Forbidden Desire Ch. 02


Aidan woke up smiling. He could barely contain his excitement.

“Why are you so cheerful?” asked his tutor, Mercedes.

“I just have a good feeling,” Aidan replied.

Around midday, guests started to leave and Aidan got nervous. Maybe Maddox had forgotten him. He prayed that he hadn’t been abandoned.

After his reading lesson, there wasn’t much for him to do. He was a slave intended purely for pleasure and had no chores to distract him from his thoughts. He tried to practice writing, but found himself daydreaming about Maddox.

The sun started to sink and Aidan knew that his fears had come true. Maddox had forgotten him. A messenger arrived informing him that Master was ready. Aidan cried for a while. He had wanted to be with Maddox so badly. He wiped his tears away quickly, knowing that he would not please his master that way. It would just be best to forget Maddox and accept his fate.

Master had instructed that Aidan have leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He prepared himself and waited for the servant to come fetch him.

The knock on his door came later than he expected and when Aidan opened the door, two large, rough looking men were waiting. They grabbed him and stuffed a gag into his mouth before covering his head with a hood. Aidan struggled for a moment, and then went limp. He didn’t really care what they did to him. Maddox hadn’t kept his promise. Aidan was worthless. He wished he could just die.


Maddox gazed intensely out the window of his room. He was getting anxious. The men he had hired were professionals that had been loyal to his father, but he was beginning to worry they had turned on him.

He saw three riders in the distance and rode out on his black stallion to meet them. Anger surged through him when he saw the small slave had been tied to a horse, his head covered with a dark hood. At least they had clothed him in a thin tunic.

Maddox paid them without saying a word and lifted Aidan onto his horse. When the kidnappers were gone, Maddox lifted the hood away from Aidan’s face. The boy moaned into the cloth gag in his mouth. Maddox İkitelli Escort removed that too and kissed Aidan’s cheek.

“You didn’t forget,” Aidan whispered, and then he groaned, clutching his side.

“I’m sorry for your discomfort, little one. Things didn’t go as I’d planned. You’re safe now though.”

Maddox carried Aidan inside his fortress and ordered the servants to prepare a bath. He removed the leather cuffs from Aidan’s wrists and ankles and stripped off his tunic. Maddox kissed the boy’s stomach and Aidan whimpered. Maddox grinned with satisfaction as he removed the collar from Aidan’s pale neck. He licked the warm flesh and Aidan started to grind his erection against Maddox.

“Are you going to bite me?” Aidan asked hopefully because he could feel sharp points against his skin.

“Not yet,” Maddox said with a chuckle.

He lifted Aidan into the tub of water and the boy watched in awe as Maddox stripped his clothes away. Maddox climbed into the bath with Aidan, who couldn’t resist reaching out and trying to encircle his hands around Maddox’s girth. His small delicate hand felt very nice, but did not fully encircle Maddox’s throbbing cock.

He leaned back in the water and pulled Aidan onto his lap. The boy wriggled with delight and Maddox started to rub his hands over the boy’s stomach.

“I’m so happy,” Aidan said.

“Show me how happy you are, little one,” Maddox whispered.

Aidan started to kiss Maddox eagerly, his small tongue swirling around in Maddox’s mouth. He made satisfied little whimpering noises and put his hand on the head of Maddox’s cock. Aidan started to kiss Maddox’s neck and then moved down to his chest. Maddox put his hand on Aidan’s ass and the boy moaned.

The purpose of the bath was forgotten as the two explored each other’s bodies. Maddox ran his finger over Aidan’s amazingly tight and smooth opening, imagining all the things that he could do. Aidan shivered and sucked at Maddox’s nipple. It felt like little sparks of fire went through his body. Maddox finally stood and carried Aidan out of the tub and to İkitelli Escort Bayan his bed.

Aidan nearly purred at the softness of the silk sheets and down stuffed mattress. Maddox was on top of him in an instant, though careful not to rest all of his weight on Aidan. He grabbed Aidan’s wrists and lightly pinned them above his head. Maddox started to kiss and lick all over Aidan’s body. He sucked at the boy’s neck, but did not bite. The boy writhed with pleasure and moaned.

“Make me yours,” he pleaded.

Maddox moved away and Aidan whimpered.

“Did I say something wrong?” Aidan asked.

“No, little one. I have a gift for you.” Maddox retrieved a dark, carved wooden box and presented it to Aidan. The boy was admiring the box and Maddox chuckled. “Open it.”

Aidan’s eyes grew wide when he saw the lavish gift inside. It was a collar made of pure white gold, linked together in thousands of tiny hoops. It was studded with pearls and sapphires. The collar itself must have been worth more than Aidan.

“This is so…” Aidan couldn’t describe what he was feeling.

“You asked that I make you mine. This is the first step.” Maddox took the collar and placed it around Aidan’s neck.

“I will treasure this more than my life,” Aidan said.

Maddox kissed Aidan passionately, claiming his mouth and grabbing his ass roughly. Aidan moaned and wriggled his way down Maddox’s body, to his cock. The boy started to suck eagerly, though he really didn’t know what he was doing. Still his mouth was wet and hot and the silver rod in his tongue added and interesting sort of stimulation.

“Use your hands too,” Maddox instructed.

Aidan obeyed with enthusiasm and Maddox growled. One of Aidan’s soft hands was stroking Maddox’s cock in time with his sucking while the other massaged his balls. Maddox started to thrust his hips and Aidan stared up at him. His messy black hair hid parts of his eyes and Maddox thought it made the act even more sexy.

Maddox roared and arched his back as he came. Aidan didn’t expect it and when Maddox had calmed down, he saw Escort İkitelli that Aidan had semen dripping from his lips and his eyes were sparkling as he touched himself, wiping the sperm from his face and using it as lubrication.

Maddox pinned Aidan’s body beneath his again and kissed him passionately before going down to suck him. He took over stroking the boy’s dick that fit perfectly in his hand. He licked the boy’s smooth sack then spread his pale cheeks to lick at the pink opening.

Aidan shied away. “It feels too good,” he panted.

Maddox smiled wickedly and grabbed Aidan’s wrists and ankles, lifting the boy’s hot ass in the air. Aidan nearly screamed when Maddox licked him again.

“It’s too much…” he groaned. He whimpered and then pleaded, “Don’t stop!”

Maddox sped up his motions and then penetrated the tight opening with his tongue. Aidan’s head thrashed back and forth. “Too much…too good.”

Maddox started sucking Aidan’s erection. Soon the boy cried out and came so hard that when it was over his body twitched and he still moaned. He was so drained that he snuggled up against Maddox and fell asleep instantly.

Maddox sighed. Perfection.


Fergus was livid and General Owen knew that trying to reason with him would be pointless.

“I cannot believe that I trusted that son of a bitch!” Fergus cried. “If he ruined my slave whore I will kill him!”

“Sir…” the general started softly.

“This is an insult!”

“Sir, we can’t afford an extended war. Perhaps it would be best to handle this diplomatically.”

“My property was stolen! We must act quickly and decisively. We will just hit him with all our might, all at once.”

“Sir, attacking him will inevitably lead to his allies joining in retaliation. The treasury is nearly empty.” Because you insisted on owning that overpriced little slave boy, Owen added mentally. He didn’t agree with slavery for sexual pleasure and the little slave called Aidan had made it worse. He looked so much like a child and all the piercings on his body just seemed cruel to some degree. Even worse, the boy had accepted his fate just as every other pleasure slave before him that Owen had delivered to Fergus. Owen wondered if it even bothered the boy that he would only live as long as he pleased his master.

“Call in the troops. We march out as soon as possible,” Fergus ordered.

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