Fiery Heat Ch. 02


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Damon Reid vs Tristan Thomas


Tristan entered his father’s office after a quick dash to the bathroom, and sat down in the couch facing his father and Damon. He couldn’t help but notice the way Damon’s mouth was set in a grim line, jaw tense. Was he angry? Was he as confused as he was? One thing was clear though, Damon wanted to pretend nothing had happened between them. Fine…two people could play that game. But Tristan could fool any other person but himself…he was still shaken by the encounter.

Caleb cleared his throat and quickly went over the Albatros project, outlining exactly what was to be expected of Tristan. He felt so numb that he couldn’t bring himself to decline as he had intended to in the first place.

He simply sat and listened to everything his father had to say and gave a simple answer…


“Okay? Yo…you’re going to do it?” Caleb spattered, turning to give Damon a surprised look.

“Isn’t that why you called me here? I will handle it.” Tristan said quietly.

“Good.” Caleb exclaimed. Then looking closely at his son’s blank face, asked, “Son are you alright.”

“Sure. Peachy. Can I go now? I’ll go through these documents and get back to you if I have any questions.”

“That will be great.” Caleb answered beaming like he had won the lottery.

“See you at home.” Tristan said to his dad and without a glance in Damon’s direction, left the office.

Damon had followed the exchange between father and son and was just as surprised as Caleb. He kept picturing Tristan trembling against him and cursed himself for his lack of control even as he felt his cock harden in his pants. What the fuck had he gotten himself into? Thank God he hadn’t gone any further than he had wanted to. Tristan was one fucked up kid. And he wanted nothing to do with him unless it concerned Albatros.

“Good job Damon. I don’t know how you did it but thanks.” Caleb Thomas beamed.

‘Yeah tell me about it’ Damon thought. That sure wasn’t what he had expected.


Tristan woke up suddenly, panting and out of breathe. He turned to look at the clock on his bedside table. It was 2:46 A.M. He could still see the rich visions and could feel the tremors that shook him. He felt the wetness at crotch of his pajama bottom and groaned aloud.

“Not again.” He muttered drawing his fingers through his bangs. He had been having these erotic dreams about none other than Damon for the past two weeks since the encounter in the elevator. And they all ended with him ejaculating in his dreams. He was not a kid to be having wet dreams dammit! And about Damon of all people too.

This time, it felt even more real. It was a naked Damon. Looking glorious and sexy, his body pressed hard against his. He didn’t think he had ever known heat as intense as he had when Damon had brought his hand down and wrapped it around his rigid flesh, his body covering his, pressing him into the mattress, heavy and demanding as he placed himself between his… Tristan groaned again, still aching.

He couldn’t go on like this. He had fucked every girl he could within these past two weeks but could still not get the edge off…still needed. Needed what, he wasn’t sure. Damon? Hell no. Tristan knew one thing though, he had never been a coward. The best way to handle this, he concluded, was to Fatih Escort confront the problem head on. In this case, the problem was Fucking Damon. He planned on having a talk with him today.


Damon stepped into the reception area of his office, and came to a complete abrupt stop. What the fuck was he doing here? He hadn’t even planned on coming to the office today because he wanted to work from home. But he just had to come and get some important documents.

“What do you want Tristan.” He asked the young man chatting with his executive assistant.

“Oh Damon,” Lisa quipped, “Tristan said he wanted to discuss an important business with you so I told him you were on your way here so he could wait.”

“Tristan can speak for himself Lisa. Are the documents ready?” he admonished lightly and asked.

“They’re on your desk Damon.” Lisa replied laughing lightly. She knew Damon was not angry at her. He was the sweetest person ever.

“Okay thanks.” Then turning towards his office, he gestured to Tristan, “Shall we?”

This had better be important he thought. The little he saw of Tristan, the better. He didn’t want to complicate the relationship between their two families. But damn was he tempted.

God, he looked good. Tristan thought, looking at Damon. Tall and broad, his muscular body rippling beneath the black t-shirt he wore. Jeans hugged his lean hips, denim cupping the full bulge between his thighs. He wanted to cup it, he realized insanely, feel his thick cock, not just against his abdomen, but burrowing deep and hard inside…

‘Stop it!’ He screamed at himself silently. He entered Damon’s plush office and chose to stand.

Clearing his throat, he blurted out…

“Damon, about what happene…”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Damon said in a hard voice cutting him off.

“Dude, I’m…”

“Are you deaf or something?” Damon bellowed. “I said I didn’t want to talk about it. It was a mistake. Forget it ever happened.”

Tristan felt his chest tighten. He felt a physical pain inside his chest. What the fuck was happening to him? He took a deep breath. Then abruptly turned on his heels and walked out of Damon’s office. He wasn’t about to stand there for a second more and disgrace himself. Because for the life of him, he didn’t know why he felt like crying.

Watching Tristan go, Damon slumped into his chair, feeling like an ass.


“You dick-head.” Chris muttered to Damon. “How the fuck could you even suggest to Michael not to confess to Mary?”

“Hey, why bother her? Ignorance they say is bliss.” Damon retorted.

“So you would rather he lives with the lie for the rest of his bloody…pun intended…life?” Dean chipped in making all the six guys at the table howl with laughter. Michael, their pal who was the center of discussion was actually a doctor so Dean couldn’t help but make that crack about his ‘bloody’ life.

“Kayla. Now that’s a girl after my own heart. What a left hook!” Tyron said shaking his head.

“‘Oh my balls…my balls…someone please find my balls.’ Said the squealing doctor.” Dean mockingly imitated Michael, making the laughter become uproarious at their table and causing people in the pub to turn and look at them.

It was Saturday night. And Damon and his guys, excluding Cole who was still having make-up sex with Briana, and Michael Fatih Escort Bayan who was probably groveling at his wife’s feet. That left the six of them and they were having the time of their lives.

Across the room, another group, made up of younger boys and some girls, turned to look at the happy group. Their laughter was actually infectious though no one knew what the racket was all about. Tristan, who was part of the second group turned to look too and froze when he saw Damon with is head thrown back in mirth.

It had been about three day since he’d rushed out of Damon’s office. It hadn’t been easy to convince his family and friends that he was ok. His mother was worried about him. He seemed as though he had lost a little life. She had confronted his father, thinking he was giving her poor baby a tough time but he had promised her he had done nothing of that sort.

His sister, Adriana, had come close. He wasn’t surprised. After all, they had always been very close and she knew him very well.

“Is someone in love?” She had asked, entering his room and flopping down on his bed.

“And why would you think that?” He had retorted.

“I don’t know. There’s something about you. I can’t seem to put my finger on it but…tell me, are you getting more serious about that Amber girl?”

“No.” He had denied vehemently.

“Good.” She stated and turned to go. Not answering his question of ‘why good?’

His friends didn’t understand the sudden change. They said he looked quiet and reserved which was so unlike him. Though he hadn’t wanted to, they had forced him into coming to the pub with them to have a good time and forget about whatever problems he wasn’t ready to talk about. Now here he was. With his problem right across the room. Fuck!


“Hey Damon, do you know that guy over there?” Matt asked Damon. “He’s been staring at you all evening.”

Damon turned to look and froze when he saw Tristan. Shit!

“Yeah, his father is my business partner.” He told his pals.

Later that evening, Damon was standing with the guys at the side of the pub, getting ready to hop into his car when Dean drew his attention to the fact that his business partner’s son was headed their way. Damon turned to see Tristan striding towards him with an angry expression on his face. God he was sexy. The hot surge of arousal and need that swept over Damon’s body in that moment was so intense, so demanding, it had him automatically crossing his legs to still the growth of his cock.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Tristan attacked without preamble.

All the guys, including Damon were taken aback by the attack.

“Dude…” Matt started but got cut off by Tristan who concentrated fully on Damon.

“Do you think you’re a better human being than other people? Where do you get off treating people with so much disrespect? What the fuck have I ever done to you?”

At this point, all the guys were quiet. Looking at the drama unfolding before them, it was obvious to everyone present that Tristan was not only angry but he was also highly emotional. They were beginning to wonder exactly what Damon had done to hurt the young man so much.

“I am a human being too Damon.” At this point his voice cracked and he continued in a soft broken voice. “I only wanted to ta…” but before he could finish his sentence, Escort Fatih Damon was drawing him into his arms and covering his lips with his own, slanting against them as he claimed Tristan with a kiss that rocked him to his toes. It couldn’t be called a kiss. It was a devouring, a feast of the senses, and Tristan was helpless against it. Damon lifted him to his toes, pressing his thick, jeans-covered erection against his as he gave him a taste of the hunger to come with his kiss.

Tristan couldn’t breathe. He didn’t want to breathe.

For that fraction of time, it was just the two of them, and Tristan gave himself completely to Damon. His kiss was like rough velvet and summer lightning. His taste was dark, heady. Tristan moaned into the kiss, his tongue twining with Damon’s, helpless against the sweeping sensations working through his body.

A piercing whistle penetrated Damon’s consciousness causing him to break the kiss.

“I’m sorry Tris. Forgive me please.” Damon muttered as his lips slid from Tristan’s. He leaned his forehead against Tristan’s, his hand framing his cheek, his thumb running over the slightly swollen curve of his lips. They were reddened, fuller now from his caress. His eyelids looked heavy, his cheeks flushed…he was so fucking sexy.

Someone cleared his throat beside them making Damon look up. The guys were still standing around looking at them.

“Wow! That was…interesting.” drawled Dean.

“Shut up Dean. I err…will see you guys tomorrow. Now get out of here y’all.” He growled the last bit when they just stood there looking at him. They all knew he was bi so had no problem with what they had just witnessed. They were simply trying to make him uncomfortable as they always did whenever one of them was caught making out.

“Guys!” Damon groaned making them laugh and start getting into their cars.

“Don’t forget to use birth control.” Dean couldn’t resist a parting shot, making everyone, including a blushing Tristan roar with laughter.

“Did you bring a car?” Damon asked Tristan, his hand lightly caressing his hips.

“No I came with my friends. I didn’t want to drink and drive.” Tristan said softly.

“But you didn’t drink. I would have tasted it on you.” Damon observed.

“Well…I didn’t.” He muttered looking down.

“Oh Tris. Spent the time staring daggers at me huh? Come on let me take you home.”

“I don’t wanna go home.” Tristan muttered.

“Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do. Come on, out with it. Where should I take you?”

“How about yours?” Tristan asked quietly. “I really need to talk to you Damon.”

After a little hesitation, Damon opened his door.

“You know this is a bad idea right? I won’t be able to keep my hands off you when we’re alone and you know it.”

“Just when we’re alone? Hell you had your tongue down my throat about five minutes ago. And if I recall correctly, it was in the full glare of people.” Tristan countered.

“And do you blame me? With you standing there looking mouth-wateringly hot, what was I supposed to do? Get in smart-arse.” Damon put the car into gear and sped off towards his home.

And throughout the drive, his cock was fiery, rock-hard and throbbed heavily at the thought of having Tristan all to himself. Never had anybody made him this damned hungry. So hungry he wanted nothing more than to throw Tristan to his knees and mount him like an animal. He wanted to fuck him so hard and deep he wouldn’t be able to still his cries of ecstasy.

There was one thing Damon was pretty sure of: If he didn’t take Tristan soon, he was going to go mad.

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