Dreaming Out Loud


“You know, I’ve fantasized about Jan since she first came to work here.”

That comment brought a startled response from Kelly. She and my wife Melina were good friends, they worked together at the clothing store.

Her mouth fell open as she dropped her pen on the table. Then she turned to look me straight in the face.

“You said what?”

“Yeah. You know. Sometimes when I’m fucking Melina, I just close my eyes and pretend it’s Jan.”

Her mouth fell open even further. She rotated her chair 90 degrees and faced me head on. But it was no use. I was a million miles away; lost in some heady mind fuck I was creating for better or for worse.

“Yeah, I think about fucking her all the time.” I said.

“If Melina could hear you she’d kill you.”

“I laid in bed this morning after she had left for work.”

I broke my daydream and made eye contact with her.

“And when I knew the house was empty, I started thinking about Jan. Slid my underwear down under the covers.”

Kelly picked up her drink and brought it to her lips. We were in the employee’s lounge and could see down a long hall where both Melina and Jan were talking to different customers from behind the sales counter. They were pushing perfume.

“Then I started jacking off.”

She pulled a sip from her straw.

“I extraordinary izle imagined I was pushing my finger in her butt. That got me real hard.”

Kelly looked down the long hall and caught someone’s eye. I was still staring into dead space.

“Yep. I closed my eyes and pretended she was sucking my dick. Pushing her cunt in my face. Letting me lick her ass. I was holding a pair of Melinas panties in my hand, and I wrapped them around my hard on several times. I was pretending they belonged to Jan. And when I could see her climbing on top and easing her hot pussy down on my dick, I shot off like crazy. I came while pushing those panties deep into my face. Smelling her pussy. Well, not her pussy, but that was my fantasy.”

“Is there something wrong with you? Is there any special reason why you’re telling me all this shit about how you want to have sex with Jan? Or are you just a freak?”

“Oh, there’s nothing wrong with me. I mean, she’s just so fucking hot. All I think about is doing her all the time.”

Kelly looked at me with a burning hatred. I could feel she was most definitely going to rat me out.

“Of course I think about fucking you too.”

And that was where the mood turned from boiling vengeance to dangerous curiosity.

“Once we were forecasting love and weather izle in bed fucking; and you called on the phone. She just reached over and picked up the receiver. I kept on fucking. I could hear your voice. That made me want to stroke in her hole even more. I was really thinking about fucking you. I pretended that it was you I was on top of. I heard Melina moan and I reached beneath her and pushed my finger up against her asshole. I made her come while you were yacking away on the phone.”

Kelly slammed her coke down hard against the table. For the first time I broke into a grin.

“Do you like to have your butthole fingered? Because you sure do in my fantasies.” “You’re fucking ass is in trouble.” “That’s exactly what I told you once in a jack-off fantasy.” “You perverted son-of-a-bitch!” “As I recall, you loved having your ass played with.” “Melina is going to hear all about this. She or I will kill you.”

“Sometimes I imagine the three of us in the shower together. Me you and Jan.”

Just a few seconds earlier she was half out of her chair and on her way to tell it all. But suddenly she calmed and grabbed her coke again. Her eyes lit up with interest.

“It’s a big shower and we’re all in a small circle. Our freeridge izle arms around one another. My hands running through your long wet hair. Kissing you on your neck. Fingering you and pushing my fingers into Jan’s mouth. Seeing you and Jan embrace and kiss. That’s a good fantasy. Fucking Jan from behind while you watch. Because I want you to watch. Because you want to watch. Rubbing both of your asses. Watching the hands in front of me touching one another’s crotch. Exploring the place between the legs. Rubbing my growing erection against Jan’s wet soapy ass. Then the three of us on a huge bed together. Jan going down on you.”

An audible gasp from Kelly between her sips of coke.

“Me slowly pushing into Jan while she’s licking between your thighs. While she goes down on you. Pleasing you like only another woman could. Feeding you my wet cock to suck into your mouth. Masturbating to the sight of you going down for her. Sucking her pussy lips. Fucking both of your pussies. Fucking the both of you in your asses. Coming in your mouth.”

“Hey! Are you listening to me?”

I was suddenly brought back to the present. Kelly was standing in front of me.

“You were zoning out there weren’t you? I’ve been talking to you for 5 minutes and you’ve just sat there with a stupid look on your face. Are you on drugs?”

“Nope, my mind was just wandering.”

I apologized and tried to pay attention and let my fantasy conversation slip away.

I excused myself to the single unisex restroom, pulled my pants down and let my hard cock fall out . I slowly started to stroke myself. I locked the door behind me and let my imagination take over again.

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