Finding Out: The Hard , Fun Way


I woke up early and there was a blizzard out. My wife was away at a meeting in California. I was back home in New Hampshire. There was four feet of snow. I made a fire so that I could keep warm. Fortunatly, the power was on and I started up the computer and began to read some porno and chat with some people on The phone rang, it was work saying that they closed down for the day. Meaning that I had a four day weekend because that Monday was MLK Jr. Day. I knew my wife wouldn’t be back until Saturday afternoon, if she was lucky, meaning the storm would have to clear.

I sat back down, sipping a cup of coffee with some creamer. I typed away in the chat room. Yes, I was in the Guys Craving Cock room, talking to all kinds of studs. I was Bi, my wife didn’t know, and this is how I satisfied my loins. One guy I was talking about sent me a link, and I love porn, so I clicked on it. But it was a video. I deleted it quickly, not wanting it to stay on my Windows Media Player. So, I opened up that program and I knew that the video the guy sent me was of two guys banging, but what I saw wasn’t. It was two chicks, one with a massive strap-on and a mask, and the other a beautiful young girl, 20 years young at best.

I sat there at the computer screen as I watched the two hour movie play on my computer-screen. What was I watching? I mean, sure, I love lesbians, but I knew that I hadn’t downloaded this. I didn’t have kids, so it couldn’thave been them, nor the dogs because they can’t type. Then it dawned on me that it must have been my wife of several years, but she had never showed any signs of being bisexual. I was a little surprised, but not perturbed in anyway.

My wife and I fucked when we could, usually in the morning because at night we were both energy-less. Our sex life had always been good, but had dulled a little. We were just in a routine, because we knew how to make the şahinbey escort other cum, cum hard and quickly. At first, I was a little upset but then I realized that I too had kept a secret from her.

I formulated a plan, and began to put it into action. The next time that she used the Media Player she would see another lesbian porn. I downloaded one and then shoveled the driveway. I took a shower and jerked off about walking in on my wife, Jane, and another woman.

She returned that Saturday evening, she had a tan. We kissed passionatly, our tongues intertwining.

“Jane-baby, why don’t you go relax, I’m sure you are tired. I’ll go and get some dinner. How does Thai sound?”

“Oh, you want to leave me, huh?” She said while laughing.

“Janey, is Thai good?”

“Yeah, it is Brad. I’ll just check my e-mail and what not.”

“I should be about 45 minutes, I have to order it first.”

I left the house, but I sneakily had already oreder the Thai in, got the Thai and returned to the house within 20 minutes. I walked in carefully, shutting the door silently. I heard moans coming from the computer room. The way the house was set up was that looking through the door to the room would show the person at the computer and the big computer screen. I tip-toed my way down to the room, and there was my wife friggin’ her self watching the lesbian porno.

“Ohh yeah,” She was talking to the movie, “Eat her pussy, lick her ass, too…. OHHH, ohhh, yeah that’s it.”

I waited for her to cum before I entered the room.

“Uggh, ahhh, ohhh yeah.” She came hard, relaxed for a moment, and then started to quit the program, she buttoned her pants up; all the while I was watching her. She stood up, turned around and then saw me and my grinning face.

Her face immediatly blushed, not that it wasn’t already flushed from her hard cum, but it was beat red. She started to try and explain, but I was swift and quickly took the fingers that had been in her pussy and licked them clean with my mouth.

“Baby, how much did you see?”

“All of it, I think it is hot, I also think that we need to be honest about our sexualities.”

“Well obviously you know that I like chicks, too, so what do you mean about ‘our’ sexualities?” My wife was quick, hence why she made all the money, “Do you have something to admit?”

Now this was turning into my interoggation.

“Let’s discuss this over Thai.”

We ate and chit-chatted and then we got to the heavy stuff. I told her that I was bisexual.

“I already knew that, I found a stash of gay porn on the computer, I just wanted to hear you finally own up to it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about yourself,” I quickly changed the subject.

“Well, I only started to explore the internet after I found your porn. But I didn’t tell you for the same reasons that you didn’t tell me.”

“I still love you, with all of my heart.”

“I still love you too, hunny, I actually feel more connected, now that we can relate better. But things are going to change, that I guarentee.”

“Yeah, like I am going to change you out of your clothes and Fuck you and eat you in the shower.”

We raced to the bathroom, then passionately derobing and kissing each other like we were horny teenagers, she pulled out my cock and started sucking it.

“MMM, yeah that is right, my girl loves cock, doesn’t she?” She moaned around my cock, vibrating it a little, her tongue worked my cock and she squeezed my balls. “That isn’t all you like, though, is it? Do you want to get a pussy? Hmm, do you want to eat it, and fuck it?” She moaned louder around my penis and then she gobbeled it up. She let go and looked up at me, “Yeah, my little faggot here wants a cock to play with, doesn’t he?” I hesitated, and she teased my cockhead with the tip of her tongue. After a few belated seconds without her sucking me, “Yes babe, I want a cock to play with.” She sucked me with fury now, building me up and up and just when I thought that I would cum she stopped and we went into the shower, making out and talking nasty to each other. I was her little faggot and she was my dyke.

I lifted her leg over mine and I pushed my cock all the way to the hilt in one motion. She gasped. “Dykes can’t live without a shaft in them, they love it. You love that cock don’t you? But you wish it was a dildo fucking you from some hot chick, maybe Samantha, at work, mmm she is hot, you two would be so fucking hot together.” She didn’t disagree, she just took the fucking and closed her eyes, moaning like a slut. “Yes, I am Samantha, fucking you with my big dildo, take it Janey, take your lesbian lover in.” She came several times, I was on the edge, she leaned forward and bit my ear. “Cum.” Was all the said. I did, I pumped my cum into her tight cunt, unleashing my load into her, my spurts of cum finally faded away. I pulled out and sat on the shower bench and held her on my lap.

“Janey, that was so hot.”

“Oh we aren’t done yet, faggot.” She pointed to the ground and I submitted; lying on the floor she squated over my face, “Huh, does my little queer want to taste cum.” This had been a fantasy of mine for some time, “Yes Janey, yes, I want to taste it.” She straddled my face and her cum drenched pussy was lowered to my face. I lightly licked and tasted my bitter, bland, and salty cum from her well-fucked cunt. I worked my tongue in deep and her clit was grinding against my nose, she came several times, flooding my mouth with her cum and mine, too.

We cleaned up, both drained and ate some more Thai food while we watched a movie and cuddeled.

“Janey, I love you.”

“I love you too, my silly little faggot, so much.”

I blushed and ate some noodles.

To be continued…

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