Dr. Mom Pt. 03


“Oooohhhh fuuuuuck!” Linda could hear her sister, Veronica, moan from the bathroom upstairs. She slowly made her way up the stairs, hoping not to alert anyone. She had to make sure she was really hearing what she thought she was hearing.

When Linda got to the bathroom doorway, she saw it was already slightly open. She pushed it the rest of the way and it swung into the room.

Linda gasped loudly enough that both Veronica and her son Lee looked at her, but it didn’t matter, Linda could see them. Her sister was naked, thrown over the sink like some kind of common slut, as her son, Lee, fucked his mother from behind. Linda gasped again when she saw that Lee’s cock was positively massive.

Veronica looked up and saw her sister, she smiled at her sexily, Veronica wasn’t the only one to inherit the beautiful looks in that family. Linda had tits almost as big as hers and a nearly perfect, fit body that just screamed: “Fuck me!” Veronica knew Linda had been trying to get pregnant and had come over to discuss with Veronica what type of fertility treatments they could try next, something Linda didn’t know was that Veronica had discovered a new fertility treatment that guaranteed pregnancy, of course, that method also happened to be Veronica’s big-dicked son!

“Oh Linda, FUUUCK THAT FEELS FUCKING GOOOOOD!” She moaned as her son continued to ruthlessly fuck her pussy in full view of her sister and his aunt, she cleared her throat and calmed down, “Sorry, as you can see my son has me a bit indisposed at the moment.”

“As I can see?” Linda repeated, absolutely in shock, “But he’s fucking you!”

“I know!” Veronica said as she fake-complained, “I’ve been trying to get him to stop but he literally won’t give me a break. I mean it, my pussy is already incredibly sore from the fucking he gave me last night!”

Lee watched this bursa eskort bayan conversation happening as he continued to fuck his mother’s tight pussy. Mostly he watched as his aunt stared directly at his dick as he thrust it inside Veronica’s cunt. He knew what she wanted. He pushed his mom off his dick to see if he could be sure. “You want this cock?” He asked his aunt as he stared her down with his hard cock as he faced her.

Instead of answering Linda merely gulped as Lee’s cock came into view, glistening from his mother’s pussy juices. She knew it was wrong, but she did want that big fucking cock right in front of her. But there was no way she could tell her nephew that, especially not in front of his mother! Even if he was just fucking her a moment ago!

Lee took Linda’s silence to prove she wanted him. He took a step towards his aunt and grabbed her by the hips. “Oh!” She yelped in surprise as Lee pulled her towards him and started making out with her. She didn’t push him away, instead, Linda sucked on his tongue like a good slut.

Since both her son and sister’s mouths were occupied for a moment, Veronica saw this as a perfect opportunity to explain her plan to Lee and Linda, “Okay, well, I discovered Lee’s amazing virility last night. He cums both in gallons, seemingly, and his sperm count is through the roof!” She didn’t really know this second part as they never actually got a sample the night before because they were too busy fucking, but Veronica was sure her son could get her sister to carry a child. “This man can help you get pregnant Linda, it’s as easy as that!”

Linda heard this, despite her nephew’s tongue being a huge distraction, she stopped kissing Lee for a moment so she could ask a question though, “But I can’t get impregnated by my own nephew?!” She said, even though she was unconsciously bursa otele gelen eskort bayan grinding her pussy, underneath her skirt and in her panties, up and down the length of her nephew’s naked, giant cock while she spoke to her sister, “I mean, and do you expect us to fuck or are you talking getting artificial insemination? I mean, I can’t fuck him, even if he wasn’t my nephew. I’m married!”

“You’re going to fuck him!” Dr. Thelma announced proudly to her sister, “At first I was just going to collect his semen before I discovered my son’s virility, and there are so many women in this city, and Lee obviously needs a lot of sex in order to be satisfied, I think it’ll probably be better to do this all in one-on-one sessions, then everyone is happy.” Especially me, Dr. Thelma thought as she pictured all the fucking she and her son would be doing in the coming days.

While Veronica said this, she watched as her son started making out with his aunt again, grabbed her by the ass, and picked her up. As he did so, Linda wrapped her legs around her nephew’s torso while Lee carried her out of the room. Veronica followed as Lee took Linda into her bedroom, it did have the biggest bed, big enough for all three of them, and he pushed Linda down on the bed, kissing his aunt the entire time he did this. Linda was giving in fully to her lust now, kissing her nephew with even more passion than he kissed her. As he threw her on the bed, she started ripping off her clothes, a business skirt, and jacket, mostly, with an undershirt and her underwear. Lee stopped kissing her so he could help her, and a moment later, there were now three naked people on that bed.

“Oh good,” Veronica smiled at both of them, “You’re ready for the insemination,” she smiled at her blonde sister, Linda looked over at bursa eve gelen escort Veronica but was too fucking horny to even hear what she had just said, instead she grabbed her sister by the back of the head and pulled her into her, she started kissing her sister while Lee lined his huge cock up with his aunt’s already quite wet pussy, he pushed his cock into her cunt.

Veronica broke the kiss with her sister so she could watch the incestuous copulation before her, “I was going to eat your pussy while Lee fucked me to make sure you were both as hard and wet as needed be for this, but I see that you’re both quite ready for this ‘artificial’ insemination,” artificial my ass! Veronica thought as she said this, “This is going to make for some good impregnation!” Veronica announced.

Linda had something to announce too, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD! OH MY GOD LEE! THIS IS THE BEST COCK I’VE EVER FUCKED! LEE, IMPREGNATE ME! IMPREGNATE YOUR OWN AUNT! AND NEVER STOP FUCKING ME!” Linda moaned as Lee continued his relentless assault on her pussy. She started coming and her moans became somewhat more guttural, “OOOOohhhHHhoHoHohOOOHHH!”

As Linda came Veronica grabbed both of her sister’s tits and started sucking on one of her nipples as she played with the other. Linda moaned even harder as Veronica did this, she knew it would help derive more pleasure as she came.

“OH SHIT AUNT LINDA YOU ARE TOO FUCKING HOT!” Lee announced, “I’M CUMMING!” and he started unleashing an incredibly large load into his aunt.

A moment later, Lee collapsed on the bed in between his naked mother and aunt, totally spent. While he did this Linda put her legs on her chest and started lightly rolling to the left and right to help with the insemination process, “Sorry Aunt Linda,” Lee said with a yawn, “I want to keep fucking you and give you the baby you deserve, but I’m just so tired right now.” With that, he closed his eyes and fell asleep on the bed.

“Holy shit!” Linda said as she felt more and more of her nephew’s cum leaking out of her pussy and onto her sister’s bedsheet, “You came so damn much Lee I’ll be more surprised if you didn’t get me pregnant!”

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