EPOCH: The Story of Rockstars Ch. 05


We are on Kelly & Michael and the question hits.

“How did you guys get together?”

I smirked… a common question we get hit with all the time. I squeezed Nikki’s hand and she took the lead.

“High school actually. I was a cheerleaders and part of the dance team as well… Eric had this little band that helped earn money for uniforms for us-“

I cut in, “What can I say… I’ve always loved the arts.”

The audience chuckled and Nikki grinned and rolled her eyes, “Especially when it involved cheerleaders and tight uniforms.”

The audience laughed again and I grinned and shrugged, “Let’s just keep in mind you were one of those cheerleaders…”

Her eyes cut to mine with a smirk, “That’s right… lucky for you.” More chuckles.

Nikki shifted, “So he not only assisted with the uniform but also helped us with our act…”

I grinned and realized she still only knew so much of the whole story; staring at Kelly Ripa’s legs, I let my mind slip back…


Newport, Rhode Island.

Rogers High School auditorium.

“Line up ladies!”

At best, the cheerleaders for Rogers were going to be a problem; limited talent, a lackluster routine and an overweight supervisor was pushing this squad quickly over the brink. While most of the girls were pleasant to look at, they bore an air of superiority and privelage that promptly dropped them overall into the toilet. Nikki and I had come up with an idea we had been working on for a month, of course what she didn’t know was that I had started on it at the end of the summer. “Come ON,” she yelled as the girls, in their tight black and red uniforms, with little pleated skirts meandered to their positions.

Nikki sighed, bending at the waist and scooping up a waistbin, moved along the line, “Gum… spit it out.” They giggled and three spit out the gum as she moved along the line shaking her head, “Come on… have a little pride…”

“Why are we here on a Tuesday and why is he here,” asked one of the Pollia twins, exasperated and clearly irritated, pointing at me. I saw Nikki’s face tighten and knew she needed me to step out for a minute. I moved off for backstage as she began to tell the girls the bad news; it wasn’t going to go well. These girls didn’t like being judged, let alone told that half of them would be replaced. I pushed past the backdrop into wings, toward the waiting, nervous teenage girls.

I grinned as I perused them in their new uniforms, tightly stretched and newly designed. The design kept to the regulations but cut up and angled across all the right spots, accentuating the womanly curves they each possessed. These girls had little to no experience at cheering but had physical frames that far outstripped the usual, A-cup flat as a board body of a gymnast. These girls had come from the school dance program or our “advisor” had picked them. I moved over to her as she flipper through a clipboard.

It was strange seeing her during the day, as she was a stripper at night. At five six and one hundred and fifteen pounds she seemed almost meek standing there in her baby blue sweats and black leotard top. If you met her on the job, you never would have though that; after introducing herself as “Simone” at the Foxy Lady, she’d pulled me into the champagne room and fucked me stupid. She was the first girl I’d done anal with and the first girl to introduce me to cocaine, a drug which I would never try again. I don’t enjoy feeling like my heart was going to explode.

I touched her lower back and leaned into her ear, “Are they ready?” She smirked devilishly and gave a slight nod, “I believe so Hun.” I could hear Nikki moving toward the main point of the emergency meeting as I looked over to see one of the girls watching us as we talked; she was blushing as she watched my hand trace a circle on Simones hip. I winked at the girl who smiled shyly at me; she let out an audible squeek when she saw my hand slip down the back of Simones sweatpants. I chuckled as Simone continued to check her list and I cupped her ass, with the girl still watching.

At that point, I heard the very audible complaints on stage to Nikki’s decision and Simone moved away, my hand slipping out of the pants waistband. She looked back at me with that smirk and gave a wink, “I’m on.” I watched her go to Nikki’s defense and then looked back at the girl who had been watching me. She sat quietly, careful to avoid my eyes and I smiled, looking at my watch; we have some time. I moved over to her side and knelt down next to her and whispered, “Hello.,”

She looked over at me, feigning surprise and still blushing, “Umm, hi.”

I leaned in close and whispered, “You were watching me, weren’t you?”

She blushed and just nodded, shaking like a leaf.

I nuzzled her ear and whispered, “You think we should go talk about that?”

She licked her lips, nervous and unsure of herself, nodding again.

I put my hand on her shoulder gently and whispered, “Come on.”

I’d brought her back to a stage closet and Dikmen Escort we’d made out for awhile. Slowly I’d gotten her to lay down when she’d told me she was a virgin; I told her not to worry, I just wanted to kiss her down below. With a little more pressure, I got her to lay back as I took off her panties and lifted up her skirt slowly, her chest heaving in excitement. Taking each ankle in hand, I kissed my way down her thighs to the soft downy patch of brown between and began to taste her. She was wet and delicious.

When my tongue touched her center she jolted like she’d been shocked. Her thighs tightened around my head as I began to work my belt loose; I might not fuck her but I sure as hell would get some release. I pushed down my pants to my ankles and eased her thighs apart. I moved up and kissed her deeply, pulling back and then whispered, “Let’s help each other out.” She nodded as I kicked off my jeans and crawled over her; placing a knee on either side of her head, she gave a shocked whimper when my engorged cock slapped against her nose gently. Looking down, I saw the uncertainty in her eyes; I’m in excess of ten inches and that look is common with most girls. I held back a chuckle as she reached up and took me in her hand nervously and without guidance, placed me to her lips.

She opened wide and I guided it into mouth, past her teeth and over her tongue. I let out a sigh and whispered, “That’s good honey… no teeth though and just suck.” She followed my commands as I just sat there a moment and enjoyed it. She sucked softly and I sighed again, slowly and gently rocking my hips forward. I lowered my head back down between her legs and spoke again, “I’m just going to rock back and forth. If you can’t take all of it, squeeze my leg.” As my tongue delved into her pink slit, I heard her moan and felt the suction around my cock tighten. I rocked slowly but steadily, building a rhythm and slowly gaining depth. I knew this was the first time she had sixty-nined and I also knew that she was trying to make an impression; I was finishing balls deep and she wouldn’t say shit if she had a mouthful.

I continued to eat her out and felt the first tremors of her orgasm after four minutes. At five minutes she let out a moan and her legs clamped hard around my head, her ass tightening in my hands. I squeezed it tight and began to thrust steadily into her throat as I felt her jerk in surprise. Her orgasm still rolling over her, she squeezed my thigh but I leaned in, thrusting again. Weighing only a little over a hundred pounds, she tried pushing me up; I outweighed her by sixy pounds and continued the steady building rhythm. I felt her squeeze my thigh again and I went for broke; one, two, three thrusts and I sat up, pushing her legs down and apart to hold her down.

I cried out and came hard down her throat, causing her to choke in surprise. I pulled back for a second and felt her inhale with a gasp, her body untensing as she drew in air and just as quick, I drove down her throat again, giving her a second burst of cum. I eased out so just the head of my cock was in her mouth and chuckled, “Damn honey… your sure your a virgin?”

“I made the team! I ALWAYS make the FUCKING team! You can’t kick us out!” She was crying, jabbing her finger in Nikki’s face. Nikki looked resolute but I could see the nervousness underneath. Nikki put her hands up defensively as Simone stepped in, “And your still on the team Jenna, you’ve just been moved to second string.”

“Fuck. You,” Jenna snapped, her finger changing targets, “My parents have invested thousands of dollars to this team! They’ve hosted fundraisers, paid for uniforms -.” Nikki cut her off gently, .”..and we know that Jenna but this squad needs to move in another direction…”

“Which direction is that,” asked a tall black girl named Letisha; she would stay on the team and often was the outsider in the old one. Nikki smiled, “I’ve got something to show you guys… your going to love it.” Nikki nodded to the boy behind the projector, who then gave a wave to the boy on the lights. As the projector spun to life, a team of cheerleaders appeared on the screen and Nikki smiled as their band kicked in…

The girls name was Amy; a brunette with low self asteem and a need to prove herself. When we’d gotten dressed again, I got her to blow me and jerk me off with her tits, which were fairly large for a girl not out of high school. I made arrangements for her to come by my place later and then she left, with me following a few minutes later. I moved through the back stage area and out to the edge of the stage as Nikki’s presentation ended.

“Well, I for one think they looked like sluts,” Jenna added quietly but she knew the truth; the girls on the screen were good. They moved like they were on a dance floor, more like women then little girls. Amber, another keeper for the squad with thick and dark auburn hair spoke up, “No… they looked good… but it seems like your suggesting we change everything Eryaman Escort and we don’t even have the money for new uniforms-.” Jenna sensed the change in her fellow cheerleaders and shrugged, “Don’t look at me… I’m second string now.”

Nikki glared at Jenna, “That’s not a problem Jenna. We have new uniforms paid for by the new school band.” Simone opened a box on the side of the stage and started tossing small vinyl bags to each member as she called out their names. “Also, Ms. Simone who will be our new coordinator, answerable to Ms. Davidson, the head coordinator…” Ms. Davidson was slightly over weight and tired of the extra work involved with the cheerleaders, along with being bisexual, which Simone had been using to her benefit. Simone had played with bringing me into the game but so far I had resisted… so far.

Nikki continued, cautiously now, .”.. and last but not least is our new talent and our band.” The eight girls selected walked out onto the stage, doing their best to avoid revealing their nervousness. Their new uniforms, in red and black, sparkled under the stage lights and revealed areas of skin previously hidden by their old fashion uniforms; a tight and high cut skirt just barely twelve inches in length, a sleeveless crop top disguised in the loosest sense by two one inch pieces of material running down the center of the back and the other down the center of the abdomen. Add to this the almost knee high boots and the girls looked positively… well, dangerous.

“Holy shiiiit,” said Letisha, with a nervous laugh, “I’m sold. My moms going to snap but there ain’t shit she can do about a uniform.” Amber blushed and looked at the enveloped uniform she held in her hands with a grin, “I don’t even know what… to say. It looks good don’t get me wrong… but are you sure this is… legal? I mean, does this even meet standards?” Nikki made a face I would later on in life equate to a look of dominance she often used; she told me she felt powerful at that moment. The girls were hers now, “Barely but yes they do. You have the boys in the band to thank for your new look,” she pointed to the guys in the seats of the auditorium seating who all grinned and gave a wave or nod.

“I’m not wearing this shit,” said Jenna, dropping it at her feet. “I’m not dressing up like a whore for these assholes,” she said motioning to my friends who again grinned, waving and nodding.

Nikki walked up to Jenna, bent down and picked up the uniform. When she rose up, she met Jenna’s glare with her own and stepped in closer, causing the girl to take a quarter step back. Nikki stood silently as did everyone in attendence, drawing all eyes to the confrontation with the baiting silence.

Nikki’s voice was low in tone and volume which made everyone listen carefully as she spoke, “You won’t wear the uniform?”

Jenna crossed her arms, unfamiliar and a bit uncomfortable with Nikki’s demeanor, “not a chance.”

Nikki held her tone as she continued, never blinking or changing it, “Then kindly get the fuck out of here you skank.”

“Oh shit,” Letisha was the only one to even whisper as Jenna stood blinking, her mouth agape at Nikki’s words; Nikki never spoke like that EVER and these girls rarely talked like that to anyone unless it was to tear them down.

“YOU,” Jenna belted out loudly in shock and rage, “YOU don’t fucking call me-,” started the brunette before Nikki’s next words cut her off dead.

“Tell me again how did Mr. Spangleo taste Jenna?”

The room froze at the mention of the new young Spanish teacher; rumor had flown around that a student had managed to fuck the twenty something late one day after school but the student was always anonymous and therefore it was just a rumor.

Until now.

Jenna’s face turned white and she reached out, grabbing Nikki’s arm, “Shut UP!” Nikki looked down at Jenna’s hand before her eyes rolled back up to Jenna’s face, “I suggest we end this before it gets any worse for you.” Jenna let her go like she was on fire and started to talk again when Nikki cut her off, “I think your done here for now Jenna. I would suggest you think long and hard about how any action by you or your parents would affect your standing with this squad, your school or a future college.”

In full control now and loving it, Nikki’s hip cocked, her hand on said hip as she continued glaring at Jenna who slowly backed away, “My suggestion is you go home and run everything through your little head again. The door is still here but you’ll need to apologize to the band and then to us as a group. This squad isn’t a clique anymore and it’s going to need teamwork and dedication to get us to the next level.”

Nikki turned, dismissing the girl and over her shoulder with, “I’m sure you have some Spanish homework to work on.” Nikki strutted off and began rattling off a list of meeting times and new rules as Jenna ran off and out of the auditorium. Nikki’s eyes cut over to me during a break in the conversation Esat Escort and I yelled, “Marry me,” to which she grinned, blushed and cut back to her squad mates.

“”Marry me,”” chided Simone with a grin as she walked up beside me and I shook my head, “I think I’m in love…”

A knock at my door surprised me and I was even more surprised to see Jenna standing there when I opened it. “Hey,” I said questioningly, leaning against the door frame. She looked like she’d been crying and now shifted from foot to foot in her Jean shorts and sports bra, “Can we talk?”

“Are you going to call me an asshole,” I asked and she shook her head, annoyed, “No, of course not.” I shifted to the otherside of the door frame and looked at her unsure, “Are you going to shit all over me tomorrow to your friends?”

She sniffled and gritted her teeth, “No… I promise.”

I tapped her hand and her eyes met mine, “I technically have a firm rule of not admitting angry, sad or crying girls into my place… but your cute enough for an exception…”

Flattery to a young girl is like catnip and she sniffled again, stifled tearing up and raised her chin slightly, “Thanks. I just wanted-.”

“Come on in,” I said, cutting her off, “Lets talk inside.” She smiled nervously and slipped past me into the hall. I joined her as my lizard brain started to find a way into this girl…

I showed her around my apartment; totally truthful, this wasn’t my place… it was just the back of Strokers, the bar/music venue we played at. Apparently, the rear of the building had been opened originally but now it was shut off and the lady who owned it let me use it for practice, crashing out and the occasional unsupervised party. My rent was paid in sex with her, which wasn’t a payment I didn’t mind paying out… while twenty years older than me, she kept her body tight and the sex was educational to say the least.

After the tour, I made her a snack and gave her a beer. We sat down in the loft and we talked about ourselves until the awkward silence came; that moment when a young girl realizes she’s alone with a boy who’s cute, has just opened up to her and she him and their sitting against the headboard of his bed.

She kissed me first.

It accelerated from there, her top coming off followed by shorts and pink panties. My jeans dropped next followed by my boxers; she proceeded to blow me as I pulled down the comforter and pulled out a condom. I entered her from behind at first and she cried out in surprise, “God… that’s too… big!” Taking her ass in my hands, I set the rhythm and she took it. I rode her steadily and she orgasmed twice quickly, screaming out loud with the last. I laid her down on her back and hooked her legs behind her knees, opening her wide to me.

“Owww… I don’t like this position that much,” she offered quietly as I nudged her entrance. “No way,” I said as I lined myself up, “I love it.” I pushed myself in deep and she bit her lip and whimpered. I leaned up, kneeling as I pushed her ankles above her head and towards the headboard, folding her in half and filling her. “Owww,” she whimpered, a clear suggesting indicator for me to take it easy; I didn’t. Her knees against her chest, I held her locked in place and began to jack hammer her as fast as I could. “Gently,” she groaned but I kept my pace and whispered, “I’m almost there baby… just a few more seconds…”

It was minutes. I continued to pound her hard and fast until her head was rapping off the headboard repeatedly and she kept stifling “Oww’s.” As I got close, I slid her ankles over my shoulders, wrapped my arms around her thighs in a bear hug and began slamming into her brutally. Her groan became a rising cry of pain until it reached a crescendo at which point I came, falling forward and folding her in half again. I slammed my tongue down her throat and felt myself bang against her cervix as she squirmed under me. I rolled off of her with a sigh and flopped down, exhausted.

“That hurt,” she chided, out of breath and I nodded, “Yeah, sorry about that… girls say I’m pretty big.” She sat up, palming her sex, “I meant you were rough! What was that at the end?”

I sat up and held her shoulder gently, “I’m sorry… you just got me going. You did finish twice and that was my first…” She softened and took my hand, “That’s OK… you just need to be gentle. Your so big…,” I took her hand and put it down on my still engorged cock and she laughed, “Honey, I’m sore down there still…” I cupped her chin and ran my thumb over her lips, gently pushing in between, “We don’t need to go there right now…”

She blew me… pretty darn well to.

She left just before Amy showed up, with an apology for her attitude at the meeting and a promise to keep tonight’s activities quiet with a possible return in the future. Whatever… I just liked punishing her for being a bitch and if she came back, I’d beat her head off the headboard again and try to go back door with her as well.

Amy arrived at five and I gave her a tour, including the bar and stage, which impressed her. We made our way back to the apartment, I played a few songs for her on my freshly made bed and then we made out again. Amy is a treasure… she was eager to please, a shapely girl who, most likely after graduation will get pregnant, squeeze out two or three pups and add eighty pounds to her ass.

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