’t going to cut the mustard. “Kevin, you need to lick faster if you want me to finish you off. If I don’t cum, you don’t cum.”

Kevin wagged his tongue back and forth in a rapid fashion across my love button. I juiced up in a hurry. Kevin was now getting his first real taste of pussy nectar. He pulled his face back for a second. It looked like he was eating a lemon. It would have been funny except this was my pussy he was eating.

I put Kevin’s face out of my mind for a moment, which was easy to do when I closed my thighs around his ears. I found out I could get a second load of pre-cum by slowly stroking my brother’s dick. I rubbed it all over his shaft and placed his dick in my mouth. It glided real easy across my lips. Kevin began some pelvic thrusts in order to fuck my face. The first couple thrusts caught me off guard. His cock hit the back of my throat and caused me to gag. I backed my head off a few inches, so his beautiful cock wouldn’t hit the gag button on the back of my throat. The force of his cock going in and out of my mouth drove me crazy and I did a little pelvic motion of my own, as I forced my pussy into my brother’s face. He quickly got the idea of my needs and frantically fucked my pussy with his fingers. He stopped licking for a second, took a deep breath and continued to flick his tongue on my clit.

As Kevin’s hot spunk hit the back of my throat, I grabbed his dick and pumped it dry for all it was worth. My pussy shuddered and pelvis jerked as I got pussy stick’um all over my brother’s face. I was relaxed now.

I rolled off Kevin. He had red marks across his face and ears where my thighs had been. My parents’ bedspread was wet with sweat and pussy juice. Hey, I caught all of Kevin’s love juice; this was all his mess I figured. We did laundry together and had the bedroom looking good as new before my parents came home.

And what happened when they came home? The warden gave me time off for good behavior. I was no longer grounded. Kevin remained grounded for an additional two weeks for lying to Mom about making faces at me.

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