First real holiday alone after family


First real holiday alone after familyEmma and Ted had been looking forward to getting away together with no one else in tow. Just the two of them again, relaxed and having fun. When they had arrived at the resort there was the usual introduction from the rep and trips being offered and while they were both keen to do a bit of travelling and sightseeing Emma and Ted had decided to spend their first day on the beach and look through brochures later. It had been a great day for weather and alot of other people had taken the opportunity to just crash at the beach for the day. After their lazy day and a meal out Emma and Ted gravitated back to their appartment, where on entering Emma slowly lost her top and skirt while Ted was busy fixing a drink, he should have noticed out of the corner of his eye but it was a surprise for him as Emma did not usually take the lead. Emma kissed Ted passionately, reaching for his crotch. Ted groped at her large breasts which were barely held by the skimpy bra Emma had chosen, he moved a hand down to Emmas knickers, Emma moved a leg to one side to allow his fingers cup her pussy. Ted noticed how wet her shaved pussy was, saying you are really up for it tonight. Emma whispers in Ted’s ear, you know how hot spending a day at the beach gets me. Emma unbuttoned Ted’s shorts and lets them fall to the floor along with his pants. Ted lifts his top over his head as Emma lets her knickers fall to the floor, unclipping her bra as Ted moved her to the wide arm of the sofa. Emma lies back letting her legs fall each side of the arm as Ted guides his penis into her wet pussy. Emma’s eyes are closed as she now massages her breasts moaning in pleasure as Ted begins to build up a rhythm. Emma is moaning loudly now as Ted positions himself to guide his penis as deep as he can go. Emma is still caressing her breasts as she moans loudly, Oh, it feels so big. Hmmmm. She continues moaning and letting the odd word slip from her lips as Ted nears his orgasm Emma adds, Your cock feels so big inside me, Ooooh yes, so big, cum inside me with your big black cock. Ted is shooting his cum inside his wife as the words leave her lips. Emma opens her eyes and Ted smothly enquires, am I the one with the big black cock? Emma blushes and says, did I say that out loud? Ted lets his cock slip from her pussy replacing it with two fingers saying that she really needed to have an orgasm as well. Close your eyes and just relax Ted told her we’ll talk about it in the morning lets not spoil tonight.The next day Emma was up early had taken a shower and had made beakfast fo the two of them, serving it to Ted in the bedroom in just a long t-shirt. Emma spoke first saying I hope we’re all good this morning? Ted replies, I think you might need to take off all those clothes….. Emma climbs onto the bed saying do you want to take it off? Ted didn’t really need asking and obliged. Lifting the shirt up Emmas body to her arms she had postitioned herself with her breasts right in his face. Ted took the chance to lick Emma’s nipples as she deftly completed removing the shirt. This is the breakfast I wanted, Ted adds. Sliding underneath Emma to place his mouth at her pussy. Emma says, you really are encouragable. Ted’s tongue meets her lips now, her very wet lips. He just keeps on licking though concentrating on her pleasure. Emma is gripping the headboard as Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort Ted’s tongue works it’s magic on her clit and delves into her pussy. Emma is moaning loudly again, Ohhhh, yes, Hmmmm, that’s so good. Will you use your fingers? Ted shifts position to meet her request, two fingers into her wet and willing pussy while he licks and sucks at her clit and her lips. Emma shudders and moans loudly as her pussy grips at Ted’s fingers. Emma slides down to give Ted a kiss, a big wet passionate kiss, I should make you breakfast in bed more often she says. Ted agrees, I think you should as well, it is so refreshing to see you like this. Remember when we used to go at it all day? Emma smiled yes. They decided to spend the day at the beach again. Deciding to walk down the beach a little further than before, perhaps check out somewhere different for lunch. Having spent a while chatting about this and that Ted suggested that they stop as there was a hut just up the beach for lunch and it looked like a nice spot. As they looked around Emma noticed that they were on a clothing optional beach, there were a number of women in just the bikini bottoms, but there were also a number of women and men with nothing on at all. Taking out the beach towels and laying them on the ground Emma wrapped a towel under her beach wrap and took it off before reaching into the bag to take out her bikini. It was then she noticed that she had only packed the top. She turned to Ted and said she wouldn’t have minded if she had forgotten the top but that they should go back. Ted said quickly, There really wasn’t too much to the bikini she wore yesterday and that it would be exciting to see her naked on the beach. He’d bet that there would be even more people admiring her than before and it would make for an exciting evening if nothing else. Emma gave Ted a big nudge, you’re sure you wouldn’t mind? Ted replied, let them see what they are missing. Emma adds, well you’d better man up as well.They both sunbathe naked for a while as the day begins to heat up, Emma suggests that they could do with a cold drink. Ted agrees and heads to the hut to pick up some drinks and snacks. It is on his way back that he notices that Emma has been approached by a black man and they are chatting. As he approaches Emma says, here he is now Ted meet Mason. As Ted hands Emma a drink Mason reaches out a hand to shake Ted’s and says, I’ve just been telling your wife how I saw the two of you yesterday and had wondered if you might be venturing up this way during your stay. Ted says, Emma has a very memorable body, doesn’t she. Mason repsonds, for sure, I’ll be sure to check you out later I have to get to work. As they sat there Ted asked Emma how long he had been there, almost the entire time you were gone she said. What did you two find to talk about for so long, Ted furthered. Emma summarised that he had introduced himself and asked if she was with the guy who left. He had asked if she needed some oil rubbing on her as it was getting warm out. She did need some rubbing on and he had massagd some oil into her back as she lay down. He had told her that he had seen her the day before and had noticed her looking at his package in his shorts and asked if she really wanted to see it. Ted asked what did you say. Yenimahalle Rus Escort Emma had said yes, she thought Ted wouldn’t mind as it was only looking, and he had crouched down beside her and shown her his huge cock. That was when Emma had noticed Ted coming back with the drinks and they had stood up to meet him. As they lay there facing each other, Emma had placed her legs so that one knee was bent and exposing her pussy to Ted, hed had let a hand run down Emma’s body down her inside leg and back up to meet her pussy, Emma was soaking wet again. Ted said you really are enjoying all the attention aren’t you. Emma just smiled back, you’re not cross are you? Ted paused and said I always thought you were a hot wife haven’t I. Emma knodded back. All this just makes you more attractive to me says Ted. I love seeing you like this, wet and insatiable. You always did love showing off and having a good time, what is so different now?Emma asked, are you saying what I think you’re saying? Ted replied, do you want to see Masons cock again, somewhere a little more private? Emma leans in kissing Ted saying, Oh yes Ted let me see it again.It is late in the afternoon when Mason comes strolling down the beach, he looks at Emma and waits for Ted to say Hey before moving closer. He is naked now, showing off his thick black cock to all on the beach. As Mason gets close enough to talk to quietly, Ted says, Emma really needs some oil applying again. Mason crouches down, his cock dangling over Emmas face as Ted suirts some oil on Emmas breasts. Mason looks at Ted still not sure if all is good until Ted says, go on massage her tits and move down to her pussy see how wet she is thinking of seeing your cock again. Mason takes his time enjoying caressing Emma’s big breasts with her responsive nipples. As one of his hands continues to pull at her ample breasts the other slides down to Emmas pussy, Emma rolls towards Mason as his fingers slide over her wet lips, her mouth now directly at his semi-on, playfully licking the tip as he slips two fingers directly into her willing pussy. Emma looks at Ted and says I really want to fuck his big black cock. Teds cock is now at full attention as Mason looks at Ted and says is this going to happen now? Ted says, we can go to the appartment at the hotel you saw us at yesterday. Mason suggests they go to his as is was nearer and would draw less attention at the hotel.Mason’s place was much closer, only a couple of minutes walk. When the were all inside Mason said to Ted, you sure you want me to fuck your hot bitch wife? Ted looks at Emma who is willing him on, sure Ted finally promts. Mason turns to Emma now and says I might say some shit while we do’in it but you’re OK with that right? He drops his shorts to the floor bwaiting for Emma to respond. Emma says yes, that’s why I’m hear right Ted. Ted lets off a knowing smile adding she’s a bit of a talker herself.Get on your knees and start sucking this big dick then, Mason commands.Emma is eager to taste his black manhood again as she envelops his helmet between her lips, as she sucks his cock thickens and her lips begin to stretch around his girth, Mason places a hand around his cock and makes it pop out Emma’s mouth. Emma is really getting into sucking on his huge cock, her saliva now covers most of his long shaft as she goes to suck on his large balls. Mason says, you’re one lucky man with a bitch like this. Ted nods, knowing that it was some years ago when Emma had behaved like this for him. You want to fuck this big dick now Emma? Mason asks. Emma takes one las long suck on Masons cock before letting Mason move her onto a sizable low padded footstool. He spread her legs wide as her heels dug into the fabric, again two of his fingers easily navigated Emmas soaking pussy. Emma moaned in appreciation while Mason now hovered over her sliding the tip of his cock over Emmas exposed and spread lips. That nice white pussy is going to love this Mason directed as he inserted the trobbing head of his cock between Emmas lips, That feels so big Emma adds as Mason edges in inch by inch letting Emma feel all the pleasure from each addition of length with each slow stroke. Emma is now sounding as if she really means it, ooooh it is sooo big, it feels sooo good, hmmmmmm. Mason is bringing Emma to an orgasm quickly as she moans loudly and bucks her hips. She is one hot white bitch, loves black cock in her fine white cunt, Mason blurts, deliberately pacing his thrusts as Emma revels in extacy. You feeling dirty Emma Mason asks. Emma moans her answer mmmmm yeeess. Mason now moves his juice laded cock to Emmas mouth, Emma doesn’t hesitate remebering the taste of her pussy from Teds mouth at breakfast she devours Masons cock, the taste is different. You like that Emma? He asks. Emma moans her yes again. You just love servicing this big black cock don’t you bitch. Emma moans her answer again between big popping sucks on his engorged weapon. Mason stands back now saying for Emma to finger her pussy, while he strokes his cock. Emma slips two fingers in and Mason raises the bar ofr her, one more he says. Emma slips in a third, that’s it think of my big black cock inside you, think of it, it’s bigger than that isn’t it. Emma moans yes, as Mason says go on add another, show me how you’re going to think of me when I’m not there to fuck you good. Emma is now four fingering herself and with pleasure as she writhes. Mason turns to Ted and says you just have to love this hot bitch, there ain’t nothing she wouldn’t do. Mason can see that Emma is reaching a big climax. HE times his ejaculation so that he enleashes his volumous fountain over Emmas pussy and breasts. Ted moves closer now and his cum pops out dribbling over Emmas gaping pussy. Mason says, I hope you want to go again some time. Emma breathlessly says yes while Ted adds his approval. Emma asks if she can use the shower and returns shortly afterwards, saying that she thinks it might need a clean so she just wiped herself down.It wasn’t as far back to the Hotel as Ted and Emma had imagined and on their return to their room. As Emma undressed to finally take a shower Ted had said to Emma how exciting it was to see her eat Masons cock after he had been fucking her. Emma said it really was just in the moment, but she had enjoyed it. Ted gently lay Emma back on the bed saying it was his turn and her went down on Emmas pussy to taste his own cum mixed with her juices. Emmas shaved pussy was soon glistening again. While Emma purred in satisfaction Ted brought Emma to orgasm again and was now sporting a hard white cock. Ted moistened the tip by running it along Emmas swollen pussy lips, letting it slide into her now stretched cunt. She felt big as he fucked her, Emma was on the edge of an orgasm almost immediately she was so sensitive. It was fantastic for both of them as Ted shot his final load into Emmas swollen cunt, they were both satisfied and knew by the look in each other that they would do this again.

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