Enslaving Chloe Ch. 19


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== Chapter 19 ==

I got a bit of a shock when I woke up the next morning and had to think about it to work out where I was. Chloe had apparently already woken up and managed to get out of bed without disturbing me. I could hear her in the kitchen and smell some coffee brewing. I stretched and enjoyed just lying there for a moment, then I remembered that I wasn’t here to laze around in bed. I should be offering myself to Chloe as her companion, her fuck toy, or in whatever way she wished to make use of me. I quickly got out of bed and, still naked, crawled into the kitchen.

As I crawled it all came back to me… What had happened last night, I mean. As I entered the doorway of the kitchen I looked around, and it was hard to believe that this was where we had both masturbated together last night as in daylight it seemed quite different. I noticed the almost empty bottle of wine on the table and remembered Chloe sitting there sipping from a glass as she talked about her feelings. Then I looked up and saw her watching me, and I could tell from the smile on her face that she was not troubled by any conflicting emotions this morning. Of course I didn’t want to ask her about that.

Instead I crawled over to Chloe and kissed her feet. I wanted to resume my place as my dear friend’s submissive pet if I could. I really wasn’t comfortable with the way Chloe had seemed to want to be my equal last night. Chloe was also still naked, and as she looked down at me I wondered whether she realised that I was trying to tell her she should treat me like her slave and not her friend. It was hard to tell what Chloe was thinking from the brief glances I could make since I was concentrating on worshipping her beautiful feet, but at least she seemed content to allow me to lap at her toes for a minute or two without falling to her knees beside me.

Eventually Chloe tired of my attentions and told me to sit at the table as she’d made some coffee. I hoped this didn’t mean that she wanted us to be equals (or as equal as two slaves can be). We had not exchanged more than a few words so far this morning so I really didn’t know what she was thinking. I decided it was best if I just went along with what she wanted and sat down to drank my coffee.

Chloe asked me if I’d slept well, and I told her that I had as I’d been really exhausted. I decided not to mention what I’d been up to during the time I’d been away from her, and I especially didn’t want to say anything about my experience with Ming Ming as that would only complicate things, and it had nothing to do with Chloe at this point. Chloe teased me that when she’d woken up I’d looked like an angel, and at first she thought I must have fallen out of the sky and landed in her bed during the night.

I told her that I was too much of a slut to be an angel, and instead of falling out of the sky, I had been sent by my Master to lick her cunt. This wasn’t strictly true as Master had only told me to keep Chloe company, but he probably realised that this would involve licking her pussy at some stage. Chloe laughed at my cheeky reply, but I could see that the mention of Master had reminded her of what she had been telling me last night.

At first I cursed myself for being so insensitive, however it seemed she was instead deep in her own thoughts. After a few seconds Chloe sat down next to me and looked into my eyes. She said that every time she thought of Master she wanted to get on her knees and beg him to accept her as his slave — even though he was not here to respond. “I have such a strong desire to give myself to him,” she told me. “I’m trying to be sensible and think things through rationally, but a part of me wants so strongly to surrender and leave all decisions to Master.”

Of course I understood exactly what she meant as I’d felt the same way when I was considering becoming Master’s slave. Then it struck me that she had referred to “Master” as if he already owned her. I wondered if it was just a slip of the tongue or whether in her heart Chloe had already made her decision.

I couldn’t ask and I didn’t want to go back into confidante mode with Chloe as I was hoping instead she would decide to beat me or use me, but Chloe once again began to talk to me about her thoughts. She told me that at first she had agonised over her decision. But gradually, as she worked through all the issues in her mind, she became more and more convinced that there was really only one choice she could make. It had been increasingly clear to her for some time that she could not go on as she had been indefinitely. She already knew that she needed to make some major changes in her life but she just hadn’t quite known what to do.

Looking directly at me she said that her best friend had somehow sensed her need and come up with a solution, and she knew that all she had to do was accept the proposal that had been made to her. I could porno izle see tears in her eyes and wanted to say something about not only being her friend but also being her slave, but couldn’t think of how to put my thoughts into words so I kept quiet.

Chloe told me she knew very well if she accepted my proposal it was not a temporary decision that could easily be changed. At the same time she felt there was a kind of inevitability about it. She found that the more she thought about it, the more certain she was of the decision she had to make.

She said the fact that she was actually prepared to enslave herself really scared her, but she also felt incredibly excited and very much wanted to take that step. Strangely, she added, the two lots of very different emotions complimented each other. Her fears made her excitement and yearning even stronger.

I just sipped my coffee and listened. I really wanted to avoid encouraging her one way or the other. We had been friends for so long and knew each other intimately, so there was nothing unusual about Chloe chattering away to me about whatever was in her head while I just listened.

The only difference was this time she was not just talking about her thoughts or feelings but a decision that would change both our lives forever.

Suddenly Chloe took my hand across the table and said that this morning she had such a strong feeling that she must accept her true place in life. She told me she felt she had always been destined to become a slave even though she had never seriously entertained doing so until now. She told me the fact that she had actually reached a decision like this was almost more than her mind could accept. She had tried to avoid consciously admitting to herself that after only a day or so of considering such an option she had already made up her mind.

I knew that it was not just the last few days of course. I was aware Chloe had felt a sense of dissatisfaction and that a deep yearning to express the submissive side of her nature had been in the back of her mind for a very long time. Until recently she had been too busy with her demanding career to really focus on such things, and probably sub-consciously she had wanted to avoid thinking about it.

As if Chloe could read my mind she suddenly said that although she felt a certain inevitability about her decision, she was constantly tempted to avoid thinking about it and to try to find something else to occupy her mind. She said that up until last week her lifestyle had been built around looming deadlines and last minute changes that required her immediate attention, so it was hard to break a pattern that had built up almost unnoticed over many years and suddenly go off in a different direction. Although she had considered trying to avoid the whole thing somehow, she knew this was no longer a possibility.

More and more, Chloe said, she thought that a new life of slavery would be a new adventure like nothing she had ever experienced before. She had always considered herself to be a very adventurous woman who was not afraid to explore things that most people would find daunting, but now she was not so sure she was as adventurous as she liked to think.

Maybe, Chloe wondered, all the frantic activity she had indulged in as a creative and artistic person and the self-promotion involved in creating such an image was nothing more than a facade. Had she been trying to hide her deepest desires from herself in order to avoid admitting what she really wanted?

Now that had finally admitted to herself what she really was Chloe said she felt a great sense of relief and she no longer felt any conflict about seriously considering a life of slavery. Finally, she said, rather than continuing to try and resolve all these thoughts, she had decided to spend the morning finalising outstanding matters that needed her attention anyway as she was sure that this would be more productive and it was something that just had to be done. She was always busy and hated boring paperwork so a big pile of forms, letters, and other documents that she had not yet properly looked at had accumulated until she could not put off such things any longer.

Then Chloe looked at me with a strange expression. After staring at me as if she had only just realised I was her slave she said “Show me what an obedient bitch you are and get to work cooking us both a special lunch while I dealt with my paperwork.” I was happy that she was giving me some instructions and knew that I would enjoy cooking for her…

As she got up to leave, Chloe said that dealing with forms and correspondence was mindless work as it required such attention to detail, but she felt it would be very therapeutic for her to spend several hours without thinking over and over about the same issues she had just mentioned to me. She added that it would be good to be able to begin getting her life into order and that I was not to disturb her!

I told Chloe that I was pleased to serve her and that I would cook something amatör porno really nice for us to share. I wanted my dear friend to do something that would take her mind off things as I suspected that even if she was not consciously thinking of her big decision it would still be in the back of her mind. Sometimes decisions are best made when we are not consciously thinking about them.

After she went off I got out one of Chloe’s cookbooks (which she never used) to find something that would be fun to cook and delicious to eat. Having decided what to do, I looked around and found a good bottle of vintage wine which I uncorked and left to breath while I got busy cooking. I love cooking so I was soon engrossed in all the preparations and forgot all about Chloe. I just assumed she was busy somewhere else in the house and she was soon out of my thoughts as I did not hear a single sound to remind me of her for several hours.

I was so busy preparing and cooking our lunch that it seemed the whole morning disappeared in a few minutes…

As I was checking the oven for the last time and was just deciding that my creation would be ready in a few minutes I was surprised to see Chloe walking still naked through the doorway of the kitchen. “That smells delicious,” she said.

I smiled and said “I am happy to have been able to serve you, Mistress.”

Chloe looked as if she was about to say something but seemed to change her mind. Instead she told me she would set the table as lunch was almost ready. I had intended to do that myself, but I still had some finishing touches to make to our meal so I didn’t try to discourage her. As I was preparing to serve our food Chloe sat at the table and told me to only dish up one large plate. Secretly pleased that Chloe was apparently not going to allow me to eat with her I said, “Yes Mistress,” and seeing the look on her face I scampered out of range before she could reach out and spank me.

Chloe obviously enjoyed my cooking, and she also appreciated the wine I’d selected. I knelt beside her at the table and watched her eat and drink silently. Chloe seemed to be lost in thought and hardly took any notice of me. I decided that was a good sign. Once she’d finished eating Chloe reached down and put her plate down on the kitchen floor in front of me. I didn’t need any instruction to know that she wanted me to finish off what she had left.

After I’d finished the remains of her meal, Chloe took a big sip of the wine and bent down to give me a big wet kiss during which she put most of the wine into my mouth. It was lovely having her treat me that way. I really enjoyed being with her during that lunch, just the two of us, still naked, feeling very close and at ease with each other and with me in my place. I no longer felt worried that I might say the wrong thing as it was not up to me to say anything, and Chloe did most of the talking. I just tried to be a good listener.

Strangely Chloe seemed to be in a good mood without a worry in the world, and was apparently happy to allow me to be as submissive to her as I wished although we had not discussed this at all. It was much the way we had always been except for the strange experience we’d shared last night. I put that down to Chloe feeling conflicted about her big decision and how that would inevitably affect the connection between us. But now it was as if she was no longer tormenting herself.

Apparently Chloe had cleared up all her paper work except for a few things that were too complicated to finish off quickly. She told me she had made a list of what still needed to be done. She said that it might not be possible for her to do everything, but at least she was leaving things in relatively good order. I wondered what she meant by “leaving things.” It was as if she had decided that she would not be around for long enough to attend to all the more complex strands of her old life before she… Had she really already made the decision to give herself to Master?

I didn’t want to ask, and before I could wonder any further Chloe spoke again. She told me her life had become so demanding and so complicated, and yet, it had still left her feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. A life of slavery where she could relinquish all control to another seemed to offer a welcome relief. While she did value her independence and considered herself a modern woman, she knew in her heart that to go on as before was not what she really wanted.

It was ironic, Chloe told me, that many submissive women must continue to struggle in situations that could never fully satisfy their desires simply because making a total break from their familiar routines was too difficult. In her own case she was certainly not seeking an escape, rather it was a growing sense that her outwardly exciting lifestyle had become a hollow and dispiriting form of existence. Although she was quite capable of continuing to make her own decisions, she had increasingly felt that it was just an endless process which anal porno led nowhere.

I had not said anything while Chloe was telling me all this, but I must have had a puzzled look on my face as she stopped talking and stared at me for a few seconds. Actually I was just wondering if what she was saying was an indication that she had decided to accept my proposal. But Chloe must have thought I was critical of her explanation as she continued by telling me that her desire to surrender really had nothing to do with wanting to avoid taking responsibility for herself.

Chloe said she felt that being an independent woman was not enough. She knew that by giving away her rights she would only have her own integrity as a person to fall back on, and it was not a question of taking the easy option. Chloe said she knew that slavery was a huge challenge, but it was a challenge she really wanted to accept. Although she still felt apprehensive about the enormity of such a commitment she had truly begun to see there would be a deep satisfaction as well.

I was stunned by what I’d just heard. It seemed that Chloe had made a decision after all. But she hadn’t quite come out with a definitive statement to that effect, and I really didn’t want to ask her outright even though I was dying to know.

Once again Chloe paused and looked at me intently. She could see that I was struggling with something… Then, with a laugh, she said, “Don’t you understand what I’m talking about? I suppose it must sound quite confused, but in my own head I am clear about what I want to do, and in my own heart I am sure that I want to join you in slavery.”

I was very relieved to hear that statement, but also a bit shocked.

Maybe I had expected some kind of formal announcement, but I should have been able to read all the signs. Chloe had seemed so calm and relaxed and happy… She didn’t seem like a person whose whole life had just changed irrevocably. It took a few seconds for all this to register. When I looked back up at Chloe she seemed so content with herself that I couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m so happy I don’t know what to say…” was the best I could manage to stammer out. “I love you, Chloe.”

She just smiled radiantly. Then Chloe told me that when she woke this morning her first thoughts were of her coming submission. She said it was as if all the fears and doubts that had concerned her so much yesterday had evaporated. In place of the reservations which had initially seemed almost insurmountable, there was a new sense of purpose and a feeling that at last she was about to start a new life — one she had always wanted but had previously never seriously pursued for reasons that no longer seemed important.

She said that when she expressed her conflicting thoughts to me this morning she had still been a little on edge as although her realisation on waking had been so strong and so definite she couldn’t quite bring herself to tell me right away. It was still a new and unsettled idea even for her, but it seemed that unconsciously she was beginning to process a decision she was still not quite prepared to admit to having made. It was as if her body was already accepting something her mind had still only partly assimilated, and she just needed a little more time to fully comprehend what she already felt in her heart. So she’d decided to go and tidy up her affairs, not just some outstanding paperwork like she’d told me, but everything that she could attend to quickly and easily.

Now she was ready to leave everything as it was, and she told me that she was so happy that I was the first person to know.

I assured my dear friend that above all else I wanted her to deal with her decision in her own way and in her own time. And I repeated that Master had given me strict instructions.

“Yes, I know all about that,” Chloe replied. “We talked about it on the phone last night. Master would not have let you come to me if he thought that I would be influenced by you in any way, and I appreciate that you have kept your feelings to yourself up until now. I realise you must have wanted to say something at times, but there was no need as I was already well aware of your feelings. It was my own feelings I was unsure about.”

Then Chloe told me that when she woke this morning she lay next to me for a while just feeling my body against hers. Her head had been full of vivid images of her own submission and of how she would have me serve her in the most humiliating ways possible while she herself served her new Master. In her mind she saw herself naked and bound as she begged her new Master to use her. I was there as well… Her thoughts had been all jumbled up and lacking in continuity, but the emotions had been so strong and alarmingly powerful.

In her mind one moment she was bound and the next her hands were free and she was pulling on my nipples as she kissed me while she was being fucked from behind… Then she was being shown off to her Master’s friends as his new slave, and her shame at being displayed naked and chained was so strong that she was almost in tears. And yet, she felt very happy and did everything she was told with the enthusiasm of a little puppy. She had desperately wanted to show her Master how obedient she could be…

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