Erin’ s Tale


It was my wife, ironically, who was responsible for my fucking my niece.

I told her I had to make a business trip to Missoula to plan a project proposal with a colleague there.

“Doesn’t your niece Erin and her husband live near there?” she asked.

I had not thought of her a lot… my sister, her mother, had moved out west many years ago and we rarely saw them. But my wife kept up with the family connections and we continued to exchange Christmas cards and the like.

I barely remembered Erin. She was a pretty, skinny little kid the last time I had seen her.

“Yeah, I think she does.” I replied.

“Well, let’s give her a ring and see if you can see her and the family. She has a baby boy now.”

“I’ll do that… it would be good to re-connect with them.” I answered and made a mental note to do exactly that.

When I called her, she sounded delighted to have me visit and insisted I stay with them. It seemed like a great idea and would even save me a few bucks on my overhead.

A few weeks later, I arrived in Missoula. I flew in on a Saturday, rented a car and followed the GPS to Erin and her husband Andy’s house located a few miles outside of town.

It was late spring and the snow was still low on the mountains but the valley was awash in wildflowers and leaves appearing on the aspen forests. I sighed and remembered it had always been a dream of mine to return to the Mountain West someday, maybe to retire there with my wife. But grandchildren and work had kept me mostly in the east when living and working in the US.

Oh I wasn’t complaining. My life had taken us to exotic and fascinating places all over the world; Singapore, Australia, England and a long stretch in Russia while my wife was working in Germany. My time in Russia had left me to indulge in every sexual fantasy a mature male could ask for but left me with a strong addiction to sex with beautiful young women.

My playing around online, including Literotica has pretty much been the last vestige of this addiction. But I wasn’t thinking of any of this as I made my way to Erin’s house on this beautiful spring day.

I knocked on the door and Erin appeared. I was stunned. What had happened to the skinny little kid I remembered? She was drop dead gorgeous. Still thin, but she had certainly filled out with good sized breasts.

She through her self into my arms and gave me a big hug.

“I have been waiting soooo long to see you Uncle Oliver!” she chortled.

“Its uhhh great to see you too Erin!” I managed to stammer. I held her against me for what seemed like an inappropriate amount of time. But just as I was beginning to enjoy the sensations of her young body against me, she stepped back.

“Come on in!” she said gaily.

It was then I saw a cute little boy standing shyly behind Erin and clutching to her tight, low cut jeans…

“This must be your little one…” I said.

Erin turned and bent over to pick him up. The tight jeans slide down over her ass, revealing a delightful cleavage which I was still admiring when she quickly turned, lifting her child as she did.

I must have blushed as I am sure she knew I was admiring your tight little ass, but maybe it was just my guilt at looking at my niece that way.

Erin sensed my discomfort but just smiled at me. “Yes…… this is Zachery…and he’s a big two years old!” his mother beamed.

“Hey, Zachery! I’m your Uncle Oliver…. How are you?”

Zachery just hid his face in his mother’s generous chest. I had a momentary desire to do the same thing myself but quickly shook it off.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” I thought to myself; “Its like I have never seen a good looking woman before.”

My thoughts were broken as Erin invited me in the house.

“Let me show you where you are staying and you can leave your suitcase there.” she said.

I followed her, my eyes on the fine little ass, her crack peeking at me as she walked.

We entered what looked to me the master bedroom of the house.

“You can sleep here.” she said.

“Isn’t this your and Andy’s room?”

“Well, yeah, but Andy isn’t here and I can stay in Zachary’s room on the fold out couch.”

“Where’s Andy?” I said, surprised.

“He has a job up in Alaska for two months… he has been gone for a week.” Erin answered, her face growing instantly sad.

“I’m sorry but really are you sure about this? I hate to put you out of your own room.”

“No problem, I remembered you were tall and know you won’t fit on the foldout.”

“Well that is very nice of you; I really appreciate you taking care of your old Uncle.”

“You’re not that old” I heard her say as she turned and returned to the living room.

I took a few minutes to get settled and then found her in the kitchen cooking.

“Hmmm…. Smells good!” I said.

“I haven’t had a man in the house to cook for, so this really is a pleasure.”

“I thought you said he has only been gone for a week?” I asked idly.

Erin blushed and murmured “Well, a week can be a long time…”

I erzurum escort suddenly caught her meaning and laughed softly.

“Yes…. I guess it can be,” I responded, “if you are a hot young woman like you!” I added mentally.

Dinner was terrific followed by playing with Zachery. It was great fun; like playing with my grandson.

Eventually Erin announced it was time for Zachery to go to bed.

As she shooed him toward his room, she was bent over again…… and again my eyes found focus on her beautiful little ass, taking pleasure in the way it moved as she shuffled along behind her young son.

I sat quietly reading, nursing a beer as she bathed and put her young son to bed.

It wasn’t long before she joined me in the living room. I had to swallow a few times.

“It’s been a long day and I wanted to change into something more comfortable, hope you don’t mind!” she said brightly, setting her own beer on the end table.

She was wearing a long night shirt, her breasts and hard nipples clearly outlined on the soft fabric. “Fuck!” I thought, “Fuck….!” as she sat on the other end of the couch, her legs curled under her. “Nice legs….too.” my silent voice intoned.

“Hell no, it’s your house, you can wear whatever turns you on……” I said, my face turning instantly red as I realized how that sounded.

“I m-mean…..” I stammered.

“I know what you mean!” she said, “and yes it does!”

She smiled at me as I shook my head. “Did I just hear that?” I thought to myself. My cock must have heard it too, as it began to take interest in the conversation.

“Well……” I said, trying to steer the conversation back to safer ground, “So how is Andy doing? It must be rough up there…”

A curtain seemed to fall across her face as she thought about her missing husband. “He’s all right, I guess. He can’t call that much and he’s not one for writing letters.”

“Hey….It’s only been a week” I encouraged, “I’m sure he will be calling more when he gets settled in”.

“Yeah…. He probably will…” she responded, her eyes deep in thought.

“Well I hope he calls while I am here, it would be good to talk to him”

“Well, uhhh, he uhhhhh, he doesn’t know you are here.” she said, squinching her nose and smiling at me guiltily.

I must have looked confused because she continued on quickly “He ummmmm, might not understand if he knew you and I were here alone…. And I uhhhhh, just thought it better if it would be our little secret.”

“Oh sure.” I blinked a few times, “No problem…. Sure!”

It suddenly occurred to me that my wife might well have the same reaction, the wounds from my excessive misbehavior in Russia still being just below the surface even after a couple years.

“It might be a good idea if we didn’t mention this to your Aunt Julia, either.” I said, a shy smile crossing my face.

A big smile crossed Erin’s face. “Yeah, probably not….”

We both broke out laughing…… “Here’s to our little secret!” I toasted, lifting my bottle of beer to her. My eyes were drawn again to her nipples sticking proudly out beneath her night shirt as she leaned forward to tap my bottle with hers.

“Our little secret” she agreed, taking a sip.

“How was Europe?” she said, “That must have been awesome.”

“Yeah, Europe is great……” I answered, “and Russia was… very interesting”

“If she only knew how interesting living and working in Russia had been for six years!” I wryly observed to myself…..

“What was your favorite place there?” she said brightly.

“That’s easy…” I replied, “That would be Amsterdam…. Been there twenty or thirty times.”

“Great place for an old unrepentant hippy like myself!” I added.

“You know marijuana is legal there…… The Betty Boop Coffee House is my home away from home!” I laughed.

“Wow…. Must be neat…..” she said wistfully.

Her face suddenly lit up. “Hey! You know what?”

I laughed, “No…. what?”

“My girlfriend gave me a joint awhile ago…. I haven’t smoked since high school but if you want to……” she said looking at me shyly.

“Sure…. It’s been awhile for me too! Why not?” I said.

Erin jumped up and off the couch and ran into the bedroom.

I had to blink a few times. “Did I just see that?” I thought. “Was she really not wearing panties??”

It was just a glimpse, I could not be sure.

In a minute she came back and plopped on the couch, holding up a pretty respectfully sized joint. She picked up the lighter and took a big hit and almost immediately coughed and hacked the smoke back out, laughing as she did.

I started laughing too as I reached over and patted her back… “Slow down! Start with just a little”

She was still coughing and handed the smoldering joint to me. I took a shallow slow drag, letting the smoke escape briefly before sucking it back down.

I offered it back to her, but she waved it off and reached for a sip of beer. “In a minute…” she said with a short cough.

I held the bodrum escort smoke in my lungs…. And finally let it out……

“Whoaaa! Good shit!” I said, finally coughing myself a little bit.

“I have an idea” I said, “Have you ever shot-gunned?”

She kind of shook her head like she wasn’t sure.

“I will take a hit and blow it into your mouth…. It’s much smoother that way.”

A smile crossed her face and she leaned forward.

I took a deeper drag and gently pulling her shoulder to me…….

Our lips met and I exhaled the smoke into her mouth.

“Well, it might be just the shit talkin’ but damn her lips felt good” I said, sucking a another drag and holding it as she was doing.

We both exhaled…..I was getting a little dizzy…… She shook her head, her long blonde ponytail flying back and forth.

“wow….” she said softly….. “Good shit!”

We both giggled with that old, dumb stoner giggle. “Yeah, like I said…. Good shit!”

She signaled for another hit.

I took a drag and once again our lips met……. I suddenly realized my hand was on the side of her breast…. And our lips were still together….. as I ever so slowly exhaled into her waiting mouth.

She didn’t move away this time. Holding her hit in, she didn’t move away from me or my hand on her breast. She just looked in my eyes. I was melting.

I felt her hand on mine as she looked in my eyes. She moved it onto her breast….. her nipple hard beneath my palm.

The smoke cleared and our lips were together again; my tongue probing her mouth which sucked it before pushing my own tongue back into my mouth.

My mind cleared…… I pulled away a few inches.

“Erin…… I’m sorry….. I don’t know why…..” my apology was interrupted by her suddenly throwing her arms around my neck and her mouth opening on mine again in rising passion.

I pulled her to me, my hand exploring her breasts…..then downward.

She spread her legs out on the couch; she was in my lap as I bent to her, our tongues dueling in seduction.

My hand felt along the young firmness of her body, across her abdomen. Her hips began rising to meet me in anticipation.

My hand cupped the hard rise of her mound….my fingers pressing the flannel into her pussy.

I pulled her night shirt up, my fingers seeking and finding her moist sex…..



The phone shattered the moment and we froze; my mouth hovering above hers in surprise.


I sat back and she jumped up and ran for the phone across the room.

“Hello?” I heard her answer. “Baby!” she said, her eyes glancing back at me.

I felt more than a little foolish, sitting there. A smoldering, forgotten joint in one hand, my other hand rose instinctively to my nose.

My nostrils flared as I inhaled. Half stoned, my eyes closed in pleasure at the sweet, musk, scent of her.

I felt dizzy again and opened my eyes to see she had turned her back to me and was talking quietly in the phone; I caught just a bit: “….don’t want to wake the baby.” she said softly.

I knocked the ash off in a convenient ashtray, and sucked in another hit before tamping the joint out in the dish.

My mind was barely clear, but I knew this was not good.

I stood up and stretched before walking toward the bedroom.

She turned with a surprised look on her face as she listened to her husband.

I hand signaled that I was going “beddy bye” and pointed toward the bedroom.

I waved and silently mouthed “Good night!” to her as I walked to the bedroom.

She looked decidedly unhappy as she unenthusiastically waved back, before turning back to her call.

I closed the door behind me and sat on the bed. I realized that my cock was rigid and clearly swollen from my brief encounter with Erin.

I shook my head to clear my brain….. “Man….. a couple of hits and I’m a zombie!”

My hand rubbed my stiff cock through my khaki’s…… “What the hell was THAT about?” I thought to myself. “Fuck……… she is fucking hot!”

“It was just the dope, I’m sure.” my mind rambled on. “What is she, 21, 22?”

“Fuck…. I thought I left all that behind in Russia” but like a recovering alcoholic being offered a sniffer of brandy, my addiction was never that far below the surface.

I took a deep breath….. and stripped off my clothes and hung them on the chair. I took my toiletry bag out of my suitcase and trundled into the bath.

Soon I was sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling a book out to read myself to sleep with when there was a knock on the door.

I pulled the cover over my lap.”Yeah? Come in!”

The door opened slightly and Erin stuck her beautiful face and dirty blonde hair in the door….”Just wanted to make sure everything was okay and you don’t need anything.”

“Yeah, I need something!” my mind muttered…..”damn that fucking dope!”

“Uhh No….. Everything is great, thank you!”

“Oh, okay.” and she started to close the door.

“Uhhh eskişehir escort Erin?”

She looked back at me, her face bright and expectant. “Yeah?”

“About earlier….. Sorry about that…. It was the dope, I’m sure….I uhhh….” Then I shrugged.

She looked crestfallen. “Oh, okay. Well, see you tomorrow morning.”


“Well that was strange, I thought, it was like she wanted me to ….. fuck….I need to swear off this dope thing…I’m what? Two…no almost three TIMES her age?? She’s your fucking niece, asshole!”

I let out an audible sigh and slid into bed…. I picked up my book. It was not long before I was turning out the light and settling in to sleep.

Except… I couldn’t sleep. The thought of Erin’s beautiful face and young hard body was torturing me. Soon my cock was rigid again…. Pre-cum leaking over its head…

“Well maybe if I were to jerk….” Just then, I heard the door creak open.

“Uncle Oliver?” I heard Erin say, her profile backlit against the dim hall nightlight.

“Y-yes? Is everything all right? I…” I stammered, sitting up and turning on the bed lamp.

“Ohhhh yeah….. its just that….” Erin began entering the room and slowly walking over to the bed.

“Well….. I was just wondering….” she said as she sat on the edge of the bed. She took a deep breath and began….

“Look, that couch is really, really uncomfortable and I was wondering……” she said glancing up at me.

“Hey! No Problem! Really… I will take the couch…. This IS your bed and I …” I offered, but she interrupted me.

“Oh no! I can’t make you do that, it’s really awful. It’s not even comfortable to sit on…. I don’t know why we even have that old thing…..” she said quickly.

Shyly looking up at me, she continued.

“Ummm….. Would you mind if I slept in here…. I won’t take up much room!” she said nervously glancing up at me and back to her hands.

I was speechless. I just sat there looking at her. “Damn, she is beautiful” I thought.

After a few seconds of silence, she started to stand up… “Look this is a bad idea; I will sleep in the stuffed chair…….”

It was my turn to interrupt her. “No, wait!” I said touching her arm. “That’s crazy… of course you can sleep in here.” I said, perhaps too enthusiastically.

I moved over in the bed and turned the cover down for her.

Her face beamed. She leaned over and turned the bed lamp off.

Only dimly lit from the hall nightlight, I watched as she pulled her nightshirt off and tossed it to the chair across the room. Then she turned and slipped under the covers, her back to me, turning her head to say “Goodnight Uncle Oliver!” very brightly. She didn’t sound sleepy.

I suddenly realized I had forgotten to breathe while watching her. I slid down under the covers and turned with my back to hers. “Umm Goodnight Erin.” I answered, sleep being the farthest thing from my mind.

There is an almost electrical charge in the slightest contact of naked flesh in moments of extreme sexual tension.

And so it was as I moved to a slightly more comfortable position and my butt just touched Erin’s sweet ass, as we lay back to back.

Every fiber of my being was focused bizarrely on that warm spot, until it grew with a heat that was not to be denied.

I “re-adjusted” my body and rubbed against her. She instantly did the same…

“Oh fuck…..” I thought, “this is crazy!” I rolled over to face her. At the loss of contact with me, I could have sworn I heard her softly moan.

My eyes wide open and adjusted to the darkness, I stared at the silken blonde head inches from my face.

Then she moved back against me….. but this time, it was my cock her ass felt. Hot, hard, dripping with pre-cum, my cock slowly undulated against her firm young butt, smearing pre-cum against her as it moved.

Erin moaned louder this time. In response, I lay my arm across her under the covers, my hand finding her young, hard abdomen. I pulled her gently but firmly against me until I was nuzzling her neck.

Her head arched back at the sensations of my warm breath on her neck and my hot cock against the crack of her perfect ass. My hand move up to cup a full breast even as she raised her arm and gently played with my hair as my tongue teased her neck.

She turned under my arm, her lips moving to mine, open, my tongue probing her mouth in the renewed passion of our moments on the couch.

The warmth of her breasts against my chest, her thin, hard body began to grind against me, things were heating up rapidly.

“Oh Oliver…… I do need this so badly……” she moaned as our lips separated. Oliver was happy to provide “this”.

My hand explored her firm young ass, pulling it against my cock, now digging against her pussy.

I pushed her on to her back….throwing off the covers to reveal her beautiful young body in the dim light, writhing under my touch.

My hand immediately began exploring her again….. her breasts, softly pinching her nipples. My fingers were followed by my tongue. I teased each hard, brown nub before sucking it into my mouth.

My hand went further south until it came to her smooth, shaved mound; my fingers exploring further to find her pussy….already wet in anticipation.

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