Emily’s First Taste Pt. 04


Chapter 30

Aleeyah slumped to the floor, legs still splayed by the spreader bar; Emily gave her no warning and struck her defiant ass with force.

“Aleeyah, did you like your pussy being licked?”

Aleeyah didn’t respond. Emily knew that she had, she watched her writhe with pleasure, watched as her pussy coated Natalia’s face.

Emily struck her again twice in rapid succession, “Answer!”

“Ye…Yes Mistress,” the defiance starting to fade in Aleeyah’s response.

Emily felt a satisfied smirk come over her.

“Li, undo her ankles”

“Yes, Mistress,” her perfect acquiescence pleased Emily.

“Now Aleeyah, since Natalia was so in need of release, you will crawl over there and make her cum with your tongue.”

“But. But Em… Mistress, I never…”

Again Emily connected the crop to her ass.

“I suggest you do your best to try,” Emily said flatly, “and you will do it while little Li’s expert tongue licks your pussy.”

Aleeyah looked at Emily with disbelief; she was not angry but struggling inside with her desires and apprehension. Slowly she crawled to Natalia’s upturned ass still hanging off the edge of the bed and tentatively she licked her wide open slit. She was gentle and barely connecting with the dripping pussy before her.

“Li, I think she needs incentive,” Emily ordered.

“Yes Mistress,” the delightfully naughty Li responded with an impish smirk. Crawling behind Aleeyah, she thrust her face into Aleeyah’s pussy effectively shoving Aleeyah’s face into Natalia; Natalia groaned as Aleeyah’s face connected forcefully with her clit.

Li began to suck Aleeyah’s pussy with force, thrusting her face into it hard and each time Aleeyah moaned. The pleasure Li’s tongue was bringing her was immediately apparent as her hesitancy to lick the pussy in front of her began to diminish. Aleeyah began to let go of her reservations and simply enjoyed what she was feeling; enjoying giving pleasure as much as she was getting it.

The sight was extraordinary to Emily and her clit was throbbing.

Aleeyah was now feasting on Natalia’s pussy like an animal, wiggling her face deeply into her puss as she sucked Natalia’s button.

Emily grabbed a tiny vibrator from the bureau and switched it on. She stood over the hunched Aleeyah and stuck it between her tongue and Natalia’s drenched mound; coating it with slickness. Emily straddled Aleeyah and Li, who was now lying under the crouching Aleeyah pleasuring her with her tongue and fingering her at the same time. Emily ordered Rachel to lick her own aching sex while slowly easing the slick vibrator into Natalia’s tight little asshole.

The room was filled with guttural moaning. All the women were in some stage of pleasure since Li had taking over fingering Rachel and rubbing her button with her thumb as Rachel sucked Emily’s pussy and ass.

Emily fucked Natalia’s ass slowly with the little vibrator, twisting it as she went in. She could see Natalia was close and ordered her to cum. The words were all she needed as she spewed juice all over Aleeyah’s virgin face. Aleeyah, well into the task at hand, sucked it all up, a sight that excited Emily immensely and she pushed he mound down hard into Rachel’s face prompting her to suck harder on Emily’s clit.

Emily let loose, shaking violently and nearly losing her balance, and as she recovered she noted Aleeyah was rocking against Li’s face.

“Do you want to cum Aleeyah?”

“Yeees Mistre…ss!” she shouted and it was all she needed as Aleeyah sat back on Li’s little face, Li tried to push her back, struggling to breath. As Aleeyah came down from her ecstasy, she rolled off Li and splayed out on the floor.

“Rachel, slide your pretty pussy on Li’s face and finish each other off,” Emily commanded.

Li was already on the floor so it was easy for Rachel to spin herself and mount Li’s awaiting tongue as she delved into Li’s pussy. It was not long before both women were rocking their bodies against each other while Emily untied Natalia’s still bound hands.

Exhausted the women collapsed in a mass on the floor, satiated, and talking about the next get together they would have since it was clear they were all quite comfortable with each other.

Chapter 31

The doorbell rang as Emily was about to slip into the warm shower. Grabbing her robe, she answered the door, curious as to who would be ringing the bell so late. Her friends had left and she was exhausted.

Emily gasped as Jonathon stepped in as soon as she opened the door.

“You didn’t answer my texts, I was worried about you and you know how much I do not care for it when you do not respond.”

“I, uh, I, uh,” Emily stuttered, she hadn’t even looked at her phone; he was supposed to have been at a late work meeting. He usually doesn’t even respond when I text him when he is in those things, she thought, and now he is upset with me?

“I thought…”

“Stop! On your knees.”

Emily complied and immediately felt a familiar tingle begin to build in her belly.

Jonathon altyazılı porno approached Emily and flicked open her robe with his fingers.

“What, exactly, were you doing was so important that you were unable to respond to me Emily?” he interrogated her as he reached down and pulled open the tie on her robe.

“I had company,” she meekly replied.

“Company? More important than me?” His tone was stern and he pulled her robe off her shoulders and she wasn’t sure if it was the air hitting her body or if it was the vulnerability that made her nipples hard but the effect was instantaneous.

“So…Some girlfriends…” Emily could not believe how nervous she was and how her body was responding to his questioning.

“Interesting. Girlfriends? Is that so? Why don’t you crawl over to the couch here and we’ll discuss it?”

“Crawl? Did he just say crawl?” Jonathon’s dominance had never happened in response to her behavior; it had always been just a game. She stared at him in disbelief; remaining on her knees near the door, momentarily oblivious to her nakedness.

Jonathon walked over to her couch, the leather making a crumpling sound as he sat.

“I’m waiting Emily,” his manner flat, unyielding.

She briefly thought about disobeying him, just to see what he would do, but somehow she knew she was already in for a punishment. She was mildly irritated and yet her body was betraying her as she felt wetness seeping between her thighs as she crawled.

“Over my knees Emily.” He was unwavering and she could not determine if he was really angry with her or if it was a game.

“Jonathon…” she started to sputter.


“Over my knees Emily, I will not ask again.”

Emily obeyed and as she did, she felt his hand gently caress her ass. He continued to caress it and as he did he asked how many spankings she felt she deserved for her lack of consideration of his feelings.

She recognized immediately it was a rhetorical question and simply answered, “As many as you would give me Sir.”

“What?” she thought, “Did I just say that?”

“We shall start with five, which you will count aloud, and then you will be given the opportunity to answer my questions. I suggest you do it without stuttering. Shall I begin?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied as demurely as she possibly could despite the conversation she was having in her head; with her body.

The force of the blow came as unexpected to her, much harder than he normally spanked her, and it stung.

“One, Sir,” she said stoically, determined not to let him see her wince.

Again, the force was surprising, and although it hurt she could feel her button throbbing.


Jonathon was alternating his blows on her plump cheeks and they immediately became a light pink.

“Three, Sir.”

“Why is that like a lightning rod to my clit?” she thought, “even more than normal?”

The fourth blow was even harder still and her pale skin flushed.

“Four, Sir.”

The fifth slap was by far the hardest and Emily flinched despite her efforts to steel herself.

“Five, Sir.”

“Good girl Emily, now on your knees, hands behind your back, and tell me about your company, without stuttering,” Jonathon demanded.

“Sir, I had some girlfriends over. Natalia, Aleeyah, Li and Rachel.”

“I see. And you were unable to check your phone at all?”

“I didn’t expect you to text, Sir.”

Emily responded with confidence, ignoring the stinging of her ass.

Jonathon appreciated her attempt at composure and was enjoying watching her. Emily knelt, refusing to sit back on her heels, proudly pulled her shoulders back and although she was attempting to be demure her arrogance was evident. He thought she looked striking as her full breasts, with just the right amount of slack, pouted at him. He could see her arousal in her hard nipples and the dampness visible on her thighs; his admiration of her appearance caused him to shift his position on the couch.

“Is that so? And what did you and your friends do Emily?”

“Shit! What the hell do I say now? He will know I am lying before I say it. If I lie, more spankings, if I tell the truth … I came. He wasn’t here. Fuck,” Emily began rapidly arguing in her head.

“We talked,” she blurted out, hoping that would suffice.

“Yes, Emily. I am sure you did. And?” his smirk suggested he knew something.

Emily was fidgeting making Jonathon more suspicious and he was making her sweat with his inquisition.

“I am waiting Emily,” he asked dryly.

“We…we…we had sex! There all right. I said it. Now what?!”

“Really? All of you? Hmmm. And did you like it? Did you cum?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. Are you happy now?” Emily blurted.

“Why yes, Emily, I am, watching you squirm was delightful. And I am going to punish you, because I told you. Your orgasms belong to me. But I am quite pleased you chose not to try to lie to me. I didn’t think you could anyway, but it was zenci porno entertaining to watch to consider it. Now, for punishment, I think I shall have to consider it for a bit.”

“Yes, Sir,” Emily had deflated some. She knew he had won. She knew she was his and the mere fact that her pussy was on fire, she knew he was right; she and her orgasms belonged to him.

“Get a scarf, Emily. You may walk, but I suggest you hurry.”

Jonathon, loosened his sapphire tie, unbuttoned his ecru dress shirt and folded neatly over the edge of the couch and as Emily walked back into the room, he was lifting his undershirt over his head. Emily gasped; she could never get enough of looking at him. His chest: defined but not overly muscular, covered with the finest, softest, barely visible hair made her literally salivate. His hips, peeking out just above his trousers, made her tingle thinking about the power they held.

Jonathon made a show of removing his belt, folding it in his hands, and setting it in his lap as he sat back down.

“Thank you Emily, I’ll take that. I think I should like a drink.”

“Yes, Sir,” she could not deny the effect him ordering her around, naked, was having on her.

She sauntered over to the kitchen; making a show of herself. She leaned much further into the refrigerator than necessary to get the lime for his vodka tonic, stayed a little longer in the freezer than need be to get the ice, making sure her nipples were nice and hard. She thought to herself two can play the game.

When Emily returned she sweetly set his glass on the table, returned to her knees, and placed her hands behind her back; requiring no instruction.

“Very good Emily, I’m impressed. Turn around.”

Emily did as she was told, and as expected the scarf went around her eyes, although much tighter than expected.

“Stand Emily.”

Emily, expecting he would tie her wrists, or bend her over so he could spank her with the belt, was dumbfounded but did as he requested.

She heard him stand with her and felt him grab her hand. He started walking in circles and figure eights around the room; disorienting her.

He had her stop in the middle of the room and walked to the iPod dock and pressed play. Music piped in, Sade’s “No Ordinary Love”, played softly.

Jonathon walked slowly around Emily, caressing her ass, running his hands between her thighs, barely touching her lips, feeling her wetness. His hand slipped around her hip, up and around her belly as he trailed his fingers between her breasts, up to her lips.

“You are beautiful Emily, and you are mine. In all ways, we will not have this discussion again. Will we?”

“No Sir,” she replied as she felt him barely touch her nipple, causing an inferno in her belly; between her legs. She was melting inside, she felt weak, but in the most beautiful way. She had pushed so many away, never let them close, and only he could render her utterly defenseless, and she relished it.

She felt him walk away, couldn’t sense him near, and she wondered what was going to happen next. Was he getting the belt? Would he? Could she handle it if he did? Was it strange that she wanted it?

Chapter 32

How long was she going to stand there? Sade was no longer playing and Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” was playing. “Really?” she thought. Where was he?

She heard the ice in his glass clank together and felt him near her. The tension was penetrating her, every nerve in her body was on high alert, and she was aching to be touched.

Suddenly, without warning, the coldest sensation went down her spine, between the cleft of her ass; cold and wet, the ice on her already sensitive skin was exhilarating. Her nipples hard already, became almost painfully so.

Jonathon witnessed this and gently ran the ice across her aching nipples, slowly, one at a time, lingering as he did.

Emily could not believe the way he was making her body feel. She shifted on her heels and as her labia separated the wetness released and her upper thighs were coated. She had thought that she could not be more turned on that she was the weekend before, but she quickly recognized her errant thoughts, and understood the power he had over her; her body.

Her clit was yearning to be touched, she felt like begging, pleading him to touch her; but she wanted to know what he was going to do next.

“Does that feel good Emily?”

“Yes, Yes, Sir.”

“It pleases you?”

“Yes…Sir,” begging apparent in her voice, if not her words.

She heard the glass, the ice again, and it wasn’t long before contact was made as he ran it across her belly, lower to the tops of her thighs.

It was exquisite, what she was feeling was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She needed to be touched; the teasing was driving her mad, or was it? She couldn’t decide if she wanted it to continue; wanted him to touch her more, harder.

“Spread your feet Emily.”

Emily did so without question, and waited.

“Emily, will you aldatma porno again, give your pleasure to another? Without me?”

“No, Sir, never.”

“Bend at the waist Emily.”

Emily braced herself for what she assumed would be the belt, and waited.

She heard him take a drink, the sound different than him fishing ice out of his glass, or so she thought, and she waited. Emily heard music, but she was so bewildered she couldn’t make it out.

It was not the sting of the belt she would feel, it would be the two ice cubes Jonathon deceptively drained from his glass, and quietly removed from his mouth, before inserting them inside her, and ordering her to kneel.

“Ice?! Inside.” She shouted to herself. It felt intense, it was incredibly cold and she couldn’t determine it was painful or if it was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt.

She was on her knees when she heard his zipper and she began to nearly drool. She loved the taste of him so.

He barely touched her lips with his engorged cock, teasing her; she lunged for it, blindfolded, she had no way of aiming for a target and she was hungrily grabbing at the air, as he pulled away.

“Still Emily”

Again she felt him rubbing his cock softly on her lips and she offered him her tongue, he obliged her, swirling the head around her tongue.

He slowly slid it past her lips, and she understood she was to go slow.

She make love to his cock with her tongue, for how long she did not know, but long enough for her pussy to warm after the ice melted. She could not believe how amazing it felt, how much she want to make love to his cock, how much her heart overflowed with feeling for him.

She took him slowly, and deep, taking all of him, and sliding back to his head, swirling her tongue it. She knew he was close, she could hear it, felt him tense, and although she wanted release she wanted nothing more than to taste him. She took him all the way, her lips brushing his pubic flesh and as she reached up and cupped his warm balls; she felt him. He had tried she knew to hold back, he liked to watch, but the force with which he let go there was no time. She pulled back just as another spurt of his cum escaped and splashed her lips, her chin.

His knees went weak and he fell back to the couch; removing the blindfold just in time to see the ecstasy on his face. She smiled inside, she loved this man.

Chapter 33

“Come, Emily, sit.” Jonathon said softly patting the space next to him; Emily eagerly curled up next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. He grabbed her shapely legs and slid them across his lap.

“I have tried to convey what you mean to me,” his tone was almost pained.

“Yes, Jonathon, I know what I mean to you,” she replied trying to soothe him.

“Do you? Truly?” he asked; even more wounded sounding, his eyes pleading for understanding, looking greener than normal, Emily thought.

“Yes Jonathon, I know you care for me. I know I am special to you. I know I hold a special place in your life,” she replied pulling her mussed hair back from her face; feeling uncomfortable with the questions.

“Yes, Emily, you do,” he sounded slightly reassured but still pleading with her for understanding; although not saying it.

“Jonathon, I am sorry, I was with the girls; I thought girls were different. Many men think that, I didn’t know. I won’t do it again. It was a thing, that’s all.” Her deep brown eyes searching his, wondering what he was trying to say.

He caressed her cheek, tracing her light freckles; that made her look so girlish in a way. He brushed her hair back and gently brought his lips to hers, kissing her ever so softly, sucking her bottom lip as she loved. She kissed him back with equal tenderness, carefully placing her hand on his chest, delicately caressing his pectoral muscles with her fingertips, avoiding his overly sensitive nipples.

His mouth went slowly down to her jawbone, trailing kisses across it, centering gently on the dimple of her chin and lingering there with baby kisses, before going to the other side of her face.

As much as she loved the insane fucking they did, she longed for this, slow passionate lovemaking and her body was responding on an entirely different level. She determined she would never be able to explain the difference to someone, and wondered if everyone truly delighted in the mere presence of their lover as she did; if everyone had intimacy that was so satisfying. She longed to be able to touch him more often, and yet at the same time, she was so afraid.

His tongue had trailed from her chin, carefully down her neck to the hollow of her throat, again placing tiny kisses before moving on to her collarbone.

She had a momentary sense of panic as she often did, she was afraid to be hurt, it was acceptable for her to love him, but to feel truly loved by him, was terrifying and she could never put her finger on why.

She almost wanted him to speed up, to stop being so delicate, it was scaring her. She couldn’t get totally attached, simply couldn’t and this, what he was doing was frightening, and yet she could not stop him. She wanted him to make love to her slowly; they had never really done it quite that slowly, in part because of her passion for him, her animalistic need for his prowess.

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