First Time


Today was my birthday. I just turned 20 & I was determined to suck my first cock tonight. I have been practicing on my 7in flesh colored dildo. I was finally able to get it all the way down my throat.

I grabbed a backpack and threw in a bottle of water, a towel, lube and one of my favorite anal toys. A white 10 inch dildo that was a little under 2.5 inches thick.

I drove to the local adult bookstore and found a corner booth in the backroom. It had exactly what I was looking for, a gloryhole.

My mind raced with the thought of a hard dick in my mouth as I stripped naked. Pre cum was already dripping from my semi erect cock. I laid the towel on the ground and got on my knees.

I watched the video I rented, a young boy was deepthroating a big dick while getting his ass fingered.

Then I heard a knock on the wall, I turned to see a hard white cock slip through the hole in the wall. It was probably around 7 inches long and not to girthy.

I reached up grabbed the base of the cock.

I licked the head of the penis, it was soft and spongy.

‘He goes nothing.’ I thought as I parted my lips and slowly took him into my mouth.

I stopped halfway Fındıkzade Escort down the shaft and twirled my tongue around the tip.

I started to bob my head back and forth, inching the cock down my throat until reached the base.

I continued to bob my head back and forth, keeping a tight seal with my lips.

I felt like such a slut sucking my first dick. I felt my penis getting hard, without even me touching it.

I suddenly felt his dick swell up and I knew what was gonna happen next.

Now, I’ve swallowed my own cum many times but, this will be the first time I’ve had anybody else’s in my mouth.

He started cumming a salty sweet load into my mouth. It coated my tongue and I continued to suck on his pulsating penis as I swallowed all of his cum.

As the cock disappeared back into the wall, I sat back to think about what I’ve done.

I just gave a random guy a blowjob and swallowed his seamen.

I loved it and wanted more.

I was really horny and I wanted to give my ass some attention. Still on my knees, I grabbed the lube and the dildo. I put lube on my fingers and reached around to penetrate my eager hole. Fındıkzade Escort Bayan Then I positioned the dildo underneath me and I slowly sat back on the toy. I eased the head into my awaiting hole and continued to sit back on the dildo, pushing more of it into my ass.

I adjusted to the girth of the toy in my ass and started to ride the dildo slowly. I started picking up the pace and the length of my strokes and pretty soon I was able to get the dildo balls deep in my ass.

Soon I heard another knock on the wall and an erect dark cock slipped through the hole. It was about 8 inches long and thicker than the last one. I reached up and started to jerk the cock.

I had a hard dick in my hand and a dildo in my ass. I was going to cum soon.

I suddenly had a naughty idea. I stood up and jerked my cock over the big erect dick. It only took a few pumps and I shot a big, thick load all over his dick.

I got back on my knees, put the dildo back in my ass and started to suck his big dick covered in my own cum.

I love the taste of my cum and for some reason it tasted even better today. Perhaps it was the fact that I was licking Escort Fındıkzade it off a hard dick while I was bouncing up and down on my 10 inch dildo.

I continue to bob my head back and forth, sucking his big dick.

I rode the dildo fast and deep. I had it timed where everytime I deepthroated his cock, I had a dildo buried deep in my ass.

I was getting stuffed from both ends. My dick twitched and started to leak more cum.

I spit roasted myself for another 10 minutes before I felt his dick pulse in my mouth and shoot a big thick load into the back of the throat. As I pulled his dick out of my mouth he continued to cum all over my freshly shaven face. There was a lot of cum.

As the cock disappeared through the hole in the wall, I continued to pound my ass while cum dripped from my face.

‘I’m such a whore’ I thought to myself, as I scraped the cum off my face into my mouth with my finger. It had a sweet musky taste. I held it in the mouth and swirled it around my tongue, savoring the flavor.

I started to stroke my now hard dick while riding a big thick 10in dildo with a mouthful of cum.

It did not take me to long to cum myself. I swallowed the big load that I was savoring in my mouth. I licked my fingers clean of my own cum and I pulled the dildo out of my gaping asshole.

I rolled up everything in the towel and stuffed it inside the backpack. I put on my clothes and left the bookstore.

‘Not bad for my first time’ I thought.

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