Feeding the Beast Ch. 07


*Author’s notes: This is a work of fiction, hopefully that is not a word you struggle with. It is a story of fictional, consenting adults. It’s in the fetish category for a reason, if that scares you, please back away slowly. For the rest of you, please enjoy!

Also, I need to apologize, the description for the last story was actually for this one, not the one you’ve read already. What can I say, I’m up to Chapter 12 in this series on my computer and got confused. If you’d like to see something in particular with Stacy, feel free to reach out.

Saturday morning Stacy woke up in bed alone. Slowly opening her eyes, she realized she was sleeping on her left side, her right leg cocked upward and her right hand just below her pussy. It took a moment, but Stacy could feel wetness on the back of her right hand. Rolling to her left, she brought her right hand to her face.

“Well, that’s another first.” She said feeling, smelling and seeing the wetness on her fingers.

“I brought coffee!” Nick exclaimed as he entered the bedroom. “You must have been having some kind of wild dream last night!”

“You could say that.” Stacy blushed as she sat up.

“Do you remember it?” Nick asked, handing her a large cup of coffee.

“Ummm, yeah.” Stacy could feel her face reddening.

“I take it,” Nick said as he slid into the bed next to her, “that Betty was in the dream based on how red your face is right now!” Nick put his arm around Stacy’s shoulders, carefully pulling her close so she wouldn’t spill. “It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me about it if you don’t want to Stace.”

“Just a replay of parts of last night.” Stacy replied, settling into Nick’s chest. “I’m sure it doesn’t differentiate much from the video and pics you took last night.”

“Well it makes sense considering the day and night you had.”

The couple finished their coffee in silence, holding each other and enjoying the quiet morning. Nick eventually got up, taking both cups downstairs, and offering to make breakfast while Stacy decided to shower. Nick had done a good job washing her hair, as always, but she needed to condition it as well as shave. By the time she came downstairs, with her long blond hair brushed back but still damp, Nick had breakfast ready. With both of them wearing robes, they decided coffee and breakfast would be best outside to enjoy the nice spring day. They spoke for a while about everything and anything not latex related. While Stacy had plans to do stuff around the house, Nick had a couple errands to run, they agreed that by 1 they’d make up their minds about meeting Shawn and his partner for dinner that night. Nick had conveyed that, while Shawn was excited about talking to both of them, he also didn’t want to pressure Stacy into anything.

Stacy had enjoyed the fact that, as Betty in the full suit, she was anonymous to the outside world outside of Nick. No one could recognize her, her voice or even her eyes or anything else. It also made it easier to enjoy herself as Betty, because she could let go without fear of anyone judging her. As long as Nick was okay with what was going on, she was free to be Betty. Adding Shawn, and sitting across the table from him without anything covering her, was a very scary proposition.

Nick understood Stacy’s concern. The Beast had been their little secret, and while they’d been able to broaden what was “feeding” the Beast, this was new and uncharted territory for them. The last thing Nick wanted was for Stacy to wake up one day and feel regret over what they’d been doing, then blame him for pushing her into doing it. Still, as he went about his morning bathroom routine, he couldn’t help but scroll through the pictures from last night. He truly loved Stacy, but it was tough not to enjoy Betty as well. The last thing he wanted to do was screw that up! He also knew, in talking to Shawn, Betty had the potential to go much further once she became more comfortable with her Beast side.

Heading out, Nick gave Stacy a long kiss, before leaving. He wondered if she would still be in the leggings and one of his dress shirts when he returned later, or if he’d be greeted by Betty? Either way, he’d be happy. While he did have some errands to run, the events of the past week added one more stop for him. The usual and mundane errands would take a bit, but his last stop was exciting to think about. Using the phone cord, the night before to bind Stacy’s wrists behind her was functional, but he knew the adult store they’d gone to fairly recently had a set of 4 pink leather cuffs, with a collar and lead. If Stacy’s reaction to him pinning her arms and tying them as he’d done the night before was off the chart, putting cuffs on her would send her into orbit! Nick raced through his other tasks, ending up sitting in the adult store parking lot for 15 minutes until it opened.

At home, Stacy found herself surrounded by reminders from the previous night. While Nick had cleaned the kitchen, she went in and wiped other things down that he traditionally missed, and ended up re-mopping the floor in front of Kartal Escort the refrigerator door as it was still a bit sticky. The same obvious reminders happened upstairs in the master bath as well as the living room, where she knew she could easily access the cloud and see their, or her, debauchery from last night in high definition and surround sound. There seemed to be no escaping Betty, although Stacy began to question whether she really wanted to escape her as well.

“Oh, screw it!” Stacy said as she plopped down on the couch and grabbed the TV remote. “No use resisting now!”

The pictures had all been automatically uploaded to the cloud, starting with the ones of her sitting on the counter when Nick arrived. Nick hadn’t been wrong, they were sexy! Stacy couldn’t believe it, the poses and the way she was positioned was beyond erotic, she slowly studied each picture before moving on. They abruptly changed from the impromptu photo session to Betty licking, sucking and slurping Nick clean. Stacy’s breathing fluttered as she watched and listened to herself truly enjoying licking Nick clean. That video was followed by Nick spanking Stacy, he’d obviously placed the camera between her spread legs, perfectly capturing how her ass rippled with each swat as well as the orgasm she’d had from it. That video was followed by one of him fucking Stacy’s ass in the living room. She could feel how wet her leggings were from watching herself. While the person in the video didn’t seem like her, Stacy knew full well it was her and that she was fully enjoying herself. Hearing Nick’s car pull into the driveway, Stacy quickly shut off the TV and straightened herself up. Thankfully her leggings were black and would hide how aroused she’d become.

“Hi Sweetheart!” Nick called out as he walked into the kitchen.

“Hi!” Stacy excitedly replied, bounding into the kitchen and throwing her arms around him.

“Wow,” Nick said quickly grabbing her back, “someone’s happy to see me!”

“Of course, I am silly!”

“Well, that’s good,” he replied, grabbing her butt with both hands, lifting her to her toes, “cuz I have to ask you a tough question.”

“What’s that Lover?”

“Shawn texted,” Nick said flatly, “I don’t want to pressure you, but he’s asking if we’re meeting them for dinner.” Nick paused trying to read her reaction. “We can say no if you don’t want to go,” he continued, unsure of which way she was leaning on the idea, “I know you’re nervous about losing your anonymity.”

“Screw it!” Stacy blurted. “Let’s do it!”

“Really???” Nick couldn’t hide his shock at her response.

“Why not? She replied, suddenly feeling uneasy.

“What about after,” Nick asked, “the place afterward?”

“I’m not sure yet,” Stacy replied uneasily, “but we can pack stuff just in case.”

“Okay!” Nick replied somewhat shocked by her response. “We can do that.”

“You’re okay if I chicken out during dinner, right?”

“Absolutely!” Nick replied. “I’ll tell him we’ll meet them for dinner and nothing more! The rest we will figure out later.”

“Thank you, Babe!” Stacy replied, pulling Nick tightly to her.

Nick kissed Stacy, then turned so she could look over his shoulder while he texted Shawn they’d meet them for dinner. Stacy was excited but nervous about meeting them, they really didn’t know either of them after all. But she wanted to keep an open mind. With Nick around, Stacy behaved and kept busy, not wanting him to know how much her heart was racing over meeting up with them. They had a light lunch, and about two hours before they were to meet Shawn Stacy went upstairs to get ready. It would take them 30 minutes to drive to the restaurant, and neither of them liked being late.

While Stacy got ready, Nick gathered her pink lingerie and heels, as well as his recent purchases, placing them all in a backpack. After doing that, Nick went upstairs to get ready himself. They were both ready to go almost 20 minutes before they were due to leave.

“You look great!” Nick said as Stacy came downstairs.

Stacy had picked a long floral print sundress, wedge sandals and a light cardigan for the evening. The spring colors suited her skin, eyes and hair perfectly. Nick had one of the few pairs of jeans he had without stains or rips, a casual button-down short sleeve shirt, and a pair of shoes.

“Thank you!” Stacy replied with a wide smile. “So do you!”

Heading out, they arrived at the restaurant early, sitting anxiously in Nick’s truck holding hands in silence. Stacy struggled to remember what Shawn looked like, her only views of him were through the small holes of her latex encasement. As she scanned the parking lot, she watched a woman walking toward the front door who caught her eye. She had on a loose fitting dark gray top with long sleeves, tight fitting white jeans, and suede thigh high flats. Her hair was pulled back in a long ponytail, while Stacy wasn’t typically attracted to women, this one looked stunning. The woman was soon accompanied by a fit looking man with an untucked dress Tuzla Escort shirt, relaxed fit jeans and black boots. Stacy noticed the man wave in their direction.

“There’s Shawn,” Nick said, breaking Stacy from her trance, “are you ready?

“Uh, yeah,” Stacy replied weakly, suddenly feeling quite vulnerable and exposed, “I’m ready.”

“We can leave any time you want, Stace.” Nick’s reassurance was underwhelming at best.

Stacy nodded and slid out of Nick’s truck, feeling her knees buckle slightly as she stood. Shawn smiled at them both, holding the door for them, as Stacy steadied herself on Nick’s arm. His face was warm, as was his smile, but Shawn had only seen Stacy as Betty to this point, and now she felt more exposed to him than when he could plunge into any of her holes with abandon.

“I’m so glad you two could make it!” Shawn beamed with confidence, shaking both their hands, before waving them inside. “Marguerite had to run to the lady’s room, and will join us shortly.” Shawn led them to a booth, motioning for Nick and Stacy to take one side while he sat facing where Marguerite would enter from. “I’m not sure if you’re a fan or not,” Shawn said turning to Stacy, “but the sangria here is amazing, so I’m told.”

“Thank you.” Stacy croaked; her throat suddenly drier than a desert.

The waiter came over, Shawn ordered sangria and a beer for himself while Nick followed suit. No sooner had the waiter left than Marguerite arrived at the table, her skin had a light olive tone which highlighted her green eyes. She was stunning, Stacy felt insecure with her there, which was rare for the usually confident woman. Shawn had gotten up so Marguerite could sit on the inside of the booth across from Stacy. As Marguerite reached across the table to shake Stacy’s hand, Stacy couldn’t help but notice the smoke latex material slightly visible just above the woman’s wrist. It seemed they had at least that in common, and probably the fact Shawn had put his cock in her mouth as well. Stacy felt a chill rush up her spine at that revelation. She soon found herself wondering what the woman had on underneath her clothing.

“That was quite an adventure you had,” Marguerite said with a warm smile, “I hope you don’t mind, but Shawn was kind enough to send me some pictures and video of you that night.” Stacy opened her mouth trying to respond, but couldn’t muster a word. “No need to be shy Darling,” she continued, “be proud of the fact you are able to embrace what you enjoy.”

“Thank you.” Stacy replied wondering if she could melt under the table and become invisible.

“About the arrangement we spoke about,” Shawn interjected, “I hope you don’t mind if we talk about it a bit here?” Stacy shook her head no. “It would be for a very small clientele,” he said warmly, “and you’re under no obligation to say yes.”

“What if the owner of the company finds out?” Nick asked.

“Oh, that’s not a problem,” Shawn replied, sitting back as the waiter returned with their drinks, “I am the owner, I just happened to be filling in for a sick driver that night.”

“Well, that worked out for us!” Nick replied, looking over at Stacy. “Obviously, with the money piece it raises another concern,” Nick started as Stacy took a long drink of her sangria, “we wouldn’t want the police to get involved, that would create a big issue particularly for us.”

“That’s perfectly understandable,” Shawn replied, “while you knew some of the people in the group you had fun with, the groups I would offer your services to would also be one’s that I know. Trusted friends who know not to ruin things.” Shawn looked at Stacy, studying her for a moment. “Stacy, if you’re not comfortable discussing this right now,” he said sincerely, “there’s another place we can go later.”

“Okay,” Stacy finally replied, “I’d like that.”

“You’re under no obligation to do anything you don’t want to do,” Marguerite said, reaching out and taking Stacy’s hand in hers, “you will be in good hands.”

“Thank you,” Stacy replied, squeezing Marguerite’s hands in her own, “I’m okay talking about most of it, provided the waiter doesn’t hear.” Stacy took another sip of her sangria, then continued, “Can I ask,” she said looking into Marguerite’s green eyes, “have you ever done anything like that?”

“Not in so many words,” Marguerite answered, still holding Stacy’s hand, “I think you entertained more cocks at once than I have.” Stacy squeezed her legs as Marguerite spoke, “Of course, there’s been a couple times I haven’t been able to see how many,” she continued, “and eventually you lose count.”

“I’m glad that’s not just me!” Stacy giggled in response.

“Of the orgasms too!” Marguerite said, squeezing Stacy’s hand.

“I’m glad you two are getting along,” Shawn said, “why don’t you take a look at the menu and we can make plans to go to the other club.”

As he’d done before, Shawn ordered for both himself and Marguerite while Stacy was able to order her own meal. The conversation was far more vanilla as they waited for food, but Anadolu Yakası Escort Stacy found herself continually looking over at Marguerite, as well as Marguerite looking over at her. After dinner was over, Shawn covered the check for both couples, they went to their own vehicles where Nick followed Shawn to the next stop.

“How are you feeling about all this?” Nick asked as soon as they were alone.

“I’m nervous,” Stacy replied earnestly, “but did you see Marguerite has on some kind of latex top under her clothes?”

“Really?” Nick asked, shocked by the revelation.

“Yup!” Stacy replied, “I caught just a bit under her sleeve,” she continued, “it’s a translucent kind of smoke color.”

“I’ve seen those,” Nick said, “they’re basically see through!”

“I’m definitely nervous about this,” Stacy’s voice faltered slightly, “I’ve never been around people who have seen me in and out of latex.”

“We can leave anytime you want,” Nick insisted, “just say when, and we’re gone!”

“Thanks.” Stacy replied, feeling somewhat calmer. Shawn pulled his car into a nondescript parking lot, shutting his car off and quickly exiting. “This doesn’t look like much,” Stacy said, feeling her heart pounding in her chest, “there’s a guy by a door over there though.”

“Tell me if you want to go home,” Nick’s anxiousness came through in his voice as well, “and we will.”

“No, that’s okay,” Stacy said, undoing her seatbelt and grabbing her backpack, “let’s do this!”

Nick shut his truck off, only putting it in park after realizing that was the reason he couldn’t remove the key from the ignition. Struggling with his seatbelt as well, he finally got out of the truck, catching up with Stacy on her way to the front door. The doorman let them in, Shawn then led them to the check in station where a stunning auburn-haired woman in a red latex corset and short skirt greeted them. There, the four of them signed waivers, before Marguerite led Stacy to a changing area that resembled an upscale locker room. Opening a numbered locker, Marguerite turned to Stacy.

“How do you feel?” She asked, taking a seat on the bench next to her.

“My stomach is doing somersaults,” Stacy replied, “and I’m glad I’m sitting down.”

“I have a locker here,” Marguerite reassured, “if at any time you want to leave just nod at me and I’ll unlock your things.”

“Do we change right here?”

“Yes,” Marguerite answered, “but we’re all friends here, promise.”

Stacy nodded, reaching into her bag. While she wasn’t a prude, this would be the first time she’d be in public with a bare ass. She owned thongs, and found them quite comfortable, but she’d never worn them as an outer garment. That said, Stacy pushed down her regular panties she’d had on, and stepped into the hot pink thong she’d worn to work the day before. She did her best to focus on what she was doing, ending up mostly dressed before looking over at Marguerite.

“Oh, wow!” Stacy blurted as she looked over. “Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting,” Stacy blushed, “well, I don’t know what I was expecting.”

“It’s okay.” Marguerite replied with a wink. “Do you have gloves to go with that?” Stacy shook her head no. “I have the perfect pair for you!”

Marguerite produced a pair of hot pink latex gloves that would end a couple inches above Stacy’s elbows and had decorative buckles. In the meantime, Marguerite finished tying the knot on a pair of 4-inch platform mid-calf boots, the highest Stacy had ever seen in person. As she stood, Stacy realized the smoke “top” Marguerite had on was actually a catsuit. Since removing her normal clothing, Marguerite had added a black latex corset, gloves, and the boots. Two pieces of black tape covered her nipples from the outside of the suit, but the only thing covering her crotch was the overlap of the zipper that started several inches above Marguerite’s pubic bone and ended behind her neck.

“There’s a spot over there to do makeup,” Marguerite said, reaching for Stacy’s hand with her own, “do you have anything else in that bag of yours?”

“I think just the shoes and hood,” Stacy answered, reaching into the bag then inhaling sharply, “it seems someone added to it!”


“These cuffs weren’t here before.” Stacy answered, holding up four pink and white leather cuffs. “Either was this!” Stacy said, producing the collar and leash.

“Well those will just make things more fun!” Marguerite said, helping Stacy to her feet. “I have the perfect lip gloss for you too.”

“Okay.” Stacy replied, taking a seat at the makeup table.

It seemed silly to cross her legs and try to act ladylike when her bare ass was on the stool and the matching hot pink push-up bra, she had on barely contained her breasts or covered her nipples. At least the 8-strap garter belt offered a bit of coverage for her midsection. The hood left Stacy’s eyes and mouth open, which was her largest concern, and had two holes in the top for pigtails. Stacy hadn’t worn pigtails since kindergarten, and had begged to be allowed to stop wearing them when the class bully tugged them. The idea of having her pigtails tugged as Nick had done the night before sent a shudder through her body. Stacy giggled to herself thinking how life had changed so drastically since the first time she’d gone home crying about having her pigtails tugged.

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