European Vacation

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Author’s Note: Hey everyone this is my first submission, I’ve never let anyone read my erotic or sexual writing ever. It’s just a quick little jot I wrote a while back. The whole thing was really a stream of thought, no facts checked, no ideas denied. Anyway, I’ve tried to clean it up and improve it how I can, tips or suggestions are appreciated. I hope you enjoy!


The rusty key opened the old hotel door easier than Casey figured it would, and as the old door creaked inwards the room was laid bare before their eyes. He grimaced and shivered violently as he took it in. The rust red carpet was worn ragged and had holes in it where the concrete floor could be seen. The walls were a particular shade of yellow that Casey imagined had gone out of style in the 50s or 60s. On top of that, they were covered in a smattering of bad drywall patches. Above them the staccato ceiling was somehow stained in half a dozen places and the ceiling fan was off kilter.

“Maybe we should find a different place?” Casey suggested to the two behind him after a long moment of shock. When they did not say anything he turned to look at the two. Both of the women were soaked though and shivering violently same as him. They both looked just about as miserable as he felt. Groaning, he stepped inside and kicked his soaked sneakers off to the corner as he looked around. He continued to shiver from the ice cold rain outside as he walked into the room and turned to glance back at his family.

“Is there a shower or bath or something?” his sister Karen wondered as she came in, clutching her arms around her chest. Her teeth chattering as she spoke and her bare legs had gone pale from the cold. Her short skirt, like the rest of their clothes, was completely soaked with icy water.

“Do you suppose they’ve got a washer or something we can use?” his mother Tamara asked quietly. She too was drenched. Her white t-shirt clung to her large breasts as she shivered and their movement was somewhat mesmerizing under the cloth. Casey pulled his eyes away from her and walked into the room. He eyed the one bed dubiously. Someone was going to have to sleep on the floor, and he would have bet a fortune he knew who.

“Washer and dryer will cost money, and I’m just about broke now.” he said, then walked over to the heater on the side wall while Karen chattered her way into the bathroom. He took a look at the controls then fumbling with the heater knob to turn it on. There was no response from the ancient thing. It looked like it had been built in the seventies, he punched it, the hit landing lighter than he would have wanted due to his involuntary shakes. He cursed under his breath. “The heater is broken.” At about the same time he heard his sister cry out in the bathroom, causing their mother and him to turn that direction quickly. Before they could run over she walked back out and shook her head.

“You have to pay for hot water.” she muttered. “What the hell kind of hotel is this?”

“The kind you get a room for the night in for ten euros.” Casey groaned. “This sucks.”

“It’s better than being out in that rain though.” Tamara spoke up, walking over and staring at the bed for a second. “They didn’t have a room with at least two beds?” she wondered. Casey shook his head.

“Not for what we had anyway. How much does it cost to get some hot water?” he wondered. Karen sighed and shook her head.

“Five euros for five minutes.” she muttered. Casey dug in his pocket for a moment and produced a single dripping bill and a handful of coins. He counted the coins out slowly.

“I got three euros, does it take bills?” he wondered. She glanced back into the bathroom, then shook her head.

“Looks like just coins. There’s no way all three of us can get in there in two minutes.” she muttered, then brightened momentarily. “Coin toss for dibs on the shower?” Casey shook his head in dismay, then spoke without thinking. Chivalry sucked sometimes.

“I’ll skip, so long as I don’t have to sleep on the floor.” he muttered as he glared in disgust at the dirty shag carpet he was sitting on. He glanced back up at them and saw Karen crouching on the floor, her knees were aimed right at him. A pair of soaked pink panties dared him to stare, but he pulled his gaze away from his little sister and looked up at his mother. Tamara seemed to be contemplating something very deeply, her eyes staring at the ceiling as if in thought. She spoke up after a moment of silence that seemed to stretch forever.

“We should all take the shower together. That way we’re not shivering anymore at least.” Tamara suggested. Karen and Casey stared for even longer than she had thought about the ridiculous plan. Casey could not tell if she was joking or not, her expression was completely serious. Tamara saw the skeptical looks and continued. “We’re going to have to get out of these soggy clothes anyway, don’t worry about it.” she explained waving her hand to dismiss their concerns. They bursa bayan eskort both glanced down at their clothes and than at each other, and then at her.

“You’re serious?” Casey wondered.

“You’re kidding!” Karen objected. They looked at each other again and Casey sighed. Tamara pulled a couple of coins out of her pocket and tossed them to Casey.

“Why would I joke? We’re all freezing. I won’t let either one of you object to it, especially if the heater is broken.” she said. Casey picked up the coins she had tossed at him. That brought it to four euros. Four minutes of shower time, he glanced at the two and his chivalrous side objected, he punched it in the face.

What was four minutes really? Karen seemed to be thinking about it as well and apparently came to the same conclusion. They each nodded solemnly. “Then first thing we need is to get these clothes hung up and drying.” Karen muttered, looking around the room for suitable drying spots. Casey nodded and looked to the broken heater, it wouldn’t do much good at heating the room, but it would work well enough as a clothes rack. He quickly stripped his shirt off and laid it down on the heater.

“I can’t believe I just agreed to this.” He heard Karen muttering, he glanced over at the other two. Both were doing the same as him. Karen had unbuttoned her shirt and was laying it over the wooden chair in the corner while Tamara had removed her t-shirt and the tank top she had worn beneath it, letting her large breasts spill free. He found himself thinking her breasts must have been freaks of nature to be that large and not have begun to sag. Her round dark nipples looked incredible, erect as they were from the cold. He abruptly looked away when he realized he was staring and a sudden hesitation gripped him. Frowning his knightly side wondered if agreeing had been the right thing to do, like he had much of a choice.

This entire trip had been a disaster. First they had missed their flight due to unforeseen work matters for Tamara. Then they had had been forced to pay more for new tickets. Their flight had been forced to land several times and they had switched planes. When they reached their destination everything but their carry on bags had been lost in transit somewhere. They had become lost due to a faulty navigation system, and then the rental had broken down in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t have working European cell phones, so they had left their rental and their bags by the side of the road while they walked to the nearest civilization. That was when the freezing rain had started, making their lives even more miserable.

He thought he had steeled himself for the worst. Taking a shower with two female family members had not been on his worst case scenario list. In fact he laughed at how completely overlooked that particular scenario had been. He resigned to remember it next trip they took while questioning his sense of humor about the situation.

“Slowpoke, come on, I’m freezing still!” Karen chattered. Casey took a breath, then removed his pants and boxers in one motion. He wasn’t going to let it get to him, desperate times and all. He laid the clothes next to his shirt and quickly pulled his socks off. When he turned both the women were gone, presumably they had already entered the bathroom. He took the change from the floor and covering himself as best he could, walked to the bathroom and peeked in.

Tamara was standing there with her lightly tanned back turned to him. His mothers nicely rounded ass seemed to draw his eyes unconsciously, and he noted the lack of tan lines. Meanwhile Karen was already crouched in the tub. Her hands covering her smaller but no less perfect chest. She blushed brightly when she saw him looking and turned her head. Tamara turned around and brushed her long brown locks back from her face as she motioned for him to come in quickly. Somehow she managed to cover both of her tits just one arm while she did.

“Come on, get in here, in front of your sister so she’s not worried about you seeing her.” Tamara instructed, then stepped aside. Casey did what he was told and walked past, his movements jerky and quick. The entire time he tried to keep his eyes averted from the two of them as he stepped into the tub. Tamara followed him in behind Karen and then slid the curtain closed.

“I’m going to start it up.” he advised, then started feeding change into the rusty coin slot next to the cold water handle. There was a thunking sound, followed by a groan and the water started flowing sporadically. It wasn’t very hot, but it was plenty warm after the soaking they had endured, and after a moment the pressure went up and it sprayed them all thoroughly.

He heard Karen sigh as the water hit her. Chivalry bore it’s noble head again as he realized he was getting the brunt of the water. He grudgingly tried to move aside o they could get more of it.

“Karen you should move bursa evi olan escort up here so you can get into the water a bit more.” he suggested, pushing himself against the wall and shutting his eyes.

“What? That’s too close.” she said, then gasped and he felt her brush him momentarily.

“Don’t worry about it Kay, your brother is doing you a favor.” Tamara said happily. “And I don’t mind a little extra water myself.” He heard Karen laugh nervously at her mother.

“Just, don’t open your eyes, okay dummy?” she said. He nodded, keeping them shut and enjoying the warmth of the spray that was hitting him. The tile at his back was a little cold but he ignored it. The problem was keeping the proximity of two nude women from his mind. Despite knowing the two were related to him his penis was starting to get a little too comfortable. He could feel it starting to grow, the little bastard! He desperately hoped that neither woman was looking, but couldn’t tell with his eyes closed.

“Karen you’re stiff as a board, relax a little and try to get warmed up okay?” Tamara said. “Casey I put a brush on the little ledge next to your hand. Can you hand it to me?” He nodded, then felt around for the brush. His fingers touched the bristles and he clutched it. When he raised it up to hand it to her his hand impacting something warm and soft as a pillow. He abruptly jerked his hand back and held the brush up.

“Uh, sorry, I can’t see where you are.” he tried to explain, wondering just what it was he had touched. His imagination pulled up images of his mothers large breasts to go with the feeling. He felt his penis start growing dangerously fast once more and fought to think of something completely unappealing to stop it.

“That’s fine thanks.” Tamara said, then he felt the brush vanish from his hand. “I’m going to brush your hair a little Kay.” she said. Casey forced himself to relax and listened as his mother combed Karen’s hair quietly.

A minute later the water faltered and then stopped with an audible groan from not just the pipes, but each of the family members. They’d have to get out now, and they didn’t have any clothes to wear. The thought sent Casey’s hormones raging again. He tried to cover his crotch, but his penis was already half erect. He groaned quietly and prayed they weren’t looking.

“Kay are you feeling a little better now?” Tamara asked. Casey felt a pang of annoyance at his plight, and wondered if the two were ever going to get out of the bathtub or if they intended to stay there all night.

“A bit better.” Karen said, then he heard the shower curtain yanked back.

“Just a moment.” Tamara said, and then Karen let out a little squeak of surprise. Casey kept his eyes shut and wondered what was happening. “Your still really nervous.” Tamara continued.

“Wait mom, what…” Karen’s sentence was cut off suddenly and she mumbled something. After a moment she gasped. “What are you doing?” She asked quietly.

“Nothing, come here.” Tamara said. Suddenly Casey felt something warm touch his penis. His eyes shot open and he saw his mother holding Karen’s hand up to his crotch. Karen was shaking, staring widely at it in fear.

“Whats going on?” Casey wondered grabbing Karen’s hand to pull it away. Tamara pushed herself up against him and enveloped his lips with her own. He stared wide eyed as she kissed him, this was crazy, his own mother was kissing him. A moment later she pulled away and smiled. Casey stood there in shock for a moment, then looked at his sister. Her hand was still on his erect penis, but Tamara wasn’t holding it there anymore.

“It’s, big.” Karen mumbled, then seemed to regain herself and pulled her hand away, looking up at him guiltily. “Sorry, she made me do it.” Casey blinked at her, then looked to his mother. Tamara’s hand suddenly grabbed his penis gently and began working it.

“She’s right, it’s pretty big.” his mother said, then looked back at Karen. “Come on honey, he doesn’t mind at all.” Casey was stunned, then groaned as her hand stimulated him.

“It’s..uhg alright.” he managed to say, then Tamara grabbed his hand and shoved it against her breast. He squeezed and felt her soft mounds one by one. The feeling was amazing and he wanted to say something, to tell her but his jaw wouldn’t work. He just stared dumbly as her flesh moved under his palm.

As he continued he felt another hand on his crotch and glanced down. Karen was hesitantly touching him with her right hand, her face bright red as she tried to cover her chest with her left. He thought to himself that it didn’t seem in the spirit of this crazy affair, then reached over with his free hand and pulled her arm away from her breasts. She looked up at him with eyes wide as he began rubbing one of her breasts as well. While her breasts weren’t as massive as his mothers they were pretty impressive themselves, bigger than he could wrap his large bursa rus escort hand around anyway. He rubbed them one by one and while she continued to stare at him, and then his dick, he heard her sigh appreciatively.

“Case, that’s…” Karen muttered then stopped mid sentence as Tamara removed her own hand from Casey’s penis and pushed it between her daughters legs. “What, ohh!” Karen moaned again as her mothers fingers caressed her nether lips. Casey kept rubbing his sister’s breasts, but couldn’t see what his mother was doing that made Karen go limp as a rag doll and clutch his shoulder. Thinking that seemed rather interesting, he moved his hand from his mothers nipples to her crotch. He slid his fingers down her slit and felt her shiver as he worked his digits back and forth over her lips.

“You two are pretty knowledgeable.” Tamara muttered. Casey didn’t reply, he figured he was as knowledgeable as anyone else who had watched porn for years, his experience was limited however and he doubted his skill. His mother’s breathing heavy as he slipped a finger, then a second into her hole. Still she wasn’t nearly as loud as Karen, who was huffing and puffing under the movement of her mothers fingers. His sister released his dick and grabbed onto her mothers shoulder as her legs began to give out.

“Mom, what are youuuu?” she couldn’t even finish her sentence. Casey laughed and pulled Karen a little closer to him, as much to help support her as to feel more of her near him. She nearly fell over but he held her up with both hands. Tamara grinned and dropped to her knees in the tub and pressed her mouth to her daughters lower lips. “Ahhh!!” Karen moaned as her mothers tongue slipped along her labia and circled her clit. Casey moved both of his hands around to her breasts and began kneading and tickling them. He pressed his cock into her rear and rubbed against her. “Wait…Case!” she muttered. She turned her head to look at him and he kissed her She didn’t pull back, and instead her eyes drooped halfway in submission. When he released she gasped for air, then let out a terrific moan and her whole body tensed up. Her back arched and pressed heavily into him, and she gained inches as she stood her toes as she cried out.

He held her tight and after a moment she slumped in his arms. Tamara pulled back from her daughters crotch and grinned happily, then stood and kissed Karen. After a moment she pulled away and Karen let out a little laugh, then smiled.

“That was, kinda nice.” she admitted between breaths. Casey laughed at her, then looked at his mother.

“Whats going on with you?” He asked her.

“We’re not done yet.” she just replied, then helped Karen wobble out of the tub. Casey followed, his hardon throbbing. Tamara led Karen to the bed and pulled back the tacky sheets, letting the girl sit down, then she turned to Casey and crouched down, taking his cock with both hands.

“That feels great.” he muttered as she rubbed his penis slowly. Then she licked her lips, and then shoved his cock into her mouth. He jumped and grabbed her head, then felt the tip strike the back of her throat. It took him a few seconds to recover from his surprise as his mother began deep throating him.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Karen asked, watching with interest from the bed. Casey groaned happily as his mother pulled her head back then slammed his cock to the back of her throat again and again. Her lips sucked at his skin and her tongue wrapping around his member with each thrust. After a moment, Karen got up and crouched low, watching with interest as their mom sucked him off. It took a few minutes, then Casey felt himself at the brink.

“I’m about to cum mom, pull it out!” he told her, but she ignored him and kept going. He groaned in exstacy and thrust his hips towards her one last time. Then suddenly he felt the rush in his nether regions and a river of spunk shot out into her mouth and throat at full power. She stopped moving and he saw her throat working as more and more shot into her. After a few seconds it stopped and she pulled away, licking her lips.

“Pretty good shot there.” She commented, then looked at Karen, who was staring in awe.

“Can you teach me that?” Karen wondered. Tamara smiled, then leaned over and kissed her again. Karen accepted the kiss without hesitation this time and moaned happily.

Casey watched the two and wondered why his mother had gotten them all started like this. After a few moments of kissing Tamara backed off and got up, climbing onto the bed, her large breasts swinging around beneath her as she did. Casey caught a glimpse of her cunt and anus and blinked as he realized she was shaved completely clean.

“You shave your crotch mom?” he asked, helping Karen to her feet. As he did he glanced down at her crotch as well. It was neatly trimmed to a landing strip above her slit, when he looked back up at her face she blushed brightly like he had never seen before.

“I’ve never had much hair actually.” Tamara said, then reached down and rubbed her crotch seductively. “Come on up here Karen.” she patted the bed beside her. Karen nodded and climbed onto the bed, crouching next to her mother, but keeping her legs firmly shut. Casey couldn’t help but stare at the two beautiful girls that sat there.

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