Dressing Room Tryst


A Snapchat notification flashed across his screen. It was from her. They’d met online and been trading snaps here and there. She was 28, brunette, beautiful green eyes, great rack. And, her she was… at the mall, trying on swimsuits, and she wanted his opinion. He looked around, from side to side, to see if anyone took note of the smile that crept involuntarily across his face. She was in a slimming one piece, her breasts brimming at the fabric, her ass round and bouncy in the side-shot profile view. Before he could hit ‘replay’ another snap came in. She was sliding the strap off her shoulder, side boob staring him right in the face. “Gorgeous. More” he hastily replied.

2 minutes lapsed, nothing. He thought he scared her away by getting greedy. This was the most he’d ever seen of her. They’d never met in person, she’d never shown off more than some mid-thigh in their yearlong snap flirtation.

Another notification. Her back to the mirror, looking over her shoulder with phone cam in hand, the suit pulled half way down her butt. Ample bare side boob on display and at least half of a fantastic ass. His pants were fitting snug, now.

“Hell and yeah” he fired back. Where are you?

“Pac Sun, Mayfair”

“Shut up – I’m 2 stores down”

“stop it”

“Legit – I am” and he snapped a selfie from inside the Gap.

“Get over here. Now” she insisted.

“For real?” he asked, cautiously.

“Now. Before I change my mind.”

He dropped the overpriced jeans back in the pile and hauled ass over to Pac Sun.

Trying to act cool, while peeping into dressing rooms empty handed he texted “Where’s your MILF ass at?”

He was there in a few steps and opened the door, unannounced. The room was small, dimly lit by dressing room standards, but the light was flattering. There was also a mirror Cebeci Escort that seemed to have a slimming effect going on. Well played, Pac Sun.

This was the first time they’d ever met, face to face, and there she was, her beautiful breasts hanging out of a bathing suit. Perfect nipples, round, perky, killer cleavage. His pants were bursting at the zipper.

Without a word, she dropped to her knees, undid his fly, and pulled his girth from his shorts. She took him straight into her mouth, as he was still growing. His cock was pulsing as it filled with blood. It was modestly above average, but had been described by partners past as “pretty” and “girthy” and “elegantly curved.” Actually, the last one was his own addition.

He sighed involuntarily, then caught the reflection of their bodies in the mirror. She expertly took almost his whole length into her mouth, rocking back and forth. The warm wetness of her tongue almost caused him to blow his load inside a minute. He let her keep going, because it felt ridiculous, and the view of her slowly sucking his cock in the mirror – without ever having heard the sound of her voice – was insanely erotic.

After a few minutes, he knew he needed a break or he would blow. And he wasn’t letting this once in a lifetime kind of hotness be done that quickly.

He pulled her up from her knees, met face to face, and kissed her hard. Her mouth was warm and tasted like his cock. He rubbed his tongue gently against hers, taking her top lip between his, gently, delicately. He grabbed the back of her head, wrapped his fingers in her hair, and pulled her mouth to his urgently.

After kissing fiercely for a while, he spun her around, facing the mirror, and tipped her forward. She turned her head to the side, her cheek and Çıtır Escort then her tits pressed into the glass. He knelt down and slowly worked her swimsuit off.

She spread her legs apart and gave him a glorious view. Her sweet hairless pussy was glistening with excitement. He bit each of her ass cheeks tenderly before diving in without warning. He pressed his face directly into her ass, his tongue found her wetness, it crept forward until it found her clit. She moaned, hard, as he licked her with a purpose. She tasted sweet, a little tangy, and the scent of fresh juices caused his dick to bounce excitedly.

His nose was pressed right into her rosebud, she smelled amazing. Fresh, clean, only a little like the recently removed polyester he’d just ripped off of her. She braced herself against the mirror with her forearms and elbows as he ate her pussy with a vengeance. Alternating between her clit, labia, and sliding his tongue in her wet, delicious slit. He teased her taint, and she moaned “oh, yeah” so he worked higher until he was tonguing her sweet, tight ass. She reached through her legs and rubbed her clit, he paused for a moment to suck her fingers, tasting all of her, and wetting her even more.

He kept rimming her while she rubbed her clit. He took to fingers and gently worked them inside her surprisingly tight and toned pussy. “Oh god” the words escaped. He worked his fingers in and out, pressing just right against her G spot while she circled her clit and he ate her ass. The triple treat got to her quickly and he felt her body tense. She started to tighten up, her breathing stopped for a second, she went silent, and then she exploded. A wave of pleasure raced up and down her body and a trickle of sweet wetness ran out of her quivering pussy.

He let her Demetevler Escort linger for a moment, then stood up – his cock still pulsing with excitement and anticipation. She was still pressed against the glass and he saddled up behind her and pressed his bulging head against her dripping wetness. He started in slowly, she took him easily, and then he dove in. He started rocking, rhythmically, steadily, then began pounding with primal urgency. “Oh, fuck… yeah, god, yes” she sighed as he fucked her hard and fast. The curve of his cock hit just the right places inside her. She felt herself begin to tense again. She was surprised. But she surrendered to the sensation. He reached around and grabbed one of her splendid tits while the other hand was pulling her hips back into him. She again reached down and began rubbing her sweet, hard clit.

The room reeked of sex and sweat as he punished her from behind. After only a few minutes she felt herself swell again. And then she came. Hard. “Uhhhhhhh!!” she screamed, loud enough that the neighbors in dressing rooms 2 and 4 were sure to be jealous. Her tight tunnel was just milking his shaft, and he couldn’t hold out much longer. For all kinds of reasons she didn’t want him to cum inside her, so she sensed when he was seconds away, and slipped to the side, spun around, and fell to her knees again. She took his cock expertly in her mouth and began stroking with her hand as he slid in and out. She tasted her sweet tang on his shaft. His whole body tensed and tightened. His eyes clenched shut. His toes started to curl against the carpet and he felt it begin deep inside. While she steadily stroked and sucked he erupted. He shot a huge, hot load straight into her mouth. He moaned loudly, gutturally, and after 7 or 8 pulsations, he was finally done. She swallowed his load, disposing of any evidence, avoiding any mess. He quickly pulled his pants up, buttoned and buckled, then took her face between his hands, pulled her face to his, kissed her hard with the taste of his cum still on her tongue. He turned around, opened the door, and walked away.

“Best. Ever” he snapped her a few minutes later. “12 out of 10. Would definitely do again.”

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