Fallen Angel


It didn’t happen overnight. It was more of a gentle seduction rather than an awakening that brought her to this fallen state. She wasn’t innocent before but the old angel would have been shocked at her carnal appetites and desires of the present. She recalls how the process started. It was after the divorce. It was not a loveless marriage. They had many sweet tender moments together. Their lovemaking brought two souls to the earth. Somehow, it wasn’t enough and there she was out on her own again. It was the day she moved from the house they had shared together. When the furniture was moved, an unmarked videotape remained. It must have been tucked up underneath the entertainment center. She didn’t think much of it and threw it in a box of miscellaneous junk being moved to the new house.

Days later, as she was nearly unpacked, she encounters the videotape again. It has a gummy spot where a label used to be but no other markings. It isn’t rewound. It is late and she just pops it into the VCR and settles onto the couch. The scene on the television opens on a long legged blonde in a short skirt and showing a lot of cleavage. A man enters the scene and begins small talk with the woman. She marvel at the cheesy dialogue. Without any warning the two of them begin kissing deeply. His lips quickly wander to her neck and cleavage. The camera angle changes and her blouse and bra are gone. He is hungrily lapping and kissing her all too round and perky breasts. Her nipples are impossibly hard and she is moaning like an alley cat. The scene shifts again and she is taking his flaccid penis into her mouth. She watches in fascination as it grows with her attention to enormous proportions. The woman on the screen seems to be worshiping the man’s erection. She is disgusted by this display. She eject the tape and go to throw it away but realize that someone might find it in her trash and think that it is hers. She hides it away instead.

Later that night, the image of the woman sucking Ankara travesti on the big cock pervades her dreams. Try as she might, she can’t shake the image. She gets up and digs out the tape again. She watch as the woman coaxes an orgasm and seems to relish licking up all of his spunk. She continues to watch as the scene shifts again and the woman is riding his erection with her breasts bouncing up and down. She is whooping and hollering as she seems to be really enjoying the ride. Disgusted again she hides the tape away. Several times over the next few days, the images from the tape come to her mind. She are drawn back to the tape over and over again as she soak in more scenes of couples engaging in carnal pleasure.

Eventually, she reaches the end of the tape. Guiltily, she rewinds it and begins it from the start instead of the middle. The opening scene is of a woman alone in a room. She is looking at magazines. She realizes that these are pornographic magazines as she begins to massage her breasts under her blouse. The images in the magazine are of couples in various sexual positions. As she continues to page through the magazine she puts her hand into her panties and begins rubbing herself. This brings obvious pleasure to her countenance. The panties come off and the camera zooms in on her pussy as she begins to insert her finger and works herself into a frenzy. She feels a now familiar twinge in her loins. She touches her own panties and find them soaked. She cannot resist touching her self and begin rubbing her self through her panties. As she strokes her self her pussy lips naturally part and she find more pleasure rubbing between them. Soon she feels the urge to press deeper but the panties are preventing penetration. She removes them and begins finger fucking herself. She brings herself to a climax quickly. This is better than any sex she has ever had.

As the days go by she finds herself masturbating more often. She watches the tape over Antalya travesti and over until she practically has it memorized. Including the 900 number ads and the porn site ads. She has had a computer for years and is quite adept at e-mail and searches. She begins surfing to porn sites that interest she. Eventually, she stumbles across personal ads. After reading many, she decides that she have been lonely too long and are ready to be with a man. She post an ad. Honest and innocent, she admit her lack of real experience. She is overwhelmed by the response. As she begins reading, she are disgusted by the majority of responses. These responses consist of crude language and even cruder suggestions. Many replies simply consist of pictures of their penis. A few responses are actually tender. She picks out a couple of the sweeter ones to reply to. She ends up flirting for several days with these guys and end up expanding her circle to include some of the other sweet responses.

Eventually, she agrees to meet one of the guys. She is extremely nervous as she drive to the rendezvous. She immediately likes the guy and dinner puts she more at ease. After dinner, she drives with him to a remote area to sit and talk some more. She is ready when he slides over and begins kissing her. His tongue is soft and smooth against hers. She feels that now familiar twinge in her pussy and she know that she want this man. She wants his hard cock deep inside of her. She doesn’t object as his hands find their way to her breasts. She groans appreciatively as his hands gently massage each breast. This encourages him and he reaches under her blouse and bra to get skin on skin contact with her breasts. She continues to kiss him passionately as his hands explore her breast and back. When she breaks kissing for air he begins kissing her neck.

This increases the lustful feeling in her loins. She responds by unbuttoning her blouse to give his mouth full access to her breasts. She İstanbul travesti is in heaven as his mouth lightly sucks each breast and his tongue teases each tender nipple. He works his way back up her neck and to her eager mouth. She decides that she must have his cock soon. She fumbles at his zipper and manage to undo his pants. He has to help her free his erection from his underpants. He gasps as she licks the tip of his cock. It has a tangy odor and a salty flavor that she decides she likes. She begins licking his shaft like the girls in the videotape. She finds that she enjoys the obvious pleasure that she is bringing to her friend. She takes the cock into her mouth and begins to suck. Her lips slide up and down his cock and he quickly cums in her mouth. He finally reaches up under her dress and finds her panties soaking wet. He pulls them off and begins kissing her mound. This is better than she had ever imagined it could be. Before long his tongue is teasing her clit and his finger is pressing in and out of her pussy.

She cums in a great lunge against his face. He recognizes that this has happened and ends his efforts on her pussy. She is far from satisfied and begs him to fuck her. He smiles and places himself between her legs. His cock slides gently into her pussy and she realizes that this is what she has been missing her entire adult life. Her eyes roll back as he begins stroking in and out. She wraps her legs around the back of his and helps push his cock further into her hungry pussy. They are both sweating profusely as he brings her to a messy climax. They kiss and cuddle for an hour or so before they dress and go her own ways.

A couple of weeks later she meets the same man again. They skip dinner and get right to business. It is good, but not like the first time. She wonders what happened to the magic. She finds out when she meets the next guy and the encounter is better than the first. She realizes that it is in part the newness and discovery that she craves. Another encounter with a third man is less than satisfactory. She realizes that it has to be the right kind of guy, that not just anyone will do. She finds that she want tenderness combined with passion. If only she could find that all the time. The search continues…

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