For A New Friend


Blackhair, black dress, dark eyes Black heart. Bury one problem, another surfaces Nothing but beauty lust and intelligence Beneath me I watch as it writhes in part for the loves that separate us and the hate that binds us to the other’s duty and penchants. Kolej Escort A twisted mind in a lithe, flexible body beautiful and terrible Serpentine Stuck between my thighs I can see Rus Escort your eyes dart from me to the door, and back to our lust burning with passion and fury and vengeance Outside, a willow bends Yenimahalle Escort and sighs Knowing soon the storm will start the sands of time, the dust of fate can never bury us for long, but I do not feel it as you slither past my defenses Rolling, tumbling biting we strugglefor dominance but then- Captured, caught, a part of me dies But another life joins us, apart from who I am and who I was Tongue on tongue, hands on flesh, nudity clothing our senses Everybody lies at five seconds a quart words of passion never known, no one trusts, the mind is muted and the body tenses.

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