Driving a Cousin


Everybody is 18.


This is the story of an automobile trip taken to my grandmother’s funeral by myself and my girl cousin, Leigh. My name is Ken and I live in work in the same town as my cousin. It is purely coincidence that we live in the same town, as Leigh and I are not close, nor do we see each other often even though we live only a few miles from one another. Our mothers are sisters. We are first cousins and have the same grandmother. Oh, and Leigh is a bitch.

We are the same age and as small children we played together and were good friends. As teenagers, though, Leigh decided to turn her back on me for another crowd that had no room for me or any of my friends.

There was one incident in particular that happened when Leigh and I were in high school that ended our friendship. We both ended up at the same party one night and she stood in a circle talking to some new friends she wanted to impress with her coolness when I walked up and stood to the side hoping to be included in the conversation. Leigh clearly did not want me in her crowd or even near her.

I had begun talking and laughing with a couple of guys I knew when she took a step towards me and slapped me across the face saying, “Shut up you asshole, go back to your loser friends!” She humiliated me and embarrassed me in front of everybody within hearing distance. From that moment until now I have had nothing to do with Leigh. I have been polite to her at family gatherings but no endearments have been exchanged and certainly no hugs have taken place.

Now we are in our thirties and living in the same town by coincidence when my mom calls to say that our grandmother has died and the funeral is Friday. Could I please let Leigh ride with me the three hours to the funeral? My Mom had thoughts for years that Leigh and I might reconcile and she was always planning situations that could bring us together. It was only at my Mom’s request that I agreed to give Leigh a ride. So, I phoned Leigh and she acted like I was doing her a favor to call and offer a ride, but we did make arrangements to ride together.

Leigh was a tenured professor in the business department at the local college. She said she had a 9 AM meeting that would last about an hour and we could leave afterwards. I mentioned to Leigh that we had a three hour ride and leaving at 10 AM left us no time to spare. Besides, I like to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Leigh said she would be ready at 10 AM. WTF, I thought, I’ll meet you at 10.

On Friday morning I was waiting outside Leigh’s building at 9:30 in hopes that she would be early, but no such luck. I sat in my new Lexus waiting for her to arrive. I had owned the car for a month and I still had the “proud car owner glow” about me as I listened to music on the Bose speakers while admiring the wood trim and leather seats.

Leigh arrived at 10:10 AM which pretty much assured that we would have to haul ass the next three hours if we wanted to get to the service on time. She walked thru the doors of her building toward my car wearing a black business suit with a mid thigh skirt, black hose, carrying an overnight bag and a lap top computer. She must have known how gorgeous she looked as she walked with attitude, dressed in black for her Nana’s funeral. I was fuming and ready to choke her before the trip even got started.

She ignored the fact of her tardiness as if she was entitled to the privilege of being late. However, she proved to be surprisingly pleasant when she got in the bursa otele gelen escort car and we made our way out of town and towards Charleston, the funeral and our relatives.

“Here,” she said, “I brought you something.” She handed me a bottle of Gatorade and took one for herself.

“That’s the nicest thing you have ever done for me,” I said, “Besides, when did you start being nice?”

“Oh, I have my moments,” she replied.

Leigh had a pretty decent music selection on her I-Pod as she plugged it into the Bose system and shuffled her selection. We heard Outkast, Jack Johnson, Hendrix, Coltrane, Adam Ant, Vampire Weekend and some other artists with whom I was not familiar.

Leigh had finished grad school at Duke University and got the small college teaching job right away. At 34 years old she was a tenured and published professor with a secure future. I asked with a hint of antagonism if she still behaved like a bitch. She explained that she had turned the corner on her bitchiness and bad behavior, that she was now quite a nice person. I doubted it. But, we drove along I-26 toward Charleston while listening to music and sipping our Gatorades while we shared stories of our lives over the past 10 to 15 years.

All was good until the traffic slowed and we moved along at about 5 miles an hour past an accident scene. The delay made me nervous and tense as we lost travel time and it was almost guaranteed that we would be late for our Nana’s funeral. But pretty soon the speed picked up and we were traveling at a decent speed again. I calculated that with some luck we would arrive right on time without a single minute to spare. Not great, but it was better than being late. That’s when Leigh held up the empty Gatorade bottle and announced that she had to stop somewhere to pee. We were running 10 minutes late already because of her. We still had an hour to drive and she wanted to take the next exit for a pee break – not good. Also, it wasn’t going to happen.

“You know we will be late for our own grandmother’s funeral if we stop for you to pee, don’t you,” I said. I told her it was out of the question and she should just pee in her empty Garorade bottle.

“No,” she answered.

“Piss in the Gatorade bottle,” I said, pushing her buttons and getting some enjoyment out of this situation.

“YOU piss in a Gatorade bottle, asshole. Pull in somewhere and let me pee in a bathroom,” she said. It was like somebody had flipped the bitch switch on her.

There was that word again, asshole. Then a switch flipped on me as well. She called me an asshole. The difference between now and the last time she called me an asshole was that now we were alone in a car that I was driving 75 mph down an interstate highway. I was in control.

“You want me to piss in a Gatorade bottle, do you? Then watch this.”

With that I twisted the cap off of my own empty Gatorade bottle, opened my pants and slipped them beneath me, exposing my dick. I sat with my naked ass on the leather seat, put the head of my dick in the wide mouth of the bottle and began to pee. Her eyes were wide with disbelief as she watched until I filled my bottle to the top and twisted the cap back on.

“That’s how you do it cocksucker, now it’s your turn,” I said. “Piss into your bottle, piss into your fucking bottle, or you will have to sit there and piss all over yourself. This car is not stopping and we have another hour before we get to Charleston. bursa eve gelen eskort

Her eyes were wide as she took stock of her situation and what she had been ordered to do.

She timidly pulled her pantyhose down to mid thigh and slid the Gatorade bottle under her skirt. This was a bad arrangement as she missed the bottle and pissed on her pantyhose, skirt, hands and my leather seat. She was a mess.

“Pull your pantyhose down to your ankles, raise your skirt and spread your legs. Put the bottle next to your pussy and piss into the bottle. And don’t piss on my seat again,” I instructed her calmly and deliberately.

She did as I said. When she opened her legs and lifted her skirt I saw the problem. Her labia were large and looked like a butterfly. Her piss flaps were spitting piss everywhere.

“Pull your pussy lips apart and put the mouth of the bottle on your urethra,” I said.

Again, she followed my instructions but she had so much piss that the bottle overflowed and piss spilled all over her pussy, her hands, legs and my seat. I reached into the back seat and grabbed a T-shirt and began wiping up the piss from my new leather seat and everywhere else it had spilled. Then a startling thing happened. As the T-shirt touched lightly against her pussy she grabbed my wrist with both her hands and pushed her clit against the smooth fabric of the T-shirt, moaning as she did so.

She deliberately increased the pressure on her clit while she leaned back further in the seat and rotated a little more laying one leg flat against the seat, knee bent. The other leg she rested on the dash. She tossed the T-shirt aside and put my hand next to her pussy

I now had an unbelievable view of her sweet cunt and those big pussy lips. Her clit sat up like an acorn. Illuminated by the afternoon sun, it glistened moistly as I traveled down the interstate towards our Nana’s funeral.

“Watch the road,” she teased. You don’t want me to put your fingers in there, do you?”

Leigh didn’t wait for a reply. She just smiled slyly as my fingers found her fuzzy pubic mound, touching it lightly and softly. She eased the two fingertips of my middle fingers into her pussy, bringing them right back out to rub around her huge lips and clit.

“Here, look.” “Mmmmmmm how’s that?” she asked, now sliding my two fingers again, quicker and more deeply into her.

My fingers began moving faster now, making a smacking sound, Leigh rubbed her clit madly with her protruding thumb to send herself over the edge as my fingers continued to slide in and out of her dripping slit. Leigh moved her right hand up to open her blouse and her gorgeous titties bounced freely as she tweaked her pointed nipples and grabbed my wrist, finger fucking herself into frenzy. I could tell she was close to cumming.

Soon she trembled all over and let out a loud moan. Her cum juices combined with piss to flood over my hand as she sighed and whimpered with the release. I watched her tense and tremble, going completely still for a few moments before she let her hips fall, sinking back to the seat exhausted. The smell of her huge orgasm and spilled piss replaced the new car smell of my Lexus.

We had another half hour to drive before we reached Charleston. Suddenly a car honked and I realized I had drifted into the left lane, but just slightly.

I desperately wanted to cum now. I needed to release my throbbing cock, as I was still driving with my bayan escort bursa pants around my ankles with a huge hard on. I thought about jacking off, but I didn’t think I could do that while driving and fingering her.

Leigh had collapsed in the seat and leaned against me with her arms wrapped tightly around my waist, her head moving toward my cock. In only a few seconds she had put the length of my throbbing cock in her mouth, moving her mouth up and down while cupping my balls in her hand. Then she gripped the shaft while moving her lips onto the head and moving her right hand beneath me where her middle finger tickled my anus while she continued to pump with her mouth

“Oh, Leigh,” I moaned, holding onto the steering wheel while threading the fingers of my right hand through her soft, fragrant hair. “I never imagined this would happen.”

She squirmed a little, shifting her legs, arching her back and exposing more of her ass as she sucked me. It was like she was offering herself to some invisible man behind her, wanting to get fucked.

I loved hearing the sound of her breathing through her nose as she worked hard for her reward. The feel of her bouncing head in my hands was an unbelievable turn-on for me and Leigh seemed to be turned on by it as well. She knew I was getting close, and the idea of my impending orgasm obviously aroused her. Leigh whimpered in anticipation, wanting to make me cum in her mouth. She fucking wanted it!

“Oh, damn,” I moaned, massaging Leigh’s scalp. “Oh, God! Hmmmm . . . .”

Leigh moaned as my semen jetted into her mouth. She jerked back until just the spurting head of my cock was between her shiny wet lips. She sucked hard, making faint little grunting noises as my thick, creamy load filled her mouth. Her tongue rubbed firmly against the underside of my cock head, and her hands stroked up and down my shaft, lightly squeezing my balls, coaxing out every drop of my cum.

I trembled with intense pleasure and held my hands tightly on the steering wheel, letting out loud groans. I thrashed as she just kept sucking me and prolonging my orgasm. I stared down at her and saw that some of my juice had smeared around her lips making them sticky and glossy.

As Leigh moved down mouthing and licking my deflated balls, I looked at the speedometer and we were traveling at 110 mph and approaching a long line of cars in the right lane. I immediately moved into the left lane while braking and moving again to avoid a single truck and finally back safely into the right lane.

The rush was nearly too much for me and I was lucky not to have suffered a fucking heart attack.

Leigh was dragging her wet tongue around my shaft, licking around the head a little, then easing her way upwards to kiss me, pushing tongue and the remains of my cum into my mouth.

“Who you calling a cocksucker,” she said with the most beautiful smile.

“Sorry,” I said.

“You don’t have to be, I am the one who should have apologized to you years ago,” she replied.

But we still had some work to do as we were both a mess approaching downtown Charleston. Leigh grabbed my T-shirt and wiped her mouth and face, no matter that it was still wet from her piss. But she did a good job of pulling herself together. I got my pants up and belt buckled and we looked surprisingly presentable as we drove the Lexus slowly through the city streets. Leigh had removed all of her make-up with the wet T-shirt and looked downright wholesome and beautiful to me at this moment.

We made it to the funeral home with 8 minutes to spare. The 110 mph blowjob had made up for lost time, in so many ways. All the bullshit was gone. Leigh and I were friends again. Maybe that was all we needed to do and maybe that’s all anybody needs to do. Help one another cum, it pushes all the bullshit aside and makes up for lost time.

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