Finding Out How Big It Was


I had known Stan all through high school. We were not friends but acquaintances. Early in our senior year we had eaten lunch at the same table. It was all guys who talked about guy things-sports, girls, politics. I knew that he was conservative as we both discussed how we were going to vote in our first election as we were both now eighteen. Stan got on my nerves a bit, but I worked to tolerate him.

After eating at an all boys table for most of high school, I found myself more interested in a table of that had girls. I found that I enjoyed their company a lot more. Soon, I had a study girlfriend. I enjoyed the company with females so much more than guys. I never in a million years thought that I would ever have sex with Stan.

Stan and I were both in speech. He was on the debate team and I did prose, impromptu, acting. We would ride in the same bus for the two-day tournaments which were on Friday and Saturdays. He always wore a tight green suit which might be because of his shape as he was naturally very muscular. Maybe this was in part as he was on the water polar team and part genetics. You could see that his shoulders were obviously broad as his shirts were stretched tight. His neck was thick like a football player. He was blond, blue eyed, and had chiseled facial features.

Towards the end of the school year, we were having one of our last tournaments. It was a Friday night and we were on our way back to school late. I was enjoying sharing a seat with my girlfriend who was snuggled next to me with a blanket covering us. It felt so nice to have her body next to mine.

For some reason Stan wanted to play truth or dare. He was being loud as he often was. He went on saying ask me any truth. I just wanted him to shut up, so I yelled, “How big is your thing Stan?” and it shut him up. We had peace and quiet. I went back to some pleasant cuddle time with my girlfriend.

Six weeks later, school was ending soon. My girlfriend and I had broken up. I was a teacher’s aide and had been asked to take a note to another teacher. I was heading back to class when I saw Stan who was also a teacher’s aide walking down the empty hallway that separated the gym from the auditorium. I planned to say a polite ‘hi’ and keep going, but Stan stopped to talk. Having nothing to rush back to, I stopped too.

“It’s eight,” he said to me.

I was totally confused, “What’s eight?”

Looking down at his pants, “It’s eight.”

Still having not a clue, “What are you talking about?”

“You asked how big it was,” he stated. “Remember, on the bus?”

Then it hit me. He was talking about his cock. Of course, I didn’t believe him as he had exaggerated things Çapa Escort in the past. Rolling my eyes, I answered, “Oh yeah sure, and mine is fourteen.”

“No, really. It’s eight inches!”

Still in disbelief, “If you say so…”

As if I had made an afront to his manhood, he shot back, “I can prove it.”

Not thinking he was going to do anything, “I don’t want to see some doctored picture of your penis.”

Starting to undo his belt in the empty hallway having to prove himself, “I will show you.”

I was shocked and knowing Stan, he would drop his pants right there in the hallway, “You can’t do it here.” Thinking fast. “Let’s go into the auditorium.” I had been in a number of plays and knew a spot off of the dressing room under the air conditioner that was used for air intake. All the acting kids knew where this space was. I led the way and he followed.

I knew how to get the dressing room door unlocked. Once in, I went to the small service door that led into the space. No one would find us here. I really had not expected this and was just trying to make sure that Stan did not get us both in trouble. Never had I ever even thought of Stan’s cock. I really never even thought of him at all.

Once standing in the space, without a word, Stan dropped his pants and underwear. I was shocked first because he was hard as a rock, and it was big. I thought that he would have to at least jerk off to get it erect, but there it was at full staff. The second surprise was how long and thick it was. I had never seen Stan naked and had no idea what he was packing. I had seen dicks in the shower and changing room. I had even seen a few erect ones, but this one was so much bigger.

He pulled up his shirt revealing his six pack. The shirt then went over his head, and I could see his big nipples on a hairless chest. He had a very nice chest with big firm manly breast. Lower there was a thick but light-colored bush, with a giant pole sticking out from it, “You asked how big it was.”

I was staring at it. I didn’t mean too, but it was all so unexpected. “You’re right. It is big.”

Then he spoke again, and I was not expecting this, “Let me see yours.”

Confused, “See what?”

“I showed you mine,” he started. “Now let me see your dick.”

Surprised by this request, “You want to see my dick?”

“Yeah,” then he stepped forward and started undoing my belt. In my mind, all sorts of things were racing through. It did seem to me that his request was fair. If I had seen his, he had every right to see mine. I took over and got my pants undone and pulled my underwear down enough to reveal my penis and balls to him.

“It’s Çapa Escort Bayan not hard,” he said stating the obvious. “How big does it get?”

He told me, so I would tell him, “Seven.”

I thought that would be enough, but it wasn’t. “I want to see it hard,” he said as he fell to his knees and took it into his mouth. I was in total shock. Stan had my cock in his mouth. What could I do? You can’t tell your friends that you were hiding in the theater showing someone your dick and can you believe that they just started sucking it. As I tried to determine my response, something was happening to me. The sensation that was taking over was so pleasant. It felt so good. Stan must have done this before, because he was so great at it. No blow job before had felt anything like this. My dick harden as the talented mouth knew all the spots. The hormones of youth filled my body with excitement. The world disappeared around me. It was just me and Stan. I didn’t realize what a man could do for another man. The things he was doing to me, I never wanted to stop. I instinctively started fucking his mouth with my hard, seven-inch cock. He took it down his throat as his nose pressed against my thick bush. I was in heaven.

Then it stopped. I was left their hanging horny. I needed to nut. I was full of hormones needing to be released as Stan stood up in front of me. His dick still erect. He stuck his left hand in his mouth and then took and rubbed his ass with it. I was confused as he did it a second time never saying a word. Then he turned around and placed both hands on the wall. His ass was sticking out towards me. I stood there not knowing what was happening other than a raging hardon.

Once he realized that I didn’t understand, he told me, “Fuck me!” I heard it but it did not register. So, he repeated it again, “Fuck me! I like big dicks. Now Fuck ME!

I wasn’t a virgin, but I had never put my dick in an ass. There was one staring me in the face. Stan had a firm, bubble butt. It looked so hot. Never had I thought about fucking an ass, but suddenly, I had this burning desire to bury my prick in that hot hole.

I knew how everything worked in fucking someone but still fumbled as I searched for his hole. It wasn’t the same as a cunt. A cock can easily slide in a pussy, but the ass hole is small and tight. Stan grabbed my wet dick and guided it into his pucker. Now I was used to sliding my hardon right into a warm hole. Stan stopped me before I thrusted it in.

“You got to go slow at first,” he told me. “You stay still, and I will back into you. This way it won’t hurt.” I did as ordered. Slowly Stan pushed back as his ass began Escort Çapa swallowing my cock. The feeling was warm and tight. This was feeling so much tighter than a girl. It took everything not to push it into him. His hole felt so good. I wanted to fuck him so bad, but I let him control it. Finally, his ass was pressed against my pubes. All seven inches were buried in that hole. He took a few deep breaths. We held there. Then he said, “Start slow and then you can build up.”

I pulled back some and then slowly pushed back forward. I wanted to go so much faster. I wanted to pound that boy. The hormones were flowing. Had I ever felt this horny? It filled my whole being. Slowly, I told myself as I did it again and again as instructed. It was heaven. Soon nature took over. The primal me came roaring through as It started getting faster and faster. I could hear our skin slapping against one another. My tight balls were slapping against his body. This was paradise. This tight hole felt so good around my cock. I didn’t want it to ever end. I grabbed his hips tight. His body felt so different than a females. His was firm. Every touch on that body was to a taunt muscle. I reached around and grabbed his breast. I held on to them as they were firm. Then my hands moved to his strong shoulders so that with every thrust in, I could pull his body back so that I could bury every bit of my dick into him.

Then I could feel it coming from deep inside. That feeling as the semen, starts making its way out. I could not keep quiet as my body began to shudder and shake as my load prepared to exit. I cried out as my cum filled his ass deep inside. I pulled his shoulders back, so I was as far in him as possible as my cock spasmed in release. Rope after rope of white cream pulsed out of me. It seemed like my nut would never end.

My dick was buried still in his ass, I leaned over his back for a moment to catch my breath. That was one hot fuck. I understood suddenly why guys fucked guys. This was great.

Stan moved forward forcing me to stand up and my cock came out of that warm hole that was oozing white liquid. He was still hard. Furiously, he stroked his cock. He was beating that piece of meat for only a minute before he shot a load of cum right on my cock. Some hit my stomach too. His cum was hot. It felt good on my skin. As soon as he came, he licked his hand, put on his clothes quickly and started to leave with out a word. He knew that I wasn’t going to say a word. I stood there with his cum on my dick and stomach and some of it having dripped on to my nuts.

This had all come out of nowhere, but I had just fucked a guy. A man’s man, with a hot body. I liked it. I really like it.

It wasn’t until I heard the bell ring that I came back to earth. I had to get my clothes on and on to my next class but all that I could think about was what just happened. Damn fucking a man was so hot. The things that you can learn at school.

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