Earl and Mom Ch. 01


///This is an edited version of Earl and Mom Ch 01

Also note this story is told in real time and through Earl’s eyes. For those of you interested, there will be a version told through Earl’s mom’s eyes soon.


There I was having happy birthday sung to me by my best friends. As the song ended, I made the same wish I had been making for the last 4 years and blew out the 18 candles. My mom lifted her wine glass and said, “Happy birthday Earl!”

Around me sitting at the table was Jimmy, Dennis, Ben, Scott and John. Standing at the end of the table taking my picture was my mom. She was 38 now with a great body. She had dark brown hair that went down past her shoulders. She had a great smile with big white teeth. She had a nice set of boobs and a firm ass. She was really a smoking hot mom if I do say so myself. She worked out all the time and when she was not working out, she was working.

My dad had been gone for many years now and ever since it was just mom and me. She made all the money, kept the house and was the type of mom that everyone loved. Especially my friends.

As the cake part of the party was over, we opened presents. I mostly got a collection of gift cards and cash. As the party died down, my friends said their goodbyes and before long, the house just had me and my mom.

Mom cleaned up the kitchen and I started looking online for what to spend my new gift cards on. Before too long, my attention found my favorite porn site. I like this one mainly due to its good search capability and low amount of ads. The search also made it easy to search for girls that had a particular look I liked the most. The 38-year-old with long dark brown hair and a great smile type of look. The type of look that just hosted my birthday party and was still cleaning up the kitchen.

So I being my normal nightly activity of searching for girls that fit that look, and then watched the video that they happened to be in. It didn’t really matter the category of the video. Anything to anal to watersports, as long as the star of the video resembled a 38-year-old MILF, I’m game. Clearly, it was a little creepy knowing that look was the same look my mom had. In the back of my mind, I knew what I really wanted. But back then, I managed to keep all that in the back of my mind as I really was not ready to confront 100% of what I wanted.

Tonight’s exploration of 38-year-old MILFs with long dark hair hunting was going to be especially rewarding as I had a collection of gift cards that will buy my way into the members-only section of the site I wanted. Not really knowing what that would show me, I had high hopes. So with credit card in hand, I start my journey.

“What are you buying hon?” my Mom said behind my shoulder startling me. WTF I thought. I must have left the door open and she came in all stealth like. I reached to kill the purchase window I had on my screen. As I did, it minimized, only to reveal screen of a girl laying in bed spreading her legs. This is mortifying. There I was caught red handed and hard dicked. Luckily my cock was still in my pants. But still, the image on the screen was a very sexually raw image of a woman. A 38-ish-year-old woman. A woman with long dark hair with the same type of body my mom has.

“Honey, stop!” my mom commands me. I freeze not knowing what to do next. There is a long pause.

It’s okay honey.” my mom says. “I know you like girls and there is nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about them like this.”

Okay, that was not as bad of a scolding that I thought I was going to get. I really feared a freakout followed by pulling the plug on the computer and, oh, by the way, it’s disgusting that you were staring at a woman that looks like me. Instead, and to my surprise, she is thinking I’m looking at this for education? Okay, I can go with that but this is really embarrassing.

“I ah, I’m sorry mom.” I stutter a bit. “I was just wanted to see what women look like naked.” I lied. The truth would have been something like, I like to play with myself while I watch women that look like you have sex. But at this moment, I think I chose the right words.

My mom looks at me. I can tell she is a bit embarrassed for having walked in on me. I can also sense that she is trying to find the best parenting thing to do. Now typically, given the choice of an easy way out and a hard way out, she will pick the hard way thinking that the easy way is the wrong way.

“Honey, don’t be embarrassed.” she looks down at me sitting in front of the computer screen with a spread eagle girl. “The human body is beautiful. There is nothing taboo or dirty about it.” She starts looking at my screen.

“I can help you learn of you would like?” she offers while looking at the screen and taking another drink from her full wine glass.

Not knowing just what to think about this, I say nothing. How was my mom offering to help? Was she offering some type of birds and bees talk?

“I just mean if you have any questions, you alanya escort can ask me.” my mom adds. It’s seemed a bit odd to me as that last statement she seemed to want to make it more interesting to me. It was like she was wanting me to ask her some questions. And not the way a parent asks if you have any questions at the same time really hoping you don’t take them up on the offer. Okay, this might be really good news. If nothing else, if I could find the courage to talk about sex with my mom, it could be very, interesting. Thinking about this, it quickly becomes my number one goal to watch and listen to my mom as she talks about sex.

“I think I would like that.” I manage to say. After saying that, I figured my mom would smile at me and leave the room and I would look forward to asking her something tomorrow or the next day. But no! I guess my mom was thinking I mean I had a question then and there. She pulls over my spare chair and sits next to me.

“Let’s see if you know what all the parts are called?” my mom says looking at me and then at the paused image on the screen.

“I ah,” start to say only to be interrupted by my mom as she points to the woman’s clitoris.

“Do you know what this part is called?” she asks as she touches my screen with the tip of her index finger. She then looks over to me awaiting my answer and takes another drink of wine.

“Clitoris.” I tell her with a half smile on my face.

“And what is the slang name for it?” she asks and raises her eyebrows. Oh wow! This is started to not sound like your normal mother-son sex talk.

“Clit?” I say half asking more than telling.

“Yes, very good.” she says as she slides her index finger to the woman’s pussy lips.

“What are these?” she says and then looks at me for my answer.

I think. I want to say pussy lips. But should I say vagina lips? Ok, how about just lips? “Ah, lips?” I say.

“Close.” she commends me on a close answer. “Those are her inner labia. Do you know the slang term for them?”

“Ah, there are lots of slang term for that mom.” as I giggle. She smiles back at me.

“Theres the laugh I have not heard in awhile,” she says. “Think you can name 5 of them?” she asks.

Okay, this is getting better than I thought and I’m starting to feel a bit of a hard on growing. Okay, 5 terms for pussy lips, here goes and I wonder, and I guess, it’s ok to say pussy to my mom? Well, going to find out here in a sec. No way she can get mad at me after asking me to name the slang terms.

“Ah, lets see.” I start slowing. “1, Lips.” She pulls her hand from the screen and holds up a number 1 with that and nodes.

“Ah, pussy lips? I say slowly and softly looking for her for her reaction. Hoping I did not offend by daring to use the “P” word.”

“Of course.” she says and smiles and nodes a bit while she increments her digits from one to two.

Okay, that was cool. I just said pussy lips to my mom and it caused her to smile and node. I’m a very happy 18-year-old right now. Okay, now for number 3.

“Meat curtains.” I say and almost giggle.

“That’s funny!” she says and giggles also. She moves her third finger up.

“Pussy flaps?” I say running out of terms.

“I’ll count it,” she says and then holds up 4 fingers.

Okay, I’m all out. Thinking, thinking. How about I make up something.

“Candy wrapper,” I say pulling it totally out of the blue.

“Candy wrapper?” my mom says. “I don’t think I’ve every heard of that one. How does that even make sense?”

“Well, it is kinda wrapping to something that is like candy.” I stop talking. Did I just tell my mom I think of pussy as candy? Oh man, I guess I did.

“Candy you say?” as she looks at me. “We’ll aren’t you all grown up.” She then reaches over and pinches my arm playfully. “Candy wrappers they are. Congrats on coming up with 5.”

She looks back to the screen and puts the tip of her middle finger in the woman’s asshole. She then looks at me and asks, “Whats this part called?”

“Anus,” I say confidently.

“Five slang word and try to be nice.” she looks at me and winks.

Before I begin I can’t help be say and wanting to be funny.

“It’s funny you’re using your middle finger to point to her there,” I say trying not to laugh.

“Ha!” she says getting the joke. She looks at her finger touching the screen right over her anus. “What are you suggesting honey?” my mom says and starts to make small circles with her finger as if to be circling the girl’s asshole on the screen.

“Stop it, mom!” I say laughing as she smiles and acts innocent while giving the girl on the screen a rim job with her finger.

“Stop what, I’m not doing anything.” she says with a grin.

“Stop rimming that girl’s butt,” I say not believing the words as the leave my mouth. How many guys have told their moms that I wonder?

“Rimming? What’s that honey?” as she continues her circles.

“You are crazy mom!” I say with a smile. Not believing how naughty my mom was being. antalyajazzfestival.com This is so unlike her.

“Ok honey, but I think she was starting to like it.” She says and slows her finger circling and reaches to take another drink of wine.

As I return to my task, I try to adjust myself as my erection is pressing against my pants in an uncomfortable way.

“Let’s see. Asshole” I say

She holds up one finger.

“butt hole and corn hole” I rattle off.

Three fingers up now.

Okay, I’m out now. Thinking, thinking.

“Brown eye girl” I remember and repeat.

A fourth fighter as my mom laughs for several seconds.

Really out of slang terms for ass now. Switching to make up mode.

“Ass, the other pink meat?” I belt out.

My mom hears her and laughs loudly and covers her mouth. “The other pink mean!. That is funny honey. Okay, good job.”

“One more honey.” she says “And I will try to control my fingers.” she adds with a smile as she points to the woman’s pussy.

“Vagina,” I say

“And 5 slang please,” she says like a school teacher asking me to name the capital of Texas.

“Pussy, cunt, twat, love tunnel and love nest.” I rattle off quickly. She smiles at me.

“Good job honey.” She stands up from the chair. “You know your terms well.”

As she stands up I bend over a little to try to hide my erection that is now likely very obvious, even with my pants on. She looks over to me and I have a pretty good idea she knows I’m covering up.

“Honey.” she giggles a bit. “Do you have a bit of a problem down there?”

Great! My mom just asked me if I have a hard on. Crap! What should I say?

“Ah, I’ll be ok.” I do my best to try to convince that there is nothing to see here. Can she just say good night so I could take care of things down here?

She walks around to be behind me and looks at the screen again.

“Do you want to look at any more honey?” my mom asks. I can’t really tell if she really wanted to or if she was just now trying to torture me. A bit of me wanted to go on. But most of me wanted here to leave the room so I could start jerking this problem off while pretending she stayed.

“No mom, it’s okay,” I say as I reach over and hit the back button to removing the spread eagle MILF on the screen. As I did, oh on. What was I thinking?! The screen returned to the category screen. My mom noticing the new screen, turns her attention to take in the new information.

“Categories!?” she says in an interesting voice. “Let’s see what we have.” She stands up to me, puts her hands on each of my shoulders and moves her head down close to mine so she can read the text on the screen hailing of the categories.

As my mom put her hands on my shoulders, I freeze as a warm wave of feeling emitted from my shoulders to my feet and back up to my cock. She squeezes my shoulders more as she moves her head down closer to view the screen. This sent another wave of feeling from top to bottom to center. That was the one that almost pushed me over the edge. If she keeps this up, I’m going to cum in my pants right there with her hands on my shoulders and my hands on my chair’s armrest. I had no words to say. No protest I could vocalize. And absolutely no encouragement I had the courage to vocalize.

She reads over the categories. She says nothing, but I can tell she is reading them over as her hands squeeze more as she reads the most extreme categories. Each squeeze brings me closer to cumming in my pants. Knowing that my mom is reading sexual categories and reacting to them makes it ten times more intense. “The sure have a lot of categories to choose from,” she says squeezing my shoulders and neck a bit. I so wish she would stop doing that. Does she know what she is doing to me?

“Which ones do you like honey?” she asks me. No way! She did not ask me that. How do I answer that? At least they don’t have a “woman that look like my mom” category.

“I ah, I don’t know,” I reply wanting her to just leave before I wet my pants with my own sperm.

“Oh come on honey, I want to know.” she squeezes my shoulders again.

“I ah,” I start and stop.

“Anal. Do you like that one?” she asks half giggling. She squeezes my shoulders and keeps them squeezed for a few seconds. “It’s good for birth control you know.” as she giggles again and lets go of my shoulders. “I bet you could find a girl that would let her do that to her,” she adds.

“Mom!” I protest. “Girls don’t even like me.” There, at least I found some words to say.

“Yes they do honey,” she tells me in a reassuring voice. “You’re a stud. Be confident!”

“Blowjobs.” she says. “There’s another good birth control approach don’t you think?” she says playfully as my cock is about to explode.

“That is true,” I tell her trying to hide the I’m going to cum in my pants voice.

“Cream Pie?” she asks with some curiosity. “Is that when you put whipped cream on a girl?” she asks in a voice that know’s she does not have the correct answer and begging me to tell her what it really is. Oh man, is she going to make me say it? Before I can answer she goes on.

“Or is it when a girl gets really creamy down there from being turned on all day?” she asks with a hint of aggravation in her voice. She starts to squeeze me neck and shoulders a little harder. “Like when a girl sits at work all day and daydreams about sex but does not have a boyfriend at home, grrrr.” she squeezes my neck more and more when say goes on that mini rant. She also playfully pushes my shoulder forward and backward in rapid succession right before letting go. I almost let go my load on that one, but someone keep an early launch from happening.

Thinking about what she just said. One, was she telling me her pussy is so creamy it could be thought of as cream pie and Two, did she get like that because she daydreams about sex all day at the office? And three, she is left wanting for lack of a boyfriend. That is a lot to take in. And she told me? Wow! So her pussy is wet right now? I take in a deep breath and try to catch a whiff. Should one expect to be able to smell a wet pussy? I’ve never smelled pussy before but was so ready to find out what it was all about. Darn it, no smell I could detect other than a hint of the perfume my mom normally wore. Now back to the question at hand.

“I think that is when a guy cums inside a woman.” I blurt out. She stops for a minute.

“Oh, I guess that would make sense,” she says.” she says. “Please erase from you memories that part about a creamy vagina then.”

Right, like that’ll ever happen. Somethings can not be unheard and that was one of them I was happy to think.

She adds and moves on to the next.

“Double Penetration?” she says again with a confused voice. “Is that like a 3-way?” With this she giggles a bit as my cock is still in ready for go mode and hanging.

“No mom. Ah, it’s when one guy is in a girls vagina and the other in the, ah, other pink meat.” I tell her and cringe a bit.

“Get out!” she says acting a bit surprised. “Wolf!” she says. “How is that even possible?” she asks and playing squeezes my shoulders.

“Hand Jobs,” she says moving on. “Well, no mystery there”

“FF,” she says. “What is FF?”

“Stand for Female Female,” I tell her.

“Of course,” she says. “Watching two girls make out turn you on honey?” she asks and kisses my cheek playfully.

“I guess a little,” I confess and then giggle a bit.

“FFM,” she says and then figures out the code. “That’s two girls and a guy?” she asks.

I nod in agreement.

“Oh, I bet that turns you on even more,” she says playfully. I start to giggle and try to hold my arms into my body as she starts to try to tickle me under my arms. I start to squirm around a bit.

“Are you saying you seat two, comfortably?” she jokingly asks.

“Hmmm, where would they sit? Tell me, tell me.” she giggles as she asks me. I just smile and try to keep her from tickling me.

“I guess one would sit on you lap so you could pleasure her that way.” she continues to try to tickle me. “But where would the other site? Am I confused, honey? Tell me where she would sit?” She stops tickling. “Oh! If you are laying on you back, she could sit on your face.” With that, she puts her hands on my face from behind me. I guess to simulate where the fictional girl’s checks would rest. The tickling had reduced my urge to cum, but her hands on my face brought it all back more than ever.

“Let’s see, I guess her checks would go a bit like this” as she presses them down a bit on each side of my face. “Oh, that wouldn’t work honey. That would not work because her vagina would be right on your mouth and nose. In face your nose would be in her vagina.”

With that, I tense up a little. My mom just described a girl sitting on my face will pulling her hand into my face around my nose and mouth. And then telling me my nose would be up a girls vagina was all I could take. My first spurt was coming and nothing was going to stop it until it hit the insides of my underwear. She continues as I cum.

“That would get her juices all over your mouth and face honey,” she adds as I add the first spurt into my shorts. I do my best to not touch myself and keep still to try to hide the fact I was cumming right then and there as my mom hand her hands on my face.

“But on the other hand, maybe you might like that?” she concludes talking as I conclude cumming. She pauses for a few seconds.

“Are you okay honey?” she asks

“Ah, yes,” I say not really knowing what happened or what to think. Did she know what happened? Is there a wet spot on my pants now? If the wetness made or makes it way out, so is that sperm smell. Great I think as I wait.

She continues as if nothing happened. Now this is interesting. It’s one thing to hear about porn categories when you’re turned on, but it’s another right after you cum. Every other time I have cum, I turn off the computer and go to sleep. But now, I’m sitting there with sperm in my pants and my mom hovering over me looking porn categories.

“Fisting?” she says. “Oh, I think I understand. Guess we’re talking small hands or stretchy girls.” she giggles and adds. “Tell me were talking vagina’s right?”

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