Driving Ms. Gail


Eighteen and fresh out of High School, I was looking forward to a summer of relaxation. My mom had other plans.

“Honey, she has a lot of money, and maybe, if you’re nice, she’ll pay for your college.”

I didn’t want to go to college. I wanted a job, so I’d have money of my own.

“And even though she and I don’t get along, she’s still my mother, your grandmother. And she’s willing to pay you.”

Grandmothers aren’t old biddies anymore, and my Grandma was a prime example. She’s 58, and looks in her forties. I didn’t see her often because she and Mom had a falling-out when I was just a kid. I always got cards from her for Christmas and my birthday, with a generous check, but that was about it.

“It’s just for two weeks,” Mom continued. “And she doesn’t ask for much. You’ll have fun.”

We went to the car rental agency. Grannie had arranged for the car, and it was a Chrysler convertible, very nice. I loaded my bags and the next morning I set out for Grannie’s house. I was to be her driver for two weeks while she vacationed at a cabin on a lake upstate.

Two hours later, I rang her door bell. She answered immediately. “Ronnie! So good to see you! How was the drive? Not too tired I hope? I’m ready to go!”

During the next three hours, we caught up with each other. “Please, call me Gail, I don’t want anyone thinking I’m dragging my poor grandson around for company…. even if I am!”

She was much nicer than Mom had said, and not the mean old hag I imagined. From pictures, I remembered how much she looked like Mom. Maybe that was it, they were too much alike, so they couldn’t get along. They were both 5’6, but Gail was fuller, with a healthy set of tits, while Mom is still only a 34C. (Yes, I’ve peeked. Who hasn’t?)

Gail was dressed in white shorts, showing some veins in her legs, but the fleshy thighs were what caught my eye. The black top came low enough to show deep cleavage, and I enjoyed peeking to my right as I drove. Her hair and make-up were perfect, like a lady at the perfume counter.

The group of cabins were spread out, each separated by some trees to ensure privacy. The manager showed us to ours, and I carried the bags in just in time to see him hitting on my grand mother, looking her over. Gail saw me come in and seemed relieved. “Oh, Ronnie, Mr. Jenks was just saying that all the groceries I ordered were delivered. We can eat in or go out, your beylikdüzü escort choice.”

Jenks didn’t know what to make of me. Because she looks so young, I doubt he thought I was her grandson. And since I called her Gail, he knew she wasn’t my mother. Was I the young paramour? Who knows, but he seemed to slink away after that.

Once we were alone, we explored the place. Gail took the larger bedroom, a queen, at my insistance. The twin was plenty for me in the back room. There was a living area, kitchen and bath beside our rooms. We proceeded to unpack and Gail poured herself a drink.

“If we stay in tonight, there’s beer and wine in the fridge, go ahead and have some. But if we’re going out to dinner, don’t drink until we get home. That’s why I don’t drive: I like to drink too much!”

I told her I had done more driving than I cared to today, and grabbed a cold beer. We sat on the porch, looking over our new home, watching the sun set on the lake.

We chatted, mostly about me. She wanted to catch up. “I hope you don’t think I’m prying, it’s just… you’re this new person in my life! You were 8 years old, the last time I saw you, and now you’re a big, good-looking young man! Oh, did you see the look on Mr. Jenks’ face? He must think I’m a wicked old wench with such a hot young boyfriend!”

“That’s what I thought, too! Was he hitting on you when I came in?”

She laughed. “Yes, I think so! It’s been so long, I’m not sure!”

“Oh, I’m sure,” I said. “I could see how he looked at you.”

She sipped her drink and smiled at me. “Kind of like how you were looking at me before?”

I almost choked on my beer. “Oh, well, that was just… I mean, I was just…”

Gail patted my leg. “It’s okay, Ronnie, I understand. You’re gonna be away from your girlfriend for two weeks. A virle young man like you is gonna have desires, and I think it’s flattering! Really! Wait until you see me in my bathing suit! I’m one hot Mama!”

I blushed, thinking, yeah, I bet you are, and I would have paid to see her and Jenks go at it! But, I said, “I don’t have a girlfriend, really. We broke up after graduation. And I’m sorry if I stared.”

Her warm hand came down and rested on my bare thigh. (I had shorts on, too) “Really, Honey, I liked it. Sort of gave me a tingle!” She squeezed my thigh and gave me a lazy smile. The cocktails beyoğlu escort were taking affect, along with my beers.

“Brrrr! It’s getting cold out here, and we had a long day. What say we head inside?”

“Sounds good to me!” I replied.

At her bedroom door, we stopped and she said, “Okay, honey. Sleep tight.” She reached behind my neck and pulled my head down, casually planting a kiss on my lips. There was a spark, and we both felt it. “Oooooh!” she jumped back. “Electricity!” she laughed. “You’re some kisser, Mister!” She winked and closed her door.

I got in my room as I felt my cock growing in my shorts. I knew she was my grandmother, but there was real electricity between us, at least on my part! I felt my body shaking from nervousness. I knew I was going to get these erections for the next two weeks and would have to take care of them, often.

I undressed and slid under the sheets, slowly stroking myself, thinking of Gail’s fleshy thighs and the hidden treasure between them. After a moment, there was a gentle knock on the door, and it opened.

“Hi, still awake?” Gail asked, sticking her head in. “Yeah, sure,” I replied, sitting up so my boner wouldn’t show.

She walked in, wearing a thin white thigh-high robe, holding it as if cold. “May I sit?”

“Sure!” I slid over, to give her room.

She sat softly, “Ron, I know you didn’t want to come…”

“Oh, No, I…”

“Don’t B.S. me, just listen: I’m gonna try my best to make sure you have a good time, and besides the money I told your Mom about, I’m gonna give you an extra $500 that you can do with as you please… maybe win that girl back!” She winked again.

As she talked, my eyes were on her thighs again. The robe was barely covering her lower half, and I could clearly see her black panties. My cock was raging.

“So,” she went on, “if you feel like doing something, just tell me, okay? I really want you to have fun.” She put her hand where my leg should have been but wound up brushing my cock on the way.

“Ooh! I’m so sorry! You were in the middle of… Oh, just what I didn’t want, and the first night, I interrupt…” She was looking around. “Huh? No magazines? My John always used dirty maga…” She swallowed hard and looked into my eyes.

“I-I-I’m sorry…” I struttered.

“Ronnie… were you… thinking about me???”

She bizimkent escort had caught me and I couldn’t lie. I looked away and slowly nodded, expecting the worst.

“Oh-My-God! I made you like that?” she smiled.

“I’m sorry…”

“I saw how you looked at me during the drive, but I never figured….Can I see?”

“Wha? See?”

“Yes, please!!!” she had grabbed the covers and was tugging them, inadvertantly releasing her robe, which was now open, revealing her bare breasts!

I tried to hold the sheets but lost them at the sight of her tits. The sheet flew and there we sat, her in an open robe and panties and me, bare assed with a 6 inch hardon. She looked down at me, then our eyes met.

“Baby, did I…cause this?” Her hand wrapped around my shaft and shock waves came over me.


She smiled, coyly. “I just thought of something we could do to make this vacation memorable.” With that, she bent over and flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue. “Mmmmm, salty!” She opened wide and took me in, deep into her wet, warm mouth, slurping, and swirling her tongue.

After my initial shock, I had to feel those tits, and as I hefted one, teasing her nipple, Gail looked up and smiled. “Hmmmm, we got plenty of time for foreplay, baby, but right now, I need to feel that thing!”

As she stood, her robe fell away, and she whisked down her panties. In a flash, she was on the bed, over me, guiding me into that black bush, tickling herself with me, then easing me in. Her head rolled back as I bit at those nipples. “Yes, Baby, fill me up!”

My cock was on fire! My previous encounters had been with girls my age, not passionate women. And Gail was deinitely passionate. She laid me back and began moving her pelvis, working my cock like a butter churn. I just laid there, looking up at her, her head rolling, at her tits bouncing, feeling her clench to my pole.

“Yes, Baby, that’s it, fuck me good and hard, give it to me!” she purred, quickening the pace as our blood boiled. Her eyes flared with desire anr she gritted her teeth. “Fuck! Feels so good! So good!”

She bent forward and ceased her motion, growling into my ear, “Oh God, I’m comingggggg!” Her body shuddered and she gasped, shook it off and sat up, glaring at me. “Now you! Now your turn!”

She picked up the beat again, getting faster, swirling, grinding. My hips were slapping up to meet her and the bed was creaking and bouncing. I felt myself welling up and told her, “Coming!” and exploded, one, then another, then a third heavy spurt, deep into her.

We clung to each other, catching our breath, then she whispered, “It’s nice to know we can get along, huh?”

I could feel my cock throbbing again…

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