My name is Sanouk Boonya. I am a first generation Thai American. To be more precise, I am what is known as a Dreamer (or DACA eligible). My parents brought me here from Thailand when I was just two years old. Little did I know that both of their work visas expired when I was seven. My father was an accountant and my mother was a nurse. We lived in a modest house in White Plains, New York.

I had a very happy childhood. I was an only child and was spoiled as much as our income would allow. I had no idea we were what was known as ‘illegal aliens’. Although a little bit shy, I was somewhat popular. I was a good student growing up and was involved in cheerleading and student government. I was pretty and many boys wanted to date me. But my parents forbade me from dating until I was eighteen. That didn’t matter to me, my only interest was in becoming a professional dancer.

When I turned eighteen, I got a partial scholarship and enrolled in the dance program at Columbia University. I applied for and was granted a student loan to make up the difference between the total cost and the scholarship. My parents co-signed the loan.

In my sophomore year, I went to an open audition for the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. I was told I danced superbly and was extremely pretty. But I wasn’t tall enough. You had to be 5’6″ and I was only 5″3″. I was crestfallen. The interviewer gave me a card for another dance company he said was always looking for pretty girls. I put it in my purse and forgot all about it.

That wasn’t the worse thing that happened that year. In the summer, ICE agents showed up at our house and deported my mother and father. I was allowed to stay as a DACA candidate. But the bank foreclosed on our house, and I was evicted. No house, $40,000 in student loan debt and no visible means of support. I slept in unlocked parked cars, alleys and under bridges for a while, scrounging food out of restaurant dumpsters and shoplifting when I thought I could get away with it.

One day I was going through my purse looking for money. I had two dollars and seventy-six cents. In the bottom of the purse, I found the dance agent’s card. ‘Isaiah Ellington – Professional Dance Agent’. I figured maybe he could get me a job, so I went to his office the next day. It was in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan. I found the building and trudged up three flights of stairs. There were rat droppings on the steps.

I opened the door into a one room office which was a shambles. Papers, pizza boxes, Styrofoam coffee cups and some articles of clothing were strewn about. Behind a desk was a guy with a big paunch and thinning silver hair and a scraggly white beard. He was wearing a soiled T-shirt with holes in it and smoking a cheap cigar. He looked at me and said, “Ya got a pointment?”

I said no. It never had occurred to me to make an appointment.

“Well, you’re pretty enough. Come in and close da door. Sit down on dat couch.” The couch was covered with half empty food containers. “Just trow dem on da floor. C’mon girl, I haven got all day.”

I did what I was told and sat down. I told him I was a dancer looking for a job. He asked me how old I was and I said “Twenty.” Then he asked my name and I said “Sanouk Boonya.” He laughed at that and said, “What the fuck kinda name is dat? From now on, you Nookie Boon.”

“You a chink?”

“No, I am Thai.”

“Well, don matter. Ya all look alike anyways.”

He asked a few more questions and finally asked, “You know how to dance da pole?” I said no but that I could learn. Then he asked me if I could do lap dancing. I lied and said yes. He said, “Okay Nookie, come over here and show me what ya got.” I got up and walked over. The closer I got, the fouler he smelled. I guess I was supposed to sit on his lap. He told me to wait a second and pulled his flaccid man thing out of his pants. Then he told me to sit down. I did and began grinding my buttocks into him. Soon, his penis was rigid, and he was panting. He grunted and I could feel wetness through the bottom of my skirt.

He pawed Ankara Escort at my breasts and said, “Not bad bitch. Lemme make a phone call.”

I went back to the couch. I knew there was a stain on the back of my dress. I overhead only one side of the conservation. “I got ya a chink. Young un… Nice ass. Maybe a little small on top…Pretty face…Name’s Nookie, can ya believe dat?…I think dey’ll like her…Doesn’t know much but she give a passable lap…I think she can learn… Okay, she’ll be dere tomorrow.”

He scribbled an address on a piece of paper and handed it to me. “Be dere at ten tomorrow mornin. Ya got any sexy lingerie? No mater, dey fix ya up.”

I took the paper and stood up and thanked him. His last words to me were, “Get a shower before ya go dere. Ya stink. And remember Isaiah when ya becomes a star. Now get yer chinky ass outta here.”

I left and wondered why people were staring at my ass more than usual.

That night I went to Macy’s to get some new clothes. I collected some sexy underwear, a short skirt and a lacy white blouse. I took them to the dressing room and changed. After making sure there were no security devices hidden in the clothes, I left the clothes I had worn into the store in the cubicle and nonchalantly walked out of the store. I used my last two dollars at the YWCA and took a shower.

I arrived at the club a few minutes before ten the next morning. It was called ‘Delites Gentleman Club’ and had no windows. There was a bright neon sign of a woman in silhouette on her hands and knees. Every few minutes, the sign would flash and the woman would arch her back and push her ass up in the air as her head went to the floor. The door handles were in the shape of a woman’s breasts.

I walked in and looked around. The place was spotless. It was early but there were half a dozen scantily clad girls gyrating on a stage. Maybe about ten or so customers sitting around. They all looked at me. One of the guys poked his buddy and said something in Spanish and they both laughed. His buddy winked at me.

A large muscled guy clad only in tight fitting shorts introduced himself as Julio and led me to a back room. Again, I was impressed by how clean the place was. A very handsome man with slicked back black hair was sitting on a couch reading the newspaper.

“You must be Nookie Boon. I am Alejandro and I am the manager here. Julio, please send Heather in here. And get Nookie a cup of coffee.”

A few minutes later, a beautiful blond girl wearing only a thong panty came back with Julio. She had little barbels through her pierced nipples. When she opened her mouth to say hello, I saw she had a pierced tongue with a golden stud in it.

After Julio gave me the coffee, Alejandro patted the couch next to him and I sat down. He placed his hand on my thigh. I quivered a little.

“No need to be afraid Nookie. I meet all the new girls. Just to go over the rules. Relax and pay attention. Please stand up.”

I stood up and he had me do a few twirls. I was told to bend at the waste and pull the hem of my skirt up and show them my ass. “Very nice Nookie. You’ll be very popular. Now take your clothes off.”

I hesitated. “Girl, you do know this is a strip club, right? Now get those clothes off.”

I stripped and three sets of eyes looked me over. Julio’s shorts were bulging.

“Heather, go get an outfit for Nookie. I think maybe the bridal outfit…Nookie, since you’re new, you’re going to wear our virgin bride outfit. After you’re here a while, you’ll get a new outfit.”

Heather left and Alejandro continued speaking and once again patted the couch. I sat down again. His had was caressing my thigh.

“Do you speak English girl?”


“Are you Chinese?”


“Any Spanish?”

“Just a little.”

“Doesn’t matter. The only Spanish you need to know is mamada and joder.” I didn’t know what those words meant but just nodded my head.

“How old are you?”

“Twenty.” His hand was moving further up my thigh.

“Carumba, Balgat Escort you look like you could be fifteen. You will be very popular.”

Heather returned with an armload of garments. She helped me dress. A lacy white bra that was more of a sling. It supported my breasts but only underneath. A white matching garter belt. A white thong. White seamed stockings which she attached to the garters which went under the thong. She said, “Always make sure your seams are straight honey. And the garters always go inside the panties. It makes things easier.” Five-inch white stilettoes. And a frilly white garter band which Alejandro himself ran up my leg. Finally, a flimsy white veil for my head. It wasn’t meant to cover my face, it just covered the back of my head. When I was completely dressed, Alejando smacked my ass.

“Strut around the office Nookie. Look sexy.”

I walked around, trying to keep my balance in the heels. My buttocks were alternating going up and down and moving from side to side. I felt like I was on display. I looked over at Julio and noticed he was rubbing his crotch. “She’d be great in a honeymoon bed.”

Alejandro took charge again. He grabbed the waist of my thong and pulled it up. He turned me around and ran his hands over my ass. “The back of your thong should never be visible unless you are bending over. And always bend at the waist, never with your knees. Like this.” He put his hand on my back and bent me over. The thong pushed deeper into my butt crevice.

“Okay, Isaiah told me you can do a lap dance. If you can get that old fart excited, I guess you can. Heather is going to teach you how to do a pole dance later today. In fact, you are going to spend the rest of the day with her. Listen to what she says. Our customers all love her.”

Heather gave me a reassuring smile.

“So, Nookie. One last question. Do you want to work here? I understand if you don’t, but I need to know if you are committed.”

I thought about it. I really needed the money. How bad could it be? Dancing almost naked in front of strangers. An occasional lap dance? Stripping? It’s all dancing, sort of. I really needed the money. “You mean I got the job?”

“If you want it sweetie.”

I think I surprised him by giving him a hug. “Yes, I want the job.”

“That’s great! I hope you enjoy it here.”

Alejandro put his hand back on my ass. I was getting used to this now.

“We’re going to do a little role playing now. You’re going to start out as a waitress until you learn to pole dance. Waitresses have three functions. Serve drinks, get groped and give lap dances. Okay?”


“You don’t talk much do you? That’s good. Most customers don’t like chatty girls. They prefer you use your mouth for other things. Now Julio and I are going to be customers. Heather is going to be giving me a lap dance while you serve the tables.”

We went over to a corner of the room where two small table were set up. Alejandro sat down and Heather got on his lap and started grinding.

“Not so fast Heather. This is for Nookie’s benefit.”

I stood in front of Julio and asked if he would like something. He reached up and pinched my nipple. “Just a beer for now. Maybe something else later. I walked over to the makeshift bar but not before Alejandro squeezed my butt as I walked past. Heather was still gyrating on his lap.

I went over to the makeshift bar, poured a beer into a glass, and put it on the tray. I started back with the tray in front of me when Alejandro said “Cut.”

“Nooki, you have to hold the tray up above your shoulders. One hand. The customers have to get a good view of your body when you are serving.”

I held the tray up and walked back over. Alejandro again grabbed my ass but I managed to keep the beer on the tray. I placed the beer in front of Julio.

“Cut. Nookie, you have to bend at the waist when you place the drink on the table.”

I did and my thonged ass was right in front of Alejandro. His hand went up under me and squeezed my pussy.

“Is that allowed?” Çankaya Escort I asked, blushing.

“Groping of the girls is always allowed. That’s what you are here for. The only rule is that there can be no penetration of any kind in the main room. That’s what the private rooms are for. Remember no penetration, even when you are doing a lap dance. Try it again.”

I did, this time bending over real far. Alejandro grabbed the back of my thong and pulled it aside. One of his fingers went up my asshole.

I jumped. “I thought you said no penetration.”

“I did. This customer, me, just broke the rules. That’s what Julio and the other bouncers are for. It’s his job. But don’t be fooled into thinking he’s your friend. He’s going to expect a blow job after your shift is over for saving your ass.”

Julio went from being a customer to his bouncer role.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave…Are you okay Nookie?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Um, what are the other rooms for?”

“That’s’ where you get a chance to earn some real money. You only get $10 for a lap dance. Maybe some tips for waitressing. A customer can request you to go to one of the rooms with him. Of course, you accept. Once you are n there, he owns you. You will do whatever he wants. It’s all being recorded so we can determine the payment when you are done. Your share for every blow job is $25. $50 for getting fucked. $100 for getting fucked in the ass. Other money for other things. And if we put the video on the internet, you get an extra $50.”

“Do I have to get fucked in the ass?”

“If that’s what your customer wants. Remember, he owns you and the customer is always right. The only thing not allowed is brutality. Ha can slap your face but he cannot punch you with a closed fist. And he can’t hit you with another object. If any of those things happen, you hit the panic button, the session is over, and he will be banned for four weeks.”

Alerjandro piped up. “Okay, shifts over. Give Julio what you owe him.”

I got in front of Julio on my knees and pulled down his shorts. I had never sucked a cock before. I pushed at it with one of my fingers. I wrapped one of my hands around it and licked the tip. It didn’t taste bad. I put an inch or two in my mouth and closed my lips. I actually got into it and was soon bobbing my head up and down and taking it all into my mouth. I played with his balls while I was doing this. Soon I felt his balls tighten and he was shooting his semen into my mouth. I backed off and sat there with my cheeks puffed out.

Heather spoke for the first time in a while. “Swallow it. A guy always expects you to swallow.”

I did.

“she’s a pro.” Said Julio. “Not the best but certainly she’s enthusiastic. Thank you Nookie.”

I smiled. They didn’t know that was my first time. “Thank you Julio.”

Alejandro announced the indoctrination was over. Heather was instructed to take me to the main room and get me started. I was to be with her all day. I would even go with her to the private rooms. Just to observe. I wouldn’t be required to do any private room service on my first day. But starting tomorrow I would.

It was a long day. Heather taught me how to pole dance. She was amazed that I could hold onto it with two hands and swing around it five or six times. I was groped countless times. I did three lap dances and put the $30 in the top of my stocking. $30 dollars! That’s more than I had since being evicted. One guy wanted me to go into the private room, but Heather told him to come back tomorrow. I went into the private room twice with Heather. I saw her getting fucked in the ass once. She gave me tips on how to deal with that and told me it was pleasant once you got used to it. And it was good money.

At eight in the evening, my real shift was over. I changed back into my street clothes. Julio asked me if I wanted a ride home. I said okay.

When we got into the car, he asked me where to. I bit my lip and told him I didn’t have any home. He said I could stay at his place. But he sent me back into the club to get the virgin bride outfit.

I lost my virginity that night. There was an awkward moment when Julio met resistance and my hymen popped. He opened his eyes wide and looked down at the trickle of blood leaking around his cock.

“Wow, you really are a virgin bride.”

I blissfully looked up at him. I wrapped my legs around him and started bucking like crazy.

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