Filipinas: Kathy


Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).

These stories are posted in the order that they happened, so if you want to read them first to last, just read the story with the oldest publish date first and then move through the stories from oldest to newest, and you will be reading them in order.

Nobody in this story was underage.

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Hi. I’m Pete. This is the story of a girl named Kathryn, but she went by Kathy. I have always been partial to petite Filipinas. There is something special about these little women that pulls me toward them. Kathy was a very special Filipina. I met her in Angeles City, but not under the same circumstances that I had met so many others. I was transiting back to the US from Southeast Asia when I arrived at Clark for my normal layover.

I first met Kathy at the checkout counter in a local grocery store. OK, there isn’t much special about that except that unlike many other Filipinas I had met, Kathy already had a job (as a cashier). That meant that she already had stability in her life.

There weren’t many people in the store at the time, so I got to chat with Kathy for quite a while. In fact, I went through her checkout stand several times as other customers passed through. It got to the point where she asked me if I needed some help remembering what I had come into the store for.

I told her that I knew what I was looking for, and that I had found it, but I just wasn’t sure how to get the object of my desires out of the store. That confused her, so I just told her that she was the object of my desires. I asked if she had a boyfriend or a husband before I did anything stupid. She told me, “No.”

I think by now she was intrigued by this young man who was paying so much attention to her, and when I asked her if she would go to dinner with me, she replied, “Let me think about it.” A few minutes later (and another trip through her counter), she said, “Yes. I will go to dinner with you, but no funny business.”

I asked what time she got off, and where she wanted me to pick her up. She told me that she was off at six, and asked if I would pick her up at the store and take her home so she could change. It would also give her mother a chance to meet me. I agreed to her terms, and I was back at the store at six that evening. We took a trike to her house, and she introduced me to her mother. I talked with her mother while she went to her room to get changed.

I guess I passed her mother’s criteria for a prospective husband because when Kathy returned from her room, her mother smiled and told Kathy that she had found a good man. Like the mother and daughter that I had met at church, I got the impression that Kathy’s mother wanted Kathy to get married and give her grandbabies, but she wasn’t as pushy (at least not in front of me).

We caught a trike and went to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. I ordered a sweet wine with dinner, and Kathy liked the choice. I kept her glass topped of all through dinner and the conversation. Unlike many girls I had met, Kathy had grown up and graduated from high school in Angeles City. She had no formal education other than that.

She was proof that connections are more important than knowledge or education in the Philippines because she had gotten a job at the grocery store right out of high school. Jobs are notoriously hard to get in the Philippines, and successful applicants are often vastly overqualified for the position they seek. Kathy got her job because a friend of her mother owned the store.

Kathy was, however, much more interesting than that little bit of information. Kathy was very smart and had learned her job as cashier very quickly. Connections had gotten her the job, but her brains let her stay on.

Kathy confirmed my suspicions about her mother’s desires. Her mom thought that Kathy needed to find a good husband and start having babies as soon as possible. Kathy wasn’t opposed to the idea, though, and she said that if she found the right man, she would freely give herself to him.

I took a chance and asked, “Do you think that I might be the right man?”

She looked at me and then replied, “Maybe. You are a gentleman and my mother liked you. Those are two of the biggest hurdles.”

I ordered gelato for dessert, something that I seldom do. Kathy loved it. When we were done with dinner, I asked Kathy if there was something she wanted to do next. She replied, “I should ask you to take me to my home, but I would rather stay with you and talk awhile. Who knows where that might lead?”

We decided to take a walk in the evening air (which isn’t all that clean in the Philippines), and our walk just happened to take us by my hotel. I asked her if she would like to see my room. I fully expected her to say ‘No’, but she said, “Yes, I would love to see your room.” şişli escort This was not usual for a conservative Filipina, and there were many Filipinas whose stories never graced these pages because they said, ‘No.’

So, we went up to my room to continue our conversation. I asked her what her dreams were, and she said they were fairly simple. She basically wanted what her mother wanted for her. She wanted a good husband and children.

I asked how she would know when she met the right man and she surprised me when she said, “What makes you think I haven’t already found him?”

I was puzzled and said, “But you said you didn’t have a boyfriend.”

“That was true,” she replied. “But that may have changed tonight.”

“Oh,” I said, catching her meaning for the first time.

It seemed like the perfect time to take a chance, so I asked, “May I kiss you?”

She lowered her head and softly said, “Yes.”

I lifted her chin and leaned in to kiss her softly. My lips touched hers and I pressed against her in an embrace. She backed away at first, but then leaned into the kiss. I didn’t get too ambitious with that first kiss.

“That was nice,” she said. “It was better than how I imagined my first kiss.”

I leaned in again, and used my tongue a bit in our second kiss. She was unsure how to react as my tongue searched for her mouth, but she finally opened her mouth a bit and my tongue entered between her teeth.

I sucked in her lower lip, and then let my tongue dance with her tongue inside her mouth. Her reaction was to suck on my tongue, which was encouraging. I kissed her again and again. Each kiss went a little further until our tongues were dancing between our mouths.

My hands came up her sides until they were resting on her breasts. She made no move to push them away, so I began massaging her breasts as we kissed. When Kathy started moaning into my mouth, I knew that this might go much further.

I broke the kiss long enough to look into Kathy’s eyes, and took the ultimate gamble. I asked her, “Do you want this to go further?”

She nodded and then whispered, “Yes.”

It was all the encouragement I needed. My hands found the zipper in the back of her dress, and slowly pulled it down. She shuddered a little, but made no effort to stop me. I pulled her dress straps off of her shoulders and kissed down her neck at the same time. She shivered a little from the cool air hitting her skin.

I pulled her to her feet and let her dress fall down and off her body as I continued to kiss her. She stepped out of the dress puddled up at her feet. Now, she was in her bra and panties. I asked her to take my shirt off, and she started undoing the buttons. Once they were undone, she pushed the shirt from my shoulders.

As my shirt fell to the floor, I asked her to take off my pants. This would be the point where she would either back down or commit. She committed. Her hands went first to my belt, then to my snap and finally to my zipper. I stepped out of them as my pants fell to my feet.

It was now my turn again, and I leaned down to kiss across her upper chest. She pushed her chest against me, so I reached around to unhook her bra. I was still fully expecting this to end, and that her hands would come up to protect her breasts, but they didn’t. Her hands stayed down at her sides, and my lips found her nipples instead. “Oh my God,” she cried out. “That feels good.”

Her nipples rose up to meet my lips. As I sucked her nipples into my mouth, they seemed to grow. Kathy didn’t have large nipples to start with. In fact, they were quite small. But they grew significantly larger as I sucked each of them into my mouth. I had been worried because they had started out so small, but I needn’t have. They were perfect once they had attained their full size after stimulation.

Kathy had maybe A-cups and small B-cups, but there was plenty to play with and stimulate. Her nipples were very sensitive, and she enjoyed having the rest of her breasts played with and sucked as well. Suckling her nipples made her cry out in pleasure, and I made sure that happened over and over again.

Before long, I had her begging me to, “Put it in me now.” I knew what she wanted, but I also knew that she wasn’t really ready for my cock yet. I continued suckling her nipples and let my hands drag her panties down her legs. She was once again on her back, and she was pushing my boxers down my legs at the same time her panties were coming down.

Once we were both naked, I shifted my attention to her pussy. Her vulva was tight and compact, but opened at my first touch. Everything was already wet, with lubrication oozing out of her vaginal entrance. I slid down to her clit and sucked it into my mouth.

I think she was going to protest, but it died as soon as she felt my lips draw her little button in. Kathy’s hymen was just inside of her vaginal entrance; not on the surface, but not buried in her vagina either. It was pink and fat, with a tiny hole in the center.

I tested her hymen with my finger, but any pressure caused her pain, so I decided that I would just have to break it with my cock and not worry about the pain. This was one of those cases where there is nothing a man can do to prevent the initial pain of defloration.

I still got her as ready as I could, and she was orgasming from my sucking her clit when I moved quickly up and my cock thrust with all of my strength into her vagina. Her hymen ripped and Kathy screamed, but it couldn’t be helped. I kissed her as I shoved my cock into her to muffle her cries, but there were a lot of tears running down her cheeks as I pushed the remainder of my cock into her now bloody vagina.

I apologized for the pain, but told her that there was nothing I could do to avoid that. It was just because of the way she was built. Whereas she had been begging me to ‘put it in,’ she was now asking me to ‘take it out’ as soon as possible. I think a lot of women are scarred for life when their partner heeds their request to remove their cock before the woman can get pleasure from it. Without experiencing pleasure, women will always be afraid of sex.

I knew that the worst was over for her, and that we should continue until she felt pleasure again, but it was still hard listening to her cry. It tore me up inside. I held my cock still deep inside of her until the pain had subsided. Then, I started withdrawing and thrusting back in, just a little each way at first, and then lengthening the strokes until my cock was almost slipping out of her before pressing deeply into her again.

Once I had freedom of movement, I started speeding up the tempo. By now, Kathy was no longer crying and was pushing back against me as I thrusted into her pussy. Each thrust brought my cockhead deeper into her vagina until every stroke was pressing against her cervix. Her enthusiasm increased the deeper my cock went into her.

Just when I thought there was no hope that Kathy would ever come on my cock, her body started to shudder and her vaginal muscles started to squeeze my cock. I was on edge anyway, and her orgasm (as small as it was) pushed me over the edge. I pressed my cock as deeply into her cervix as I could and pumped my sperm into her womb.

Kathy bled quite a bit when her hymen was torn. It was lucky that I had a towel on the bed under her, but even then, there was some blood on the sheets. I knew that it needed to be cleaned, but my first priority was on Kathy herself. She was still breathing rapidly, and her skin was flushed. That indicated that she was still excited by what had happened.

I asked her if she could forgive me for hurting her so bad. She replied, “I already have. If you had stopped when I asked you to, my memories of sex would have been horrible. As it is, I was still traumatized, but the pleasure at the end gave me hope that it can be better.”

“It can be a lot better in the future,” I said, “But I think we need to give your body a rest for a day or so before we try again.”

She smiled up at me, “Even now, you are thinking of my well-being before thinking about your own needs. I know for sure now that you were a good choice to make love to me.”

I asked Kathy if she would like to get a shower with me. I could get her cleaned up and feeling better. She agreed, and I helped her into the shower. I took the towel into the bathroom and put in the sink with some warm water to soak.

Once in the shower, I adjusted the water temperature to warm and started soaping her body. She protested that she could wash herself, but I insisted that this was something that I wanted to do for her. She was quite sensitive around her pussy, and I had to be very gentle when washing her there. The bleeding from her broken hymen had stopped, but there was quite a bit of blood on her skin.

I carefully cleaned her, and then soaped up the rest of her body for good measure. After I rinsed all of the soap off of her, I asked if she would like to wash me. She smiled and picked up the soap. Kathy gave me a thorough scrubbing, and by the time she was done, I was not only clean but hard as a rock. She looked at my cock and said, “That will never do. Let me take care of this.”

“How do you propose to do that?” I asked.

“Like this,” she replied, and she started sucking the tip of my cock. “I don’t know if I am doing it right, but my girlfriend told me that guys like this.”

“You are definitely doing it right,” I told her. She continued to suck on my cockhead, using her small hands to stroke the shaft as she sucked. The shower kept everything lubricated, so her actions never caused any bad friction for my cock. The longer the blow job went, the better it got.

I told her that I was getting close to an orgasm, but she just kept sucking, so I pumped my sperm into her mouth. At first, she was startled, but then she started swallowing as I pumped more sperm into her mouth. I never asked her to do that, but she just thought it would be the most pleasurable way for me. When the flow stopped, she sucked and licked me clean, and then soaped me up one more time for good measure. This girl was a keeper.

I toweled her dry and kissed her deeply. Then, I asked what she wanted to do now. “Let’s go back to bed,” was her answer. That caught me off guard, as I expected that I would have to take her home. I asked her if her mother would worry about her, but she said that she told her mother that she would be staying with me before we left the house. Now, I was really surprised.

Kathy had planned the whole thing to lose her virginity to me. I’m sure that she had no idea that it would hurt so much, but she understood that there might be pain. It was plain now that Kathy wanted to marry me and figured that I would get her pregnant.

We snuggled up together in the bed, and I was nestled in behind her back holding her against me. That was how we fell asleep. A few hours later, I woke up to a hard cock. I hadn’t planned to do anything else that night, but Kathy had other ideas. Even though it obviously hurt her, she backed up against my cock until it slipped inside of her vagina. She was pretty sore inside, and she grimaced as she took my cock inside of her, but she persisted until my cock was pressing against her cervix.

I started thrusting and withdrawing as she rocked her hips to meet me with each thrust. It wasn’t long before we had a good rhythm going. I rolled her up onto her knees, and without letting my cock slip from her pussy started fucking her doggie-style.

“Oh,” she cried. “That is good.”

I was up on my knees behind her slamming into her pussy with my full force. I was no longer worried about causing her pain because she had just accepted the pain as part of the deal. My cock was repeatedly pressing into her cervix every time I thrust into her, and it wasn’t long before I was shooting long ropes of sperm through that cervix and into her womb.

She didn’t orgasm that time, and I’m sure the pain was part of that, but she still enjoyed it immensely. She was pushing back at me as I unloaded my sperm into her, and she stayed against me, holding me in, as long as possible. Kathy was hoping to get pregnant that night.

I finally lay down on the bed, and Kathy snuggled up against me as we fell asleep again. We were still in that position when my alarm went off in the morning. We got into the shower, but she wanted to fuck one more time before we left, so I put her hands on the shower wall and positioned myself behind her. With everything wet, my cock slid easily into her pussy, and I was soon thrusting into her.

I guess things had healed somewhat because she didn’t seem to be experiencing any pain as she pushed back against me. Several minutes of energetic thrusts and withdrawals, and I was at the end. I felt my sperm rise as I pressed my cock firmly into her cervix and spurt after spurt of hot semen shot into her womb. She was backing up against me, trying to get every bit of sperm I had. Even after my orgasm ended, she held me to her, keeping my cock in place deep in her pussy.

I asked her what time she got off today, and she replied that she was off today. I told her to meet me back at the hotel lobby at two, and we could continue where we left off. She headed for home for some clothes while I headed for the base for my normal routine. After lunch at the mess hall, I headed back to the hotel. Kathy was in the lobby waiting for me.

Once back in the room, she told me how she had trouble walking when she went home. I guess some muscles inside of her had received a workout the night before. She leaned up to kiss me, and asked if I had missed her while I was on base. I told her honestly that I was too busy to miss her, but I was happy to get back to her. She said that she had missed me very much.

I asked her if she missed me enough to do a strip tease for me on the bed. She giggled and said she could do that. I sat in a chair and Kathy got up on the bed as if it were a stage. She wasn’t sure how to start, but then she just started taking her clothes off slowly. When she got down to her bra and panties, she reached around to unhook the bra while holding it against her breasts. Then, she seductively lowered it, letting her nipples come into view. She turned her back to me and slowly bent over, pulling her panties down her legs as she went. Down to her feet and off.

Kathy thought she was done, but I grabbed a small bag and handed it to her. She opened it and found a small sheer baby doll nightie. I asked her to put it on and she complied. She looked so sexy in it. It opened in the front, so she could wear it while I had full access to her breasts and pussy. She looked in the mirror and was shocked at the sexy woman she saw staring back at her. She ran over to me and hugged and kissed me, telling me, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Since she was on my lap anyway, I had her pull my pants and boxers off and then straddle my lap while facing me. That put her pussy right up against my cock. I asked her if it gave her any ideas. She looked down and guided the tip of my cock to her vaginal entrance. She then pressed it in and slid down my shaft.

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