Double Act


First of all, let me get this straight. My sister and I are not identical twins. We both have long, dark hair but hers is straight whereas mine has a little kink in it. Her left front tooth is a little out of line, and mine are perfectly straight. She has the body a cheerleader would die for while my hips and bust are at least an inch wider that no amount of aerobics or diet seems to shift. And we can’t stand each other’s taste in music. But for all that, or maybe because of it, we grew up trying to be as identical as possible. Maybe we felt cheated that, having shared the same womb and coming out into the world at the same time, we should look and be the same too. Of course when we were younger, our mom would dress us in the same clothes anyway and that would reinforce our sameness. We grew up aware of our differences, but willing and wanting to share as much with each other as we could. When we were younger, we would often share and swap toys on a regular basis. When we hit our teens we would share clothes one or the other would buy. As we grew older, we shared more intimate things. We even had an unspoken arrangement to share the vibrator Bethany bought on her seventeenth birthday. But we had never shared a man. Until Tim.

Tim had been an acquaintence of mine at the college Beth and I went to. He seemed kind of cute, but not really my type. At the time, I was discovering an appreciation for the fairer sex anyway (although this was one of the rare things I had kept from Bethany). Anyway, things moved on and I introduced Tim to my twin sister. The two hit it off right away and quickly became an item. Tim was tall, blonde and well built; a typical American college boy. He liked his weights, was fairly well read, and had a lovely smile. Like Bethany, he was majoring in journalism at college.

One time, I caught Tim and Bethany having sex in the room Beth and I still shared. It caused a moment of embarrassment between us. It’s not as if I hadn’t seen my sister’s bare ass before, just that I hadn’t seen it quite so agitated before, bouncing up and down on top of Tim. The next day Tim teased Bethany mercilessly, telling her that the only shame about me interrupting was that I didn’t join in. Bethany would blush every time Tim mentioned it, but we both found it kind of funny too. It also marked a new departure for Bethany and I in our openness with each other. After catching her butt naked having sex, I felt the need to address the balance. I told Bethany that I had experimented with sex with other girls.

“How many Cassie?” she asked me, more incredulous than shocked. I remember telling her that I had kissed a couple of girls at college, nothing much, was a little drunk at the time, but it had led to a couple of nights with a girl called Michelle who wasn’t really my type, but who was available, and was able to give me the experience I was looking for. It was enough to know I wanted more. Up until then, the sex I’d had with men was okay, but hadn’t given me the orgasms I’d read about in magazines, or watched in films.

Before we had even finished college, Tim had been offered a position with Reuters, the international news agency. They were looking for young, keen reporters who matched a particular requirement for overseas working. Tim had taken up the offer, and was getting ready to leave in a weeks’ time when he and Bethany decided to take off for a couple of days. We live on the edge of town, not far from some popular woods where an enterprising leisure company had built a number of log cabins around a small lake. Tim rang me as soon as the plans had been made.

“Hey Cassie, do you want to come too?” he teased. I told him to look after my sister and bring her home without too many bruises. But later on, when we had some time alone in the house together, I spoke about it with Bethany and we came up with a crazy plan to give Time exactly what we wanted.

“I watched this video he other week” Bethany told me, as we lazed about on a couple of sofas. I arched my eyebrows. “Yeah” Bethany said, rolling her eyes, “It was one of those videos.”

“Wow, Beth. I didn’t know you were into those”

“There’s a lot about me you don’t know sis, including what really turns me on. Anyway, in this video, there were two really hot girls giving this guy a blow job. He then took them one after the other, but get this; the thing that made it so hot was that these were real sisters.”

“What, the actresses?”

“Uh-huh. Better still, they were identical twins. The poor guy didn’t know what hit him; having two incredibly gorgeous twin sisters blowing him off.”

Bethany left the sentence hanging. My brain caught up a second or two later. “Bethany, what are you saying?”

“Wouldn’t it be cool, Cass? I mean, wouldn’t it be the hottest send-off for any guy going overseas on his first job?”

I looked at my sister?

“Are you for real?” I said, trying hard to work out if my little sister was pulling my leg. Bethany sighed, then jumped up and grabbed my hand.

“Come gorukle escort bayan on!” she said, pulling me to my feet. She led me into her room, closed the door and fired up her computer. Within seconds, she hit the ‘play’ button on her DVD software and the titles of an adult movie scrolled up. In the background was a screenshot of the (presumably) twin sisters starring in the film. They were butt naked, pressed against each other, each looking sideways o smile at the camera.

“Wait a second, wait a second” Bethany said, trying to find the bookmark she left. I was struck by a sudden thought. “Hey Beth” I said.


“Do these sisters do anything with, you know, with each other?”

“Kind of” said Bethany, distracted as she wrestled with the controls. There was a moment of silence as Bethany looked to find the exact scene she wanted. In that short space of time, new thoughts were beginning to form in my head.

“Okay, here it is” she said, pressing the ‘play’ button once more and sitting back on the end of her bed. I sat back beside her; close, as always, our legs touching. Bethany felt for my hand and held it.

“Okay, this is so cool, watch.” she instructed. I did.

The two twins were, indeed, pretty hot. They were your standard gorgeous adult movie stars, with blonde hair, great figures and “come-fuck-me” smiles. But they were identical. They were lounging at home (not to different from me and Bethany), dressed in towelling robes when the door rang and the standard mailman walked in. He made some comment about delivering a ‘special package’ and the girls pretty much got straight to it. The first girl slipped off her robe and was clothed just in a pair of pink and white panties. She dropped to her knees and started fumbling with the guy’s zipper. Seeing this, the second twin made out something that the ‘special package’ was for her, not her twin, and went over too. As she did, she let her robe fall to the floor to reveal matching panties to her twin. By the this time, the first twin had the guy’s growing cock in her mouth. She sucked it for a few minutes while her sister played with his balls, then they swapped. Actually, the first twin fed the guy’s cock to her sister’s mouth. It felt, in a fast kind of way, very erotic. The two took turns, sucking the guy’s cock then feeding it to the other twin. Eventually, the girls got up and knelt up side by side against the sofa. Mailman came over and serviced each twin in turn, pumping hard at one pussy, then the other. There wasn’t any interaction between the twin sisters, but I couldn’t get out of my head that the guy’s cock had gone from one twin’s mouth straight to the other, and now was going from deep inside one twin’s pussy straight into her sister’s. I had a strange, butterfly sensation in my stomach as I watched this.

Quite suddenly, Bethany froze the video mid-shot.

“See!” she said, excitedly. “Wasn’t that hot?”

“Yeah” I mumbled.

Bethany bounced up a little on her bed. “What do you think, Cassie” she said. “What do you think? Would you do it? Are you up for it?”

I felt time slowing down a little even though my answer was already made up. This would be something naughty and exciting and fun and a little bit dangerous. But I wasn’t sure if my motives were the same as Bethany’s. As I watched the video, I felt myself getting more and more turned on by the thought – the idea of the two twins interacting sexually with each other. It was that thought, more than anything else, that made me pause. Eventually though, I nodded my head for Bethany to see.

Bethany started bouncing up and down, and her enthusiasm was infectious. Pretty soon, I was dancing round the room with her, the two of us acting 12 years old again. A few minutes later, with a sobering drink, and we started making our plans. I was to ring Tim and tell him in no uncertain way that I would not be joining him and my sister at the cabin where he and Bethany were going to. The place wasn’t too far away, and I knew I could get there by bicycle, and hide it. Bethany would make sure Tim went out for a long walk on the first night; saying she had a headache or something. That would give me time to steal in, take a shower and get changed. Beth and I decided to wear matching clothes, right down to our underwear. It wasn’t a problem, given our respective wardrobes. We both grew up wearing identical clothes and our tastes matched perfectly, meaning a lot of the stuff we bought independently was the same too. We decided on the simple, classic look; black high heels, black panties and bra, clean white blouse and short black skirt. Easy to look good in, easy to take off. We also worked out our game plan. Almost.

The next two days after that seemed to drag. Bethany and I were both excited by the prospect of what we were planning, and had to keep it in check from the ever-curious Tim. And it was then that I did two things I felt guilty about. The first was stealing Bethany’s adult DVD and nilüfer escort bayan watching it. The second was getting turned on by the twins’ interaction in the film. I found myself getting very wet and horny seeing the twins being so sexual around each other, even if they weren’t having sex with each other. At one point, just after brushing my teeth before going to bed, I started thinking about it a lot, and used my electric toothbrush for a very unhygienic purpose.

Friday eventually came. Before Tim arrived to pick my sister up, we went through our plans once more, checking I had the identical clothes in my backpack, and what we intended to do. We hugged while Bethany waited by the door. I pulled Bethany close to me, as we whispered a few goodbyes. I felt her breath, and her whispers at my ear, smelled the scent of her hair against my face, and felt the crush of my chest against hers. All things given, I was a little ashamed, but not entirely surprised, that I felt incredibly horny at that moment.

Bethany left, and left me two hours to kill. I took a cold shower to get my head screwed on right again, then, on impulse, went into my sister’s room, lay on her bed and started to masturbate. Following that impulse, I picked up a pair of Beth’s panties, and rubbed them against my clit, bringing myself eventually to a shuddering orgasm.

I cycled over to the cabin as the sun set into the west. It was a gorgeous ride and didn’t take me long to get there. I felt like some kind of ninja commando; placing each step carefully as I hid the bike nearby and made my way as silently as possible to the cabin. I’d almost got clear of the tree cover when the door to the cabin opened and Tim walked out. He looked right in my direction as he stood there, and I thought my game was up. What would I do if he caught me? Should I admit our plans and ruin the surprise, or should I make up a story about what I was doing here on his last weekend away with his girlfriend? If so, should I be angry, or would that ruin Beth’s time with him? It was the one thing Beth and I hadn’t thought about, or planned for. Just as I was dreading what to do, Tim turned away, doing up the zip on his coat, and headed for the lake. I waited until he was out of sight then waited a moment or two more. The door opened again and I saw Bethany crane her neck out. I broke cover and ran for the house, ducking into the doorway as Bethany watched my back. She closed the door and we hugged again; silly schoolgirls once more.

“I told him to cool off and go for a walk” she said to me.

“Cool off?”

“Yeah, he was getting real intimate a little while ago, and I told him I didn’t want our weekend ruined like that. I said I wanted it to be a romantic evening before things went further. I told him to take half an hour out, so that I could get the dinner ready.”

I winked at her. “Clever.”

Beth looked me up and down. “You get here okay? Bring the stuff with you?”

I nodded. “Uh huh; in my pack.”

“Good. Grab a shower and get changed before he gets back, then we’ll go through the plan.”

I did so, but was unable to stop my heart beating so loudly the whole time. I took care getting dressed and went out to meet Bethany. We opened the door to each other and looked. It was like being in front of a mirror! We sat down quickly, putting make-up on each other like we’d learned to do years ago, then I got into position in a nearby closet when Tim was due to come back. It was a little cramped, but I didn’t mind, and it wasn’t a moment too soon. Tim came back, took one look at my sister, and got a real hungry look in his eye. Beth told him that dinner hadn’t gone so well, so she’d give him something to feast his eyes on instead. And he was gorging on it. He sat on the sofa and Bethany poured out a couple of glasses of wine for them. They took a sip and I watched as they kissed, tracking Tim’s hand as it slid over my sister’s ass. His fingers made contact with the small satin sash Beth had tucked into her waistband.

“What’s this?” he said, tugging at the sash.

Abruptly, Beth stood up and took Tim’s drink from his hand. “It’s for you” she said, pulling free the sash and showing it to him.

“For me?” he said. Beth smiled down at him. “Uh huh. I want you to put it on. Like I said, I want this night to be special.”

Tim’s look of confusion turned to one of anticipation. “All right!” he said, sitting forward on the couch. Libby knelt in front of him and wound the sash around his eyes so that he couldn’t see. Then she tied it tightly at the back of his head.

“Okay” she said. “You stay right there. I’ll be back in a moment.”

Bethany stood up and went over to the hi-fi, putting on some soft background music. Then, using that as cover, she sneaked over to where I was hidden and let me out. We grinned at each other, and suppressed the urge to giggle.

“Where are you, Beth?” Tim said, more playful than complaining.

“I’m right here, bursa otele gelen escort bayan baby” Beth replied. She gave me a little pat on my ass and I padded over to where Tim sat. I knelt in front of him and used one hand to push him back into the couch and saw him grin.

“Keep your hands to yourself” said Bethany, right beside me. “Otherwise you don’t’ get your surprise.”

“There’s more surprises?” he said, attempting to sit up. I pushed him back again with the flat of my palm. “Uh uh, tiger” said Beth. We shared a silent giggle.

Tim sat back, grinning, and I realised this was it; was I prepared to go this far with my sister’s boyfriend, in front of her. Of course I was. I was getting worked up again and there was no way I’d back out now.

I ran my hands down Tim’s torso, letting my fingers dig a little into his muscle.

“Mmm. That’s good” he murmured. I carried on, until my hands were over his belt buckle. I let them trickle down further, feeling the bulge of his cock. I looked up at Bethany. She gave me a wink and nodded for me to carry on. I let my hands grab at Tim’s open thighs, then went back up and undid his buckle. He went to move his hands to help me, but then thought better of it. I got hold of his belt and started to tug his jeans off. He wriggled a little but I eventually got them down to his ankles. His cock was growing large in his boxers. I ran my hands of it, feeling his shudder a little as I did so. Beth prodded my shoulder. I looked up and she nodded once more toward her boyfriend. Sighing inwardly, I reached inside Tim’s boxers and took hold of his manhood.

“Oh baby, that feels so good” he said.

I massaged him for a moment or two, then took my hand out and pulled his boxers down too. When his cock was completely exposed, I could see how big he was. I ran my hands up and down his length. I felt, rather than heard, Beth getting up behind me. She moved very quietly to stand on the far side of the sofa; far enough away from Tim that she couldn’t have possibly been doing to him what he was feeling. He murmured quietly, gyrating his hips as I used my hands on him. And then Beth spoke.

“Does that feel real good, baby?” She said.

Tim stiffened, and not in the way I had so recently helped him with.

“Beth? What the fuck is going on? Who-?”

Tim scrabbled into an upright position, suddenly embarrassed. First he fumbled with his shorts, then with the silk band around his head. He struggled with the knot, but eventually got it free and ripped the blindfold off. He looked down at me, and his face drained of color.

“Cassie?!? Cassie, Jesus, Cassie what are you doing? What are- How can you-?”

For that split second, Tim’s face was a picture. He literally did not know what to do or say. I got up and stood beside my grinning twin sister.

“Surprise!” said Bethany, slipping an arm around my waist. We grinned at each other and stared down at Tim. He looked somewhere between dazed, confused and possibly hungover. And his passion had definitely gone. Beth decided to take pity on him.

“Baby” she said, kneeling down in front of him. “You wanted this weekend to be special, and so do I. And so does Cassie. That’s why we’re here. It’s every guy’s fantasy, right? You told me that. Making love to twin sisters. Well here we are.”

“Yeah, Bee Bee. I know, but I mean, Jesus!” He was still staring at the floor somewhere.

Beth got up and stood beside me once more. “Hey” she said. Tim looked up. “Don’t we look good to you?” Beth said. She pulled her hair up and pouted. “Don’t we both look good, Tim” I continued, copying my sister. We now had his full attention, and put into play phase two of our plan. The striptease.

“You just sit there a minute, honey” said Bethany. “Me and Cassie want to get a bit more comfortable, okay?”

We started to move our hips to the low music, and dance around each other. We made out like we were erotic dancers, and gave each other smouldering looks. After a minute or two, I reached out and took hold of Bethany’s blouse, undoing the top button. I carried on down her blouse until it was open. Beth slipped it off her shoulders as I moved round behind her. With my hands shaking a little, I undid the clasp at the back of her bra and slipped that off her shoulders too. Beth raised her hands up to her hair once more, and I slid my hands around her chest until I was holding each of her breasts.

“Does that feel better, sis?” I said.

“Mmm. Much better” Bethany said, huskily. I moved my hands down her tummy and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her skirt. I moved my hands round to her left side and unclipped the catch on her skirt, letting it fall to her ankles. Bethany stepped out of her skirt and turned to me.

“Oh Cassie!” she said, in mock-surprise, “You must be so hot. Let me help you out of those things.”

“Thanks, sis” I said, moving to stand directly in front of Tim. His hard-on was the biggest I’d ever seen on a man.

We reversed the roles, and I stood still as Bethany undid the buttons on my blouse. It fell to the floor and I felt my heart beat a little faster as Beth unclipped my bra and it too fell. I raised my hands up and closed my eyes, feasting on the sensation as Beth smoothed her hands around my sides and covered my breasts.

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