Extra Credit Club Ch. 06


All good things must cum in the end.

Err … wait a second. That’s not right. All good things must come to an end. Yeah, that’s it.

Honestly, I should have seen it coming. After all, a relationship between two people is hard enough to figure out. A relationship with four people is a virtual minefield of regrets, hurt feelings, and broken hearts. Watch where you step.

I think deep down I realized something was wrong earlier in the day. Not in that “Oh my God! Something’s horribly wrong!” kind of way. More of a “hmmm … that just feels out of place” itch in the back of my mind

It was the middle of a hot and sunny summer day. None of us had summer classes at the university, so Tessa suggested we all go for a dip in the university swimming pool. Quinn and Nicole immediately liked the idea and I certainly wasn’t going to argue. After all, three gorgeous ladies all wet in barely-there bikinis. I mean, come on. What do you expect me to say?

The pool did a lot of business during the summer months. We got in for free with our student IDs. The general public had to pay, but that didn’t deter them in the slightest. There had to close to a hundred people swimming. Now granted, it’s an enormous university pool, but still, stuff a hundred people in it and it gets a little crowded.

We found an area on the edge of the kids’ section and jumped in. Actually Tessa shoved me in and giggled when I glared at her, but that’s beside the point. It certainly seemed like a great day in the making. A relaxing do-nothing morning. A pleasant swim in the afternoon. Add in some wild sex when we got back to Quinn’s apartment and you’ve got one hell of a well-spent summer day.

After doing a few laps, Nicole waded in the water next to me. She’d certainly bloomed recently. When I first met her, she’d been so shy and insecure. She was the kind of person who’d wear long sleeves and slacks in the middle of summer just because she was that bashful.

But not any more. I can’t imagine the old Nicole ever owning a bikini, let alone wearing hot pink one in public. And it’s a good thing too. She really had an attractive body. Maybe not quite as lean as her twin sister Tessa, but still deliciously slender and athletic. And her face was just so cute, especially when she smiled. She had this small nose with wide blue eyes.

I came up behind her and placed my hands on her hips, pulling her towards me.

“Mmmm,” Nicole murmured with a smile. “I wonder what you’re thinking about.”

“Is it that obvious?” I whispered in her ear.

“With that poking into me? What do you think?”

I crossed my arms and hugged under her breasts. “Unless I missed my guess, you’re thinking the same thing, right?”

She tried to hide the guilty look on her face, but I knew her too well. She’d bloomed all right, into the most relentlessly sex-starved human being I’ve ever known. And next to Quinn and Tessa, that was saying a lot.

She reached back, her fingers lightly touching my thigh, dancing upwards.

“Hey, Nicole!” Tessa shouted. “Come over here!”

Nicole rolled her eyes. “What is it?”

“You’ve got to come over here and see the baby! He’s so cute!”

“Baby? Where?”

“Over here, silly!”

Nicole tore out of my grip and started swimming towards Tessa, who stood waist-deep in the kid’s section. Sure enough, next to her was an inner tube with a tiny occupant in a blue swimming cap (not sure why a baby needs a swimming cap, but it was cute), and a plump woman in her thirties. Probably the mother.

“I swear, sometimes those two act like they have one mind,” I said.

“Well they are twins,” Quinn said directly behind me.


“Oh, whatever is the matter, Dave?”

I turned around. “Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Quinn half-smiled. It wasn’t a friendly smile. Or a mean smile. It was one her patented smiles made of pure refined confidence and an absolute sense of superiority.

And that was it. Conversation over. No witty comebacks. No appeal. She was right and I was wrong. She hadn’t even said anything and she was right. That’s Quinn for you. I’ve never met anyone like her, and frankly, I’m glad I haven’t.

Where Tessa and Nicole were attractive in a slim way, Quinn was classically beautiful with a full voluptuous figure. She’d clasped her long red hair in a ponytail for the swim. Her green eyes watched me for a moment, almost daring me to say something, then glanced over at Tessa and Nicole.

That’s when I noticed it. Normally Quinn was so completely in control it’s almost shocking when she wasn’t. She watched the two twins doting over someone else’s baby boy and I could see the . . . not anger in her eyes. No, it wasn’t anger.

It was worry.

It was gone so fast I almost thought it hadn’t been there.

“You going to join them? I hear the baby’s cute.”


“Huh. Just no? Any reason?”

“I’m not in the mood.” Quinn said. She turned away, swam over to the nearest ladder, and climbed Eryaman Escort out of the pool.

“Okay! Bye! Have fun by yourself!” I said, waving enthusiastically.

She wrapped a towel around her waist, not looking back.

So yeah, like I said. Not an “Oh my God it’s the end of the world!” kind of a thing, but it did give me pause. I think I knew something was wrong more on a gut level than a brain one. But then, being the dumbass that I am, I dismissed it as nothing, enjoyed the rest of my swim, and did the best I could to hide my erection as I stepped out of the pool.

Yeah, I was definitely looking forward to some wild sex.

* * *

Saying the sexual tastes of these young ladies were a bit unusual would be an understatement. Saying they like sex would also, likewise, be an understatement. But really, that’s all fine by me. Sometimes things got a bit weird, especially with Quinn and Tessa’s tastes, but I was usually game.

Quinn and Tessa. Boy is that an interesting problem/situation. I suppose I think of Tessa as the most girlfriend-esque of the three. I’ve called her my girlfriend and she’s never objected … but I know Tessa has very strong feelings for Quinn which may or may not be reciprocated. Where Nicole fits into that mess … I’m not sure.

But enough of that.

The bedroom door in Quinn’s apartment was closed. I pressed my ear against it.

Yeah, I could definitely hear something going on in there. The girls liked to tease me like this, which was fine because the door never failed to open in the end. It was an interesting, if unusual, form of foreplay I suppose.

I heard footsteps and backed away. The door opened and Quinn slipped outside, a hungry grin on her face and nothing on her body. Without so much as a word, she took my head into her hands and our lips met. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed, fast and passionate.

I clenched my hand over her high and heavy breast and felt her taut, excited nipple. She pulled me closer, a hand on my ass, and our stomachs pressed against my erect cock.

When she’d had enough, she pulled away and I sucked in an eager breath.

“You ready for something wild?” she asked.

“Is that supposed to be a serious question?”

She smiled, opened the door, and let me in.

The twins were on the bed, one on top of the other gently sixty-nining. Both of them had their arms bound behind their backs and their eyes blindfolded. Cuffs on their ankles tied back to the bed posts via thick cords. They had some freedom of movement, but not a whole lot.

My eyes took in the array of strap-ons, vibrators, dildos, and anal beads on the bed next to them. Wild indeed.

Quinn put a leg up on the bed, exposing her moist sex. “Tessa and Nicole have been enjoying themselves. Why should we rush to pleasure them?”

I couldn’t agree more.

I knelt down and caressed her thigh, loving the smooth feel of her pale flesh. I breathed in the musk of her sex then kissed and licked her inner thigh, slowly making my way upwards. Quinn exhaled deeply as my lips found her clit.

Whatever she’d been doing to the twins had moistened her cunt. I slipped a finger effortlessly in and stroked it slowly as I lapped my tongue over her clit.

“Yeah . . .” she breathed contently as I worked her over.

I played with her clit faster, flicking it, sucking on it, and added a second finger to her sopping cunt. She moved her hips harder into my face, urging me on without words. I felt her fingers entwine in my hair and she pulled my face into her more insistently. She started breathing heavier, and I poured all the loving attention I could into her cunt.

I quickly slipped my two dripping fingers out, turned my hand, and pushed my thumb into her cunt. I felt up through her ass crack, found her anal rosebud, and insert a single finger. Her tight ass resisted for only a moment before I was in, stroking both her cunt and ass with one hand while orally pleasuring her clit.

Quinn breaths came quicker now. I could feel her muscles tensing up as her pleasure built towards climax. I added a second finger to her ass and shoved my fingers in as deep and fast as they’d go. She clenched her fingers in my hair so tightly it almost hurt, and she started panting and sweating, just on the edge of climax.

So I did what any complete bastard would do. I stopped. She tried to hold me in place, but I pulled out of her grip.

“Such a tease,” Quinn said, her face flush with excitement.

“Look who’s talking,” I said, smirking up at her.

I selected a double-ended strap-on from the range of implements on the bed. It was Quinn’s favorite toy, and she regularly used it on all three of us. With little effort, I pushed the thicker end into her flushed cunt and helped tighten the straps on either side.

“I suppose we’ve neglected these two long enough,” Quinn said, stepping around the bed. She lightly touched the Sincan Escort twin on top, causing her to shiver. “I wonder which hole I should start with.”

Tessa and Nicole waited in silence, bound to the bed and blindfolded. It was impossible to tell which was which by just looking.

Quinn grabbed the twin on top by her blonde hair and wretched her head back sharply, eliciting a surprised gasp. Not a painful gasp. Quinn didn’t do pain. It was all about power to her. The sensation of total control against helplessness.

“We’ll start here,” Quinn said. She lined her fake cock with the twin’s mouth, pushed it through her lips, placed both hands at the back of her head, and drove insistently deeper. Quinn started stroking it in and out, not quickly, but deeply and completely. The twin on top had trouble taking the long strap-on all the way down her throat, and she coughed and gagged a few times, but went back at it, eager to please.

So it was Nicole’s on top. Tessa could take that and more in her throat without a flinch.

I stepped up to the bed opposite Quinn. From top to bottom I had Nicole’s ass, her cunt, and Tessa’s mouth to choose from. I wish all choices in life were this good. I urged Tessa’s head down over the side of the bed, straightening her throat. She opened her mouth wide, ready for my rock-hard cock.

I pressed the cockhead against her soft lips and slipped in, just as slowly as Quinn. Tessa effortlessly took every inch I fed her. I pushed in, enjoying the soft wet confines of her throat until my crotch pressed against her lips.

Her nipples were taut with excitement, and I clenched her breasts as I began stroking her throat. It took a lot of effort not to fuck her mouth senseless. After all, as skilled at deep-throating as Tessa was, I doubted even she could sustain an assault like that without gagging. So instead I stroked her nice and slow, enjoying the sensations of her playful tongue and lips over my engorged member.

I fucked her mouth for a few minutes while Quinn worked Nicole over from the other side. Nicole raised her hips off Tessa and wiggled her ass in my face.

Well, if she wanted more I’d be happy to oblige.

With my cock still deep in Tessa’s throat, I pried Nicole’s ass apart with my thumbs and buried my tongue into her ass crack. She tasted fresh and clean. It’d taken me a while to get over my dislike of orally pleasuring a woman’s ass. There was dirty and then there was disgusting. But Quinn made sure everyone cleaned up and cleaned out before each round of marathon sex. Excellent hygiene and wild sex make a wonderful couple.

I alternated between rimming her anal rosebud and spearing into her sphincter with my tongue. Her ass was so hot and delicious. It didn’t taste bad at all, and I attacked it with abandon. Her hot cunt dripped from her sister’s oral attention, and I shoved two fingers into her and reamed her out as I dug at her ass with my tongue.

Nicole moaned loudly, her mouth stuffed with Quinn’s strap-on cock. At the same time, I noticed Tessa sucking on my cock more insistently. Quinn had shoved a vibrator deep into her ass. I started fucking her throat faster and I felt my climax finally hit me.

My balls tightened and I grunted. Stars flashed in front of my eyes as cum jetted out of my cock, splattering the depths of Tessa’s throat. She swallowed every drop without hesitation, and sucked on my member as if hungry for more. I paused, panting and sweating, enjoying Tessa’s mouth around my slowly shrinking cock. She worked at it eagerly, and I could tell it wouldn’t be long before I was ready for another round.

But in the meantime …

I grabbed a string of anal beads from the bed, balled them together and set them down in the small of Nicole’s back. I then took a jar of lube, scooped a dollop out with a finger and began swirling it around Nicole’s rosebud in shrinking circles before pushing in with my finger.

Nicole moaned as I slid a single finger in and out of her ass, occasionally adding more lube to make sure she felt as much pleasure and as little pain as possible. She wasn’t as anally experienced as the rest of us, but like her deep-throat attempts with Quinn’s strap-on, she hungered to experience it all.

I added a second finger and drilled it deep. Nicole groaned. Her ass slowly loosened up, and I felt it was time to see how she liked anal beads. The string wasn’t too long, but each bead was as thick as my cock. I pressed the first one against her ass and pushed.

It popped in, causing Nicole to gasp as Quinn continued savaging her throat. I pushed in the next bead, and the next, and the next, slowly filling her ass. I could feel her muscles tense up a little, so I started fingering her cunt with my free hand, but I didn’t stop adding beads. One by one, I filled her ass up.

Finally, every last bead was in. I slipped a finger through the ring at the end, and started really fragging her cunt with my fingers, Etlik Escort pumping them in and out so fast and hard my fingers started to cramp. When I felt she was close to orgasm, I pulled the beads out in one swift motion. The sensation of thick beads popping out of her ass pushed her over the edge.

Nicole gasped, causing Quinn’s strap-on to pop out of her mouth as her intense orgasm slammed home. Quinn quickly grabbed her hair and silenced her by forcing her strap-on back into down her throat.

Tessa had worked her oral magic on my cock, and I was ready for another round. I pushed Nicole’s ass down so that Tessa could pleasure her sister’s cunt. Nicole may have just climaxed, but that hardly meant anything with her. She could outlast all of us.

Tessa started lapping at Nicole’s cunt as I pried her ass apart and aimed my stiff cock. I pressed in, forcing my way through her tight anal ring and into the hot, smooth depths of her ass.

“Nice and tight,” I said.

I pushed in further, filling her ass with inch after inch of my firm cock. She was incredibly tight, but my fingers and the anal beads had loosened her just enough for full penetration, allowing me to bottom out in her ass and start stroking.

I grabbed her hips for better leverage and really plowed into her ass, faster and faster until I was fucking it like a cunt. Quinn had stopped fucking her mouth, and Nicole squealed loudly with each thrust. I pounded her ass remorselessly as Tessa worked her cunt over.

I grabbed Nicole’s bound arms and pulled her up so that her upper body arched as I fucked her.

“Aah, God!” she exclaimed. “Fuck!”

I ran my hands from her firm stomach to her pert breasts and squeezing. She turned her head and we kissed deeply, passionately. Saliva had dribbled down her lips from Quinn relentless fucking. That and her blindfold made her look so fucking hot. Our tongues dueled as I played with her breasts, squeezing and kneading their firm flesh and rolling her nipples.

I fucked her ass even faster now. Sweat covered both our bodies, dampened our hair, and dripped from my forehead.

“I’m close,” I whispered in her ear.

“Cum in me!” she said. “Cum in my ass!”

Her body tensed up and she cried out as a second orgasm slammed through her. Her ass clenched and throbbed around my cock, and I felt my seed boil up from my balls. I buried my cock deep in her bowels and shot off ropes of thick, hot cum.

I let her down. She flopped limping on top of her sister, panting in post-coital joy. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and pulled out of her ass. My cock twitched as it shrank.

“Wow,” I breathed, looking up.

Where was Quinn?

I felt hands on my waist. Quinn playfully bit my ear and tugged. Her strap-on pressed against the small of my back.

Oh, fuck me.

“How about I repay you for earlier,” she said, guiding me, kindly but firmly, to the side of the bed. I lay down with my stomach on the bed and her on top of me. She kissed my cheek, my shoulder, kissed and caressed my back all the way down to my ass.

“This should be enough for these two,” Quinn said, picking up a vibrator, forcefully stuffing it into Nicole’s ass, and turning it on. Now both twins had vibrators humming in their asses as they played with each other’s cunts.

Quinn pried my ass open and forced her tongue in. It felt great. She was so firm, so confident, and she opened me up like she had so many times before. I let out a slow, content exhale as she worked my ass with her tongue.

Quinn took her time, lavishing my ass with oral attention. It didn’t take long before my cock was hard once again, despite having cum twice. She grabbed my shaft with her hand and slowly stroked it as she loosened me up.

Then I felt her tongue pull out and her long finger burrowing in. She stroked her greased digit in and out, prepping my ass for the pounding to come, and I lay happily motionless as she worked her magic. My ass loosened up and she added a second finger, thrusting and twisting as her other hand danced over my hard cock.

Quinn took her time, setting a slow pace and sticking to it. My ass started to feel really good. Quinn knew how to work someone’s ass, knew all the right places to touch, and her fingers stirred me up from the inside.

She pulled her fingers out, and I felt the head of her fake cock touch my ass. She pried me apart and pressed in. I let out a slow exhale and pushed outwards as the head penetrated my ass. It slipped in, the first inch filling me.

Quinn let another inch sink into me before pulling back, stroking me a little at a time, pushing insistently deeper with each stroke. She grabbed my hips when she was halfway in and started picking up speed.

I remembered the first time she’d done this to me, how nervous and freaked out by her kink I’d been. But now I could just relax and enjoy her undeniable skill. She loved the power sexual control brought her, but she shared the pleasure.

Finally, her fake cock filled me all the way. Quinn started fucking me in earnest, pulling out until just the tip was left, then thrusting all the way back in. I grunted under the onslaught as she picked up speed, fucking my ass faster and faster, filling and emptying me in firm, confident strokes. Her hips slapped against my ass with each complete thrust.

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