This story is listed in erotic couplings, but could fit into multiple categories, for example group sex, lesbian sex, and exhibitionist/voyeur. All characters are over the age of 18. Some parts of this story are based on real life — I’ll let you imagine which! Finally, thank you to P_Anderer for editing my work and teaching me what I needed to know for this first submission. You are amazing!

Part 1:

Fireworks were dancing across the sky in a brilliant fashion, as I heard the recognizable succession of beeps from my phone, announcing a new snap had arrived. I surveyed my friends and the surrounding crowd to make sure it was safe to open it. I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what the message would say, but who knew what picture might accompany it?

“Meet at our spot at 11.” Just a picture of the bar top. Not a question, but a simple statement of fact. He knew I would come. It was our tradition. Not a nice normal tradition, such as watching the fireworks and having a few drinks at the street dance on Independence Day evening. But it was our tradition and one of the few I kept since high school.

I reminisced about our first time and the events that led up to it. At only 18, I had felt freedom for the first time that summer. Some classmates and I met on the 4th of July at the lake and proceeded through the day with a heavy supply of Jello shots and cheap beer. It wasn’t legal, but we didn’t really care. We played drinking games and flaunted ourselves in our swimwear all afternoon. When it came time to go back home, we caught a ride and a classmate of mine named David said he would walk me back to my apartment once we were dropped off in town.

As we walked by the school, he suggested, “Let’s go back to the football field.”

I really am going to miss that place. Just a few long months earlier, he had finished his season playing Guard for our hometown Eagles. I supported the team from the sideline as a manager. I wasn’t really athletic or outgoing enough to be a cheerleader, but I was the responsible type to take stats and fill water bottles. We walked around to the back of the school to the empty, dark field. The grass looked green and soft, and we weren’t quite ready for the day to end.

“Let’s lie on the grass and watch the fireworks,” I suggested. We could still see the town’s fireworks erupting on top of the hill.

We made quite a pair as we lay down. My petite size was dwarfed by his lumbering presence, my brown hair to his shaggy blonde. We lie in silence for a few moments until he suddenly said, “You know, all these years and we never really got to know each other. You seemed so shy, I never expected to be tipsy out in the dark watching fireworks together.”

“I know,” I replied. “It’s hard to shake the perception once it is there. Everyone expected me to be the studious one, but sometimes I really just wanted the invitation to be a little bit wild.”

David put his arm around me, snugging close as the night chill set in. “I guess it’s never too late to start. Is it okay if I kiss you?”

I didn’t wait for an answer, I just turned toward him and brought our faces close. This was only my second kiss, and after this one, I wasn’t sure the first one counted. My panties were getting wetter by the moment. Oh, he so knew how to kiss…

David rolled over on top of me and pushed his strong thigh between my legs. I involuntarily moaned at the friction on my clit. He couldn’t realize that this was the furthest I’d been with a guy and just how inexperienced I was. I had a small vibrator in my nightstand and certainly understood the feelings, but it was so different when those good feelings came at the touch of someone else’s hands.

The kiss deepened and I could feel him beginning to pull my sun dress over my head. I was fine with this and I grasped at his jeans to undo the button. He lifted his weight a moment to make it easier. We were both lost in the kiss and looking for more. As soon as he had me undressed, he was moving down my body toward my nipples. He put one hard nipple in his mouth to suckle while he pinched the other. I moaned again.

“You like nipple play, don’t you?” David asked. “But, what else do you like?” He bit lightly at my nipple and worried it between his teeth as he moved a hand down toward my dripping pussy. He quickly removed my shorts as I lifted my rear to give him access.

“Oh yes, I’d like you to touch me there,” I whined. He wouldn’t make me wait for it today. He slid his fingers into my wet cleft and found my clit. He rubbed it lightly at first but surprised me by pinching and pulling on it as I moaned again. He was leaving my nipples now and focusing solely on my aching pussy. I could feel the beginnings of a climax building and I was eager to ride that wave.

“Do you want it faster, harder, softer, what do you like best?” He was a dirty talker and seemed genuinely concerned about my pleasure.

“Oh, I like it all,” I replied. “Just don’t stop.” He didn’t. He moved up and kissed me one more time before he brought his face to my pussy and gave it a long lick büyükesat escort from my vagina all the way to my clit.

“You taste so good baby,” he murmured, as he continued his oral assault on my pussy. He licked slowly and softly around my clit and soon had my body humming. Then, he sped up the action and pushed a finger into my tunnel. He curved it up and began searching for my G spot. I could feel my legs starting to shake and he doubled his pressure and speed on my clit for just a few moments, until I erupted into my first man-induced orgasm. It was absolute bliss. I was floating far above the sky with the fireworks and felt myself slowly coming back to early as David cuddled up next to me and stroked my hair.

“That was the most amazing experience! Let me return the favor,” I almost begged, as I looked at him closely for the first time. I tentatively grabbed his shaft and tested its hardness. He was obviously very turned on, being as hard as he was. I could see precum leaking from the tip. I leaned forward and put my mouth around the head and tasted its salty flavor.

My senses were dancing with the smell of freshly cut grass of the football field, combined with the pungent smell of sex in the air. I pushed down as far as I could go while licking his shaft, careful not to scrape my teeth. I brought my lips back up, and back down a couple more times, each time getting nearer my throat. I brought my mouth back up and sucked on just the head of his beautiful cock as I lightly pumped my hands up and down his member. I could tell he enjoyed this because he began to moan.

“I’m about to cum,” he panted. I quickly plunged my mouth down his shaft as he began spurting in my mouth. For my first blowjob, I thought I did pretty good. I only dribbled a little bit out and managed to swallow most of his spunk. We cuddled for a moment in the chilly air while his heart rate returned back to normal. “I can’t believe we just did that. Who would believe me when I say that my first real sexual experience came on the high school football field?” I pondered.

“Well, I didn’t know that it was, but I kind of suspected it,” David said. “I don’t want to push you to go any further since we aren’t really dating or anything. That was really good for me, though.”

“Oh, it was definitely good for me too,” I replied. “I’m not sorry in any way, it’s just pretty surreal that I’ve waited this long and now here we are. I got my own fireworks to go with the ones in the sky.”

“You’re right. It’s sad that summer is half over and we are both set to go to college. I wish we had done this sooner… I think we could have been pretty good together.”

I agreed. “Well, no one says we can’t do it again. I’ll be back again next summer. So, let’s make a pact… Every time we are back for the summer and still single over the 4th of July, we meet right here for a re-enactment.”

“That sounds great,” David replied, “It can be our own tradition.”

Part 2

Throughout the year that followed, we both went off to our separate colleges, occasionally checking in on each other with a short text. I found my first boyfriend during the fall semester and finally slept with him after the first month or so of dating. It was nothing like the connection I felt the summer before with David, and we soon went our separate ways.

A few weeks later, my phone buzzed. “Hey, are you coming back home for Spring Break?” It was David. My heart skipped a couple of beats as I considered my response.

“I was thinking about it,” I responded, “Do you want to get together?”

David and I quickly made plans to see each other over the weekend that we both shared off. I hadn’t realized how sad I was after my breakup, and how much seeing him really meant until that lightness in my heart bubbled forth into my day. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face.

The planned Saturday soon came, and David arrived at my parent’s house to pick me up. I had dressed to impress with new low-rise, tight fitting blue jeans and a low-cut tank top which I carefully hid from my parents with an oversized hoody as I left the house. We were going to go out to dinner, and then to a small party with some old classmates.

Dinner was at Applebee’s, and we enjoyed catching up with one another. I finally told David about my first boyfriend. He looked at me questioningly as I told him we broke up. I decided perhaps I should just come clean with it and explained how he just didn’t make me feel good. There was no spark, and I was kind of sad to lose my virginity to him. “Honestly,” I added, “I wish that we had done more last summer, and you would have been my first.”

David took a moment to consider, and then whispered, “Maybe I could be your second then?” We both smiled as I nodded in agreement. I felt his hand snake over to my leg and begin caressing my thigh. We couldn’t pay the bill fast enough.

We decided to take a turn, over to his parent’s house since he said they were gone for the evening too. He led me up to his bedroom cebeci escort and began kissing me. I missed those kisses and immediately began feeling my nipples harden and pussy get swollen and wet. He knew just how to get my body going as the electricity began to flow between us. Clothes came off as we broke the kiss momentarily. David quickly laid me down on his bed and sucked on my nipples as he inserted a finger into my pussy to test my readiness.

I knew I was wet; I could smell my arousal. But David wanted to make sure it was good for me. I felt his body slide down mine until he was between my thighs. I felt him slowly lick my pussy from my vagina all the way to my clit. Then, he surprised me as he began lightly sucking on my clit and fingering me. He curved first one finger and then two up into my vagina and pressed into the top wall. I exploded into an orgasm that I think surprised both of us. David found my G-spot and rubbed that spongy area aggressively as he fingered me. I clenched around his fingers with the tremors and feelings from the first orgasm still coursing through my body. David refocused on my clit, licking and sucking it for all he was worth. He didn’t let me come down from the high until I burst into a second orgasm and pushed him off.

I was vaguely aware of him rolling to the side and grabbing something from his nightstand. I heard the foil tear and knew what must come next. I opened my eyes and watched him wrap the condom on his throbbing cock. He was so hard, and his eyes were dark with lust. I hadn’t paid close attention to his size in the darkness the summer before, but now I thought his cock looked beautiful. So thick, and it had to be seven inches or longer. I reached out for him as he crawled on top of me. He entered me missionary style and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with passion. He went slow at first as I accommodated his size. I had never felt such a full feeling before; his cock had much more girth than his two fingers, moments before. This felt good for both of us, and I enjoyed the moment and our connection as he ramped up speed and soon was cumming hard with a loud moan. He lay on me a moment and then got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.

When he returned, he crawled onto the bed next to me where I was positively glowing with sexual satisfaction. “Do you still want to go to the party?” he asked me as he laughed.

I figured his parents would be home soon. “Sure, let’s go. Maybe we can do this again afterward.”

We arrived at the house party, and it was already going full swing. Our old classmates were all a few beers in and starting some beer pong. This was the first time I’d seen the game played and it appeared like they were downing a lot of beer in the process of throwing the ping pong ball into the solo cups. The ten or so people there were dividing into teams of two. I was put onto Amanda’s team. We knew each other fairly well from being lab partners in biology. We had the first game off to watch the others and have a drink.

David and his partner Chad took on a group of girls named Allison and Sarah in the first game. They had no trouble at all beating the girls and getting them quite tipsy as they drank the three beers poured into their ten cups as they lost. The girls only made two of the boys’ cups before their effort was finished. Amanda and I vowed to do better as we whispered a strategy that was so risqué it just might work.

The game started out with David and Chad quickly making the same cup and us losing three cups immediately. Then, Amanda decided to put the plan into action. She came up behind me and reached around my tummy and slowly began playing with my tits through my tank top. The boys’ eyes got huge as they watched this unfold and both missed their second shot without even hitting a cup. The plan devised was to distract the boys off of their game. But my nipples were tingling so nicely now and I could feel the jolts of energy heading straight into my pussy. I was let down when she took her hands away and we went back to our game.

Amanda and I sunk a couple of cups on our next shot and stayed in the game. As David and Chad went to throw again, this time I began slowly lifting her shirt until her lacy pink bra was showing. I pinched her nipples and again the guys missed. Amanda and I ended up losing the game in the end, but the table had been set. Amanda and I retreated to the living room, and I kissed a girl for the first time as the hormones raged between us. The kiss started out tenderly as we explored each other’s mouths for the first time. I reached up behind her head and ran my hands through her curly hair. It was soft and she smelled feminine and fresh, and a hint of the coconut shampoo she used was evident. Then we heard some noise from the adjacent kitchen and sadly broke the kiss.

The beer pong game went into a break, and I could feel David’s eyes as he saw us for the first time. I reluctantly got up from the sofa, whispering goodbye to my friend. He followed me into the kolej escort hallway, and I could see something different in his eyes. Jealousy? Lust? Perhaps both of those things. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard. “I think we should go,” he growled. I nodded in response. We didn’t go far, though, as we found a guest room in this party house. As soon as he shut the door, he began ripping my clothes off.

“You are such a tease,” David snarled. “But I guess I don’t have a right to keep you to myself, do I?” David reached down and began tweaking my nipples as he kissed me hard again. He backed off and took a breath. “Did you want to fuck her too?” he asked me.

“I don’t know. Maybe,” I whispered as he questioned me. “I think she’s hot, I guess I just kind of got carried away.”

David smiled as he laid me down on the bed. “I guess maybe you need to try new things, you know.” His grin widened and all of a sudden, he was between my legs, licking me from my ass all the way to my clit. I never imagined what that could feel like. He continued to lick all around as my pussy became even wetter and more engorged. He pushed his finger into my pussy, and I moaned. Too soon it was gone and pushing at my back door.

“Does this feel good?”

“I don’t know.” I moaned, “Okay, yes…” It did feel good. I wanted him to continue pushing into my ass. Who knew I liked that? I could feel his finger pass first the sphincter, and then another barrier further inside. He continued to spit on my ass and use my own wetness to finger me.

“Roll onto your tummy,” David commanded. He entered my pussy from behind as he continued to finger my ass. I could feel my orgasm building as the heat emanated from my pussy. I reached under myself and began rubbing my clit. It didn’t take long before I reached my climax and moaned out loud as the waves of pleasure rocked my body. I felt David cum shortly after as he pulled out and spurted all over my butt.

David and I snuggled together and relaxed in the afterglow of our orgasms. There was still loud music down the hall and shouts of our drunk friends enjoying themselves. “You know,” he said, “it’s important that you are able to let loose and try some new things like we did today. I’ll be back this summer over the 4th again, and I can’t wait to see you again.” He knew I was putty in his hands when he was around.

Part 3

The summer following my freshman year in college I decided to move back home and work for the public library with a children’s program. I figured it would help me build my resume for the teaching degree I was pursuing – and living at home was quite a bit cheaper than staying on campus. I packed my bags into my parents’ house and retreated to my basement bedroom. My parents had been quite mad at me after I partied during Spring Break, so I hoped that this move would work out and they would relax a bit. After all, I was turning twenty soon.

A week or so after I started my new job, Amanda walked into the library with some small child for the “Story Time” I was leading. I smiled and waved but didn’t get a chance to visit until I finished my duties. I found out that she was taking on a babysitting job for a neighbor this summer and was considering her options, before deciding to go back to college for the next year or not. We traded phone numbers and agreed that we should go to dinner and catch up further after work that night.

Amanda and I met at a local diner and ordered burgers and fries. It was at that table that she finally brought up the kiss that had dominated more of my mind than I cared to admit. It was, after all, small town America. There were still a good number of people who didn’t approve of gays and lesbians. She asked me blatantly whether I had kissed a girl before or after that. I admitted that I had not, and she told me she hadn’t either.

Amanda and I made plans to go out to the lake that weekend together and see how many of our old friends might be there. Shortly after, we went home for the evening.

The lake waters were a sparkling blue and the sun heated up the beach to a nice warm eighty-five degrees. Amanda and I arrived, flaunting our tiny bikinis and carrying tea and a picnic box with our towels out onto the beach. We placed our towels out onto the sand and enjoyed the sun for a few minutes.

“You know,” Amanda began, “we could really get bad sunburns if we don’t put some sunscreen on.” She was right, of course. So, I grabbed the bottle of sunscreen and started putting it on my legs. Then, Amanda surprised me by asking if she could rub it on for me.

I lay down on my tummy as I felt her hands start near my ankles. She rubbed the sunscreen in thoroughly and then would squirt another cool blob onto my skin. Soon, she made it up to my thighs, which seemed to be parting on their own accord. I felt the familiar tingles of arousal in my pussy and considered whether a visible wet spot might be forming in my bikini bottoms. As she moved up higher, she rubbed my inner thighs for probably longer than necessary and then began kneading the lotion into my ass. She reached under the edges of my swimsuit bottom to make sure ever little bit of skin was covered and my breathing quickened. I was still trying to maintain some dignity and not moan out loud, but this attention was getting to me. It had been over two months since that spring break, and I needed some action again.

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