Family Matters! Ch. 01


This is the first installment of the story of Rob and his two daughters, Elle, 20 years old and Jodie, 19 who were drawn closer together following the death of their wife/mother, Louise.

It had been almost a year that we’d been on our own. Louise, our wife and mother, had been taken from us far too quickly and far too early.

We were surviving, but things were different now for all of us. “Us” I should explain at the outset I suppose, is me Rob, Louise’s husband or widower, I guess I have to say now, and our two daughters, Elle and Jodie.

Elle was 20 and Jodie had just turned 19. Both had gone on to the local university after finishing high school; Elle was studying ecology and Jodie was majoring in maths. They’d both turned out to be fine young women. Louise was… would have been as proud of them as I was.

The girls now seemed pretty settled and fully occupied by their studies, part-time jobs and friends. Elle went through a bit of a wild stage straight after Louise’s passing but had quickly gotten over it. Jodie was saddened but she was resilient and future-looking. It was probably me who was having the hardest time adjusting.

I was in my late forties and hadn’t started dating again. I kept putting it off by saying I was focused on the girls finishing high school and starting university and then there was my own work and the daily existence stuff of the house and garden. I knew I was still grieving and would have to focus more on myself and my own future now that the girls were grown up.

I still had urges, don’t get me wrong. In fact, occasionally, maybe half a dozen times, I’d worked up the courage to visit the local glory hole to seek some relief. The anonymity of the place appealed to me. As did Delvene one of the new women there, whom I was lucky to visit a couple of times.

I was careful to time my visits for when the girls were busy with uni, their part-time jobs or visiting friends, so that I didn’t have any awkward absences to explain.

The premises were clean and tasteful. The women were always completely hidden away in a booth which had their obviously fake name on the outside. I never saw Delvene’s face and she wasn’t always working when I visited anyway.

Delvene had a special way of pleasing me that I couldn’t resist. I didn’t go often but now I was always a little disappointed if she wasn’t there.

In my mind’s eye, I imagined Delvene as an attractive, bored, middle-aged, experienced and caring lady who was just perfect for me. In reality she was probably a hundred years old, a chain smoker who hit the bottle and was always cranky, so it was undoubtedly better not to spoil the mystery of her identity. But it was nice to fantasise.

“Hey Dad,” Elle said waking me from my Delvene daydream, “remember Jodie and I are going out tonight.”

“All good, Elle,” I replied, “I hadn’t forgotten. I’m not that old yet, you know,” I said laughing.

“What are you going to do, Dad?” Elle asked. “You know you should go out more and meet people. You know, get a life.”

“Maybe,” I said, “but there’s that new movie on Netflix that I want to see.”

“Jeepers!” Elle said. It was an old fashioned expression that Elle had picked up somewhere along the way. It had become her pet phrase for situations she found surprising, mostly in a good way or as in now, expressing minor exasperation with me.

“You can watch that anytime,” she explained reasonably. “Go out and have some fun. What is Paul up to?”

Paul was a good family friend that I caught up with now and then for a beer and to watch sport. He also visited the glory hole. In fact it was he who put me on to it in the first place.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Maybe you’re right. I might give him a call.”

The real reason I was thinking that Elle might be right about going out was because it would be a good opportunity to drop in on Delvene…if she was working, that is. Knowing my luck, she wouldn’t be.

“Where’s Jodie?” I asked, wondering where Elle’s partner in crime was.

“She’s upstairs,” Elle replied, “just finishing getting ready. We won’t be home late. But, you know, don’t wait up,” she added laughing.

Jodie soon came down the stairs. Both girls looked great. They were both tall and had slim bodies poured into close fitting jeans that showed off their peachy bottoms very sweetly. They were still growing into their bodies, though and their breasts were not big. Elle’s were starting to swell nicely, while Jodie’s remained delicious little bumps. Not that I noticed, you understand.

Jodie had Louise’s eyes and hair…honey blonde but cut short. Elle was darker more like me. Her hair was longer and she often wore it loosely tied in a little feminine chignon. I thought they were both gorgeous.

We said our goodbyes when the girl’s ride arrived and they left in very high spirits. A great night of socialising lay ahead, no doubt.

I wondered if they were having sex yet with any of their lucky friends. I supposed so, but I trusted them: they were good girls and oral yapan gaziantep escort took care of themselves and they looked out for each other. They were confident, too, with high self-esteem; they were sure to be more careful than profligate.

Once they had gone, I had a little dinner and started my own preparations. I showered and changed into casual dark clothes to be more inconspicuous. I put on a baseball cap and headed off for my rendez-vous with, I hoped, Delvene.

I always parked a block away and walked the final hundred metres to the premises. Silly, I know, but I still wasn’t used to visiting such places.

I paid my entrance fee in cash with my face down and entered inside. It was always dark with a reddish glow in these places. I don’t know why. I was in a kind of central lounge area when I heard someone call out.

“Hey, Rob.”

So much for my disguise. It was Paul. He been here a while, I gathered.

“Hi,” I said back almost whispering.

“Mate,” he said grinning with a cheshire cat-sized grin. “You’re in luck! She’s in tonight. First time in ages. And she is in very good form!”

“Who?” I said feigning ignorance.

“You know,” he dug his elbow into my ribs, “Delvene.”

“She just blew me then. Swallowed a bit maybe, too, before she finished me off in her hand. All over her face, I hope, well that’s what I was aiming for, but who knows. It was great!”

I was a little envious or maybe jealous.

“I’m still weak at the knees,” he said wobbling his legs to emphasise his point.

“Third booth,” he added before going over to the bar for a drink.

“Thanks,” I said as he drifted away.

I wished that I had visited her first, but anyway, I made my way over the third booth. The name tag read: “Delvene.” I couldn’t help feeling a little excited and I felt my cock bulge in my pants.

The cubicle was unoccupied, so I stepped in and closed the door. I stood there for a while waiting for my heartbeats to slow down back to normal and long enough to let Delvene know that she had another visitor.

I put some money in the slot and a small hole opened just in front of my pelvis. I heard some movement behind the screen. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. It was already swelling but not quite at full size.

My cock was longer than average, I suppose but not by much. It was cut and I liked to trim my pubic hair and shave my balls so it looked, I hope, “nice.”

I put it into the hole and I thought I heard some chatter behind the screen. It was the first time that had happened.

“Jeepers,” I thought I heard a voice whisper. “He’s here! You know, my favourite,” followed by some giggling. Had Delvene brought a friend? I suppose it was possible. Was her voice faintly familiar, though? I was piecing together a train of thought when Delvene’s hand took my hardening cock and gave it a few strokes. Then I felt the moist comforting warmth of her mouth as her lips wrapped around the head of my cock and her tongue started to lick just underneath the head.

All thinking had to be suspended because all I could do was concentrate on the sudden intense pleasure that radiated out from my cockhead and set my whole body tingling. I was transported somewhere else, somewhere happy.

I stood rigid while Delvene’s tongue worked all over my cockhead, licking it underneath, its sides and toying with my slit. Oh, boy, it felt good.

Delvene’s soft lips then began to move along the length of my cock, backwards and forwards, as she started to fuck my cock with her mouth.

I was definitely rock hard now and definitely building to a rapid climax. Without thinking I started moving my hips to and fro. Delvene quickly adjusted her cock sucking so that our movements became synchronised and the thrill of the mouth-fucking increased in intensity.

“Oh, shit,” I thought. This felt incredible. I wasn’t going to last long. As a courtesy, I tapped on the partition as I usually did, to let her know I was near explosion point.

To my surprise, Delvene kept on sucking me. She didn’t slip my cock out and finish me in her hand like normal. Instead, she kept her delicious mouth clamped over my cock and squeezed my balls with her hand. She stroked my shaft while she worked the head with her lips and tongue. I tried to hold back, but I couldn’t: I am only human.

I thrust as far forward as I could against the partition and held myself still as my cock jerked and throbbed and shot its load of cum all over Delvene’s tongue and down her throat. Delvene drained my balls and licked me clean. I felt incredibly weak and incredibly exhilarated.

I pulled my wilting cock back through the little opening as it slid shut. “Thank you, Delvene,” I whispered weakly, just before it clicked closed.

I felt exhausted. I cleaned up and did up my pants and left the cubicle. I ran into Paul.

“How was it?” He asked smiling.

“Yeah, good as always,” I lied. It had been fantastic, but I didn’t gaziantep oral yapan escort want to talk about it openly. This was something personal, just between me and Delvene.

I had a quick beer with Paul and went home. I showered and hopped into bed and watched some of the movie on Netflix. I found that I wasn’t very interested in it, for some reason.

It was around 11pm when I heard the door open down stairs: Elle and Jodie were home. Not too late, they were good girls. They called out to let me know that they were OK, and I replied goodnight.

The following morning at breakfast, Elle and Jodie were as thick as thieves chatting closely together, glancing at me and laughing. No doubt some in-joke about their party last night. I fixed myself some coffee and was on my way back to my room, when I heard them laugh again and I heard Elle, say, “Jeepers!” followed by more laughter.

That triggered some memory in me. I went back to bed trying to work out what it was. I was halfway through my coffee when a dreadful thought came into my head.

“Jeepers.” That was what Delvene had said last night. And “Jeepers,” is what Elle says all the time. Delvene had a friend with her last night. Last night both my girls were out, at a party I was told or maybe I just assumed that bit.

Something scary was building in my mind. Delvene and Elle sounded alike and spoke alike. Last night Delvene had said my cock was her favourite before she had swallowed my cum and sucked me dry. Was it possible that last night it wasn’t Delvene who had sucked me off? I mean it definitely was Delvene, how she sucked cock was unmistakable, but could it be that Delvene and Elle, were maybe the same person? Was it my own daughter, Elle, who had drained my balls down her throat last night and was Jodie there watching?

God! I was shocked. How could I think such a thing? Was I going be arrested? No, everything was legal age-wise and I wasn’t forcing her. Was I a monster? No, how could I have known it was my daughter? And now, what in the fuck should I do about it? And… was I even right about Elle being Delvene?

I had to think fast. Would Elle know it was me? Probably not, although I did say something to Delvene, I mean Elle, right at the end of our last session.

And Paul! Elle had sucked Paul’s cock and given him a great blow job, too, last night. And probably others. Wow, my daughters were blowing my mind as well as they blew my cock.

I resolved to have a discreet sounding-out of Elle when I got the chance. I could be wrong, after all and I hoped that I was.

The following day, Jodie had gone out jogging and Elle and I were left at home alone. I took my opportunity.

“Hey, Elle,” I opened with, “how was the party the other night?”

“It was great,” she replied. “Although it wasnt really a party.”

“Was Jodie with you?

“Yeah, she tagged along,” Elle replied. “All night.”

“And was,” I spoke nervously now, “there someone, Del…, Delta, Delilah, Delvene, that’s it. Was there some called Delvene there too?”

Elle burst into laughter.

“Dad,” she said, “you’ve finally tweaked! I thought you would have worked it out ages ago.”

We talked it all through. Elle had been a little down after her mum died and heard about the establishment from her friends. She had been curious to try it out as a bit of a dare and felt she needed to do something completely radical to help her deal with things. She had also found out that I’d started going there. Don’t ask me how.

As soon as she started, Elle discovered how much she enjoyed sucking men’s cocks and that she was pretty darn good at it. On top of that, the money was great.

“Why was Jodie with you?” I asked.

“She is thinking of working there too. Good money, not many hours, fun place to work, lots of variety.”

“Elle,” I asked, full of fatherly concern, “you’re careful there? Health-wise? You take precautions? You know some men…”

“Yes,” she replied, “safety first.”

“But Elle,” I added, “do you realise that I was a visitor to Delvene the other evening? Delvene swallowed my cum.”

“I know, Dad.” Elle replied calmly. “I knew it was you! I wouldn’t do that for just anyone.”

“But, how did you know that it was me?” I asked flabbergasted.

“Dad,” Elle spoke like she was explaining something obvious, “I’ve lived with you all my life. I know what your cock looks like. I’ve seen it enough times after you shower and walk back naked to your room to change. I knew it was you and I wanted to cheer you up. Make you feel good. Make you happy.”

“Well you sure succeeded, Elle,” I replied, my heart full of love for her and tears brimming in my eyes. “Thank you, you’ve made me very happy.”

A couple of nights later, I was in bed when I heard a knock at the bedroom door. Elle walked in followed by Jodie. They were wearing their skimpy pj’s.

“Dad,” Elle said, “you know our talk the other day?”

I nodded. How could I gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan forget it! I wondered where this was going.

“Well, remember I said that Jodie wants to work there,” Elle continued. “Well, she hasn’t sucked a cock before and she is a little nervous about it. I thought you could help her out.”

“Sure. How can I help?” I asked stupidly.

“Well,” Elle said hesitating, “I suggested that Jodie practice on yours, you know, someone friendly, to see if she likes it. She said she would like to do that.”

“Better let Jodie speak for herself on this, Elle,” I said. “Jodie, is that right? Is this what you want? Do you really want to suck my cock?”

“Yes, I do, Dad,” Jodie replied in a firm voice. “I’ve wanted to do it for ages, since mum…”

I fought back tears. These girls!

“Well, OK, if that’s what you really want,” I replied. “I will always help you both, no matter what. When do you want to, uh, practice?”

“How about now, maybe?” Jodie suggested.

I wasn’t really ready for that, but what could I do?

“Um, OK,” I said, “now is as good a time as any, I guess.”

Jodie came and knelt by my bed. Elle crouched beside her. I lifted the covers and stood up in front of Jodie. At Elle’s prompting, Jodie undid the cord of my pyjama pants and they fell down, my cock was hanging right in front of her face. I stepped out the pyjamas and my cock gently struck her face.

“Sorry,” I said.

“All good,” Jodie said smiling.

I wasn’t hard, but I wasn’t soft either.

“Take it in your hand, Jodie,” Elle suggested excitedly. “Give it a good squeeze and feel. Don’t worry, it’ll grow. You’ve seen how big and hard it gets.” This was followed by lots of giggles.

Jodie inquisitively took my cock in her hand. She picked it up, heavy but still soft and allowed her hand to moved around it, feeling it. Naturally, it started to grow and stiffen immediately.

“See I told you,” Elle said.

“Oh wow! It feels so heavy and so lovely and warm,” Jodie observed.

“Don’t forget to feel Dad’s balls, too,” Elle reminded her.

Jodie took the cue and soon was fondling my balls with one hand and stroking my cock shaft with the other.

“How’s she doing, Dad,” Elle asked mischievously.

I rolled my eyes towards the heavens, “Jodie is doing just fine, Elle, thanks,” I said.

“Now,” prompted Elle, “give it a lick then take the head of Dad’s cock in your mouth and let it rest there.”

Jodie did as her instructor suggested. It felt fantastic to me. And it looked fantastic to me. For the first time in my life I looked down and saw my cock in the mouth of one of my daughters. I was swept away by my emotions.

“Next,” Elle said, “start to move your tongue around, let your tongue rub Dad’s cock, especially the head. Guys really like that!”

Jodie hadn’t needed coaching for this, in fact she had started tonguing my cock as soon as she took the head in her mouth. She was a natural.

“Now, start to move your mouth along Dad’s cock and suck a little more on the way back!” Elle had an impressive knowledge of cock sucking technique. No wonder she was so expert at it!

“Oh,” I groaned. “Jodie, that is so nice!”

“It looks nice. And it is nice, isnt it, Jodie?” Elle asked.

Jodie shook here head, “yes” with my cock in her mouth.

“Dad,” Elle said, “can you start to thrust forward a bit to help Jodie get more of your cock in?”

I was happy to oblige. I rested my hands on the back Jodie’s head and began to gently fuck her mouth. It was wonderful.

“Try and play with Dad’s balls or cock while you’re doing it, Jodie,” Elle suggested.

Jodie found it tricky trying to concentrate on stroking and sucking my cock while having her mouth fucked. Maybe she was enjoying it too much. The instructor frowned.

“Here,” Elle said, “give me a go, let me show you.”

Jodie let my cock slip from her mouth. It was so hard and straight now after Jodie’s sucking. A fine, sticky bridge of pre-cum and saliva stretched from my cock slit to Jodie’s lips.

“Oh Jodie,” I said encouragingly, “you are doing just great. Look how hard you have got me! Is it OK for you?”

“Oh yes!” Jodie replied, “Dad this is fantastic. I love sucking your cock!”

Elle now took my cock in her hand, holding it at the base with my balls.

“Jodie, like this,” Elle said seriously. I wondered if there would be exams after Elle finished teaching Jodie.

Elle, or should I say, Delvene, took my cock easily into her mouth. Her tongue and her sucking was wonderfully coordinated and she showed her skill. She moved her hand and stroked my cock as her mouth moved up and down my shaft in perfect harmony. She was an expert.

It was great to see my cock in Elle’s loving mouth for the first time.

“Oh, yeah,” Jodie said, “like that. I get it. I wasn’t sure what you meant.”

I felt the pressure in my balls build. Just in time Elle suddenly stopped.

“OK, cool. Here,” Elle said, “you have a go.” Elle handed my cock back to Jodie.

Jodie had observed well. She was now easily able to simultaneously jack and suck my cock while I fucked her mouth almost as well as Elle had.

“Oh my god, that feels fantastic, Jodie,” I said. “Suck my cock! Yeah. Just like that!”

Jodie had mastered that technique and I loved it, but I wanted to prolong this session, so before I shot cum everywhere I pulled my cock away and made a suggestion.

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