Em’s Panties Pt 9


For the next ten days life moved slower than slow. With the parents always around, and school winding down, finals, and goodbyes, Em and I had no alone time at all. Towards the end that stretch I found myself constantly horny. Just the friction from my boxers as I walked downstairs for dinner one night had me full on erect. I had to splash cold water on myself just so I could sit at the dinner table. Em, as always, seemed unfazed by it. Sex, and more specifically sex with my sister, was all I could think of. During this time, I jerked off at least twice a day. At night Em would shower first then yell all yours as she went to dress, and I’d go in and do the same. A few nights she “accidentally” left her panties on the floor. The had been what she wore all day at school, and I would sniff and lick them while I jacked like a lunatic. Her generosity was all that got me through that time.

Our last day of classes came and went, and we returned home to start packing for the trip. School ended on a Wednesday, and Dad had managed to get us a flight off base at 7am Friday morning. Em and I discussed outfits, and speculated what the meals would be like, and how Italy would be in general. Dad had taken us out of the country before. We had traveled to London and Paris once for a week. We were younger and the parents kept us on a short leash. We had both hoped for some freedoms on this trip.

That Friday morning Dad warned us we were in for a long trip, but he didn’t do a good job of selling it. We flew to Washington DC, then waited in a small hanger with a few other Air Force families who were also catching rides. From DC we flew to a RAF Air Base in England. Here we had a layover of 6 hours. We were sent to a small metal hut with some bunks and a shower. We freshened up and then ate something, before heading back to take the final flight to Italy. The last leg was the worst. It was a twin propeller plane that was loud and slow. I was dark again when we took off. Em and I were seated together with our parents across the row. Once we hit cruising altitude t6he lights were turned off and everyone tried to sleep.

Em had the window seat, and I had the aisle, with Mom across from me and dad to her left. Dad, who loved flying more than us we speculated, was asleep in a second. Mom struggled but I noticed her head slowly sink to dads’ shoulder eventually. I was watching Em, who herself was leaning against the window, slowly heading off to sleep. On one particular bumpy stretch I moved my hand to her thigh, and as the bumps continued, I slipped between her legs. She had brought along a light sweatshirt for the flight, and it was in a ball under the seat in front of her. She undid her seat belt, leaned down and retrieved it, placing it across her lap as if she were cold. She never looked at me just went back to leaning her head against the window, her eyes closed. As this was a military charter plane there were no flight attendants, and all I had to worry about was Mom really. So I turned my body on a slight angle, the crossed my leg. To anyone who bothered to notice it looked like I just turned into my gorukle escort sisters side a little to keep my foot clear from the aisle.

Once I was sure everyone was oblivious, I returned my hand to my sister. I slid my hand under her covered lap. Em was wearing jeans, not the perfect material to rub against, but I was frisky and wanted to touch her. As soon as my hand moved between her upper thighs I could feel the warmth of her sex. I stroked along the seam of her denim clad pussy. The friction made even more heat. I moved my hand up to her waist and tried to unbutton her jeans, not an easy task with one hand. She put her hands there and undid them, and with a barely noticeable wiggle, got a small gap for me to dive my hand into.

Her panties were damp and hot. I placed my palm on her mound and slipped my fingers into her waiting pussy. I heard her groan slightly, but not loud enough to be heard over the props. My fingers worked their magic, flicking and rubbing, up and down, side to side. As I continued my sister became wetter and wetter. When she squeezed her knees together, I knew she was cumming. I slowed my pace as she came down from her orgasm. I let my hand linger as she slowed her breathing. I wanted so badly to kiss her, and have her take my manhood in her mouth, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen on the plane. Em adjusted herself and then patted my hand with hers as if to say good job. My own throbbing member finally subsided, and I was able to drift off to sleep for a few hours.

If the trip to get to Italy was slow, the pace once we arrived at an Italian airfield was even slower. Here, Dad’s rank and status as a colonel meant nothing. Luckily Dad had a friend who was attached there, and he met us after a lengthy customs delay.

“Dean, you old fuck,” My Dad yelled over the airplane noises. “How the hell are ya?” Dad in a playful, happy mood, was not something we were very accustom too.

“Colonel, welcome to Italy,” Said Dean. He was tall, and skinny. He had short black hair and a thin salt and pepper moustache. He wore khakis and a while button down shirt, with too much chest hair exposed. He had a slight accent, but his English was perfect. “Come. I have arranged everything for you.”

We followed Dean into a small hanger lugging our bags behind us. Inside was a large van, big enough for a dozen people maybe. We followed to the back where Dean opened the doors for us and we loaded all our bags. We went to the side and piled in while Dean drove and my Dad sat next to him. Once out of the hanger Dean turned on the TVs above us. It was the Italian version of CNN. Since we didn’t really understand the language, the three of us talked amongst ourselves while Dead and Dad had a conversation of their own.

The ride from Aviano to Campalto took forever. Traffic was bad. But once we got into the coastal city things opened up a little. Dean pulled over at a pier and we all looked confused.

“Um, where are we staying?” Em asked. “All I see are boats. I’m not staying on a boat.”

“No no, please.” Dean said, “We take eskort bursa taxi from here. Come.” He motioned to the boat dock area. So again we hauled luggage, this time to a very lovely wooden boat with 2 decks, and two crew that helped us load our stuff.

“From here, we go to Venice. The floating island kids.” Dad was all smiles.

Another 45 minutes and the boat pulled up along a dock with rows and rows of beautiful Mediterranean style villas. Each was narrow, but at least 3 stories tall. We followed Dean, this time with help from the boat crew taking most of the bags. We walked in between the buildings and emerged in a plaza with large open spaces, and a huge fountain in the middle. The plaza had many tables with umbrellas in groups, each one a shop or restaurant. The first building on the right when we came out was ours. It was breathtaking. Most of the buildings had a little café or shop on the first floor, but not ours. It had an open patio The a large door with stairs leading up to the main floor and kitchen. There was a couch and some sliding glass doors with a veranda that had some chairs. The next floor up was a grand bedroom with a huge on suite bathroom. Finally, above that, the 4th floor was a smaller bedroom with two beds, and a decent bathroom with tub and shower. We dropped our bags there.

“Can you kids share that room?” Mom asked from the stairs below? “If not there’s a single bed on the first floor but no bathroom.”

“This is great!” I exclaimed.

“Subtle Keith, real smooth.” Em snarked. We inspected our room. We also had a balcony with the same view of the Grand Canal as the parents’ room did, but instead of two chairs there was a small lounge sofa. The balcony had a cloth awning to protect guests from the weather. The room was spacious and clean, renovated recently we could tell. The only knock was the water pressure wasn’t that great being so far up. Otherwise it was more than we planned on getting. About then dad called us down to the kitchen area. We finished putting away clothes and headed down.

“Kids, this is Mia,” Dad waved his arm at a much older, almost grandmotherly figure. “She’s here to help us keep the place clean and with dinner each night. Now, she’s not a maid, so clean up after yourselves, and be respectful.” We both said hello and smiled and waved. Mia responded in like and said something in Italian we didn’t understand. Then Dean arrived, with bags of groceries in hand, followed by both guys from the boat, they too had provisions. We tried to help but Dean wouldn’t have any of it. “Vacationers, please,” Is all he would say, and then motion us away. The four of us sat in the living space, with all the windows open letting a lovely late afternoon breeze roll through.

I awoke some time later as the sun was low, to the most amazing smells of food I could remember. Mia had been making dinner and it smelled wonderful. Soon we were all awake.

“Kids, why don’t you change for supper?” Mom asked. She was right we had been in the same clothes for awhile now. I followed Em up the flights of karacabey escort narrow stairs to our room. She held the door open for me as I passed her into the room. As soon as she shut it, I heard the lock click, and I turned around to catch her a split second before she pushed me to the bed. She was all over me, kissing me, hands running through my hair, her body tight against mine. I didn’t know what got into her but she was feisty.

“Easy” I protested, “We are expected for dinner in a few.”

“Then you better be quick,” Em shot back. She sat up and pulled her top off revealing a white bra, with thin fabric that I could see her nipple through. I removed my shirt. She stood and removed her jeans. The white panties matched her bra perfectly. I could see her little bush and the top of her pussy lips. She pulled my shorts off and my semi bounced gently up and down. Then Em pushed me back and flat on the bed. I watched as she opened her bra, the clasp in the front, and peeled it away like a vest to expose her breasts.

“Mmmmm,” I said. She didn’t say anything. She slowly slid her panties down while still standing in front of me giving me a great look at her from the front. “Jesus Em, you have the body of a goddess. You are so fucking sexy.” Her devilish smile gave way to a great big smile of joy.

“I owe you, from the plane and before. I want to try something.” With that she came around to the side of the bed. I though when she leaned over I was just getting head from the side, but then to my surprise she threw her leg over me, and her head went to my crotch. She pulled her other leg onto the bed, and there before me was my sisters tender young pussy and her asshole. I felt my cock slide into her warm mouth, the feeling much different than last time since her head was the opposite direction. I just laid there enjoy the feeling for a few seconds while I stared ah her beautiful openings. Finally, she pushed her hips back, and taking the hint, I started eating her out from behind. My nose was buried in her ass and its smelled so good. She tasted good too. Slightly musky, but still sweet on the inside. It didn’t take long and I was cumming. She felt me tense then release into her. I buried my face into her to stifle my moans of please. I could hear her slurping my cum and my orgasm seemed to trigger hers. She suddenly stopped sucking on me and let out her own moan, much louder than mine. Her pussy spasmed as I tongued her opening. Within a few minutes of going to the room we were both spent. She went to the bath first and I laid their watching her. When she came back she was all smiles. She motioned me to the bathroom. I followed her back in and over by the shower in the corner.

“Listen” She said quietly. Through the thin corner of the floor I could make out slapping and moaning. I looked at me sis and she had a wicked smile, “Mom and Dad.” Then she winked and left. I washed up while in the faint background I heard my mom orgasm. It was mildly erotic I have to admit. Once I was washed off I returned into the bedroom. My sister had put on a white sundress. I stopped dead in my tracks. She spun slowly all the way around. “You like?” she teased. All I could do was nod. My shrunken dick stirred a little. “He likes it too,” as she pointed at my penis. “Good. Now get dressed and let’s eat. All I’ve had today was your cum.”

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