Egg and I


Danielle sat across from me at a table under the awning at our favorite breakfast place, The Egg and I. At 8 25 A M on Saturday we were enjoying an unhurried breakfast as vehicles crept along Main Street and the occasional pedestrian passed by us.

A chance encounter at a bar in Provincetown brought the personable young woman into my life a year ago. The relationship moved slowly at first as each of us sought to break up with the then girlfriend.

She is 5 6 with brown eyes and hourglass curves. Chocolate brown hair touches prominent boobs poking against her fitted t-shirt . Ripped cutoffs barely cover bikini panties.

My body is longer making my curves more gradual. My eyes are blue and my hair is blond. Like her, I’m a C cup.

Since that night when our relationship became intimate we’ve enjoyed an active sex life. It takes one of us getting her period to put sex on hold.

The Lush 3 bluetooth vibrator fits snugly inside the pussy putting pressure on the G-spot resulting in intense deep vibrations. In short “Little Dani” is a nice substitute for a person.

Horny, I pulled my phone from the cutoffs left pocket, opened the app and handed my phone to my lover. She set the vibration level to high just the way I like it.

My clitoris and vagina soon began to swell causing a full body blush. My labia soon opened wide letting juices flow into my panties. None of this was lost on Danielle who took delight in my impending orgasm.

“You look embarrassed about something.”

I nodded acknowledging zenci gaziantep escort that the remark was intended to draw attention away from my reaction to sexual stimulus.

Baby don’t stop. I shouted inside my head.

The silent words were repeated.

I grimaced and gripped the edges of my chair telegraphing a powerful orgasm. Dani noticed that my chest was heaving during a slow recuperation.

Our waitress, a youthful blond, of about 5 5 stopped by to leave the us the check.

“Is everything alright?”

The question normally refers to the service and the meal but this time I hoped that she didn’t notice signs of an orgasm. I looked down hiding my face. Danielle answered for both of us. “Everything’s fine.”

Dani picked up the slip and put her plastic on it. Within a couple of minutes it was taken away then returned. She filled it out and signed her name.

As we stepped onto the sidewalk we each snaked an arm around the other’s waist. Lesbian lovers headed for the docks on Ocean Street.

Without a word spoken Dani knew that powerful orgasms left me wearing soaked panties. She also knew that I wasn’t letting that bother me.

We took seats on a bench facing the boats. I put my hand on her forearm encouraging her to plant a kiss on my cheek.

“A penny for your thoughts,” she said.

“Do you know that nude bathing is allowed in Truro?”

“Also in Provincetown,” said Dani.

“I really really want to go skinny dipping.”

Dani gaziantep zenci escort bayan giggled at the remark then said, “take me with you.”

By 10 45 we were riding on scenic, winding 6A to the tip of the cape. Danielle had taken the passenger seat making an opportunity to pleasure herself.

We both enjoy a good audio book. “Passionate Rivals” written by Radclyffee, read by Lori Prince played through the car’s speakers keeping us entertained.

As our destination came into view I knew that Dani’s orgasm was about to happen. Maybe she already had it.

I drove onto a lot and parked the Honda between a blue Toyota Camry and a red Chevy Silverado.

I knew the answer but even so couldn’t resist asking, “did you come.”

Danielle grinned. “My fucking panties are soaked. I had multiple orgasms.”

For a few seconds we looked at one another asking silently, “take our clothes off here or on the sand.”

We opted to take it all off in the front seat. My lover pulled the vibrator dripping with come from her pussy and left it between us. Naked except for sandals, we walked onto Herring Cove beach and sat barely 5 steps from the wet sand.

Nothing could beat the sun hitting our bodies giving us an all-over tan. For those of us who burn the girlfriend is always prepared. With a caressing touch Dani started at my collarbone spreading sunscreen.

“Don’t forget my boobs,” I quipped.

“I won’t forget those.” She gaziantep zenci escort replied with a grin.

After a few minutes I turned my back to her. Again a caressing touch spread sunscreen downward.

“And my ass,” I said.

“I got it under control Stefani.”

I took delight in having her hands sliding over my crack and across the cheeks.

We waded into breast-depth water and gazed for a few seconds at the horizon from there. I felt Danielle’s hand caressing my ass and turned my head to look into her eyes. She slid her hand to my vulva. The caresses opened my vagina letting her fingers inside me.

I slid both hands up to my breasts cupping them and squeezing gently. Down south my lady parts swelled and wetness spread.

Sex under water is a new experience and the rush of Oxytocin through my body made it a pleasurable one. Soft moans expressed delight.

Suddenly her fingers were no longer touching my G-spot. She had slid them out of me.

“Why did you stop?”

“You owe me big. Now put your fingers inside me.”

The fingers of my left hand found her G spot sending a flood of oxytocin through her. My eyes roamed over her flushed body as wetness spread inside her. My fingers moved from her swollen vagina to her swollen clitoris.

We dipped into and out of the swells several times before wading back to the sand. There we plopped down onto our shared blanket and entwined our hands between us.

Danielle’s favorite author happens to be Radclyffe. The 71 year old plastic surgeon turned story teller has authored dozens of stories of lesbian romance. One of these, “When Dreams Tremble”, was read to us by Coleen Marlo on the road back to Hyannis.

I relaxed on the passenger side gently rubbing down there with two fingers. The Lush 3 remained between Dani and me.

She finally commented. “My god Stefani do you ever stop playing with yourself?”

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