Entertaining Myself While The Wife Is Out


I’m sitting here all hard and wanting to get off. I go to the hamper and pull out my wife’s dirty panties. I love to smell her scent, when she’s not around. I know that must seem strange to you, but there’s nothing better than smelling rank and fragrant pussy juice on one’s panties. I go to our bedroom and I just keep her panties under my nose. I’m sniffing her delicious smell. I move my hands up and down my seven inch cock. “Oh God, her cunt smells like heaven on earth. I love her sweet smelling pussy.” I’m now holding and caressing my balls as I sniff and now taste at her wet panties. “Oh Shit, they smell and taste so fucking good. I’m so fucking hard.” I’m jerking my cock harder and faster and sniffing at these really fragrant panties. I wrap her panties around my cock and work my hand faster over my dick. “Oh fuck! Here it comes.” I blew my load in the cotton crotch of her panties. I took a little taste of my come on her damp panties. After I do that, I clean myself up. I’m not sure what to do with my time because she’s not around right now. I decide to go to the computer and surf around on the Internet. I log in and then look at a little porn. It didn’t take me very long to work up another erection, while I looked at these beautiful women having sex with other beautiful women. I’m getting excited again and pull and tug on my cock. Watching these two women kiss is incredibly hot and sexy. They’re really hot blonde’s with perfect breasts and shaved pussies. They’re both now feeling the other’s breasts and have moved their heads down to suckle on each other’s nipples. “Fuck, it’s so fucking hot. I love to watch beautiful women make love to each altyazılı porno other.” Now the women are sharing deep and passionate kisses. The one blonde gets comfortable on the bed and then the other one spreads her legs and dives right into her beautiful pussy. She licks her pussy like an ice cream cone. Long and luxurious licks up and down her beautiful cunt. 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The guy is pounding her mouth. “Oh fuck, this is really hot to watch.” I’m now stroking my cock faster and faster and rubbing and holding my balls. Some of my pre-cum is dripping off the head of my cock. I take a little taste of my pre-cum, which tastes pretty good. I continue to stoke my cock. I’m really turned on. I get up and go into our toy chest and pull out a vibrating anal plug. I get some lube out of the tube and rub it all around my ass. I turn it on and slide it up my asshole. I sit back down and continue stroking my cock and watching this tape of this slut sucking off this monster cock. Now the guy is pumping his big prick into the slut’s mouth. He’s pinching her enormous tits and she is fingering her sweet bald cunt, while he’s face fucking her mouth. She’s making all these slurping noises as he fucks her mouth. She’s gagging, but able to keep pace with him. My cock starts to dribble a little come, but I’m still not ready to come yet. I then bring up another porn that I would like to watch. aldatma porno This time I pick out a guy fucking this woman’s ass. She has one of those bubble butts. Really sweet looking ass cheeks. The guy has this lady bend over on the bed. She has her face down and her big ass up in the air. He spits on his huge cock and teases it up and down over her bald pussy and then switches to her ass. The woman is moaning and groaning and telling the guy to fuck her like a slut. Her guy is now smacking her ass and then tells her to spread her ass cheeks wide so he can fuck her. She does just that and the guy gently pushes his big cock right up the big ladies ass. She’s moaning and groaning, while he fucks her ass. Now he’s full length and in good rhythm fucking her ass deeper and deeper. He’s slapping her ass and calling her a dirty slut. She’s backing up into him, while he takes her hard. “This is so fucking hot. I’m definitely going to be coming with this shit. Oh God!” I’m smelling my wife’s panties and I’m loving her pussy perfume scent. I even took a lick of the come that I just blew in her panties. I’m jerking my cock so freaking fast. I’m watching this guy fuck this girl’s ass so fucking hard. Finally, the guy and the girl scream and he comes in her ass. I also come have an enormous orgasm and come in my hands. It was so fucking hot. As I’m cleaning up I hear my wife coming home. “Charlie, are you here? I really need some good loving. I had a really shit day at work.” My wife comes into the bedroom and she sees the porn on the computer and I’m just on our bed with my cock dripping with my come. “Have you just been beating off all freaking day? Is that all you do, while I’m out? I want to have sex are you able to get an erection after hours and hours of masturbation?” “You’re kidding right. I’ll be hard in just a few freaking minutes. Why don’t you strip and do a dance for me. You know I love watching you dance.

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