Dude, I’m Going to Fuck Your Mom!


After graduation I went on a week long fishing trip with my dad in the mountains near our home. The fishing was great and dad even let me drink a few beers with him now that I’m eighteen and going off to college next year. Though after a week in the wilderness of bonding with dad I was ready to come home and be with my girlfriend Amy and I had a summer job lined up as well that I was ready to start.

We got home early Sunday evening and I gave Amy a call on my cell phone, she wanted me to meet her and Tommy my best bud at the pizza joint. So I took a shower and got changed into a clean tee shirt and a pair of shorts. I left the house to go meet them at the pizza joint, when I got there you could hear pop music blaring from the radio behind the counter, the small booths were filled with people eating pizza. I found Amy and Tommy in a booth sitting on the same side together; I dropped down in the empty side and grabbed Amy’s soft hand.

“Hey baby, I sure did miss you this week.” I said. “Oh and I missed you too Amy.”

“Always ready with a joke.” Amy laughed uncomfortably taking her hand away.

“Hey buddy, something happened this week while you were gone and we need to talk about it.” Tommy said.

“What happened? Can this wait, I’m going to go up and get a slice.” I said.

“No it can’t wait Brad; we need to tell you what happened.” Amy said with a growing sense of urgency in her voice.

“Okay, so what is it that you two are dying to tell me.” I said now concerned.

“I went over to Amy’s mom’s shop to get a hair cut last Tuesday and Amy was the only one working. It was hot and the air conditioning unit broke down again, Amy was just wearing a real tight fitting tank top and a skimpy pair of shorts to keep cool.” Tommy explained.

“Well as I was rinsing his hair and complaining about how hot it is Tommy got the idea to spray me with the hose, the tank top I was wearing was white and I did not have a bra on.” Amy added.

“So big deal Tommy got treated to a wet tee shirt contest in you Mom’s shop.” I said relieved. “I’m sure it was just an accident.”

“It is a big deal, after I sprayed her I saw her breast pressing against the shirt, she left the room laughing to get a mop and I got up and locked the shop door and turned the sign to close. When I came back in I took the mop from her and pushed her against the wall kissing her and she kissed me back. I tore open her shirt so I could see how beautiful her tits are and one thing led to another and we had sex on her Mom’s shop floor, we have been everyday now this entire week.” Tommy said taking a hold of Amy’s hand.

“Brad we did not want to hurt you, but the sex with Tommy was so passionate and it felt so naughty that I want to see him and break up with you.” She explained.

“Well this really fucking sucks, losing my girlfriend and my best friend in the same day, hope you guys are happy.” I said getting up and leaving.

I was almost to my old beat up pick up truck when Tommy came running out after me, I quickly wiped away the growing tears in my eyes. I turned to meet him and he stopped within a few feet of me.

“Sorry buddy, I always had the hots for Amy; I just had to act on it.” He said. “I hope someday we can get through this and be friends again.”

“Not likely, why don’t you go back in there and go fuck yourself with a huge Italian sausage.” I said to him angrily.

“You want to hit me or something?” He asked. “I think if you hit me or tried to kick my ass maybe you would feel better and we can work things out between us.”

“As bad as I want to kick your ass asshole, I won’t do it. Don’t worry Tommy I will come up with a different way to get you and the little bitch back for betraying me this way and throwing away our years of friendship. Fuck you.” I spat and got into my truck, driving away and leaving him in the parking lot.

I was so pissed off when I got home; I avoided my parents and went up to my room destroying everything that had to do with Amy and Tommy. Pictures, love notes, anything that connected me to them over our high school years they were all gone. I took my full garbage can out to the backyard and put it all in my dad’s burn barrel and then got some lighter fluid. With match all of my memories of them were destroyed as I stood watching the fire burn my mother came out to join me.

“What’s wrong Brad?” She asked in her usual soft soothing voice.

“Tommy and Amy had been cheating on me while I was gone with dad.” I said to her.

“Oh baby I’m so sorry, can I do anything to help you?” She asked putting her hand on my shoulder.

“No mom, this is just something I need to work out for myself.” I told her.

She stood by me for a long time in silence; she put her arm around me and gave me a hug. With the light of the fire and the growing darkness of the coming of night my mom looked really pretty. Then I was struck with inspiration of how I can get Tommy back for stealing Amy from me.

My mother finally went back into the house and I was again left alone with my thoughts. Küçükköy escort Tommy’s mother is the way I was going to get back at home; I was going to work on seducing his mother.

Like my mother Tommy’s mother Ellen had been involved through our entire time in school with fundraisers and bake sales. Like my mother Ellen is in her early forties, still looks very pretty. Also she has a nice body, her and my mother work out at the same gym during the week to keep them in shape.

Tommy’s dad on the other hand worked as a construction foreman, now that he supervised the jobsites he had put on weight. He was starting to bald and his growing mid section were starting to take its toll on him. I could hear my mom and Tommy’s mom talk on the phone on her lack of a sex life. Now all I had to do was come up with some kind of plan to get her alone, seduce her and pay Tommy back.

Once again my mother would provide me with inspiration I needed to get Ellen alone with me. My mom was putting dishes away from the dishwasher and she was glad to see me come in.

“Brad, your father has just surprised me with a vacation; we are leaving Monday morning for Paris.” She said all giddy.

“Great Mom, I hope you two have a good time.” I replied.

“Oh I’m sure we will, I guess I will have to put my landscaping project on hold until I get back.” She said.

“Well Mom you know my summer job is at a local restaurant and I don’t have to be to work until four in the afternoon. Why don’t you make a list of everything you need for the flower beds and I will put them in for you.” I suggested.

“Oh Brad that is so sweet of you to offer, but you never planted anything.” She said patting my cheek tenderly.

“Let me try, if I need help I could call Ellen, I may be pissed off at Tommy, but I don’t have anything against his family.” I said to her.

“Yes and Ellen is really good with gardening and I want to remain friends with her even after what Tommy did to you. I will giver her call and see if she will interest in lending you a hand.” Mom replied hanging up the dishtowel. “I better hurry up, I need to finish packing and your dad has already got done, is showered in bed sleeping already.”

She called Ellen up and took the phone into the other room; I wanted to listen in and tried not to be too obvious. Of course what happened between Tommy and Amy was discussed and it sounded like Ellen did not approve. It sounded like her and my mother would still be able to remain friends and then my mom asked her about helping her with the flower beds. Ellen told her that she would be delighted to help me with them and would be over around ten o clock Monday morning so we can go to the garden center and Home Depot to get everything we needed.

My mother thanked and hung up the phone, she got up to put it on the charger. She found me lingering in living room waiting for her to tell me what I needed to know about the flower beds.

“Alright, Ellen will be over to help you next week, I will leave you enough cash to pay for everything. All of the beds are marked already with wood stakes and string so you will know where to put them and what flowers are marked on Popsicle sticks I put in the ground.” Mom explained. “Are you sure you can handle this?”

“I sure can mom, I want to do this for you and you better get packed and off to bed you have an early flight.” I said to her.

“Oh shoot your right, good night honey.” She said kissing me on the cheek. “We will be gone in the morning before you get up and we will see you next Sunday.”

“I love you and have a good trip.” I said.

“Love you too.” She said and went upstairs.


I got up the next morning and took a shower, shaved and got ready for Ellen to come over and help me. She showed up right on time and she looked nice, she must have figured we were not going to do much work today. She had a pair of white slacks; I could see the outline of her white panties through them. A light green button up blouse, her hair was nicely styled and she was wearing makeup.

“Hi Brad, it’s so good to see you.” She said giving me a hug as I held the door open.

“Good to see you again Ellen.” I said inhaling her perfume.

“I’m glad you and your mom thought of me for this project and I’m so sorry about what happened between Tommy and Amy.” She said rubbing my back to reassure me.

“I rather not talk about that but I really am glad you will be helping me this week.” I said. “I may still be mad at Tommy, but you have always been really nice to me.”

“Aw that is so sweet.” She said kissing me on the cheek.

“We should get going; we will take my truck if you don’t mind, so we can fit everything.” I recommended.

“No I don’t mind, it makes sense.” She replied going back out of the house and waiting for me to follow as I locked up.

We made small talk as we got to the local Home Depot and we roamed around the store getting everything on Mom’s list and a few things Ellen realized she missed. Then we drove Mecidiyeköy escort bayan to the local nursery and we loaded up on all the different flowers Mom wanted.

On the way home we stopped at a little bistro for a light lunch and I really felt my seduction of Ellen was going to go well.

We talked about what else I had planned for the summer, going off to college and if I had anyone I was going to date. I kept my answers short and kept changing the subject back to her, trying to find out her interests and I also dropped little compliments which seem to make her smile often.

Ellen really seemed to enjoy having someone to talk to that seemed interested in her and what she had to say. I was looking forward to spending more time with her this week and we headed back to the house.

We unloaded the truck and put all of the flowers near the beds they were going to go in. Then we got the other stuff and we put it all in the garage for tomorrow, she recommended that I give the flowers a light watering before I went off to my night job at the restaurant and told me she would be by around nine tomorrow so we can get started. I watched her walk down the driveway as she headed to her car; I liked the way her round ass swayed as she walked. I would consider my first day in seducing Tommy’s mother a success and figured by the end of the week my plot would come full circle.


Tuesday morning I was outside in the garage laying out all of the gardening tools we had so Ellen could tell me what we will need when she got there. She pulled into our driveway and parked her car right behind my truck. When she got out I could see she got her reddish brown hair cut last night. It was shorter than it was Monday and it was curlier on top.

She looked pretty sexy if not intentionally doing it for my sake, she was wearing a tight pair of Capri style pants and a tight light blue blouse that was unbuttoned enough to show just a hint of cleavage. She was also carrying a large straw hat which she put on when she walked over to me.

“Good morning Brad, ready to get to work?” She asked.

“Good morning Ellen, yeah I got everything we need laid out here.” I said to her.

“Do you have a wheelbarrow?” She asked.

“No, my parents have this large gardening cart they call it.” I replied.

“Oh those are great; I have been meaning to get me one.” She said. “You better go get it we will need it to start on the beds in front of the house.”

First she had me load up all of the flowers and take them out to the front of the house to the two beds my mother had laid out. Then she went back to the garage and had me get all of the tools and the nutritional planting soil in the cart.

I returned with all of the equipment we needed and then we got busy digging up the first bed. We had a small pile of rocks that we tossed out of it after digging in the soil and weeds that we pulled up. As Ellen was digging in the soil I watched the seductive sway of her breasts in the blouse for a moment without being discovered. They were not huge or anything, they were nicely shaped and just stuck out enough in her blouse to be noticed.

We worked out front all morning planting all of the flowers in the new beds; we used the new soil so they would have plenty of minerals to eat. She then got out the rolls of landscape plastic; she carefully cut the plastic and showed me how to lay it out around the flowers. The landscape plastic was made to let moisture in and keep weeds from growing up through it. After we got it all laid out in both gardens we decided to take a break and see what we had for lunch.

We washed up at the kitchen sink and Ellen went to the refrigerator to see what I had to eat. She got out some cold cuts and put them on the counter and then she went back to get some lettuce, mayonnaise and mustard. She made us turkey sandwiches; I got a bag of chips out of the pantry and poured us two tall iced teas. When she was done we sat down at the kitchen table and ate our lunch.

“You know Tommy did not want me helping you.” She said taking a bite of her sandwich.

“Really why is that?” I asked.

“Something about you was going to get some kind of payback against him using me.” She replied.

“Nonsense Ellen, I just want to help my mom out and do something nice for her, I miss her if that don’t sound too funny. This is going the first time away from her or dad for a long period when I go off to college this fall.” I explained. “Besides it’s him and Amy I have the problem with, not you.”

“I know he is just being paranoid. She said giving me a nice reassuring smile. “Besides what could you do to me that would serve as some kind of revenge against my son?”

“I think the best revenge is having him think I’m up to something.” I laughed.

“Oh you are so evil” She laughed getting up to take her plate to the sink.

“Well we better get back to work; I only have a couple hours until I have to go to work myself.” I told her.

“Really where are Escort Merter you working?” She asked.

“Down at that new bistro down town, I’m just doing dishes but it pays pretty well and it’s not hard work.” I said.

“Oh I really would like to try that place sometime, but you know Tommy’s dad he rather eat a burger or pizza.” She said.

“Yeah the food is really good.” I said as we headed out the door, another idea came into my head to help with my seduction.

Once outdoors she told me to get the mulch out, she said it was both for looks and to keep the plants healthy. After we got the mulch all spread out we then put the border in, it was plastic made to look like bricks sitting at an angle. When we were done, I took a picture of both beds with my phone and e-mailed to my mother.

“Well Brad that was a good first day, I will see you tomorrow so we can do the ones on the side of the house.” She said.

“Thanks for your help Ellen and yes see you in the morning.” I said helping her with her car door.

“Don’t forget to water everything lightly before you go to work.” She said rolling down her window.


When I got up Wednesday morning the morning news said it was going to very warm today. It was going to be in the mid eighties by noon and lots of sun would be shining down. I got dressed in a pair of loose fitting gym shorts and a tee shirt; I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Around nine o’ clock Ellen was pulling in the driveway, I went outside to meet her in the backyard. She looked nice today wearing her large straw hat, a tight tee shirt and a pair of jean shorts.

We did the same thing today as yesterday; I got the cart and wheeled all the flowers for the beds on the side of the house. Then we set to work digging up the beds and it was starting to get hot out. I took off my tee shirt and watched Ellen’s reaction as she stared at my muscular body. It was fun to catch staring at me as we worked, then it was my turn to check her out.

She got down on her hands and knees and started planting, when she was not aware I was checking out her nice ass in the shorts. By lunch we had everything planted, we just went inside to grab some cold water and neither were hungry enough to eat. We got back outside and she helped me cut the landscape plastic.

Then we laid it down together and she was ready to go home, I told her I could handle the mulch, the border and the watering. She thanked me and left to go home to cool off, tomorrow was going to be much hotter than today I thought and will she wear less tomorrow as tackle the sunny back yard.


Once again I put on the morning news when I got up Thursday morning and the weather man predicted sunny and ninety. I started out in a tee shirt and jean shorts and I knew I would be taking off the tee shirt before the end of the day. Ellen arrived shortly after I ate breakfast in the same attire as yesterday.

“You know this backyard gets lots of sun.” I told her.

“Yeah I know and it’s going to be a scorcher so we better get started.” She said.

Like everyday before the same routine, we had four large beds to do in the backyard and it was going to be very hot. We got the first two beds done when I stripped off my shirt; Ellen stood and watched me once again staring at my body. Then I was shocked when she did the same thing, she tossed her straw gardening hat aside and pulled her tee shirt off and then her shorts down to reveal a very sexy swimsuit.

The suit was red and the top was what they called a push up halter style that made her breasts appear larger. The bottom was what they called a scoop bottom; I worked breaking up the soil in the other two beds while she picked out the rocks and started planting.

My poor cock was straining hard to get out watching her ass sway in the tight swim shorts and when she on all four I swore I could make out her pussy lips pushing against the fabric. We both decided to work through lunch, I went in to get us some cold waters, and she had finished planting by one o clock.

“I better put some sunscreen on you Brad and then I have this tanning oil I want you to put on me so I can work on my tan while you finish up.” She said getting two bottles from the car.

She spread the sunscreen on my back, massaging it in to my young muscles, and then she put some down the back of my legs. Then she came around the front, slowly she worked it down my arms, rubbing it in on my chest and stomach, she seemed mesmerized as she dropped to her knees and did the front of my legs. My cock could be seen pushing out against my shorts and I’m sure she saw it.

She led me over to the lounge chairs my mother had set up when she laid out in the sun and laid down on her stomach. I took the oil she wanted me to use and rubbed it all over her back. This turned into a little bit of a massage and she groaned in appreciation to what I was doing. Then I did the back of her legs, I ran my hand up them and when I slid them up the inside of her leg I stopped short of touching her pussy.

When I was finished I went back to work on the flower beds, the whole time stealing glances at her sexy body. After laying on her stomach for and hour she rolled over and did her front. She and I made eye contact as she massaged the oil into the parts of her breast that were left exposed by the suit.

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