For The Love of the Mob Ch. 10


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By the time they got to dinner, their reservations were no longer available but the owner saved them a good table anyway. The quaint restaurant had an extensive menu with things Nia couldn’t pronounce, Lorenzo proceeded to order for her in fluent Italian. She felt like she was eating for two. The food was delicious and she wanted to try everything.

By the end, Nia couldn’t bear to eat another bite of pasta. “All of this pasta and I’m gonna blow up.”

Lorenzo chuckled and took a sip of wine. “Save room for dessert, baby.”

The waiter came out with two slices of cassata cake and Nia immediately dug in. It was as if the food here was made by God himself, it was that decadent. Nia felt herself getting a little tipsy and restrained herself from any more drinking for the evening.

“Feeling okay?” Lorenzo asked as cut into the cake.

Nia hiccuped. “I can’t believe we’re in Palermo right now eating some of the best food of my life. I’m a classy gal but even this is fancy for me. You’re gonna have to roll me out of here.”

“As I said, enjoy yourself.”


After dinner, the pair walked hand in hand along the water as the moonlight glowed above them. Soft music could be heard playing at the nearby beach. They walked until they stopped at a fountain of sculptures that was surrounded by tall homes.

“This is the Fontana della Vergogna,” Lorenzo said softly. “It’s been for centuries. Quite a marvel, huh?”

Nia traced her fingers along the gate as she gazed at the fountain. “This is magnificent.”

Lorenzo walked towards the entrance and unlocked the gate. “Would you like to take a look?”

As they walked hand and hand, the beautiful sculptures and the fountain’s water seemed to glow underneath the moonlight. Nia stared at the sculptures in awe of their beauty before she stopped in front of the fountain.

“Make a wish,” Lorenzo said as he handed her a silver coin.

Nia smiled and closed her eyes to make her wish and threw the coin into the fountain. When she turned around, Lorenzo was on one knee with a small ring box.

Her jaw dropped. “Tha-th-this is what I wished for.”

“Baby,” Lorenzo said as he opened the box. “I know we haven’t been together very long and I apologize for everything I put you through, but I can’t think of a single person I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. I love you with every part of me. You are the sun, the moon, and all of the stars. You are my life, and you make me want to be a better person.”

Nia had tears in her eyes when Lorenzo finally asked her, “Will you marry me?”

She nodded her head feverishly. “Yes, yes, yes! Of course, I’ll marry you, Lorenzo,”

Lorenzo smiled as he pushed the ring onto her finger. The ring had a beautiful clear diamond that shined underneath the moonlight on a gold band.

Nia leaned down to kiss him before he picked her up and deepened the kiss. “I love you so much.”


“You have the perfect ass,” Lorenzo said breathlessly as he drilled into her tight hole.

He’d nearly ravaged her for two hours but neither of them could let up. The night was so intense, they needed to feed into their appetites for one another.

Nia bit into his shoulder as he fucked her against the wall in their hotel. Her pussy was sopping wet as he fucked her ass like a ragdoll.

“Please slow down,” Nia moaned. “I’m gonna cum so hard.”

Lorenzo grinned and reached his hand between them and rubbed her swollen clit with his thumb. Before she could let out a scream, Lorenzo bit her lip. He pushed her harder against the wall with her legs around his waist. She almost lost it all before Lorenzo laced his other hand around her neck in a tight hold.

“You take it so well baby,” Lorenzo grunted as he continued to plow and choke her. “God, you’re so fucking tight.”

Nia could barely catch her breath as she felt him stretch her with every inch. There was something she loved about the primal-ness of the way he fucked her ass without care. Her clit was sore with overstimulation. Her body began to shake uncontrollably as she started to cum.

Before she had time to react, Lorenzo picked her up and carried her to the edge of the plush bed. Nia got to her knees and gave his huge cock a good stroke with her hand stroking at the base of it before working its way up. She wrapped her lips around his cock and slowly bobbed her head on it while her hand continued to stroke him. Lorenzo looked down at her with such lust and darkness in his eyes.

Lorenzo leaned down to kiss her before pushing her to the mattress. With her legs over his shoulders, Lorenzo’s tongue circled around her swollen clit before he slipped his index and middle finger into her wet pussy. Nia pulled at his hair as his fingers worked their magic, igniting screams from her throat. He kept his eyes on her as he was knuckles deep inside of her, moving back and forth with speed. Her juices drenched his fingers istanbul escort before his other hand reached up to choke her. He was gentle at first, but Nia was blind with lust and demanded him to choke harder.

She opened her mouth to speak, but Lorenzo blocked her air pipe.

“What?” Lorenzo asked as he loosened his grip.

Nia bit her lip. “I said I want you to slap me.”

Lorenzo was puzzled for a moment before he fingered her harder. He gave her a few gentle smacks across her left cheek before he saw something change in her. She moaned when she felt the sharp sensation of his hand across her face, something about it turned her on more than she expected to.

Lorenzo released his hand from inside her before licking his fingers clean. “Let’s see some views.”

Nia raised an eyebrow before Lorenzo instructed her to go to the outside balcony facing the beach. It was dark outside, but no double there were neighbors that would see or hear them and that turned her on.

“Spread your legs,” Loren

“Everyone in this town can hear you screaming for me,” Lorenzo hissed his ear. “They’ll hear how much you love my cock in your ass,”

Nia was dizzy with ecstasy, full of his rock hard cock that made her thoughts foggy.

“Tell me how much you like it when I fuck your ass,” He ordered

Nia exhaled, bracing the railing. “I love it when you fuck my ass!”

“Mmmm,” Lorenzo slapped her ass from behind before pulling her closer to his chest, drilling deeper inside of her. “Yes you do, baby.”

The cold breeze made her nipples harder and she desperately wanted to brace them, but Lorenzo was in control. He spun her around and kissed her lips before tracing his tongue to the smaller part of her neck. Nia moaned and reached down and stroked Lorenzo’s cock with her small hand, paying closer attention to the tip. Before he could say anything, she got down on her knees on the balcony and sucked him off, keeping eye contact with him. Her tongue moved up and down the sides, enjoying his taste before she shoved him down her throat.

Sucking Lorenzo’s cock never ceased to turn Nia on, she loved pleasuring him any way possible. Her pussy was soaking wet when he pushed her head against the rail, forcing his large member deeper into her throat until his balls hit her chin.

“Mmmm fuck, right there baby,” Lorenzo moaned as he kept her head in a lock.

Nia tried her best to hold that pose, swirling her tongue around him before he released himself from his mouth. He pulled her to her feet and carried her back to the bed where he got back to his knees again and licked her swollen slit. Nia pulled his hand into her fist as he devoured her, kissing her thighs and pushed his tongue inside her. He was certainly a professional in this department. Before she knew it, she was cumming for him.

“Oh my fucking god,” Nia moaned as she came down from her orgasm.

Lorenzo’s cock grew harder as she watched a breathless Nia sprawled out on the bed with her legs still open for him. He leaned up and trapped her left nipped with his mouth, suckling it and teasing it with his tongue while he massaged the other, his teeth grinding against them. He quickly got beside her and spooned her from behind as he slowly positioned himself to her core. Nia exhaled, enjoying the way he felt inside her pussy again. He wrapped his arm around her thigh, lifting it as he buried his cock deeper.

“I fucking love you,” Nia sighed as she leaned against his chest.

He kissed her head from behind as his cock languidly moved in and out of her. “I love you more, trust me,”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and picked up his speed. Nia braced his arm as fucked her harder, her juices coating his cock. It was at that moment that she truly felt the ultimate pleasure. Lorenzo was dominant and controlling in the bedroom, just the way she liked it. The way held her down and made her feel wanted.

Lorenzo held both of her legs up, gaining access deeper inside of her. Nis screamed with pleasure, certain she would be sore after this.

“Holy shit!” Lorenzo groaned as he emptied his load inside of her.

“That was spectacular.” Nia sighed as she reached for the covers, pulling herself underneath them.

Lorenzo wiped the sweat from his forehead and took a sip of water. “Making love to you always is. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“This vacation has been magical,” Nia replied as she flexed her toes underneath the soft sheets. “I wasn’t expecting any of this.”

He slipped under the covers beside her. “You mean the world to me, Nia. I truly mean that and everything I said. I can’t wait for you to be my wife.”

“Does that mean we come back here any time we want or?” she joked.

Lorenzo playfully glared at her. “Maybe once or twice a year on anniversaries. Only if you let me tie you up in bed next time.”

“I’ll think about it,” she giggled before she leaned in for a kiss.

Their lips moved together passionately as they embraced one another. The rest of the world and their little Escort Anadolu Yakası piece of paradise seemed to melt away.


The view from the beach in Palermo the next afternoon was gorgeous. It wasn’t nearly as crowded as the beaches back home. Lorenzo’s natural tan grew a couple of shades darker as he sat under the sun in his swimming trunks, his hairy chest exposed as he watched Nia walk out of the ocean in her red bikini as if she were a siren.

“You should get in, the water feels so luxurious,” Nia said as she took the towel beside him and dried her braids.

“I’d rather watch you,” Lorenzo said with a smirk.

“We’re leaving tomorrow,” Nia smiled and leaned down to kiss him. “We might as well make the most of it.”

Lorenzo stared at her curves.”Trust me, you have no idea.”

She chuckled and dried her body with a body.”Well, I think I’ll go get a drink at the bar.”

The outdoor bar was near the other shops, not from where the pair were sitting. Nia slipped on her flip flops before walking over and taking a seat towards the edge, facing the ocean.

“Strawberry Mojitomojito, please,.” Nia said as she handed the bartender cash.

The bar wasn’t crowded, but a young shirtless guy who didn’t look a day over eighteen took one seat closer to her.

“Is this your first time in Italy?” the boy said with a thick Silician accent.

The bartender slid Nia her drink and she gingerly took a small sip of it before turning to the man. “Yes, it is.”

“Are you American?” the boy asked casually. “I can give you a grand tour if you’d like.”

Nia furrowed her brow at him. “I’m not interested.”

The boy took a sip of his drink. “I’ve never been with an American that looks like you before.”

“And you won’t today, either,” Nia said sharply. “I said I’m not interested.”

He snickered and glanced at the beach. “I have a room at the resort,” he said as he reached into his pocket and slid her a keycard. “Room 489. Let me know when you’re bored with Nonno over there.”

The bartender glared at the boy before returning to other patrons. Nia looked back at Lorenzo who was enjoying the sun underneath their beach umbrella. When she turned back around, the man was gone.

“I don’t think you should drink that, senora.” The bartender said. “I can give you a new one, free of charge.”

Nia held the drink in her hand, it didn’t look inherently bad, but the way the young man left, she knew she shouldn’t drink it. She never put it past any man to be guilty, especially with everything she’d seen.

When she returned to Lorenzo, she chugged bottled water and groaned.

“Everything okay?” Lorenzo took off his sunglasses.

Nia gazed at the endless sea. “Oh ya know, teenagers hitting on me and trying to drug me and thinking that’s completely acceptable. Nothing I haven’t dealt with before.”

Lorenzo’s eyes went cold. “Who was it?”

Without breaking eye contact at the water, Nia handed him the keycard. Lorenzo took to the keycard and buttoned up his shirt.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, standing up.

Nia shrugged as Lorenzo left. As he walked closer to the hotel and through the lobby before he reached the elevator. He was fuming with rage, but he exhaled, keeping his temper under control.

“Did you change your min–” the young man said casually as he opened the door.

Lorenzo stood tall “Expecting me?”

“Wrong room,” the young man said dismissively, closing the door.

Lorenzo pushed his foot between the door and the wall, blocking it from closing. “Allow me inside.”

“L- listen, I didn’t mean to talk to your girlfriend,” he said with hesitation.

“Yes you fucking did you a piece of shit,” Lorenzo fumed. “You spiked her drink too, didn’t you.”

Lorenzo punched him in the gut. “Didn’t you?”

The young man groaned in agony. “Si, yes I did.”

Lorenzo was disgusted. He picked up the man’s wallet from the dresser in the bedroom.

“Paolo Grassi, huh?” He held the man’s ID. “Consider this a warning.”

Lorenzo dropped the ID and squatted next to the Paolo. “Come near me or my girl ever again–oh no, scratch that. If you come near any women with drugs and I will personally hunt you down like a dog and make you wish you were never born. I will cross oceans just for that, don’t underestimate me what I will do to scum like you”

“Understand?” Lorenzo hissed.

Paolo feverish shook his head and braced his ribs. “Yes, sir.”

“Good luck with that face.” Lorenzo spat before slamming the hotel door as he left.

Nia was still enjoying the hot summer sun under the umbrella with sunglasses as Lorenzo sat down next to her.

“What did you do?” she took off her towel.

“Nothing, honey, just went for a walk.”

Another two days passed and Nia was dying to tell her friends and family about her engagement, but she couldn’t tell them where she was. Instead, the two continued to enjoy engagement bliss on their little piece of paradise. But it was only temporary, a few days later, Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort they found themselves back at the airport on their way back to the states.

“I don’t wanna leave.” Nia sighed as she looked outside at Sicily.

Lorenzo sighed. He knew only trouble awaited them at home but he wanted to keep her happy as long as possible. He kissed her left hand and squeezed as they both looked out the window, overlooking their piece of paradise slowly disappear underneath the clouds.


When they reached the states again, the pair stayed at Lorenzo’s home in South Philly for the first night. Nia had missed being there, she missed looking at his family photos, including the ones of his parents. That’s when she saw the ring. His mother was wearing it on her wedding day and that’s what made it all the more special.

Nia turned to ask Lorenzo about the ring before he took a call and she saw his face turn red.

“The pigs are making their rounds.” Kenny said on the other end.

Lorenzo ended the call. Fuck.

Nia remained puzzled on the other side of the room. Lorenzo held her by the shoulders.

“Listen closely, Nia,” Lorenzo said as he held her shoulders. “If something happens to me, there’s money here at the house. I have eighty thousand in the safe under the bed, and another million in my safe in the crawl space in my closet. That’s not including what’s in my bank accounts and at my home in Rittenhouse.”

Nia gulped and held his eyes. “Okay.”

“I’m trusting you with my life, understand?” Lorenzo asked.

Nia shook her head and tried to absorb the info. “Yes, I understand.”

Within minutes, police came knocking. Nia and Lorenzo exchanged kisses before he opened the door greeted by Detective Ramos was front and center with handcuffs.

“Lorenzo Nicosio, you are you under arrest for the murder of Sam Mancuchi.” Det. Ramos said as he placed Lorenzo in cuffs. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law.”

Lorenzo was unfazed as he looked back at Nia, who was visibly upset. “Call Kenny.”

Nia watched in horror and covered her mouth as she watched the long of her life being carried away in handcuffs. Neighbors watched in their windows as their neighborhood hero was being dragged into a police car.

“Don’t forget what I told you!” Lorenzo called as Det. Ramos lowered his head into the car. “I’ll be out of here soon!”

Nia shook her head and ran into the house to call Kenny’s home as neighbors watched from the streets. He rushed over to her and they drove to the precinct and waited there while Lorenzo was being questioned.


Detective Ramos had a sloppy case against Lorenzo, seven months in the making. He had physical evidence and witness statements but he knew this would be difficult. Ramos knew the power Lorenzo had and for months, Det. Ramos would get warnings from colleagues to not take him on. Despite being a rookie and this being his first major case, Ramos liked a challenge. But he had no idea what can of worms he was opening.

“Why’d you do it, Lorenzo?” Det. Ramos asked. “Why’d you kill Sam?”

Lorenzo maintained his hard expression. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“We found your prints on his vehicle at a demolition lot,.” Ramos said cooly. “We found his remains at the last place he was seen. Come on, his family is worried and we know you killed him.”

Lorenzo didn’t budge. He sat back with his arms crossed instead. He didn’t feel anything for Sam, he didn’t care. His only regret was that he didn’t blow his brains out sooner.

“How about we flip the script a bit.” Det. Ramos peppered his fingers through a manilla folder. “Where’s Antoni Scaretti? Last I heard he ran with your crew.”

“I don’t talk about rats.” Lorenzo said simply. “They mean nothing to me. You should check Jersey, I heard he’s from there.”

“He disappeared a month ago,” Ramos said. “Last time anyone heard from him, he said he was going to see your girlfriend. Very pretty girl, I might add.”

Lorenzo remained silent.

“What is it that she does for a living again? I’d hate to see a pretty girl like that end up in prison.” Det. Ramos grinned. “Give me five minutes with her and I’ll make her sing like a bird in more ways than one.”

Lorenzo clenched his jaw. This guy had nothing on him and he was just scratching the surface. There’s no way it would take seven months to arrest someone with such little evidence. Lorenzo ate guys like him for breakfast.

“Make the pigs leave and we’ll talk.” Lorenzo said sharply.

“Clear the room please,” Det. Ramos called over his shoulder at the uniformed officers.

The other officers left the room and the two men stared at each other with poker faces. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

Lorenzo leaned in and met Ramos with menacing. “You think I don’t have dirt on everyone in this department? You think I don’t know all about you and how you used to be a security guard at Walmart? Who the hell made you a rookie detective?” Lorenzo straightened up his posture. “I sign your paycheck every month with what I bring to this city. I’m a man of the people. I protect my neighborhood and make sure these families are able to put food on the table. If you lock me up, this city will go to hell, I guarantee it.”

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