First Orgasm


Friday night and a rare thing was happening for me; I had the house completely to myself for the night. Parents off at a great aunt and uncles 50th anniversary, sisters off at sleepovers, and little brother at our grandparents. Moments like these often seem to end in a story.Of course I considered the usual, having a party, but after a few disasters and me being on my parents last ounce of trust, I opted for just having my best friend, Acacia, over. We decided to have a chill night, ordering pizza and renting some movies.Now before I go any further I need to explain a few things: first, that I am bisexual and have known that all my life, secondly, that I hadn’t been with a girl yet, and thirdly, what Acacia looks like.She is half Vietnamese and half Columbian. This has resulted in her being one of the sexiest girls I have ever known. She has long, thick black hair that goes a few inches past her boobs, and has a slight wave that gives her that hot, sex hair sort of look. She is tall and slender, with long sexy legs, a tiny waist, perfect, perky, C cup breasts, and a perfect round ass. She has gorgeous almond shaped eyes, full lips, and tanned skin. Whenever she walks to or away from me my panties get soaked.After school we drove to my place and went outside to tan and gossip. Around four we decided to have open a bottle of wine and lay drinking, tanning, and taking pictures. By five we were slightly drunk and decided to order one of our favorites: pizza and cinnastix.When the bottle was gone and food was eaten we went on facebook and began checking out guys.”Mmm look at Mark in this picture,” she said. “He has such a fucking hot body, I would ride him in a second!””God I know, if only he didn’t have that whore girlfriend. Or at least would forget about her for a night…””Haha oh my God let’s hope. Let’s creep her page.””Okay.”We searched her name and went to her page.”Bitch!” yelled Acacia. “What?” I asked, looking at the picture.”She’s not ugly. I was hoping Kadıköy Escort she’d be ugly, then I could hate her more.”I laughed.”Oh my God, she’s so hot. Good job Mark.””Ugh, I know right, that bastard.” We both laughed and continued going through her pictures. “I’m bored and the booze is wearing off. What can we do now?” I asked her.”I dunno, we could play air hockey?””Kay.” After a few intense rounds we had slowed down our playing and began talking again.”Oh my God, I totally forgot to tell you this. I walked in on my older brother watching porn,” she said laughing.”Oh my God, awkaaard!””Tell me about it. It was like hardcore lesbian too. It was of two blonde’s scissoring and using a black, double-sided dildo.” In my slightly drunken state the thought turned me on. That’s when I became extremely horny, and knew it wasn’t about to go away. My eyes wandered over Acacia’s tits in her tank top, noticed how every time she bent forward to hit the puck they strained against her shirt, and how they bounced perfectly when she’d jump from excitement after getting a goal…”Should we rent some movies off the T.V or go get some from the store?” I asked, pulling my eyes away.”Meh, why don’t we check the T.V first and if nothing good’s there we can go rent some.”About an hour later we had gone and rented some movies and bought way more junk food then we needed. We were now in my room about to change into some comfy clothes.”Aww remember when we were younger and used to all put on our bathing suits and cram into you’re bath. That was fun””Aww yeah it was,” I said, laughing at the memory and pulling my shirt over my head.”We should have one now, for old times sake.””Really?” I asked, hiding the excitement in my voice. Seeing her in a bikini was like heaven.”Yeah come on, it’ll be fun. Besides we’re having a relaxing night anyways, it will only help,” she said sauntering into my bathroom. She began running water and I followed her. “Pass me Kadıköy Escort Bayan the bubble bath.” I did and sat on my sink, watching the bath fill. “I made sure it was pretty hot, so we could be in longer,” she said smiling. Was she hinting at something? No, I decided. It was just Acacia.”I’ll go get you a bathing suit,” I said.”Why? We’re both girls it’s nothing new. Besides, we’re best friends so who cares?” She took off her shirt and bra and I began taking mine off, using every ounce of my strength to act normal and not look at her.”Let’s light some candles too, then we can see the night sky through the overhead window. I’ve always been jealous of that, I wish I had that in the bathroom at my house.”I laughed, “Yeah…it’s pretty nice, I won’t lie.” I was still doing my best to not look at her in any awkward way so I quickly lit some candles. We both crawled into the bath, sighing at the comforting warmth and delicious vanilla sent.”Want to cuddle?” she asked moving over to me and leaning back into me, my legs against hers. The position made my pussy spread open slightly and I could feel my clit throbbing. My tits pressed against her back and as she sighed it rubbed ever so slightly against my nipples. She rested her head against my shoulder and brought my arms around her waist.In those few seconds my heart and clit began pounding faster and harder then ever before. I wanted to reach with one hand and play with her pussy while using my other to play with mine.”Have your ever cuddled with any of your boyfriends in here?” she asked.”Actually no, surprisingly, never thought of it.””Mmm how could you not? It’s so romantic. You must at least masturbate in here, I know I would.”My pussy began aching. “Well yeah, I won’t deny that,” I replied. We both giggled.”I think I’d make it a ritual and do it every night while looking up at the stars.””Well…you lose sight of the stars pretty fucking fast,” I said laughing. Oh my Escort Kadıköy God I wanted her so bad! It was almost cruel having to sit there in that position and not be able to touch at least myself.”Do you ever cum in here? Or do you wait and get out first.”I had to keep reminding myself to stay calm and breathe normally.”Either or. Often both. Once in the bath and once after I’ve toweled off and gotten all lotioned up. Then I’m out like a light.””Mmm that’s so hot.” There was a silence. Something was brewing.”How ’bout you? Bath or bed?”She sighed, “I play with myself in both but I’ve never had an orgasm.””What!” I said in disbelief. “You’re joking right?””Nope, not while fucking, not while masturbating.””Well with guys I don’t always cum, but with myself it’s guaranteed. Have you at least come close?””Kinda. I mean, I start off all horny, but after awhile it just, sort of, trails off.””Well, what have you tried?””Well obvs fingering myself, but that doesn’t do too much. It mainly just feels good when my palm rubs my clit.” I was screaming on the inside from the image in my head.”What about from playing with your clit?””Yeah, it usually feels fucking good but I never get there. I play with my tits too and pinch my nipples and it def helps, but no orgasm.”I felt like I could have an orgasm.”Maybe you just need help?””I do. Your help.” She looked back at me. “You’re my best friend, we do everything else together. I helped you take nude pics that one time, this is your payback. Besides you’re so fucking hot, how could I not get off?””I’m so hot? Bitch look at you! I mean fuck me I won’t lie, you’re what helps me get off most of the time!””Mmm,” she said biting her juicy bottom lip. “That’s so fucking hot.” She positioned herself so that she was face to face straddling me. “Make. Me. Cum,” she whispered slowly, staring me directly in the eye, her lips less then an inch from mine.I smiled and looked up from her lips. “Okay,” I whispered before kissing her sweet lips.Electricity shot through me. She reached up and held my face as we kissed passionately. I trailed my fingers down her chest and began gently rubbing her nipples. Instantly they became hard. I began gently pinching them, getting harder and harder, causing her to have short breaths in between our kisses.

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