Elsa’s Delight


This story was based off of another story I had under my other profile name: Jimbabwe88. However, I have since deleted it from that profile to put it here, instead. I hope you enjoy the story.


Elsa opened the oven door. The intense heat hit her and caused her to stumble back. Sweat beads formed on her forehead and her brows. She reached in wearing an oven mitt and pulled a small, rectangular pan out of the oven. She set it on the burners, closed the oven door, and turned off the heat. The pleasant smell of cake filled the kitchen.

She stared at the golden-brown dessert and licked her lips. French vanilla had always been her favorite cake, but alas this cake was not for her. In fact, she had several more months before she would have a reason to have her own cake. Today was a different celebration. Today was her sister’s birthday.

Elsa’s sister, Anna, had turned eighteen today. She was a senior in high school and quite athletic, enjoying volleyball, basketball, and softball. Anna was also a cheerleader. She always looked up to her big sister, but with all of her accomplishments it was Elsa who actually looked up to Anna.

The cake sat on the oven top cooling while Elsa reached over and grabbed her phone. She pulled up the camera application and snapped a picture. She smiled proudly at her work. Granted, she had just followed the direction on the back of the cake box, but she still felt proud. She pulled up her mother’s name in her contact’s list and sent her the picture.

‘I finished Anna’s cake!’ The picture was attached to the text and she hit Send.

Oh, I bet she’ll be so happy to see this and hopefully she’ll be happy to see me as well, Elsa thought. Anna hadn’t known that Elsa was coming home for her birthday. It was a Friday and Elsa had two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, though she had opted to skip the afternoon class so she could make it home before Anna could get home from school. She went to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair and sat down while waiting for the cake to cool down so she could ice it.

Her phone buzzed. ‘It looks delicious,’ her mother replied.

‘I still need to put icing on it. Do you think Anna will like it?’ Elsa hit Send.

‘You’re her sister. She loves EVERYTHING you do for her.’ Elsa’s mother had made it a point to capitalize the word ‘everything’.

Elsa couldn’t help but smile at that last text. She and Anna had always been close. Though having their own bedrooms growing up, the only thing that really separated them was a wall. If Anna was up talking to one of her friends through an online video game, then Elsa could hear her sister and if Elsa was talking to a friend on her phone then Anna could hear her. The thin wall made masturbation a bit hard as Elsa was very much a moaner, though through the years she managed to find ways to keep herself quiet whether it was through holding her breath, masturbating on her belly so she could bury her face in her pillows, or just masturbate in the shower. She always managed to find a way of keeping herself quiet… most of the time. Anna on the other hand wasn’t quite as modest. There were many nights where Elsa would lie awake listening to the squeaks and soft moans coming from her sister’s room, and quite honestly it always turned her on.

‘I’ve missed my sister. I haven’t seen her since before summer break and here it is September. I want her to be surprised and excited, but most of all I just want her to be happy.’ Elsa hit Send.

I know I’ll be happy seeing my beautiful, little sister walk through that front door. Elsa propped her head up using her hand with her elbow on the table. She stared out in the living room, her eyes glazed over as she lost herself in thought. She’ll probably have her strawberry blonde hair put up in pigtails as usual. She’ll be in a white top that shows off her magnificent breasts and the top may even ride up enough just to see the bottom of her creamy, toned belly. She’ll be in track shorts that show off that wonderful ass of hers that all the girls and boys stare at undoubtedly. She’ll see me and then smile and then rush to give me a hug. Of course, as we touch, my nipples will harden and she’ll feel them against her own breasts. Maybe she’ll even try and touch them?

Her imagination kept going until Elsa realized what she was thinking. She shook her head of the thoughts and quickly got to her feet. Her eyes were wide and she smacked the palm of her hand against her forehead. “What?” She said out loud. “She’s my sister!” She tried erasing the sexual thoughts from her mind, but each time she did they kept returning with more lust drawn to them.

First Anna would hug her. Then, she would caress Elsa’s lower back. Then, she would be feeling Elsa’s ass. Then, they would be kissing and before long Elsa would have Anna propped up on the table and she would be pulling up her shirt. Before she could envision her sister’s bare breasts her phone buzzed and interrupted her bursa eve gelen eskort bayan thoughts.

She shook her head once more and the thoughts finally settled. She sighed feeling relieved yet a part of her was slightly upset that she didn’t get to see her mind’s perception of her sister’s breasts. She grabbed her phone from the table and read the text. It was from her mother.

‘I’m sure she’ll be happy, sweetheart. You always make her happy. I’m leaving right now and I’ll see you soon.’

Elsa only smiled and walked to the oven and waved her hand over the cake. It felt cool. She grabbed the plastic container of vanilla icing and began spreading the icing on the cake.

When she finished she grabbed two candles—a candle in the shape of a one and another in the shape of an eight—and stuck them in the cake side-by-side. She brought the cake over to the kitchen table and sat it down. Now, all she had to do was wait for her mom to get home and then wait a bit longer for Anna to get home. She went to the living room and plopped down on the couch and began reading a lesbian erotica book she had bought the week before.

After about half an hour of reading and massaging her ample breasts, and paying extra close attention to her erect nipples, she heard a car door slam shut. Elsa sat up quickly and closed her book. Her nipples were poking through the fabric of her bra and her shirt. She couldn’t do much to make them disappear before the front door opened. In stepped her gorgeous, brunette-haired mother, Ivy.

“Elsa,” Ivy called out.

“I’m… here,” Elsa said, sitting up in the couch crossing her arms over her chest. Ivy stepped into the living room and smiled at her eldest daughter. “Hi, mom,” Elsa said briefly catching her mother’s eye and then averting them to the carpeted floor of the living room.

“What, no hug?”

Not until my nipples decide to play coy! Elsa just smiled. “Oh, you know, I’m just… uh, comfy.” She was sure her mother could tell she was lying. Nonetheless, Ivy let Elsa stay on the couch.

Ivy took her shoes off and walked into the kitchen. “The cake smells delicious,” said Ivy. She opened the refrigerator in search of something to drink.

“Thank you,” Elsa replied. “It’s French vanilla.”

Ivy poked her head over the door of the refrigerator. “Oh, your favorite…”

“Anna likes French vanilla, too,” Elsa retorted under her breath.

Ivy closed the refrigerator door and walked back to the couch with a bottle of water. She sat down next to her daughter. He large breasts filled out her shirt quite nicely and Elsa could clearly see her mother’s cleavage. She found herself staring at her mother’s breasts for a moment and then broke her gaze. She looked into her mother’s large, green eyes. Ivy smiled and Elsa smiled back at her and then quickly looked away, feeling a blush fill her cheeks.

“You want a drink?” she asked offering the bottle to her daughter.

Elsa just shook her head, keeping her eyes away from her mother’s gorgeous body. Ivy was in her early forties, but aged rather well. She appeared to be no older than her late twenties. Her hair was brunette and long and silky. Her breasts were huge, 36DD, and her body was amazing with a flat belly that she worked on often and long, toned legs. Her ass was a bit flat which was unfortunate for her girlfriends who enjoyed having an ass to grab, but what she lacked with her ass she more than made up for with her breasts, and she loved to show them off.

Ivy took a drink, screwed the cap back on, and put the bottle down. She leaned up and rested her hand on her daughter’s back. “Is everything okay?” she asked.

Elsa nodded. I keep having these weird thoughts about Anna… “Yeah, everything is okay.” She wanted to quickly take the focus off of herself before she could accidentally mention anything about her sister and her perverted thoughts. “How have you been? Are you seeing anyone?”

Ivy shook her head. “I haven’t had a girlfriend in a long while.”

Elsa chuckled. “Your vagina’s going to get dry,” she teased. She was aware how much her mother loved sex. When she was younger she would often hear her mother and her girlfriend—whomever it was at the time—having sex late at night. She even managed to stumble into her mom’s room one day back in high school and found her mother’s dildo. Curious, she washed it and used it on herself without her mother ever knowing and then she rewashed it and put it back where she had found it. Her mother was never the wiser about what had happened.

Ivy chuckled at her daughter’s comment. Just then she looked across Elsa and saw the book her daughter had been reading. She picked it up and before Elsa could stop her she was reading the back of the book. She grinned tightly.

“Well, I see yours won’t be drying up anytime soon!”

Elsa’s face went red. She snatched the book from her mom and sat on it, trying to hide it. Her cheeks bursa eskort bayanlar burned and she covered her face. “Mom…!”

Ivy nudged her daughter. “It’s okay, Elsa,” she said sincerely. “Lesbian sex is quite literally the bestsex there is. Of course, being only ever with your father doesn’t constitute as much of a basis for judgment, but a woman is just so soft”—Ivy’s hand grazed Elsa’s leg almost seductively—”and beautiful”—she stared at her daughter, brushing a strand of golden-blonde hair from Elsa’s face and tucking it behind her ear—”and loving.” Their eyes were locked together.

At that very moment the memories Elsa had earlier of sitting Anna on the table and lifting her shirt up to expose her breasts came racing back to her at a mile a minute. Elsa had to force herself to breathe! She shook her head. “Mom…” Her voice quavered. Her eyes were wide. Her reddened face had become nothing more than a burning blush.

Ivy turned away. She grabbed her water bottle and stood up. “I’m sorry, Elsa. I didn’t mean to—”

“No,” interjected Elsa, “it’s okay. I just thought you were…” She let her words fade without completing her sentence.

Ivy turned to Elsa. “You thought…what?”

I thought you were… flirting with me…? She didn’t say it, though. She opened her mouth ready to speak when the front door came swinging open. Along with it came the voice Elsa had missed.

“I’m eighteen!” Anna shouted.

Elsa’s eyes and Ivy’s eyes were locked together for a single second longer before Ivy rushed to Elsa. “Hide behind the couch,” she whispered quickly.

Elsa was pulled from her trance. Had her mother been flirting with her? Had Elsa been imagining it? She didn’t have time to decipher what it was her mother had been doing. She quickly jumped up and hid behind the couch and just in time, too, as Anna came bouncing into the living room.

“I’m eighteen, mom!” Anna yelled excitedly. “I can buy lottery tickets, cigarettes, and porn!”

Ivy began laughing. “Yes, you can buy those things, but why would you? We don’t need the money, you don’t smoke, and porn is free all over the Internet.”

Anna just giggled. Elsa couldn’t resist a smile at hearing her sister’s soft giggle. It warmed her heart. She just wanted to pop up and grab her sister and hug her as tightly as she could. She waited, though.

Anna ran to the kitchen. She saw the cake before she ever smelled it. Her eyes grew wide and she clapped her hands excitedly. “You made me a cake?! It looks delicious! It”—she sniffed the air—”smells delicious, too! Wait, when did you have time to bake me a cake? You were already gone by the time I woke up and you don’t get home much earlier than I get home.”

“Well,” said Ivy, her lips spreading wide across her face, “I have a surprise for you.”

Elsa popped up from behind the couch. “Ta-da,” she shouted, throwing her arms up in the air. “I baked the cake!”

Anna’s eyes widened even more. Her mouth dropped open. Her eyebrows raised high and then she threw her arms in the air. “Elsa,” she rejoiced. She charged off into the living room nearly knocking her mother over. She jumped up on the couch and then leapt over the back of it and into Elsa’s arms. Elsa grabbed her and they held each other tightly.

“Oh my God, I missed you so much,” Anna whimpered.

Elsa’s eyes stung. She could feel them welling up with tears. “I missed you, too,” she said on the verge of crying. “I love you, Anna.”

“I love you, too,” Anna replied, her voice quavering as she finally let the tears fall.

Within seconds they were both crying with joy at being with each other after being apart for over five months. Ivy came over to her daughters and embraced them. They each put an arm around their mother and they all hugged and held each other.

“I love you, girls,” Ivy whispered her voice faltering.

“We love you, too,” said Elsa and Anna in unison.

After much needed hugging and crying, the three women found their way back to the kitchen. Their eyes were still red, but they were no longer crying. In fact, they were all laughing and joking and having a good time. Ivy got a lighter and gave it to Elsa and then she lit the two candles.

“Make a wish,” Elsa giggled.

Anna looked at Elsa and cocked an eyebrow as if she was checking her out. She then turned to her mother and Ivy shifted her eyes slyly to Elsa and then back to Anna. Anna averted her eyes back to Elsa and bit her lower lip innocently. She then smirked seductively, “Oh, I will.”

Elsa furrowed her brow, but then Anna inhaled a deep breath and blew out her candles. Elsa let Anna’s seductive smirk and the meaning behind it fade from her mind as Anna picked up the butter knife. “Birthday girl gets to cut,” she proclaimed.

Anna cut a piece, put it on a plate, and handed it to Elsa. Before Elsa could step away, though, Anna dipped her finger in the icing and smeared it on Elsa’s arm. Elsa scoffed, görükle escort bayanlar playfully. She dipped her finger in the icing and then smeared it across Anna’s cheek. That started a whole new game.

Both sisters began smearing icing on each other. They wrestled each other and giggled and just enjoyed being with each other again. Meanwhile, Ivy stole Elsa’s piece of cake. Anna sat up on her knees and Elsa, still lying on the kitchen floor, watched her mom take off with her piece of cake. She sat up quickly, “Mom—”

Not watching how she was rising when she began sitting up, her lips collided with Anna’s. When she felt her sister’s lips against her own she froze. She knew she should have pulled away, but she couldn’t. Or, maybe she didn’t want to? Anna’s lips were soft, after all. And, warm… Her eyes widened and she suddenly gasped, pulling away from Anna.

“I’m sorry,” she kept repeating, her words racing a mile a minute.

Anna held her hand out and grasped Elsa’s shoulder. “It’s okay,” she said softly. “It was just an accident.” She smiled.

Was it? Elsa wasn’t even sure she wanted it to be an accident.

Anna stood up. She extended an arm to Elsa. Elsa took it and had her sister help her up. Elsa just stood there while Anna got both of them a new piece of cake. She handed one of the plates to Elsa. Elsa stared at it for a moment and then took the plate. She flashed a quick smile at Anna acknowledging her. Anna smiled back at Elsa.

“You have lips worth kissing,” Anna whispered to Elsa, and then she left the kitchen and joined their mother in the living room.

Elsa’s mouth hit the floor. Her eyes were wide and she stood with bated breath. Did she just say that? Did she really just say that?! Elsa couldn’t move. Her mother called for her to join them in the living room, but she couldn’t do anything. Her body was frozen with shock. After about a minute, Elsa took control of her legs again and went to the living room. She sat down beside her mother as Anna was on the opposite side of their mother. She put a small piece of cake in her mouth and while it should have tasted delicious, she just couldn’t focus on anything as she kept replaying in her head what Anna had just told her.

Your lips are worth kissing… Your lips are worth kissing… Your lips are worth kissing…

When Elsa was finally able to come out of her thoughts, she realized Ivy and Anna were staring at her. She looked at them with furrowed brows. “What?”

“I asked if you have a girlfriend,” Ivy said.

Elsa could still hear her sister’s voice in her head, but she managed to shake it away. “Uh, no… Well,” she corrected, “well, I mean, I don’t. Uh, but there is this girl I’ve been interested in.”

“Oh, do tell,” Anna said excitedly.

“Yeah, what’s her name?” Ivy asked, nudging Elsa.

Elsa didn’t think she’d be able to get the thought of Anna’s voice to escape her mind, but as soon as she started thinking of Ariel that’s all she could think about. Her lips spread from one ear to the other. She inhaled a deep breath.

“Here we go,” Anna chuckled.

Elsa blushed. “Her name is Ariel. She’s my age, twenty-one, and she has beautiful, long red hair that curls at the end. Her bangs hang over her forehead just above her eyebrows. Her skin is pale, but not lack-of-sunshine pale, she’s just more naturally pale, if that makes sense? Her eyes are as blue as the ocean and they sparkle like the stars shimmering in the rising tides.” She couldn’t refrain from smiling as she kept speaking of Ariel. “Her skin is soft—er, not that I’ve touched it… much,” she grinned. Anna nudged Ivy and Ivy smiled at her youngest daughter. They returned their focus to Elsa. “Her legs are perfect, much like mom’s.” Ivy blushed. Elsa continued. “She’s a swimmer so she’s in excellent shape. Her breasts are small, but I don’t even care. She’s just so adorable; I just want to eat her up.” Ivy lifted her eyebrows and grinned. “Metaphorically,” Elsa added, and then feeling her mother’s stare she smirked and added, “okay, and literally.”

Ivy and Anna both giggled. “It sounds like you have it bad,” Ivy said.

“You should just ask her out,” Anna said.

“I know! I’m just nervous and I don’t know why.”

“Well, if any girl ever turns you down, then they don’t know what they’re missing,” Ivy said. She placed her hand on Elsa’s leg. Elsa stared at her mother’s hand. She then stared up at her mother. “You’re beautiful and you’re wonderful,” she added, softly.

Elsa wasn’t sure whether she was saying that as her mother or as an act of flirting, but she assumed it to be the former. So, she smiled and hugged her mom. “Thank you,” she said softly. “Anyone would be lucky to have you, too.”

Anna joined the hug. “Most nights I can’t even sleep because of mom.”

“Okay,” Ivy said quickly, breaking apart the hug, “how about the birthday girl open her gifts?”

Anna chuckled. Elsa tilted her head in confusion. “I thought you didn’t have a girlfriend?”

Anna put her finger to her lips and told her sister to hush. “It’s something she doesn’t want you knowing right now,” and then she began giggling again. She hopped up off of the couch and helped Elsa up. Elsa was beyond confused. She got up though, and went to the kitchen with Anna and her mother so Anna could open her gifts.

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