First Public Outing


David and I are getting ready to attend a party. I am feeling anxious. This is to be our first public outing. David is ready and waiting for me while I fuss over what jewellery to wear and whether my shoes match my dress. He walks into the bedroom and wraps his arms around my waist from behind. We look at each other through the mirror and he tells me I’m beautiful. I love it when he compliments me, and I smile. He spins me around so I’m facing him, and plants a kiss on my forehead. Then one on my nose. Then his lips find mine and his tongue is probing my mouth and I’m breathing hard. My head tilts back and he is kissing my neck, leaving a small trail toward my cleavage. I am panting now and I tell him I don’t want to be late. He stops and calls a cab.

We are at the party dancing. David is nuzzling my neck, and whispering in my ear. He tells me how great my dress looks, and that he’s noticed I’m not wearing any underwear. I smile as I lay my head on his chest. We are at the bar, drinking cocktails. So far the truth remains unspoken. In avoidance of the inevitable, I drink way too much.

We are in a cab. pendik escort David has his arm around my shoulders, and is lazily playing with my hair. I lean over and kiss his neck, swing my leg over his lap and straddle him. “What about the taxi driver?” he groans.

I kiss his face, grind into him. “Don’t worry, I’ll bet they see this sort of thing all the time.” I assure him. He hugs me tightly and we kiss. It is slow, deliberate, passionate. It feels like a goodbye.

David pays the driver, and chases me to the house. We fall through the door, and he pins me to the kitchen wall. We kiss. A crushing kind of kiss that makes my lips tingle. We slide to the floor. He lifts my dress over my head and lowers his lips to my erect nipples. His fingers find their way to my swollen nub, traces slow, deliberate circles. I am kissing his chest, enjoying the salty taste. I loosen his belt enough to get my hand inside. I squeeze his shaft and feel an instant response. “Let’s move to the bedroom.” he groans.

I detour to the bathroom to freshen up. I look at myself in the mirror – my tousled pendik escort hair, flushed cheeks, swollen red lips, spinning head. I wish this feeling will never end. I open the bathroom door and see his belt draped over the handle. Stepping into the kitchen I notice his jeans casually dropped on the floor, then his underwear and shirt. As I get closer to the bedroom, I see the flicker of candlelight and hear David softly humming to himself. He is standing at the foot of the bed, wearing only his tie and holding a bottle of massage oil. He opens his arms and I fall into them.

He kisses the top of my head and whispers into my hair, “looks like tonight is my lucky night.”

I raise my head to look in his eyes. “Funny” I whisper, “I was just thinking the same thing.”

We collapse on to the bed and David nibbles my ear, licks my neck, then raises my wrists over my head, and ropes them together with his tie. I squirm willingly on the bed, waiting for his next move. I am breathing hard. He dribbles oil on my body, kisses my stomach, massages my breasts, my shoulders, my neck. I am moaning pendik escort loudly; “Please…” He rolls me over and lays on top of me, grinding into my back, breathing into my neck. “Please….!” I moan, “Let me touch you.” He unties me and I reach between us to caress him, feel his hardness. He lifts my hips, raising my knees to the bed. He kneels behind me, teasing me, waiting for me to beg. “David, PLEASE…!” Then he enters me, gently at first, then as my cries get louder – harder, faster, and we are coming together and collapsing onto the pillows. We fall asleep in a warm embrace.

I wake with the dawn. David is looking down at me, waiting for me to speak. I start to sob, choke on the words: “This isn’t working anymore.”

He nods. “You knew about me Sophie – about my marriage, my children. I can’t promise you a future. I never lied to you.”

I look up at him. “I know. That’s why it has to end. Before I develop expectation.” I trail off, “…Before I fall in love with you.”

David looks at the ceiling and forces a smile. “Let’s pretend we’re in love,” he says, “Just for tonight.”

Then, too soon, we are saying goodbye. There are apologies, and so many tears. But there is nothing more to say. David leaves and I take to my bed, reflecting on our time together – the last 6 months, the last 24 hours. And I wonder if this feeling will ever end.

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