Drunk Samantha


*author’s note: Yes I’m still working on Taken by the Viking, I’ve just been slowly writing this for the last two months and I finally finished it =) So here’s a little fun story in between Viking chapters.*

“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey baaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-beeeeeeee!”

Nicholas burst out laughing as his wife, Samantha, waved frantically at him from the dance floor where she was currently bumping and grinding with her best girlfriends. Seeing her actions, Marie and Anita also turned around and waved at their husbands, who had walked in with them.

The terrible trio were drunk off their asses, which was exactly what he and the other guys knew would happen as soon as they’d announced they were going out for a ladies’ night. As far as Nick could tell, ladies’ night was just code for drinking till they were plastered and then calling their husbands for the rides they’d earlier insisted they wouldn’t need. He didn’t know why they always thought they wouldn’t get drunk on ladies’ night, since that had never once been true, but they also said they’d be fine.

“How drunk do you think they are?” asked John, Anita’s husband.

“Drunk enough I’m going to keep the window in the car open, I don’t care how cold it is,” said Marie’s husband Donny. “If she pukes on the way home again, I want it outside of the car.”

Nicholas just grinned. He could tell his wife Samantha was his favorite kind of drunk right now; not so far gone that she’d be throwing up or miserable, but definitely drunk enough that she was going to be ragingly horny and open-minded enough to do all the nasty, dirty things sober Sam would blush about tomorrow.

Wearing a deep v-neck red sweater dress with black leggings and a matching black belt to help accentuate her curves, his wife looked hot as fuck as she came running up to him, throwing her arms around his neck and giving him a big kiss. Her face was flushed, her dark eyes a little glassy, and long, brown tendrils of hair were falling out of the bun on the back of her head.

“Hey beautiful,” he said, holding her lush curves against him as he gave her a kiss on the nose. He ignored the greetings his friends were getting from their wives, focused on the gorgeous woman in his own arms. “So you’re a little too drunk to drive, huh baby?”

She giggled, looking adorably bashful as her hand covered her mouth. Then she squinted her eyes at him and showed him her fingers, holding her index finger and thumb a tiny bit apart. “Just a liiiiiittle bit.” Then she put her hand on his chest and started sliding it downward between their bodies. “But I’m not too drunk for other things…”

His dick jumped as her hand kept moving down towards his belt, but Nick couldn’t let her reach her goal. There was every chance she might try to literally get into his pants right here in the club. When she was drunk, she got really horny, and it was like all the fetters of her repressed upbringing went flying away, making her want to do all the naughty, dirty things she normally would struggle with.

Not that she held back her passion when she was sober, but there were just certain things she was a lot more reluctant to do. She’d told him she liked getting drunk and having him do debauched and perverted things to her. Sometimes she liked it when he tied her up and did those things too. It made her feel like it wasn’t her ‘fault’ when she liked something while she was out of control. Nicholas liked seeing her blush and stammer when he would bring up all the nasty things they’d done later, when she was sober or when he’d untied her. His prissy little passionate pervert.

“Let’s get you home baby, and we’ll do all the other things that you want to,” he said, giving her another kiss.

“Ooookay,” sang Samantha, giggling more as she stumbled and Nicholas curved his arm around her. The girls all gave each other sloppy hugs goodbye before allowing themselves to be separated and led off.

Keeping Samantha away from his erection on the way home was a chore, as it always was. Nicholas solved the problem by asking her to play with herself instead of with him. The leggings gave her a little bit of a struggle, but she hitched her sweater dress up around her hips and managed to get her hand into the tight confines of her leggings. Her breathy moans had him hard as a rock as he did his best not to go over the speed limit.

“Show me your tits, baby, I want to see them while you play with yourself,” he said, his tone making it more of a suggestion than an order. Samantha could be kind of contrary sometimes when she was drunk, but she responded well to suggestions.

Giving him a saucy little smile, she pulled the neckline of her sweater to the left and popped her boob out of her bra, making Nicholas moan again as her creamy flesh and pert, pink nipple were exposed.

“Oooh, that feels so good,” she crooned, pinching her nipple between her fingers as her other hand rubbed between her legs. Since he couldn’t see much of her pussy, because of the leggings, Cebeci Escort Nicholas found what he could see to be tantalizing in the extreme. All the more so because he knew his wife wouldn’t normally be exposing herself while sitting in the front seat of the car. There was no danger of her being seen though; it was way too dark out and there was almost no one else on the road. Still, it was fucking hot.

Nicholas tapped the gas a little harder.

By the time they got home, he was as fucking horny as she was, and Samantha was writhing on the front seat, whimpering because she couldn’t quite get herself off in her current position. Pulling into the garage, Nicholas hit the door closer and pulled the keys from the ignition before getting out of the car and practically sprinting around to pull his wife out of the car.

“I’m not done yet!” she protested as he unfastened her seatbelt and pulled her out. Her sweater dress was still up around her hips, her leggings pulled down just enough that he could see the sweet, hairless mound of her pussy and the tops of her thighs.

“That’s okay, baby, I’m going to finish you.”

He slammed the door shut and bent her over the front of the car. Samantha squealed. “It’s cold on my boob!”

It didn’t matter that he’d just been driving, the cold air had kept the hood of the car cold as well. Nick liked that. He pulled at the top of her sweater dress, pulling it down so that it trapped her arms at her sides, and then he pulled her bra down on the other side too, so both of her breasts were pressed against the cold hood of the car. He just could imagine how the dichotomy of the cold on her tits and heat in her pussy would be clashing inside of her body.

With her bent over like this, her arms pinned, her ass up in the air, her leggings were at the perfect position to completely expose the puffy, slick lips of her pussy to him. Nicholas groaned as he held her down with one hand on the small of her back, his other opening the front of his pants.

“Nicky, it’s soooo cold, my nipples are like ice!” She sounded almost gleeful, and he knew she liked it even if she was pretending to complain. Samantha always liked it when he took control, but even more so when she was drunk and didn’t feel the need to pretend she wanted the control.

“Well, let’s heat you up baby,” he said, lining his cock up with her pussy and thrusting in. He groaned and she shrieked as the hot, wet velvet of her pussy wrapped around his shaft. So fucking hot… so fucking tight…

Samantha was moaning and panting now, squirming on his cock as the hard tips of her nipples rubbed against the cool surface of the car. Sure it was slowly warming up, but that didn’t stop her from feeling the cold all through her top half. With her arms stuck in her sweater at her sides, there was nothing she could do but take it as Nicholas started pounding into her from behind, his thrusts hard and rough as her breasts rubbed against the hard surface of the car. She moaned and whimpered as her pussy contracted around his cock, the thick length rubbing all the spots she hadn’t been able to get to when she’d been playing with herself.

It only took a few minutes and then she was screaming out her husband’s name, her pussy spasming and squeezing as she came. The rapture sent her soaring, her nipples tingling with cold, her body shuddering at the intense sensations ripping through her. Nicholas fucked her through wave after wave of pleasure, his hard cock ramming into her and extending her orgasm. It wasn’t until she’d stopped shuddering and was practically limp that he pulled out, and pulled Samantha away from the car hood and pushed her down onto her knees.

His cock bobbed in front of him, shiny with her juices. Samantha stared up at him, her eyes now glazed with both inebriation and sexual satisfaction. Her breasts were no longer ivory; they were pink with the cold and her nipples looked hard enough to cut glass. The sweater was now bunched entirely around her middle, exposing her shoulders and breasts, her hips and her swollen pussy.

“Open up, baby, I want you to clean all your cream off my cock.” Something she would normally protest doing, something which would normally make her blush just to hear the words. But Drunk Samantha just opened her mouth eagerly and leaned forward to take his wet dick in her mouth. Nicholas moaned as she bobbed her head up and down, not at all bothered by the glossy cum she’d left all over the length of his cock.

Her eyes were glazed with passion as she looked up at him, her pink lips tightly stretched around his cock and her body on display for his pleasure. Sober Samantha would have blushed and tried to cover herself. Drunk Samantha played with his balls, making him groan as he thrust harder and faster.

While he and Samantha had a great sex life when she was sober, she was also definitely shyer and a little more prudish. The times when she was drunk were fun, Kolej Escort and she enjoyed them too. Sometimes she whispered fantasies to him, blushing furiously, in the dark of the night, after they’d had sex, and later – when she was drunk and eager – he’d act them out with her.

Tonight was going to be the completion of one of his fantasies though, and he was looking forward to it. Before they got to that point, however, he was going to get himself off so that he could take his time and thoroughly enjoy round 2 with his drunken, kinky wife.

Sliding his hands into her hair, further disheveling her bun, Nicholas thrust hard and fast into her mouth as Samantha sucked and hummed over his cock. Even sober she liked giving him head, but Nicholas knew he was always a little rougher when she was drunk, a little more demanding, a little less careful. The first time she’d ever given him head, she’d been drunk, but after that she’d found the courage to do so more and more often – of her own accord – when she was sober. Sometimes she just lacked the courage to try something new without a little help to her inhibitions.

Since she didn’t have much of a gag reflex, he was a lucky, lucky man who could shove his cock down her throat when he wanted to.

“Fuck yes, baby… oh god that feels so good… suck me… suck me hard…”

The muffled whimpering noises Samantha was making vibrated along his cock, pleasuring him further as her fingers tugged at his balls. Nicholas tightened his grip in her hair, throwing back his head as his balls tightened. He thrust into her mouth and held her against him, feeling her throat and tongue working as he shot spurt after spurt of jizz straight down her throat. In the middle of his orgasm, he abruptly pulled out of her mouth to shoot the last strands on her face and breasts.

Samantha blinked at him in surprise since he’d never done that before. She looked down at the trickles of cum on her breasts, one hand lifting to wipe it off her cheek.

“Clean off your fingers with your mouth, baby,” he said, his voice a little hoarse as he tucked his cock away. “And don’t touch the cum on your breasts. I like seeing it there.”

Always submissive, Samantha stuck her fingers in her mouth and cleaned them of the cum she’d just wiped off her cheek. Her lips were puffy from sucking him, her cheeks flushed, and even though she’d already cum, he was pretty sure she was still highly aroused. Tequila might make her clothes fall off, but being bossed around is what made her horny as hell.

“Come on, baby,” he said holding out his hand to her. Samantha started to reach for her dress, obviously intended to fix it. “No, Samantha, just give me your hand. I like your dress like that.”

Samantha giggled as she took his hand. “You’re so dirty, Nicky.”

“I thought that’s what you liked about me,” he teased as he led her out of the garage. It was a bit cold out there anyway, even though it was a heated garage; the insulation just wasn’t as good. Inside the house it was nice and warm and he didn’t have any compunction about stripping her down completely so the only thing she was wearing was his cum on her breasts. Nick pressed his hand against her chest and rubbed the creamy seed into her skin, making Samantha giggle and lean into him. “Baby, do you remember what I said I wanted to do to you the next time you got drunk.”

His wife shivered. “Ooooh, Nicky, but that’s so dirty!”

Pulling her against him, Nicholas started kissing down the side of her neck as his hands slid over her bare flesh and to her ass, gripping her firm cheeks tightly and squeezing them, pulling them apart as his fingers sought out her crease. “Dirty is fun, though, isn’t it baby? You like it when I put my fingers in your ass.”

Finding the little rosette, he pressed the tip of his finger against her opening, teasing the sensitive nerves there as she squeaked and clung to him. “MMmmmmm…”

Even drunk, Samantha didn’t like to admit that she liked anything so dirty, so naughty, as her husband’s finger in her ass – although the truth was it got her hotter than anything else they’d ever done while she was drunk. When she was sober, she didn’t even like to think about how much she liked it. It was too embarrassing. Too perverted.

Good girls didn’t like things in their butt. They didn’t let their husband touch that hole or tongue it and they definitely wouldn’t let him put his cock in it. But that was the fun of being drunk, wasn’t it? It was an excuse to do all the bad girl things and then she could just blame it on the alcohol and not on her own naughty fantasies. Sober Samantha would never be able to admit that she’d goaded her girlfriends into shots tonight specifically because she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about what it would be like for her husband to finally take her anal virginity, to finally push his cock into the tiny hole he’d explored with fingers and tongue the last couple Yenimahalle Escort of times she’d been drunk and willing to be talked into perversion. It had been decadently wicked, especially when he’d taken her from behind, his fingers thrusting into her anus in conjunction with his erection thrusting into her channel, while he’d whispered about how next time he was going to put his cock where his fingers were.

Nicholas nibbled on her earlobe and then abruptly pulled away, leaving her breathless and quivering. He scooped her up into his arms, making her squeal at being carried off like a princess about to be ravished – only she doubted any fairy tale princess was going to be ravished in quite the same way she was.

“Oh baby, I can’t wait to get my cock in your tight little ass,” he whispered in her ear as he carried her up the stairs to their bedroom.

Even though he’d made her cum already, Samantha’s pussy was throbbing with anticipation, her body feeling like it was tingling and heating all over in eagerness for the fulfillment of his whispered words. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing the side of his face, his throat, nibbling on his sensitive ear and sucking his earlobe between her lips before biting down and releasing. Nicholas practically growled at her brazen actions, his hands tightening on her naked body as he kicked open the door to their bedroom and hurried over to toss her onto the mattress.

Giggling and squealing as she bounced, Samantha deliberately jiggled her breasts a little more than was natural, spreading her legs open as she did so to flash her pussy at him. Nicholas’ eyes were dark with lust as he quickly stripped off his own clothing, his cock already hardening in front of him at the vision of his naked and eager wife, her thighs slightly spread, her tongue flicking out to wet her lower lip as she stared back at him. The expression on her face was a little wary as she looked at his growing cock, probably already thinking about where it was going.

“That’s right baby,” he said, fisting his cock and pumping it as it swelled in his palm. “This is going in your ass tonight.”

Samantha shivered and licked her lips again. “Maybe… maybe we should do it next time?”

She sounded nervous, but she also sounded like she hoped he was going to turn her down.

“Oh, no baby,” he said, crawling onto the bed with her, in between her legs. He pressed his hands against her inner thighs, spreading them wide so he could see her pink pussy lips, gleaming with her wet arousal and her little star winking beneath. Pushing her legs back towards her body, he folded her in half and she squeaked nervously as he exposed all her privates for his enjoyment.

Reaching out, he snagged a pillow and swiftly pressed it under her hips.

“Play with your breasts, baby, I want to watch you,” he said, as he leaned over and opened the drawer to his nightstand, pulling out the bottle of lube he’d bought a couple months ago.

Squirming, Samantha cupped her breasts like she was offering them up to him, squeezing the soft flesh and letting it spill through her fingers. The saucy, teasing look she gave him as she did so spurred his excitement.

“Like this?” she asked, pinching her nipples and rolling them between her fingers. She let out a little moan as she arched her back in pleasure.

Nicholas took her heels and put them on his shoulders, keeping her lower body lifted up but leaving enough space between them that he could play.

“Just like that baby,” he said as he squeezed lube onto his fingers.

“Oh!” She made a little mewling noise as he pressed one finger against her rosette, easily stretching the tight muscle and pushing in. “That’s cold!”

“That’s just the lube, baby, it’ll warm up,” he reassured her in a soothing voice, his finger sliding deeper into her hot, tight hole, as her muscle squeezed like it was trying to push the invader out.

Samantha moaned again as he pumped his finger back and forth, pushing it a little deeper each time, and she squeezed her breasts tighter. Whenever Nicholas played with her bottom hole she got all hot and tingly at how dirty it felt, how wicked. The coolness of the lube made her quiver, but it warmed up quickly, just like he said, as he fingered her backdoor. Her pussy spasmed emptily and Samantha slid one hand down to play with her pink folds, her other hand still massaging her breast.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby, that’s so hot,” Nicholas said in a husky voice, and Samantha squirmed as he pulled his finger almost all the way out so that he could add a second digit to the invasion. The entrance to her ass resisted, and then gave as she whimpered, her hips thrusting upwards, eyelashes fluttering, her fingers working faster on her clit. “You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you baby?”

“Oh yeeeeeeeees, Nicky, I’m sooooo dirty,” she replied breathlessly, writhing and moaning as he pumped his fingers back and forth in her tight ass, stretching out her hole. She felt like she was burning up inside. Nicky’s fingers made her feel so full and hot, so depraved… she liked feeling like his dirty girl when she was like this. “I’m so dirty, I’m going to let you put your cock in my ass!” She rubbed her clit hard, gasping as a shock of pleasure went through her, her orgasm hovering just out of reach…

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