Fem Dom Group Physical


As I watched the last patient hastily retrieve and pull up his underpants, I reflected on the events of the morning. It was quite an interesting time and totally satisfying. For the past four hours eight male employees paraded around in various states of undress not only in front of me while I examined them, but also in the presence of their female boss and a young female insurance representative.

My friend is the CEO of a small company. She was concerned because the company’s group health insurance premium was set to increase substantially. She explained the situation to me and asked if I had any suggestions on what she could do to contain costs. After speaking with a number of insurance provider contacts, a potential solution emerged. One rep indicated the company’s premiums could be greatly reduced if employees were restricted to a single primary provider and some other specific conditions were met. While the employees- eight middle aged males, would be cared for by the single provider, the policy would allow the CEO and the other officer in the company- also female, to choose a medical provider.

The rep indicated the company would realize additional savings if I agreed to serve as the employees’ primary care physician. I agreed. Before the policy would be executed, the insurance provider required that each employee be assessed to determine whether he had any medical pre-conditions.

The CEO was ecstatic. She called a meeting of the employees to explain the situation. She invited me so they could meet their new doctor, and also the insurance rep so she could answer questions about the policy. It was obvious a few of the employees did not like what they were hearing, particularly the lack of choice in doctors. Some were openly şahinbey escort balking at the proposed arrangement. The CEO was direct and forceful in her response. She basically told them the only option was greatly reduced coverage and higher employee costs. You could see the despair and defeat come across their faces.

We decided for cost and time reasons to conduct the assessment exams in the company offices in an assembly line manner. On the day the exams were scheduled, the employees were told to report to the conference room where the CEO asked me to explain how we would proceed. The CEO’s office would serve as the examination room. The insurance company rep would be seated at the desk in the reception area outside the CEO’s office. She would take each employee’s medical history. As for the employees, they would need to strip down to their underpants in the conference room. Each would be called one by one by the insurance rep when she was ready for him. Then each would be escorted into the CEO’s office for his exam when the doctor was ready. As the three of us turned to leave the CEO stated in a firm but not overbearing voice that you heard the doctor and I expect each of you to be ready for your exam when your name is called. There was an audible gulp from the group as we departed the conference room.

As anticipated, the medical history part of the process took much less time than the exams. It wasn’t long before most of the men were standing in the reception area waiting their turn to see the doctor. The CEO whispered in my ear when she brought a patient in that the insurance rep appeared to be greatly enjoying the scenery and being surrounded by men without clothes on.

The examination part of the process must have been extremely embarrassing for the men. Each spent most of the time in the examining room with a flush face. Not only did they have to submit to a very thorough physical exam administered by me, their female boss looked on and participated in the exams. The CEO would escort each patient into the examining room. As I completed the medical forms of the previous patient, she would place him on the scale to get his weight and height. She next would take his blood pressure. Once these preliminaries were complete it was my turn. With him seated on the CEO’s desk, I proceeded with the exam of his upper body and extremities. This probably lasted almost a half hour.

Next while I sat I had him stand in front of me for a visual assessment. After the front, I had him turn around and did the same for his back. As I worked my way down his spine, I slightly lowered his underpants exposing a portion of his bottom to me and a patch of pubic hair to the CEO. I belabored this part of the exam to intensify the anticipation of what was to come for both of us and the patient.

Finally it was show time. I told him to face me again and pointing to his underpants directed him to pull them down, step out of them and place them on the desk. I then proceeded to make a complete check of his genital area. First came an inspection of his shaft. I ran my fingers down the shaft looking for abnormalities, finally lifting and moving it from side to side. I checked the head, slightly stretching the tip to get a good look at the pee hole. Next came the testicle exam. I rolled each in my palm and ended with the obligatory turn your head and cough. By this time most guys were utterly beaten. The best was yet to come. The rectal exam.

I would have liked to conduct the rectal exam with the patient on all fours on the CEO’s desk but it was too high. I settled for her desk chair, it turned out to be the highlight of the exam. Completely nude, I led the patient around the desk and explained how I wanted him to get positioned on the chair. Basically he was put in a kneeling position legs spread wide with his back bent forward and his arms grasping the sides of the back of the chair. This opened up his bottom nicely for inspection and afforded us an almost unfettered view of his hanging testicles and penis. This is a part of the exam I like to talk male patients through, primarily because by explaining what I am doing it heightens their submissiveness- like when I tell him I am separating his buttocks and looking at his rectal passage. Think of what is going through the patients mind when I am telling him this. By talking to him it also lengthens the time of this portion of the exam. It is always satisfying to have my male patients spend a few extra minutes nude in the office particularly when I have a finger up their butts.

All goods things must come to end and so must the exam. By this time the patient is putty in our hands. He will do anything to end his ordeal. As I extract my finger from his bottom, I come around the chair to face him and tell him I am finished inspecting his bottom so he can un mount the chair. I tell him to go to the table where the CEO is waiting to finish up. When the patient approaches the table he is greeted by his boss holding a thermometer. The final humiliation for each of these middle aged male employees is to be bent over the table by their thirty five year old female boss to allow her to stick a thermometer deep in their waiting assholes. Each patient practically ran out of the room and headed for the conference room to fetch the rest of his clothes.

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