Fall 1970 Ch. 02


Thank you so much for your response to the first part of Fall 1970, which was overwhelming to say the least. This is the conclusion.

* * *

to my delight the evening is not yet done…

“Hi Joni!” I finally managed to blurt out. She smiled while looking up at me from behind my cock, which was showing increasing interest in this new found friend.

“Sure hope I didn’t scare you babe,” Joni said. She had a little southern kind of drawl in her raspy voice that reminded me of Janis Joplin in a way. “I just got home and Dor started talking about you, said she had a cool guy in here who humped her brains out all night. When she told me you had a fat pecker that she had trouble getting her mouth around, well hell, that got my attention. Dor told me to come in here and check you out, so here I am. You okay with that babe?”

Joni was so flat out blunt and honest in a completely uninhibited way that I burst out laughing while nodding. Doreen came wiggling into the room still naked, plopped down on the bed next to me and kissed my cheek.

“Hi Davy, I see you met Joni” Doreen said while giggling. “Ain’t she something?”

“Uh, yeah, she sure is. Kind of shy though”, I remarked dryly.

Joni let out a husky laugh and went back to her business. I had mentioned in a earlier story that I had only had oral sex one time in my life prior to this evening. It was a rather unpleasant experience and kind of painful. For anyone that thinks there is no such thing as a bad blow job, think again. Doreen had done a little work in that area earlier that evening. That was the extent of my experience in that arena.

I soon learned that I had never really had oral sex before, at least nothing like this. Joni held my cock in her hand, slowly pumping the shaft with a twisting motion, her tongue working around the tip and along the swollen ridge of the crown. Joni’s mouth slowly took in the head and worked its way down. Her head began a slow bobbing motion up and down my cock, each time down taking a little more in, while her tongue danced on the underside of the shaft and her fist kept pumping deliberately.

I watched this incredible oral exhibition continue on my now quite swollen and throbbing cock, enjoying it as both a spectator and participant. Doreen was playing with my nipples and running her hands up and down my body as this was going on. Joni then shifted her postion and was lying directly between my legs. She held the base of my cock with both of her thumbs and index fingers while pressing down hard.

Joni’s head thrust down and her mouth kept sliding and lurching down the shaft, almost like a snake swallowing a mouse. Joni almost took the whole thing in her mouth and then slowly brought her mouth back up, all the time sucking like crazy. She was sucking with such intensity that I felt my hips rising off the bed as she drew back. Down once more she plunged, this time her face was buried in my pubic hair and her lips were around the base of the shaft.

The only thing I remember saying was something like ARRRGHHHHH! I was going out of my mind! I felt like I was going to burst. Joni’s head went back up with agonizing slowness, still sucking vigorously, her fingers dancing between the base of my cock and my balls. My hips rose to meet her, my back arching, not wanting to break off this maddening pleasure.

Joni had no intention of stopping anything however. She plunged back down with full force once more, her mouth hitting the base of my prick and seeming to want more, almost trying to take in my balls as well.

At this point I was sweating like a pig and actually making animal sounds of some sort. Noises I didn’t even know existed were coming out of me. Joni pulled back again and I looked down to see her lips fastened on the tip of my cock, almost looking like she’s trying to siphon my intestines out.

Whether it was from all the previous activity it had experienced, or as a result of Joni’s mind-boggling manipulations, my cock had turned a deep dark crimson with a alarming purplish hue. While my cock was only average sized at best,(I didn’t know it was thick until a minute ago, you can’t tell by movies and who goes around comparing erections with guys?)it looked much bigger now. It looked angry and looked like it wanted to come.

I couldn’t seem to come, although I wanted to. The reason I couldn’t was that Joni would not let me, or at least that’s the way I figured. I don’t know what she was doing with her hands or whatever, but she was the conductor and I was the instrument. So while I squirmed and moaned helplessly on the bed, Doreen was licking my neck, nibbling under my arm and sucking my nipples. After I don’t know how long, Joni stopped and stood up.

“Babe, if you don’t mind I’d like to give that pole a ride. Dor, you don’t mind do you? Hell, you started all this, you better not mind girl!” Joni cackled while starting to undress. “Keep Dave interested for a minute darlin’.”

Doreen slid down and continued what Joni Etlik Escort had been doing. Without being insulting, what Doreen was doing bore no relation to what had just been performed on me, but that was just as well because I could not have taken much more of that. So while Doreen kept me primed and ready I got to watch Joni undress.

Joni had strawberry blonde hair that was about shoulder length. She had been wearing a black satin uniform, sleeveless and about knee length. As she pulled the dress off I could see she was chubby, maybe about thirty or so pounds overweight, but very solid. My eyes drifted down past the blue eyes, the cherubic face and the smattering of freckles that were sprinkled over her shoulders and upper chest.

I’ll stop there for a second. I admit to missing Doreen’s armpit hair initially, although I still can’t figure out how. This next natural womder was impossible to miss, or should I say wonders. Joni was wearing some kind of long line bra that looked very sturdy. It would have to be, because as she unhooked the contraption in front, out popped the biggest pair of breasts imaginable.

To say Joni was well endowed was to say that Wilt Chamberlain was tall. Joni’s breasts were huge. Enormous torpedos that hung down to her waist, not in a droopy way but hey, that where they had to go, with gravity and mass and all. Doreen’s breasts went down toward her waist too, but in a different way. Joni’s nipples were not overly large, actually smaller than Doreen’s, the aureolas a light pink. Joni had a thick but solid waist, and when her panties came off, she revealed a small light brown bush between her plump thighs. A real incredible package to view, and Joni was now ready to rejoin us.

“Dor, you keeping our boy in the mood I hope” Joni cracked. Doreen nodded in between licks.

“Oh yeah, but I could have stayed just as ready just watching you get undressed” I quipped, starting to feel a little full of myself.

“Oh babe you’re a sweet talker ain’t you? You don’t have to tell me no tales now, you already got me in the sack” Joni said.

“No lies, just facts” I said with complete honesty, because I found her incredibly attractive.

Joni smiled and laid down opposite Doreen, who was holding my still stiff cock. Doreen pointed my cock over to Joni who gave the head a little suck and lick before Doreen pulled it back over for herself. Back and forth my cock went between these two beautiful women. I could barely contain myself. Life could not get any more exciting than this.

Well actually I guess it could, I soon learned. They began licking my cock together, Joni’s lips on the left, Doreen’s on the right, treating my prick like a ice cream cone. Up and down they went for a time, and then Doreen started sucking on the left side of the head and Joni on the right. Their tongues were darting around the ridge of the head and then suddenly their tongues met and dueled playfully. My cock was caught in the middle of what became an incredibly passionate kiss.

I turned away quickly and tried to think of something, anything but what I had been watching. I put my forearm over my face and tried to remember what Joe Pepitone’s batting average was last season, my grandmother in her support hose, anything but watching Joni and Doreen going at it.

“What’s the matter Davy?”

That voice was Doreen’s, that much I knew. I don’t know at what point this evening/morning I became Davy. My mom used to call me that and it would drive me nuts. It was driving me crazy when Doreen said it too, but in a totally different way. Think of Spiro Agnew in a bikini, quick!

“Well judging by the rock hard hunk of meat I got in my hand he ain’t offended, that’s for sure.”

That was Joni, thanks for the help dear.

“You can look again babe, we won’t do that again” Joni said.

So I uncovered my eyes, after which Joni proceeded to grab the back of Doreen’s head and pulled her close, kissing her passionately again. Arrrgggghhhh!

“I better mount this big boy before he starts spitting all over the place” Joni cracked as she got up. “I’m so wet myself I’m practically dripping now.”

With amazingly graceful athleticism Joni vaulted up and straddled me, and as Doreen held my cock up straight, I slid inside Joni.

How amazingly different this was. Joni was not as tight as Doreen was, but as Joni began to slowly move up and down me I felt incredible sensations. It was almost like Joni was manipulating me again. It seemed like Joni’s vaginal muscles were kneading my prick, sending undulating sensations over my entire cock.

I looked up and Joni was slowly rocking back and forth with her eyes closed, just sort of drifting along and enjoying the ride. Her massive breasts slowly swayed back and forth, rolling side to side in an motion just a beat behind the rest of her. Joni’s hands were on her thighs as she came forward, and those magificent breasts were hanging right Keçiören Escort in front of my face.

I reached up and squeezed them, hefting them and marveling at their breathtaking size. The nipples were already hard when I grabbed them. Joni let out a little moan but maintained the steady rocking motion. I was in to the hilt and Joni controlled the show, so I laid back and relaxed while her pussy worked its magic. Doreen knelt by Joni’s side, occasionally rubbing her back and shoulders, but mostly just watching us. When our eyes met she gave me a big smile, mouthed a kiss and gave me a head motion that seemed to ask if I was having fun. Was this fun? I nodded with an even bigger grin and returned the kiss.

Around this point I began to believe that I could go on like this forever and not come. It was so wonderful just being on the brink like that but not going over. Maybe I was just out of ammo, I thought. I must be down a quart by now. Maybe it was Joni that kept me from coming, as she seemed to have remarkable skills.

Eventually, Joni began picking up the pace, rocking back and forth with greater intensity, her breathing grew heavier and she began throwing her head around. Soon she was whimpering and leaning back a little. Doreen held her shoulder as Joni cried out and I felt my cock being crushed by a series of convulsions inside of her. It seemed like her orgasm would never end, as wave after wave seemed to wash over Joni. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I felt I was drowning inside of her, she was so wet. I had managed to withstand that sight and sound spectacular and was still hard as a rock. When our eyes met Joni’s smile got wider and she shook her head.

“Damn babe, you’re still with me here? I figured I would have taken you with me that time. That was soooooo good darlin’.”

“I’m more surprised than you are” I said. I was discovering that I enjoyed watching and hearing girls orgasm as much as having them myself.

“Well, I’m gonna get you off now babe, you wait” Joni announced.

Joni began rocking my world once more, her magical muscles playing my cock like a flute. Doreen climbed behind Joni and straddled my lower legs, looking at me over Joni’s shoulder. Doreen then reached around under Joni’s arms and cupped Joni’s breasts.

Well, cupped might be an bit strong as a description, as Doreen’s tiny hands seemed overwhelmed by the size of Joni’s magnificent breasts. The sight was incredibly stimulating and I fought to keep control, but I’m sure my eyes were bulging out of their sockets.

“I think we’re getting to him now Dor!” Joni laughed as Doreen kept kneading and tweaking Joni’s tits.

I managed to keep holding back however, and laughed defiantly.

“It’ll take more than that to make me come!” I announced, although we all knew I was full of it.

In a couple of minutes Joni began thrusting again in earnest and had another orgasm and although it was not as strong as the first one, it was still fun to watch.

“Oh babe, you’re wearing me out” Joni said as sweat rolled off her body in sheets.

I took that as the most incredible compliment. I had been praying to be halfway respectable, being good was a bonus I hadn’t expected. Good? Hell, all I was doing was laying there, Joni was doing all the work! Doreen climbed off from behind Joni and came around to kneel beside her.

“We’ll get Davy now” Doreen said with a devilish twinkle in the eye.

With that Doreen started kissing Joni’s neck and breasts, sucking the nipples and licking all over. I knew I was going to lose this contest, but there was going to be a great consolation prize at the end.

I let out a little squeak and said that I was still there, but barely. Doreen then grabbed Joni’s face and they began necking up a storm. I looked away but was told to turn back around.

“No fair babe, you gotta watch!” Joni exclaimed.

Fair is fair so I watched this incredible sight while Joni’s pussy muscles did an accordion style number on my prick.

Doreen suddenly stopped and whispered something in Joni’s ear that made her laugh.

Joni suddenly put her hands behind her head and posed. “Sorry, I can’t help you there babe, I’d get fired from the bar with that look for sure.”

It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about, but then it hit me. Joni was showing me her underarms, which were silky smooth and hairless, glistening with sweat in the dancing candlelight. For someone with a small mouth, Doreen’s sure got big sometimes.

“That’s alright, your underarms are nice too” I told her, and stuck my tongue out at Doreen.

Doreen went back to whispering in Joni’s ear.

“Oh, you kinky devil Davy! You figured out how to trip her switch, didn’t you babe? No fair stealing my moves!” Joni exclaimed while looking at me with mock horror.

Doreen then got closer to Joni and lifted her arm. Joni leaned over and began kissing Kızılay Escort and licking Doreen’s armpit, her tongue sliding through the same delightfully furry hollow that my tongue had visited earlier.

So ended my dream of invincibility, as my cock blasted inside of Joni about a second later, spasming and erupting with an intensity that got Joni’s attention. She contracted her muscles and seemed to be intent upon milking me dry.

As my orgasm peaked Joni yelled out “THAR HE BLOWS!” I don’t know whether it was what she said or her delivery, but that got me laughing hysterically. There I was, still orgasming and laughing like a deranged madman. Soon we were all laughing like crazed loons, finally ending up exhausted and tangled in a heap.

If it would be possible to stop time dead in its tracks, to pick a moment in time to live in for eternity, that would be my moment. Just laughter and love, no pain or sorrow. At that moment there were no bills, no worrying about kids or jobs, no war or unrest. I was still too young and ignorant to really know anything about the world. Life doesn’t work like that, but it’s nice to dream.

We completely filled the bed, our bodies contorted in every possible direction. Doreen went out to the bathroom, promising to stop on the way back for refreshments. While she gone, I got a chance to look at Joni for the first time. She had a farm girl type complexion and I figured she was older than Doreen, so maybe she didn’t go to college. I was curious so I asked her if she went to school with Doreen.

“Heck no darlin’, my school days are long gone. I work… and work and work” she said with little enthusiasm. “I’m working two jobs now, about ninety hours a week. That’s where I was last night, working behind the bar. I usually do the afternoon shift, but the night gal called in sick. When you get a shot at Saturday night you take it because that’s good money and we need it. I gotta get up in a little while to go to my other job, if I end up getting to sleep at all that is.”

I told Joni that while I was sorry she missed the concert, there was no way I would be here with them if she had made the show, so I guess I wasn’t really all that sorry after all. Doreen returned with two beers, which was all that remained.

“Ta-da! Only two beers left and three people. We’re gonna have to share!” Doreen exclaimed while bouncing into the room.

“Dor, we don’t wanna be sharing no drinks, that might be unsanitary,” Joni howled. “Who knows what we’ll catch from each other!”

While we passed the beer around, Doreen started looking at me in a coy and seductive way, while she began running her hand gently over my body. She looked like she did in the kitchen when we got here earlier, about…who knows how many hours ago? There were no clocks around that I could see but it was probably going to be light soon. No way sweetheart, I thought to myself, and I prayed she wouldn’t say what she said next.

“Davy…?” Doreen purred seductively.

“Girl are you out of your mind?” Joni said. “Let the guy rest awhile, willya? Are you trying to kill him off?”

“I’m horny Joni” Doreen said pouting. “Watching you guys got me hot again.”

“You were born horny Dor!” Joni cracked. “When the hell aren’t you horny?”

I looked down at my trusty weapon, which sadly was showing no visible signs of life and no prospects for an immediate comeback either.

“My spirit is really willing but I don’t think my flesh is able” I said, wiggling my sore member in an attempt to revive it. “Maybe if I take him for a walk he’ll come back to life” I offered, and staggered off to the bathroom.

Safely inside, I leaned back against the door and exhaled deeply, looking to the ceiling for help. I can’t do it. Too much too soon. Why couldn’t this night be stretched out over a week? I looked at my reflection in the mirror and recoiled.

What a disaster I was! I looked like I did after an ill-advised attempt at trying out for varsity football during high school. My palms, elbows and knees were rubbed raw, my cock was sore and I ached all over. Strangely enough, I had never felt so fantastic in all my life.

I pulled on myself frantically after releasing some beer. Nothing happening at all, no response. I washed it in warm water, and although it felt better, nothing. I didn’t want to let her down but what could I do? Go back in and hope they were asleep, which seemed my only hope.

When I got back to the bedroom, they were definitely not asleep. I was treated, however, to an amazing view of Joni’s big round milky white buttocks facing me when I entered the room. She was on all fours and her head was buried in between Doreen’s legs. I hurried over to see what I was missing, diving into the bed next to Doreen, who was grinning wickedly.

“Joni’s hungry!” Doreen quipped.

I looked down and all I could see were Joni’s eyes and the top of her head, the rest of face hidden by Doreen’s lush forest. I massaged Doreen’s breast while watching Joni attack Doreen with the same intensity she had me. Joni looked up through the fur and asked me to come down and help. I was now about to explore yet more new territory.

Joni rolled over, pulling Doreen’s thigh over her head and resting it on her shoulder. Joni’s hand slid through the bush and spread the lips open for me.

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