Dorm Room Fun


I just graduated high school, and was headed for college. I couldn’t wait to get there. I thought that when I got there, I could finally get laid. I was never good with the ladies, but I knew women were easier in college.

A couple of months had passed and still no women. I would find myself masturbating a lot in my dorm room, when my roommate wasn’t around. Jon, my roommate was a good guy, we were on the hockey team together so we got along very well. He tried to cheer me up often cause I thought something was wrong with me cause I never got any women. But one day it would soon make sense.

It was very hot in our dorm room, so we would lounge around in our boxers all the time. That was when I noticed that Jon was a very hot guy. He had a very lean body, muscular, and I found myself staring at his crotch all the time.

One day class was cancelled so I came home early, and when I opened the door to the room, I found Jon sitting there naked, playing with his cock while he watched some gay porn on the screen. I was so shocked, and amazed, that when he saw me, I just left the room and stood outside the door. I stood there, thinking about his cock, and I thought maybe I could live out a fantasy.

After a moment, I went back inside, while Jon had put his boxers on and was now red in the face. He started to talk me, but I told him not gaziantep escort to say a word. He stood there in silence. I dropped my backpack on the floor, and told him to close his eyes. He nodded.

When his eyes closed, I very quietly stripped off my clothes until I was completely naked. I was starting to get an erection thinking of his cock and what I was going to do. I got up very close to him, but didn’t touch him. Then, leaned forward, and kissed him, wrapping my arms around his back, squeezing his ass.

He was shocked at first, but then, just gave in to my tongue. We stood there wrapping our tongues together for a minute, until I pulled back, and slowly slid down his chest, letting my hands glide down his muscular chest. I got on my knees, and my face pressed against his cock. I looked up at him, then, slowly slid his boxers off, letting his throbbing cock bounce out to slap me in the face. I giggled a little, and then slid my tongue around his 8-inch monster.

Jon was in pure ecstasy as I started to massage his balls as I kissed the head of his cock. With my free hand, I started to jerk my own cock off, letting my pre cum drip all over my hands. I stood up, releasing his cock from my lips, and pushed him onto his bed. I took the pre cum from my cock, and rubbed it all over his, then I got on top of him.

I laid my cock on his, and begin humping his cock with mine. I started kissing him furiously as he started to rub his cock back on mine. I leaned back up, and started to speed up the pace of our cocks rubbing together frantically until we both cam all over each other. I wiped the pre cum off his chest and onto mine, and gave it a quick stroke, letting all my juices come out. I stood up, and sat on my bed. I could not believe I just did that. He was in such shock, and he just sat there with his legs open, exposing his limp penis. He looked at me straight in the eyes, and then smiled. I got a complete feeling of warmth in my body and winked at him, I was far from done now.

The site of his exposed cock was getting me hard again. I looked at him straight in the eyes, and then pulled out from under my bed some lubricant. I squeezed some out into my hand, laid back and started to masturbate. I wanted him to watch me stroke my cock. I glanced over to see Jon instantly getting hard again, and starting to rub his cock.

I winked at him and called him over. He brought his cock straight to my mouth as I engulfed it, slurping his cock, placing a lot of saliva on it.

” I want you to fuck my ass Jon”

He smiled at me, giving a feeling of complete warmth again, and slid down the bed. He lifted my legs up and pulled my hips to him. He licked his fingers and then wiped my ass gently, then slid one finger in.

I moaned in pure pleasure. I could not describe the feeling I had, it was incredible. After my ass loosened up a little, he slid two fingers up there, and again I moaned in a state of pure pleasure. I continued to stroke my cock, letting him watch me jiggle my cock all around as he fingered my ass.

He pulled his fingers out and slid his cock in very slowly. When he got it all the way in, I almost cam right there but held back. I let go of my cock, and gripped the sheets tightly. He pulled his cock out and slid it in again very slowly. My cock bounced as he plunged into me.

He started to speed up his pace, thrusting harder and faster as I just gripped the sheets in ecstasy. He was about to cum again, and I could feel it as his cock started to tighten up. Just as he was about to cum, he grabbed my cock and jerked me off. I came instantly, letting the cum fly on to my chest.

As the cum hit my chest, he could hold out no longer and released his sperm in my tight ass.

He pulled it out and lay on top of me. Both our cocks still throbbing still from the incredible orgasms we just had. He kissed me deeply, and we just cuddled for a long time.

After that experience, we had nothing but good times together. We were constantly naked, and jerked off together every day. We had plenty of sex, but nothing was as incredible as our first time together.

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