Fantasies Become Reality Ch. 03

“It’s your birthday tomorrow. What do you want?” Emily asked, looking up from her book.

I shrugged, indifferent. She was all I wanted.

“Oh come on. There must be something. Any sexual fantasies?”

I blushed bright red. My fantasies were silly and I knew she would not like them. But my clitoris was pulsating just thinking about it.

She caressed my face, whispering, “I won’t mind. I just want to make you happy.”

I stammered, “Um, we-e-e don’t have to but it would really- uh, turn me on if we could make another girl… come.” I stared at the floor, incredibly embarrassed at what I had said.

She started to burst out laughing, clutching her sides and rolling about on the floor. Her cackles echoed around the living room.

“Is that it? I expected something wilder from you!”

I giggled too; it all seemed so stupid now. This was the girl that had whipped my ass and sucked the juices that flowed from my pussy. The girl that shoved strawberries into her cunt just so I could eat them. Why would she be bothered by adding another girl into the mix?

“We’ll go the club tonight and pick up a hot chick,” she told me. “Your fantasy will come true.”

We spent all afternoon applying makeup and curling (her) or straightening (me) our hair. She wore a black strapless dress with a silver belt circling her hips. I had never seen her look so beautiful in all my life apart from, of course, when she was naked in my arms.

I modelled a gold iridescent dress with a flaring skater skirt. It hung low on my chest and my cleavage tempted. Emily mouthed “Gorgeous” to me in the mirror.

We both slipped on our shoes. Hers were some charcoal suede boots which were knee-high. Unfortunately they covered her mind-blowing legs. Mine were leopard print platform heels. For once I was actually taller than her.

When we were both satisfied we looked sexy, she called a taxi. The cabbie looked us up and down, his mouth agog. Emily had done an amazing job of turning us into beauty queens.

The car stopped outside the lesbian nightclub “Amour”. I thanked him, thrust a tenner into his hand and strode towards the doors, pushing past the bouncer. So shocked by our appearance, he let us go, unscathed.

The sound of shitty pop music ringed in my ears. Soft female flesh surrounded me.

“Who do you want?” shouted Emily.

There were too many girls pressing in on me and I couldn’t decide. Yet the crowds cleared to show a slim girl with strawberry-blonde hair tapping her cocktail impatiently against the bar. A blue sequinned dress clung to her curves and her tight ass dangled from the stool. My mouth drooled.

I walked to her, not even checking behind to see if Emily was following- I was too entranced.

Stroking her legs, I purred, “Hey, sexy.”

She turned around instantly, apologizing. “Sorry, I’m straight. My friend persuaded me to come and now she’s abandoned me.”

I backed away, mortified. However, my girl took her hand and asked, “Are you sure you like boys?” hauling her to the bathroom.

I had no idea what she was doing but I was intrigued. I found myself in the bathroom bursa evi olan escort with them.

Pressing her hand up my fantasy girl’s legs, Emily murmured, “Can a boy do this?”

The aroma of the girl’s pussy wafted up my nose. My mouth was drawn to her crotch and I nudged my mouth into her.

“Can a boy do that?” she whispered, pulling her into a passionate embrace.

She was bucking against my expert tongue and I felt her wetness flow into my mouth. Disentangling herself from Emily, she begged, “Take me to your place and play with me.”

We tucked our arms under hers and dragged her to the exit. The bouncer looked disapprovingly at us as we passed. We called a cab, taking us back to our place.

“My name’s Tessa by the way.”

We made our way inside the door, kicking off our shoes and pushing her up against the wall. I tugged the sparkly dress off her, pleased to see her hot pink D cup bra and thong. She began to undo the hooks but we stopped her.

“Let us catch up.”

We wiggled out of our dresses, showing our bodysuits, hers peach and mine ruby red. Tessa’s eyes widened as she looked at our round arses and breasts. I ripped her underwear off, revealing huge tits and a strip of blonde hair leading to her vagina. We smiled in pleasure and turned her around so we could see her flushing butt. Knowing we were watching, she shook it in our faces. Unable to resist, I massaged her jiggling buttocks. They were firm yet soft and grabbing a chunk of skin, I licked it. She gave a huge sigh, reverberating through her entire body.

I had forgotten about Emily. She pushed Tessa onto me, my hands still cupped around her arse, and licked her tits. Tessa was now sat on my lap, pushing her asshole around my fingers, whilst that slut sucked her erect nipples. Her arsehole was tight around my thumb and I pushed it deeper into her. I could hear her struggling to quieten her feelings of pleasure. Emily, hearing it too, carried her into our bedroom. I shortly followed, not wanting to miss out.

Tessa sat on the bed waiting for us as my girlfriend tied me to a chair next to it. My wrists were tied behind me and I couldn’t move.

“Watch,” Emily ordered.

Tessa clawed the bodysuit off her. Now I could see her nipples, I so badly wanted them between my lips but the rope held me in place.

Emily, strap-on attached, crawled onto the bed. They kissed passionately and I felt left out. I needed something in my sex. Feeling lonely, my hips gyrated. Emily leant down to lick her clit. My arousal intensified. How long would she leave me like this?

Suddenly, the rubber dick was inside of her and they jolted against each other. Both of them were screaming: cum was dripping down their legs. I smelt their working sexes. The two were moaning in agony and excitement and they leant towards each other to kiss again…

I freed myself from my rope prison. My hands reached out to spank the person who had kept me there. She gave little wiggles every time my manicured nails striked her. Tessa was enjoying this because every time Emily moved, it danced the dildo inside her.

Finally, altıparmak escort their dirty tricks stopped and they allowed me to wedge myself in between them. Both pressed their wet lips to my hanging breasts. I felt them become erect under their fond tongues. I pressed my teats to the back of their throats just so I could hear them choking on my fat boobs. They eventually got used to the lumps of flesh inside their cheeks and sucked greedily.

When they were sore, Tessa slid her tongue to my awaiting pussy whilst Emily stuck hers into my mouth. Instead of using lube, she just spat on my sex and rubbed it in. After all, I was already moist.

She delved her tongue into my slit like a tiny phallus. Then brutally shoving her fingers in, she sucked my heaving clitoris. I showered her in my sticky cum. I was worried I would scare her off but she swallowed it gladly, licking her lips when it was gone. Tessa wasn’t done. She pushed her mouth further between my legs, inhaling my scent. Pushing my thighs wide apart, she chewed and inside me as if it was a delicious meal. As she fondled and petted my ass, which made me squirm, her tongue flicked the folds of my cunt. It was only the slightest movement yet my whole body shuddered in appreciation. With mouths working beautifully at both ends of me, I let myself drift off and enjoy the moment.

Restless, one of the girls awoke me with a slap to the chest. Tessa stood above me, pointing to where Emily stood, her hands against the wall, her arse posed perfectly, her legs far apart. I jumped from the bed, eager to feel Tessa on me again and for Emily to receive the treatment that I had. I mirrored her position against the wall.

“I can see why this was your fantasy,” Emily muttered whilst Tessa fingered her.

I was worried that I wouldn’t feel Tessa at all but luckily, she pressed her toes into my anus. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t like finger anal: it had none of the precision. However, I grew to find that I liked it that way because I enjoyed how rough it felt on my sensitive asshole. I almost fell over from the sheer pain of it but I persevered as I could feel myself coming on her foot. She placed her foot on the wall in front of me so I could lick it off. I could still hear Emily purring from the fisting.

Then she dragged us by our arses onto the bed and forced us to indulge her sensual bosom. They were huge and I rubbed the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. It instantly hardened. I dampened her chest in circles, around her teats, never touching them. She became impatient, trying to deliberately move so my mouth fell upon them but she did not succeed.

I knew I had her so I nipped them with my teeth and sucked. Emily was snogging her neck and our tongues briefly touched. It turned me on, these two women under my control. Tessa dozed off and we entwined our hands over her chest. My head grew heavy with dreariness…

I arose in the morning on the right side of the bed, my hand clutching the pillow. I could hear the TV in the living room. I hoped that Tessa hadn’t gone. The thought of it made me feel hollow inside.

I gemlik escort walked into the living room butt-naked. There was no point being coy now.

Emily was watching porn with Tessa sat on her lap. They were both naked as well. Emily was stroking Tessa’s dripping sex and they sat bleary-eyed watching the love on screen.

I knew they hadn’t realized I was there so I crept up behind them and cupped Emily’s boobs.

“Happy birthday!” she answered, patting the space next to her on the sofa. “Look at this sexy doll I got you.”

I sat beside her. Tessa leant back on me.

“Look at her rounded boobs,” Emily informed me, tracing the underside of the “doll’s” tits.

“Look at her flat belly,” she announced, sweeping her stomach.

“Look at her pouty lips,” she boasted, pushing her thumb inside them, forcing Tessa to suckle it.

“Look at her long legs,” Emily lisped. She cosseted them upwards to her thighs.

“Look at her smooth, wet cunt,” she crooned.

After pausing to let that sink in, she squeezed it, causing cum to dribble onto the couch. I grabbed her hand and pushed her fingers into it because I loved the feeling of Tessa’s shoulder blades grinding against my vagina.

“Feel the fat folds.”

I did indeed and they shivered at my touch. More water squirted from her. The pressure of both our hands was too much and she jerked up and down on our combing fingers.

“Calm down, Barbie. If you’re good, we’ll play with you properly.”

Our prying fingertips advanced.

“Stroke her clit.”

I grabbed the oozing bud and rubbed my thumb against its stunning stickiness. My palms were soaked with her fluid so I sipped it ravenously.

“Don’t stop there. Feel her doughy ass. Knead it like bread.”

I squashed it beneath my fingers. She reared into the air and I slapped her hard across her buttocks.

“Unco-operative toys like her should be punished. Spank her. She deserves it.”

I clouted her repeatedly and alternately on each cheek. By the time I was finished, they were red and shiny. I then smacked her boobs so they wobbled enticingly.

Me and Emily kissed them. They were hard in our mouths and we sucked at them until they were red raw and throbbing so painfully that she whined. But still we wanted more. We clutched them and eventually she screamed, coming furiously into Em’s face. Her hair was now sopping from the spillage Tessa’s orgasm had made.

We lifted her up onto the kitchen counter, still leaking, and tied her ankles and wrists to the cupboard knobs so she was secured. I snogged her quivering mouth so her lips puckered and vacuumed my tongue to the back of her throat. Emily’s lithe one set to work on Tessa’s sex and arsehole. Tessa was struggling but the ropes bound her down. I pacified her by petting her afflicted chest. At first, she shied away from my touch but I persuaded her once they began to unstiffen.

Her tongue still inside Tessa’s wide cervix, Emily loosened the restraints. Then she backed away and let her climb down. I was in denial yet this encounter was certainly over. Whilst Tessa pulled her underwear on, Emily scribbled on a post-it note, our numbers and address. She slipped it into her bra when it was tightened, whispering, “If you’re ever horny…”

Slipping into her slinky dress, she walked into the night.

“That was the best birthday ever!” I squealed as I hugged her, my wet cunt against her back.

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