First Used Panties


This flashback continues from the prelude where I had just had an eye opening experience at my grandparents’ house. It was just after my 18th birthday. After that visit to my grandparents, my mind was still filled with the vision of my maternal grandfather stealthily sneaking into the guestroom to sniff and masturbate with my mother’s panties. Were panties really that much of a turn on?

For a week after that visit, I would try all ways and means to sneak peeps at panties. In college, I would drop my pen under the table to try to sneak glances at the panties my classmates were wearing. I would get many peeks at panties of various colors and types, however though I got a hard-on, I still had no idea what was it that had prompted my grandfather to risk taking my mom’s panties to sniff.

I did not dare to bring up this experience to my buddies, as I was afraid of being branded weird and a pervert, I decided to do some searching at home instead. This was in the 80’s and there was no Internet, unlike now. Thus it was very hard then to find out about sex or even get any porn. It was due to this that I was so unaware about anything sexual.

Instead of peeping at my classmates’ panties, I turned my attention to my mother’s panties. Whenever she walked up the staircase in our house, I would be underneath it. Discretely peeping up her knee length skirts. Besides that, I suddenly developed a habit of dropping my spoon at the dining table. Sometimes if I was lucky, I would even manage to catch glimpses of pubic hair curling out from the sides of her panties. From all these, I managed to find out that my mother wore only cotton briefs of various colors.

My mother normally did the laundry at home and her bras and panties were always hung in my parents’ bathroom, şehitkamil escort away from prying eyes. Thus before this, I had never even seen a glimpse of what they looked like. Many times, mom had tried to persuade me to do the laundry at home, but I had refused because I was too lazy. It almost seems fated, the day I smelt my first pair of panties. My parents were going to their friend’s house for dinner and my sister was sleeping over at her classmate’s house. I was left all alone at home to have dinner by myself.

Just as my mother was walking upstairs to have a shower before leaving, I was under the stairs having a good look at her panties. She was wearing a pair of pink cottons under her skirt. My cock gave a surge. I was going out of my mind. I was so horny! I quickly went to wash my face to cool down, as I could feel my face turning red.

“Here’s some money for pizza, dear,” my mom broke my thoughts. “Please help me do the laundry for once. Your dad and I won’t be back that early and there’s a ton of clothes to be washed.” Grumbling aloud, I agreed. Finally they left, while waving goodbye to me. The house was quiet and I was alone.

I slumped on the couch and turned on the TV, watching a Hong Kong soap drama. I had watched for almost two hours before I realized I had better do the laundry before my parents came home and nagged at me. I went into my parents’ room and carried the heavy laundry hamper downstairs to the washing machine. It was overflowing with clothes. My mom had not exaggerated when she said there was a ton of washing to be done.

I opened up the hamper and started throwing the clothes into the washing machine. It was full of dad’s clothes as well, and all these went into the machine. I had deposited about one quarter of the clothes into the machine, when I saw it. The pink pair of panties my mother had been wearing before she showered. The one I had peeped at underneath the stairs lay rolled up on top of her skirt. My heart started beating faster and faster. Memories of my grandfather masturbating to her panties came flooding back.

With trembling hands, I slowly picked up the pair of pink cotton panties from the hamper. I unrolled it, heart still beating faster and faster. The crotch of the panties was stained deep yellow, with a single strand of curly black pubic hair embedded in it. “Was it pee?” I wondered to myself. Tentatively I lifted it to my nose and took a quick sniff.

A scent of pee, mixed with a strong smell entered my nostrils. Feelings I had never experienced before came all over me. My cock stood rock hard and it hurt through my shorts. It smelled so great! I took another sniff and was rewarded with the same smell of piss mixed with a strong sweet feminine scent. I knew then, I had just smelled my own mother’s pussy.

The house was empty and I knew my parents would not be home so early. I picked up the pair of pink panties and sneaked through the quiet house to my parents’ room. Somehow it seemed more appropriate to jerk off there. My shorts hit the floor immediately when I entered their room. My mom’s perfume still lingered in it, and it only enhanced my pleasure.

I lay down on my parents’ bed and started stroking my cock, just the way I had done it two weeks ago. I examined mom’s panties carefully. This was the closest I had got to a pair of panties in my life. Upon closer look at the crotch, I could the imprint of my mom’s cunt in the yellow stain. The curly black pubic hair stood out as a contrast, embedded deeply in the juices.

I raised the panties to my nose and took a deep breath. Oh my god, it was gorgeous!! My mom’s pussy smelt so strong yet so amazing at the same time. I started taking little nibbles at the pubic hair in the crotch. It was long; I knew my mother had a hairy bush, from my peeps up her skirt and the hairs curling out from her panties.

I could not control myself any further. I stuffed her pink cotton crotch into my nose and started inhaling deeply, jerking my cock as I did so. The sensations tingling through me were uncontrollable, much better than my jerk off at my grandparents’ house. I wanted to taste what the juices were like. I started licking the soiled crotch and the pubic hair in it. It was so salty, yet delicious. I greedily sucked out all the cunt juices in there. Somehow, the pubic hair came loose and I tasted it in my mouth together with her juices. I swallowed it, together with the rest of the pussy discharge.

I couldn’t wait any longer; the pressure in my balls was building up. I didn’t have the time to get to the bathroom to spurt my sperm. Just before I came, I wrapped my mother’s pink panties around my cock. I spurted huge amounts of cum into my mom’s panties. There was too much for even her full briefs to contain, that some of it leaked out on to my hand. Within the short span of two weeks, I had gone from innocence to ultimate perverseness, as I lay there exhausted with my own mother’s panties wrapped around my cock, covered in cum.

I lay there in a daze for about 20 minutes before I realized I had better clean up before my parents came home. With wobbly legs, I stumbled downstairs and threw the cum soaked soggy panties into the washing machine with the rest of the clothes. Needless to say, I volunteered to do the laundry every time since.

From that day on, I became a hardcore panty sniffer. I have been sniffing ever since.

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