First Meeting


He really wasn’t sure what to expect. He’d been talking to her on the net for a long time now and they’d never met, now suddenly she was ready to meet him. He had to wonder if it was because he was leaving for a year or because she’d finally let down her guard, either way, he really didn’t care he just wanted her.

Jessie stood in front of the mirror wondering what in the world this guy saw in her. She wasn’t beautiful, cute maybe, wasn’t thin, she was pretty average. Really, she could have stood to lose 15 pounds, but she knew for some reason men found her sexy and alluring.

“I guess I shouldn’t ask why,” she stated as she turned from her mirror and headed towards her closet to find something to wear.

As he drove towards her home town, he used the time to contemplate what he would say to her, when they met in person. His head full of questions, doubts, wondering if she was really the outgoing sexually experimentations woman she made herself out to be. Oh yes, he’d seen her photos, she’d sent him so many, nude and dressed, even stepping outside of her normal behavior to send him photos of her in the most natural ways possible. She got to him, he couldn’t tell if it was just sexually, but she definitely had a hold on him that he wasn’t accustom to. Jake knew this was going to be a day for him to remember for the rest of his life!

Jessie hastily dressed and went back to stand in front of the mirror. “Girl, you must be nuts” she thought to herself, but this man, Jake, there was just something about him. He got to her physically, oh yes. The phone calls, the texting, chatting on the Internet. In his photos, his coy smile, his eyes sparkling. Jessie wanted him so badly she could almost taste him on her lips. She felt herself become damp with anticipation as she thought of some of the things he’d said to her. Jessie checked herself over one more time just to be sure, turned from the mirror and flipped the light switch on her way out the door.

Jake booked a room at a quiet little retreat just outside of town. After he’d checked in, he went to the room, taking along a few items he’d bought to make this the most romantic tryst Jessie would ever had. He walked through the room placing scented candles throughout, the scent was almost intoxicating for him and he knew it would do the same for Jessie. He’d even brought flowers for her, lilies. He knew she loved flowers and rarely received them in her real life. He checked his watch, 9:45, he send her a text with the room number and waited by the window for her to arrive.

Jessie arrived at the little motel a little before 10. She knew he was there and waiting for her already, as he’d sent her a text just a few minutes prior to let her know where their bungalow was. Her heart began racing as she pulled into the drive and looked for their bungalow. It was in a shaded area, detached from the rest of the buildings. Her worry about being heard by people in neighboring rooms ceased when she saw their little hideaway. She pulled into a parking slot next to what must have been his vehicle, as she did, the door opened and he stood in the doorway.

He was exactly like his photos, handsome, sexy and very well built. Her heart skipped a beat and began racing as she turned off her engine and reached for her purse. She’d turned away for only a moment and her car door suddenly opened. His coy smile made her hands shake as he took her by the hand and led her from her car into the room. Neither of them spoke a word as Jake led Jessie into the room, he gently closed the door while continuing to hold her hand, then with a swift motion picked her up and took her to the bed.

Jessie felt the breath slip from her lungs as he picked her up and placed her on the the offer izle bed, before she could say a word his lips were upon hers. His tongue parting her lips and probing her mouth, reaching for her tongue. Her hands reached around his neck and her tongue joined his in a dance only they could understand. Finally, he pulled his head back and smiled down at her. “Hi baby doll.” His words seemed to ooze from his lips like sugar, Jessie smiled back at him.

“Hi ya sunshine.” Jake laughed when she called him sunshine, his laugh was intoxicating.

Jake leaned back and slid her legs apart, sitting between them, he reached down and began unbuttoning her blouse. Jessie could barely breathe, let alone talk but managed to whisper “God, I have wanted you for so long.”

This only seemed to spark Jake into action and she quickly found his mouth upon hers again. His kisses started slowly and as they kissed his lips pressed harder against hers, he finally finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled away again to survey her body further. His hand reached down to her breasts and gently let loose the clasp of her bra. Her taunt breasts fell from the bra and he groaned, his lips found her nipple immediately and as he sucked on one, he reached to the other with his hand, teasing and gently pinching the other.

Jessie moaned “umm, that feels so good” the words could barely escape her lips as he teased and taunted her nipples.

Jessie could feel herself becoming wet with anticipation. As he continued to assault her nipples, she reached down and found his cock under his pants. He was so hard as she rubbed against his cock with one hand, her other found the entrance and began unbuttoning his pants. Jake stopped what he was doing and pulled her hands away. He looked down at her “Not yet” he stated boldly.

“Please Jake, I want to touch you, feel your hard cock in my hands” she stated as she made a pouty face.

He smiled down at her little pouty face “you’re cute when you pout, but not yet!”

Her mind was racing, she felt exposed and totally in his control. She’d always been the one in control and she wasn’t sure how to let go and let him take over. Before she could continue her thought his lips were pressing down upon her lips again and his tongue pushing through her lips deep into her mouth again. As he kissed her, his hand slipped down between her thighs, he moaned as he felt her wetness. She’d worn a skirt just for this occasion. His fingers rubbed her clit and her body began moving in motion with his fingers. Finally, he pulled his mouth from hers and stood in front of her.

He reached down and pulled her up from the bed, standing her in front of him. Slowly he slid her blouse from her shoulders, taking her bra along with it, then with his tongue and lips sliding down her bare chest and breasts, he moved to his knees in front of her. He quickly removed her skirt and panties, sliding them down her ample thighs and sat on his knees in front of her surveying her body. Jessie was a little uncomfortable and found herself putting her arms over her abdomen to cover herself. Jake realized what she was doing…

“Quit,” he whispered to her, “there is nothing wrong with your body.”

Sensing her feelings and wanting to make her comfortable, he sat her back on the bed, gently pushing her shoulders back so she was laying flat on the bed again.

Jake stood at the end of the bed and keeping his eyes on hers, removed his shirt and pants. He groaned as he watched her bite her bottom lip in anticipation. He scurried back onto the bed, laying next to her. He gently reached down and kissed her on the cheek, then her forehead and then again, his lips found hers. the old man izle As he continued to kiss her deeply, he slid his hand down her chest, onto her abdomen and then found her hard clit. He groaned just feeling how wet she was, how wet he was making her. As he started rubbing her clit, she reached down and found his stiff cock and began stroking him.

As her hand found his cock and she began to stroke him, Jake slid his finger inside her tight wet pussy.

“God baby, you are tight and so wet” he groaned.

Jake remembered all the things they had talked about and slid a second and then a third finger inside her pussy. Her hips ground against his hand, as his fingers dove deeper inside her. She continued to stroke his cock as he pulled his lips from hers, his mouth went from one nipple to the other as his fingers continued to push into her pussy. She was so wet he decided to slide the fourth finger inside her and as he did her hips pushed harder against his hand.

“Oh hell yeah, baby, oh my God, that feels so good, don’t stop” the words slipping from her lips, her voice hoarse.

“I want to suck your cock now, please baby, let me,” she said as he continued to finger her pussy.

He turned and climbed over the top of her, his cock ready for her mouth. Before he could ram his fingers back into her pussy, her mouth was already wrapped around his cock, sucking him deep into her throat.

“Fuck baby” escaped from his lips as his mouth dove onto her clit and he rammed his fingers back into her pussy. Jessie allowed his cock to slide deep into her mouth, wanting to give him the ultimate pleasure, her hands wrapped around his ass, pulling his hips into her face. As Jake continued working her clit with his mouth, he took his fingers from her pussy and slowly slid one into her ass. Even with her mouth full of his cock he could hear her moan in pleasure.

The more he worked her clit and ass, the harder she sucked his cock, he slid another finger into her ass and then began working her pussy with his other hand, her whole body was shaking as he filled her pussy up to his knuckles with four fingers, and working her ass with fingers from his other hand. Jessie’s hips ground against his hand as he slowly pushed his thumb into her pussy, her whole body quivered as he slowly tried to push his entire hand inside her. Finally, his hand slid inside her pussy and he pushed it further inside her. Jessie’s whole body shook as she pulled her face away from his cock and stroked him while he pushed his hand in her an pulled it out, then pushed it back into her as deeply as he could. Jessie let out a whimper, then close to a scream.

“Oh my God, JAKE, oh my God….fuck me, yes….ummmm.”

Jake felt her orgasm and quickly wrapped his mouth over her clit causing the orgasm to come quicker and harder.

“Yeah, Jessie, come on baby, cum all over my hand, yes baby, yes, come on baby…..” Jake egged her on and finally, in a massive spasm cum squirted from her pussy onto his hand.

He slowed his movements, but continued to gently move his hand in and out of her pussy. Jessie eagerly grabbed his cock and slid it back into her mouth and started sucking on him harder than before, she wanted his cum in her mouth and she wanted it now.

“come on Jake, baby, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Jake moaned and began grinding his hips into her mouth. Her moans of pleasure were obvious, she was enjoying his cock in her mouth and his hand in her pussy. Jake felt a moan escape his lips as he could feel himself getting closer to release. Jessie kept sucking on his cock, pulling his cock deeper into her mouth, then pulling away and sucking his balls into her the passage izle mouth. Jake quivered when she did this, it was sensational, then she would stuff his hard cock back into her mouth and continue sucking. Finally, Jessie could feel his orgasm welling up inside him so she sucked harder, using her hand to push his cock deeper in her mouth and jacking him off at the same time. Jake stopped fingering her moaning.

“Oh fuck yes Jessie, suck me off, come on baby, don’t stop I’m going to cum!”

As the words escaped from his lips Jessie felt his hot cum inside her mouth, deep in her throat, she kept sucking him until she knew all his juices were emptied from him.

He quivered as he dropped his body next to hers on the bed. In one swift motion he turned so he laid facing her. Jessie smiled as he looked down at her, his eyes sparkled with pleasure. Jake smiled. Suddenly they both started giggling.

“Jessie you are fucking amazing” Jake said as he reached down and ran his fingers across her clit, her inward breath becoming sharp as he did this.

“Well, Jake, baby, you are pretty incredible yourself!” she returned.

As they laid and talked together about her kids and his job, they continued to tease each other. Jessie started to look a little uncomfortable when he asked her about her home life, so instead of pushing the issue, he instead, slid his fingers back inside her tight wet pussy.

“I can’t believe I can get my hand inside you but you’re tight as hell again, FUCK. I want in you” with a swift motion Jake was between Jessie’s legs and sliding his cock into her waiting pussy.

Jessie moaned as his cock found her deepest recessed and reached down and pulled his hips against her. Jake began pounding her pussy with all his strength, finally reaching down and grabbing her ankles and putting them over his shoulders.

“I love your tight pussy, fuck baby” he groaned as he looked down and watched his cock sliding in and out of her.

“Hell yeah, baby, oh my God, I love it deep, oh god, fuck me…..” she moaned with pleasure as he continued to pound her.

He pulled out of her and made a quick chore out of turning her over onto her knees and rammed his cock back inside her pussy. His hands pulled her hips hard against his, her moans of pleasure making him push inside her, harder and harder. Finally, just as he knew she was about to cum again he pulled out and turned her over, facing her. He leaned above her, staring into her eyes.

“What?” She asked.

“You are just…amazing….why me?” He quietly asked her.

“Why you what, silly?” she questioned.

“Why would you want me, I’m nothing special, just another one of your admirers, why did you want me?”

Jessie giggled, “You are so silly Jake, why wouldn’t I want you? You’re gorgeous and sweet and romantic and you like me for me.”

He groaned as she slid down and began sucking his cock again, his hands wrapped into her hair, pulling it from her face so he could see her. She turned slightly and looked up at him as she began stroking his balls while she sucked his cock deep into her mouth. His cock hardened as she continued to suck him deeper into her warm mouth, he could feel his cum welling up ready to blow as she kept sucking harder on his rigid cock, pulling her mouth away her words.

“Cum for me baby, cum in my mouth.”

The way she talked to him made him groan and pull her head back to his waiting cock, she sucked him deeply into her throat and finally his hot salty juices spilled into her waiting mouth causing her to moan in pleasure and delight. When his cock stopped throbbing and it’s juices stopped flowing into her mouth, she sat up and started giggling.

“WHAT in the hell are you laughing at” he asked in an almost indignant tone.

“Baby, you said you don’t cum from getting sucked off, an I have to tell you, I’m pretty damn pleased with myself for getting you off.” She said between stifled giggles.

to be continued…

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