Evolution and Adoration


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Pushing the weighted barbell up and down, Jaydon lost himself in the almost hypnotic rhythm of the repetitions. It was not particularly heavily weighted as he did not have a gym-buddy with him on this occasion. Pumping heavy weights without a companion was strictly prohibited. He could feel the air conditioning blowing cool air over his heated skin and the beads of sweat that glistened in his dusting of dark chest hair. It had caused his nipples to peak proudly. They were clearly visible, their mocha brown colouring quite distinct through the flimsy material of the white vest he wore. He was happy to work out alone. These days he found crowds gave him a headache.

His stint at the Base was up in another few weeks. Jaydon loved Takuskan and liked and respected Colonel Belden. However, on this posting, trouble had taken the form of Sergeant Decker and Privates Harris and Kevork. Despite his rank as Captain, Decker, Harris and Kevork made his life difficult and uncomfortable at every possible opportunity. They had the same narrow mindedness over sexuality as they did about other things, calling the Takuskan denizens jellies or spooks. There was no place in the modern world for such barbaric phobias, but regrettably, it still existed in small pockets.

Although any discrimination or harassment, sexual or otherwise, was a serious offence, the Army still preferred not to openly admit it harboured any such prejudices. While he would have Colonel Belden’s support now, Jaydon would be unsupported once off Base. Better to ignore the bigotry and focus on his future. Just a few more weeks at Base, and less than a year on his compulsory Army contract and he would be free.

Stopping his weights, Jaydon eased from the bench and stretched to his full six feet before commencing his cool-down regime. He glanced at himself in the nearby mirror. He still had a few years before he hit forty. Jaydon began stretching, pleased at the strength and suppleness of his body. His dark body hair peeked over the curve of his singlet and down his well-developed legs. His arms were more lightly furred, but had the same solid musculature.

Jaydon knew that he was attractive to both sexes and it was not out of pride. He worked hard to remain fit, healthy and looking good. He peered into the mirror. His olive-toned skin glowed with health, his body was toned and well-proportioned and his hair raven-black. The Latino eyes looking back at him never failed to turn heads, the men he had dated always said his lush chocolate eyes were the first thing they had noticed.

However, despite maintaining his physique and his looks, he was still without a loving partner. Army life did not facilitate deep, meaningful relationships. Jaydon would complete his year’s service and then put his skills in engineering to use in the outside world. Then perhaps he would find that special someone with whom he could settle down; staying in one place, putting down roots, he wanted a good, solid home life.

He headed towards the showers, humming softly, only to be confronted with Sergeant Decker and his cohorts Harris and Kevork. Smirking, they lounged in the doorway to the showers, blocking his way.

“If you’re not using the showers get out of the way, Sergeant,” Jaydon ordered, his voice clipped and professional.

“Had a good workout with your right hand, Captain Jaydon?” Decker taunted. “If you’d asked we could have given you some real exercise. Rode you hard and lathered you good.”

“If you persist in this behaviour I will file a formal sexual harassment charge with Colonel Belden,” Jaydon growled from between gritted teeth. He tensed; ready for a more physical assault should they want more than to just verbally taunt him. He ignored the niggling pain at the base of his skull. It seemed to be worse when he was facing such hostility and he had no time for stress-induced migraines.

“Sure you will,” Harris laughed.

“Do you just suck him or does he get a piece of that tight ass?” Decker sneered. “Can’t tell us that something like you goes without all the time you’re on Base.”

“What I do is none of your business. Now get out before I put you on charges,” he snarled. All three men laughed and Jaydon found his headache beginning to pound.

“Let’s go, men,” Decker said smirking. “Looks like the Captain needs privacy to get prettied up.”

His rank always sounded like an insult from Decker’s lips, but if it meant the men were moving on, Jaydon did not care. The Base was expecting a visit from two Colonels of the Takuskan who were undertaking a periodical check. Since the Base was on their territory, they were able to make spot checks whenever they wanted. Jaydon was looking forward to them coming, enjoying the cultural exchange. They would be at the Base within the next seventy-two hours and he had a myriad of things to ensure were prepared. He did not have time to deal with people like Decker

The three men parted, still laughing, as Jaydon pressed past. He felt unwelcome and unwanted hands slide across his groin and buttocks as the three men crowded him. Bayrampaşa Escort Then they were gone, coarse laughter and more crude remarks in their wake. It left Jaydon drained and trembling in the aftermath. His head ached and he headed gratefully to the shower.

The hot water sluicing over his body helped relax him and the pain abated once more. Colonel Belden knew of the headaches and of the harassment, but respected Jaydon’s decision not to take things further. He was so close to completing his tour and his time in the Army Jaydon did not want to have to go through everything that raising charges would bring. Instead he focused on the visit they were having and what he still needed to prepare.


The day was as hot and humid as the one before had been and as the one yet to come would be. It was a constant part of life at the Base. Jaydon had completed a last circuit, ensuring nothing was out of place. There was just one dark cloud on his horizon, but it was a big one. Colonel Belden had been called away at short notice due to a family situation and Colonel Gethin had replaced him.

Gethin was a complete antithesis to Belden. Old school, old ways, old prejudices. Jaydon had felt a distinct sinking sensation on seeing Decker’s face light up as Gethin sauntered towards his temporary office. The older man’s reputation preceded him. Old friends in high places were the reason many believed he had not been politely retired. Jaydon had watched the Sergeant follow the Officer inside his office and he had seen them come out together, camaraderie evident. He was just thankful that it was only likely to be a week or so that the temporary Commander would be in charge. Gethin had already made Jaydon redo a lot of work that the younger man knew was complete and correct.


Two Takuskan Colonels arrived and were escorted by Gethin from his office to where the body of personnel that manned the base had been lined up by Jaydon. He was irrationally pleased to find that one indeed was Colonel Achaana. Jaydon maintained his professional demeanour even though his stomach roiled. The male was every bit as attractive as Jaydon remembered.

Takuskan were eerily similar to Earth’s ancient Egyptians. The two men before Jaydon each wore a simple kilt in white made of a similar material to linen. Colourful red sashes wrapped around their waists to drape at the front of the kilt. The red was the same colour as the three feathers in their respective headdresses. Red feathers were the symbol of their rank. Takuskan soldiers wore green feathers and sashes, captains wore blue, Colonels red and Generals gold. Their almond-shaped eyes were ringed with a dark kohl-like substance. They were completely hairless and Jaydon knew that, from a Takuskan perspective, hair was deemed to be a sign of inferior intelligence.

Jaydon also noticed that while Achaana’s smooth, translucent-skinned chest was naked, his companion wore a breastplate. A halter-neck fastening along with straps buckled around his back held it in place. Both men wore decorative bangles on the biceps of their lower arms, but neither wore anything on their upper or true arms. The shifting colours along their abdominal region were currently light purple, an indication of serenity. The colour would shift into redder tones if a Takuskan was agitated in any way and richer purple tones when happy.

In Takuskan society, politeness and decorum were highly valued and they were a highly private people. Little was still known about them despite the alliance that had been in place for many years. When Earth had taken its first stumbling steps into the vastness of space, the Takuskan had been there to catch them. Jaydon knew that some Takuskan still believed humankind little more than primitives and that too much time and energy was wasted on a people that harboured prejudices amongst its own kind. However his Base, and the couple of others permitted on Takuskan soil, was a good way to ensure a steady cultural exchange.

Colonel Gethin led the two men towards Jaydon who could see that the older man was clearly displeased. He observed that both Takuskan had their true arms clasped at the wrists behind their backs. Jaydon could well imagine that Gethin had not taken well to the fact that, unless you were a family member or a particularly valued friend, a Takuskan would only touch you with their lower hands and even then it would be a fleeting touch. He stood smartly to attention as the men reached him.

“Captain Jaydon, this is Colonel Achaana and Colonel Kangi,” Gethin barked. “It will be your responsibility to show the Officers around the Base and ensure they are offered hospitality during their stay.”

Jaydon was certain he could sense the relief from the older man to be rid of the visitors. The Colonel had also made it clear to Jaydon that any criticisms that the Takuskan made of the Base would be on his shoulders.

“Life, prosperity and health to you,” Jaydon intoned as he crossed his arms across his chest so that each hand touched the opposite shoulder and then bowed.

“And Bayrampaşa Escort to you,” both Takuskan responded duplicating the gesture using both sets of arms.

As Jaydon rose, he caught a glimpse of the sneer on Gethin’s face. It did not surprise the younger man that the Colonel had ignored all Takuskan codes of conduct and opted to use only human greetings. However, the smiles on both Takuskan faces as the other men looked at him helped reassure Jaydon that they would not hold any of Gethin’s poor manners against him.


The visit had gone well. The Takuskan had been pleased to find that the Base had not encroached on any additional land, the number of personnel and items on the base were itemised clearly, and within accepted parameters, and that effectively, all was as it should be. Kangi had left at the start of the second day when it had become apparent to the Takuskan that all was in order at the base. Jaydon had been more than happy to spend some time alone with Achaana.

“I will be taking a sauna before the evening meal,” Achaana informed the attractive young human. “I would be honoured if you would join me.”

“I would be honoured,” Jaydon replied, aiming to keep his voice neutral. Honoured? He would be elated. It was not as though anything untoward would happen. Takuskan were known not to have sexual relationships outside of marriage. However, the opportunity to spend undisturbed and private time with Achaana, at the Takuskan’s own invitation, had Jaydon hopeful that the bigger male might seek further meetings between them. Mixed relationships were not unknown nor were they discouraged. Takuskan were more concerned with what was on the inside not externals.

As Jaydon entered the sauna, Achaana was already inside…and naked. Takuskan were descended from an amphibious ancestry. As such they had no nipples and male genitalia were safely ensconced within a genital slit. Takuskan females were distinguishable by their smaller stature and lack of small multi-coloured frill that the males had down their backs. Jaydon had left his shorts and singlet in the dressing room but was not prepared for the wave of arousal that swept through him as Achaana turned to greet him.

As politely as possible Jaydon completed the greeting and tried to sit and hide his burgeoning erection. Although the steamy atmosphere had swirling mists around them, the heat that Jaydon felt seemed all internal. His wayward shaft insisted on remaining half-hard despite all Jaydon’s attempts at willing it into quiescence.

Despite his libido, Jaydon was enjoying the time and conversation with the Takuskan. He nodded as Achaana added more water to the heat source to send another wave of steam. As Achaana turned back to Jaydon, his lower hand touched Jaydon’s arm. It was as if a jolt of pure sexual energy had centred in Jaydon’s groin. He swelled to full hardness instantly, the erect flesh obvious to the Takuskan’s eyes.

“Sorry, I’m not…it’s not…” Jaydon was as embarrassed as he was aroused. He could not make himself talk sense as his blood seemed to rush to his groin leaving nothing for higher reasoning. He gave a startled squawk as Achaana’s hand inadvertently brushed over his erection as Jaydon sought to stand and withdraw. He could hear the other man speaking but was too preoccupied with getting away before he embarrassed himself further. His cock was throbbing with incipient release and Jaydon rushed from the sauna.

He snatched up a towel on his way to wrap around him, but as he barrelled outside he was still battling to secure it with shaky hands. He did not see the malicious eyes that took in his nakedness and state of arousal. Nor did he see Achaana appear in the doorway, the Takuskan’s agitation evident from the swirling reds around his abdomen.

Achaana retreated back into the sauna and donned his kilt. He had been attracted to the young human and had hoped to engage in conversation as a precursor to requesting Jaydon’s company outside of their respective workplaces. The human’s sexual reaction to him had surprised Achaana and clearly upset Jaydon. He was unsure whether it was due to the circumstances or perhaps his being male. He made a quick decision.

Although a part of him was unsettled by his actions, he chose to leave without speaking directly to the young human. He would wait a day or so and then contact Jaydon. It was obvious that the human was highly embarrassed by his reactions and Achaana argued with himself that this would give Jaydon time to compose himself. It would also give Achaana time to decide whether his attraction to the human was something that went deep enough to pursue beyond friendship.

As he left the Base, having made his farewells to Gethin but saying nothing to him about Jaydon, Achaana could not shake off the feeling that he was making a terrible mistake.


Jaydon could feel the aura of menace in the room even as Harris and Kevork moved in behind him. Colonel Gethin and Sergeant Decker were smiling maliciously. Instantly he began to feel headachy. He had been summoned Escort Bayrampaşa from his room in terms that left him with no doubt that he was in some kind of trouble with the Colonel.

“Colonel Achaana has left following an incident in the sauna,” Colonel Gethin sneered. “Sergeant Decker saw what happened. An unwanted sexual advance towards the Colonel. By you.”

“That’s not true,” Jaydon blazed angrily. “Decker was not present…”

“Are you going to try and deny you left the sauna sexually aroused?”

Jaydon stared, his mouth refusing to work, the niggling pain in his head suddenly expanding.

“You were seen leaving the sauna, clearly sexually aroused. The Colonel left minutes after you, his body patterning showing he was distressed and he left the Base thereafter. He might be generous enough not to raise charges of sexual impropriety, but I think it merits punishment. I’m not letting some filthy fag bring down the reputation of a place where I’m in charge. Of course, I could always contact their Base direct and discuss the situation with their Commander, but I prefer to be seen as a man of action.”

In fact the Takuskan had made no such reference to the sauna. He had simply said the review was complete and saw no need to remain overnight. It had been Decker that had seen Jaydon leave the sauna aroused and reported it to him. He could not have cared less whether the jelly was distressed or otherwise. This was all Gethin needed to teach the fag a lesson he would never forget.

“One week’s solitary confinement is my decision. Let’s take him now, men.”

Jaydon was too shocked to even put up a token defence. His mind was in turmoil and his headache so debilitating he was almost glad he could spend time alone. There was no one to witness his manhandling as he was dragged to the solitary confinement cell and its outer office. He was shoved into the room that would house a guard if the cell was occupied and staggered onto his knees.

“Strip and search him, boys.”

At the words, Jaydon tried to resist, however, he was no match for four men. Blows to his kidneys and abdomen, as well as his groin, quickly disabled him. Coarse laughter and comments accompanied his uniform being almost torn from his body. He grunted uselessly as the Colonel shoved a wad of material, forming a crude gag, past his lips. He was pushed face down over the table with Harris and Kevork shoving his arms high up his back to hold him in place. The Colonel ensured Jaydon could see Sergeant pulling on latex gloves and lubricating them.

“Need to make sure you’re not hiding anything from us, Captain,” he leered.

Lust, arousal, scorn, derision, hate and debauched desire surrounded Jaydon. Even as he was reeling from the mental bombardment, he felt his cheeks gripped hard and forced apart. With a groan of shame and pain he felt Harris’s fingers shove roughly inside him. They delved and probed until his body jerked as they pressed his prostate. Laughter rang in Jaydon’s ears as the stimulation was repeated again and again. A rough hand felt for his unresponsive genitals, pulling and squeezing and anger and frustration added to the emotional miasma as Jaydon’s body refused to respond.

“Looks like the pervert only gets hard for jellies, boys,” Colonel rasped as the flesh in his hand remained flaccid.

Jaydon was pulled upright and rammed against the wall, Harris and Kevork keeping his arms pinioned as Colonel grasped his chin in one hand and his balls in the other.

“Tonight’s not the night, but before you get out of solitary we’re going to teach you what having sex with a real man is like, Captain.” The title was spat in Jaydon’s face and the lust from the Colonel and Sergeant was so thick, he was sure he would choke.

His scream was muted by his makeshift gag as the Colonel squeezed his balls hard. He was then bundled towards the cell and thrown inside. Knowing the threat had been all-too real, Jaydon scrambled clumsily to wedge himself between the toilet and wall, grabbing a blanket off the bed to wrap around himself. He pulled the gag out, gripping it tightly, and dropped his head onto his knees. The pain in his body was equalled, if not exceeded, by the pain in his head. He was surprised to find that his mind conjured up a picture of Achaana smiling which seemed to help. Unfortunately, as the Takuskan male did not know of his incarceration or treatment, he would not be able to help.


General Nataani looked up at the agitated male before him. He could see the shifting colours which showed Achaana’s high level of distress.

“You have been increasingly disturbed since your early return from the human Base, Achaana,” he said, indicating the other male should sit. “Will you now explain all to me?”

“I believe I made a mistake, le mita Dasan,” Achaana said to his superior. “I have come to the notion that Jaydon may be a latent empath newly emerging. I think that his sexual reaction may have been, in part, induced by his unknowingly picking up my attraction for him. My ce remained hidden from sight, although the sight of him naked and his proximity did excite me. I was wrong to leave without speaking to him again. I neither liked nor trusted his Colonel. I felt his dislike of us and of Jaydon. I feel…something…like a…a darkness. I fear for Jaydon, Dasan Nataani. I want to get him and bring him here.”

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