Erica’s Man: Away on Residential


Leaving Raya, the TA who had come with us on the residential trip, chuckling behind us as she unlocked her door, Holly and I continued along the corridor. It wasn’t a long walk back to the rooms, where the kids would all be asleep by now. We always had a laugh together, and had done since I’d joined the school a couple of years earlier. Tonight had been a laugh, relaxing with a few drinks in the staff lounge in the main castle while the site staff dealt with getting the children to bed and off to sleep. It had gotten late quicker than we realised though, and it was nearly two in the morning now, so we kept our jokes low and quiet.

The boys’ dorm was slightly closer than the girls’, so we arrived there first and I opened the main door, waving goodnight as Holly carried on. Naturally, I watched her continue to walk, her athletic figure always a pleasure to watch from behind, especially in the tight t-shirt and leggings she had been wearing for the last couple of days at the outdoor adventure site we’d brought year 4 to.

Suddenly she stopped, and turned back, a thoughtful look on her face. “Do you mind if I check something on the paperwork I gave you?” she asked, starting to walk back up the path.

“Course not,” I replied, holding the door open. “Come on in.”

She ducked under my arm as she entered the building and I felt her hip brush against my crotch. Through my tracksuit bottoms it felt a lot closer a touch than it was, and I felt my cock twitch slightly. I prayed I didn’t get too much of a rise, as my tracksuit would also not hide much from Holly if I did!

Holly stopped outside my door and waited patiently while I opened it up. I gestured for her to lead the way and she duly obliged, wandering into the twin room I’d been allocated. I followed, letting the door close behind me. I stepped over to where I’d left the paperwork and picked it up, turning and holding it out to Holly. “What bit is it you need?”

“None of it,” she replied.

I clearly looked confused as she smiled before she followed up.

“I don’t give a fuck about the paperwork,” she continued, quietly. “My relationship with Ben has all gone to shit and I want a shag.”

Now I knew I was staring. I sat back onto the bed, surprise weakening my legs. The paperwork fell forgotten off the edge of the bed as I let it go. As I continued to stare dumbly, I slowly registered that her nipples were rock hard under her t-shirt.

As I continued to say nothing, Holly took the initiative, reaching down to her waist and lifting her top, exposing her flat stomach, followed by a black bra, clearly a soft, comfortable one to aid manoeuvrability on the activities, but revealing just how hard her nipples were as she lifted the shirt smoothly over her head and shook her long, dark hair out of her face as she dropped it to the floor.

“It’s been months, Kev,” she stepped towards me. “And I know you’re not getting any while Erica’s pregnant.” Another step. “Nobody gets hurt.” My eyes were fastened onto hers as she took a last junji ito maniac japanese tales of the macabre izle step towards me, her belly button now right in front of my face.

She waited. I think she knew this was this critical moment, where I either complied or told her to leave.

Her perfectly flat, toned stomach sat in front of me, her small, but extremely pert breasts almost directly in my eye-line as I gazed up into her eyes.

After the longest two seconds of my life, my hands found the outside of her thighs and I felt her whole body relax as my touch caressed her legs and moved up to her waist.

I wasted no time, now I’d given myself over to this course of action, kissing her stomach as my thumbs found the waistband of her leggings and began to peel them downwards. Her hands twined through my hair as I spread kisses across her stomach and my hands moved further down her legs, taking her leggings over her hips, thighs, knees, shins, until they reached the floor and she lifted her feet one by one to allow me to remove them completely.

I pulled back slightly, her hands still gripping my hair, to finally see what lay under Holly’s tight leggings. Soft, black, comfy panties, nothing fancy, but incredibly alluring in the circumstances, covered her front, but as I brought my hands up the back of her legs, having thrown her leggings aside, the lacy edges caught my attention as I slid one hand underneath to fondle her pert, round arse.

Leaning forwards, I kissed the front of her knickers, pressing hard against her pubic mound and earning a low moan of anticipation from Holly. Her hands still entwined within my hair, she pushed me down, lifting herself slightly onto her tiptoes to enable me to kiss lower. I felt the unmistakeable swelling of her cunt lips under my kiss, and another, slightly louder moan escaped her mouth.

I continued to caress her arse cheeks with my hands as I kissed her lips through her moist panties, sliding my tongue between them to find her clitoris. I didn’t wait long before hooking my fingers around the waistband of Holly’s panties though, pulling them down to her ankles where she quickly stepped through them as my tongue returned to taste her. She was shaven, and I could see her lips were pink and swollen with desire. Her juices and my saliva glistened off her engorged clit as my tongue caressed it round and round.

Moaning quietly, she held my head in place as she lifted her right leg up over my shoulder, spreading her lips and allowing me full access to her cunt. I buried my tongue in her pussy, alternating between licking along as far as I could reach and flicking over her clit. Her moans were becoming more frequent, although she was managing to keep them quiet so as not to be heard through the thin walls.

Shortly, I brought my right hand away from her arse cheek to reach around between her legs. I slid first one finger, then a second kaçış izle inside her as I focused my tongue on her clit. Slow, measured movements in and out of her pussy brought hard, fast breathing and her grip tightened on my hair as Holly came hard, grinding her wetness on my face as I felt her orgasmic juices flow over my tongue. I lapped at her soaking cunt, tasting her cum before she stepped away from me, weak at the knees.

I stood in front of her and stepped forward to hold her close, kissing her mouth and giving her a taste of her own pussy as our tongues entwined. Reaching round, I released the clasp of her bra and as I stepped away again, removed it completely to reveal small, but rock hard nipples on a beautiful pair of small, round breasts. I leaned down and took one into my mouth, licking and sucking on it as I let my fingers roam to the other, rubbing and twisting slightly and bringing more small moans from Holly. I felt her hand finally arrive on my erection, and her nipple left my mouth as she dropped to her knees, pulling my tracksuit and boxers down in one, my eight inch cock leaping up to attention in front of her face.

Her eyes met mine as she wrapped her right hand around my cock and cradled my testicles with her left. Holding my gaze, she extended her tongue and slowly, sensuously licked around the tip of my penis. Her mouth slid along one side of my cock and then she let her tongue slither wetly back up the bottom of my shaft before she closed her eyes and wrapped her lips round the head, her tongue continuing to circle in her mouth.

I quickly removed my own t-shirt as she sucked my cock, bobbing her head back and forth, the warm wetness of her mouth sending small spasms of pleasure through me. Much as I was enjoying this though, I had no intention of letting this opportunity possibly pass with a blow job. I entwined my fingers through her hair as she had with me, but instead of holding her harder onto me, I drew her up and kissed her, pulling her backwards with me and turning to guide her down onto the bed beneath me.

Her legs spread as she lay back, inviting me between them and I knelt above her as I guided my cock to the warm, wet entrance to her cunt. Holly didn’t take her eyes from mine, but did let out a small O of pleasure as I rubbed my head up over her clit before, finding the hole, slid the tip of my length into her. The warmth and wetness of her tight pussy engulfed my cock as I entered her and her eyes held to mine as her mouth opened wider at the thickness of my erection sliding deeper into her pussy.

Spreading my knees to allow me greater access, I lay atop her now, reaching my left arm around her back to hold her in place and my right beneath her shoulder to rest under her head as I kissed her. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I slid my shaft all the way in to the balls, and I heard her whisper to herself as small squeaks escaped her throat. Fully inside Holly now, I began to thrust with my hips, siding in and out of her tight kaleidoscope izle pussy, every movement rubbing my length against the walls of her cunt so I could feel every second.

Lost in her warmth and wetness, I began to fuck her harder and faster, slamming into her as deep as I could go. Squeaks of pleasure continued to escape her throat as she tried valiantly to keep quiet, but whispers of “Oh God” and “Fuck, fuck, fuck yes,” continually found my ears.

Soon, I felt what had clearly been a long wait for a good fucking come to a head in Holly’s cunt. The walls contracted, tightening even further around my shaft, and she couldn’t help a low moan escaping her mouth as her back arched beneath me and she came, her thighs squeezing my waist hard. The orgasm sent me over the edge too, and hot cum flew into her pussy as I tensed, allowing only a low grunt to escape my lips as my body jerked with orgasm.

I lay atop her for maybe a minute, my cock still hard inside her, the pair of us panting breathlessly. Rolling to one side, I lay next to her, and she momentarily rolled onto her side and snuggled in to my shoulder.

We lay together, close, for a while then. We’d been close ever since I joined the school, and clearly, had just become even closer.

After about ten minutes, I turned my head and kissed her lips. She kissed me back, and I felt my cock stir once more. We kissed for a few minutes, our tongues beginning to explore one another’s mouths. Soon, her hand returned to my erection and while one of mine was behind her back and used to gently caress her bum, I reached across with the other and began to carefully stimulate her nipples.

It didn’t take long for us to have that mutual, unspoken moment where we pulled out of the kiss, looked each other in the eye, and without speaking, knew we were fucking again.

I slid my hand down between her legs and found her already wet through, horny again. Not waiting for me to spend any time down there, Holly suddenly swung herself atop me and knelt up above my waist, giving me a glorious view of her naked body.

Reaching down, she guided my cock to her pussy as she lowered herself, and moaned as I slid inside her. Carefully, she sat right down to the base of my shaft, taking every last millimetre she could into her warm, wet cunt.

Without lifting up, Holly began to grind round and round on my cock, pulsating forwards and backwards between circles. Clearly, this was a favourite technique of hers as she began to moan, suddenly remembering the thin walls and stifling them by biting her lip.

It didn’t take long for Holly to cum again, grinding her clit against my pubic bone with 8 inches of penis inside her. She let out a loud gasp, managing to keep her moan inside but unable to stay silent as I felt her muscles tighten around my length.

Leaning forward now to kiss me, Holly shifted her focus, lifting herself up and lowered down quickly, doing all the manoeuvring as though she was simply wanking me off with her pussy. Needless to say, it worked. Her tight wetness slid easily up and down my length, bringing me quickly to the edge. A much smaller amount of cum than previously soon shot into her, as I gasped against her mouth and she rested atop me.

A few moments later, she was snugged back in against my shoulder, and it was only when my alarm went off the next morning that she quickly re-clothed herself and returned to her own room.

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