Exploring An Old Man Fantasy


While forty years old, I have always thought of myself as shy. By nature I am a sensible and cautious woman, but over the past few years I have developed a strong fantasy that has begun to consume me. This is the story of the first time that fantasy becoming a reality.Finding myself single a few years ago following a difficult break up, I had trouble sleeping. At night I would browse the Internet, initially reading news and current affair sites. After stumbling across a few porn sites and at first ignoring them, out of boredom I began to spend more time exploring the different categories.It was not long before I had to admit to myself, shameful as it was, that the porn I most often watched involved dirty old men with young women. They were also the videos that most excited me, never failing to get me wet and eagerly touching myself. The older the man the better. In fact I preferred the most ugly, fat, old men, using women for their pleasure. My friends would be horrified if they knew this about me. My enjoyment of these movies simultaneously repulsed me while making me super horny.After a few months of compulsively watching dirty old men porn videos, I began entering sex chat rooms. Only chatting with very old men, I loved describing to them how I would service them and hearing them talk about fucking. The fantasy was getting stronger.Eventually I loaded a profile on a sex dating site. Never having done anything like this before, I was surprised by the huge volume of messages I relieved on the first day. I was selective, only responding to men over sixty years of age. I exchanged messages with a few but it was clear from the beginning I had a favourite. Ron was seventy years old. From his brief escort messages he sounded very naughty and very horny. He did not say much, which suited me as I was purely looking to act out my fantasy, not commence a relationship. We sent each other links to porn videos we liked and it was clear we had similar tastes. I was so nervous, and afraid, but finally agreed to meet Ron at his home. Aroused by the idea of having sex with a complete stranger, I decided not to meet Ron at a public location first.At 8 pm I knocked on his door. Ron was tall. He had probably been very muscular when he was young as he was a big man, with strong arms, but he now had a large belly. His face was wrinkled and leathery with grey stubble. I am slim and curvy, but toned. I have long red hair and green eyes. It was clear from his expression as he opened the door that Ron was pleased with my appearance. I was also aroused by what I saw. He was considerably older than me, overweight and looked like the dirty old men in the porn videos that turned me on.I walked in the door and Ron poured me a glass of wine. I had worn a long coat and upon entering the lounge room, I removed it. Underneath I was wearing a black corset, stockings, suspenders and black lace panties. I sat across from Ron sipping my drink. Ron tried to make conversation, but was struggling as his eyes were fixed on my body. I could see his desire and it was turning me on.For a moment he seemed shy and I was concerned this would not be the dirty old man fantasy I had envisaged. No need to worry, Ron suddenly stood up, reached his hand out to me and said, “I am going to take you to the bedroom now.”I followed him silently. As escort bayan we entered, I sat on the edge of the bed and watched him undress. His stomach was large, fat and flabby and his body was wrinkly. Momentarily he appeared self conscious. Not wanting him to feel insecure and deciding now was the time to dive in to my fantasy, I dropped to my knees in front of him. I looked up and him and murmured, “mmmmmm… so yummy.”His cock was semi erect and seemed average in size. I slowly stuck my tongue out and licked the head. His dick began to twitch. I ran my tongue down the shaft and lifted it with my hand. My head dipped down and began to lick his sagging, hairy old balls. I licked and licked and licked and then gently took his balls fully in my mouth. I could hear him moaning as he reached down and put his hand on my head.I heard him say, “Suck my cock like a good girl. Suck it!”Ron no longer seemed reserved; this was just how I had imagined this fantasy. I moved my tongue back up the shaft of his cock. For an old man, I was surprised how hard he had become. Now erect, it was clear to me that Ron was actually a very well endowed old man. It may not have been exceptionally long but it was thick and the head of his cock was like a bulging red mushroom. I opened my lips wide and slid my mouth around his cock.Slowly I began to suck up and down his cock, looking up into his eyes. I could only just see his face as he leaned over his belly, his eyes wide open as he watched me sucking him. I began to suck faster and harder and I felt Ron moving his hips, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. His hand reached around behind my head and he began guiding my head bayan escort onto him.”Suck it dirty slut!” he said loudly and firmly.I was so turned on. The sound of this fat, dirty old pervert ordering me to suck his cock was making me so wet.”Suck my fat old cock.”He was moaning and thrusting his cock into my mouth as I sucked him. We both knew that this cock was by far the oldest that had ever been in my mouth, more than twenty-five years older than any other man I had been with. My hand cupped his balls as my tongue circled the large, bulging head. I sucked up and down his cock as he shoved it deeper in my mouth, gagging a little. Even now I know how disgusting this sounds but his thrusting turned me on so much. I could have sucked on his old cock for ever.After about ten minutes, Ron pulled abruptly out of my mouth. “I don’t want to cum just yet,” he said.He lifted me up and pushed me backwards on the bed. “My turn to play with you, my little slut.”His eyes were gleaming. He moved to the side of the bed, pushed his hands under my back and undid the corset I was wearing. He flung it across the room and gazed at my now exposed breasts. He bent his head and began to lick my nipples, making them erect in seconds. His mouth opened and he began to eagerly suck on them. He was pushing my full breasts into his mouth, making gulping noises and nibbling on my nipples. I was squirming with pleasure. Suddenly Ron grabbed my wrists and pushed my hands above my head. Forceful and strong for a dirty old man; just what I wanted. But then I felt them, the cold hard handcuffs. How had I not noticed them already attached to the bed head? I felt a rising sense of panic. Yes, handcuffs in videos had turned me on and I had shared that with Ron, but was this really safe?He continued to devour my tits as my hands were cuffed together above my head. The feeling of fear at being tied up in the home of a complete stranger, mixed with the delicious warm feel of his tongue on my nipples was thrilling.

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