Dommy Mommy: the Chemistry Teacher


My name’s Steve and this is the story of how I started being dominated by my mom and her lover.

I’ve always been kind of a shut in. Not so much a loser, per say, but I spend a lot of times staying up late into the night playing video games. I’ve never been that popular in school; I tried playing sports but they were never for me. My favorite subject is science, so I ended up spending a lot of time with other nerdy kids. That is, until my senior year when I started taking chemistry from a guy named Mr. Huck, a bulky balding guy with a grizzly face. People always called him Jerry, but he made me call him Mr. Huck. I don’t know what it is about me but he always looked down on me and picked on me. He would ask me the hardest questions during class and then suggest that I was stupid when I couldn’t answer correctly, even though I always tried my best. One time, when there was this girl I had a crush on in class, after class Mr. Huck saw me talking to her and casually said to us, “hah, it’s funny when beta’s flirt with people out of their league.” I went home and cried to my mom that day, she was very sympathetic.

My mom isn’t incredibly beautiful, but she’s has some assets if you know what I mean. She’s a short redhead with a cute (but often loud) mouth. She always wears lipstick—and I mean always—and often is in formal attire. She works sales so she’s often going out for formal meetings. And she has a big butt. I always knew about her big butt because kids would tease me about it when I was young, saying they were gonna ‘fuck your big-ass milf mom’ and stuff, but recently I started to really notice it. When I hadn’t jerked off in a while and she walked around in her short skirt I had to hide my boner, or else run away and jerk off instantly.

I think she noticed this eventually; occasionally she would walk around in her underwear and I would have to avert my gaze and cover my crotch and she would say, “why so coy, coy boy? Why don’t you come watch TV with mamma?” And I would make up some excuse to go jerk off that second and then go sit with her. But still I would see her big, soft ass fill out her underwear and visions of putting my penis between her cheeks deep in her pussy would get me all riled up.

A strange thing started to happen around this time too. You see, my dad’s a meek but pretty standard patriarch to our home. Often a typical day is that he comes home from work, mom has already comes home, he gives her a foot wash and massage while she watches TV and then he goes and cooks dinner for us. He’s often been very serviceable to my mom and I’ve always really admired that—their marriage growing up shaped my image of what a good relationship is. But he also has a busy job and he’s often gone on business trips for a couple weeks at a time—that’s partially why I feel so much closer to my mom than to him. But around when I started my senior year and when I turned 18 my mom started having visitors when he was gone. And not just houseguests, I mean, they would stay in our house the duration that my dad was gone. And they were always men. First it was her, my mom’s boss, Mr. Sharma. My mom said to me, “oh honey, he just needs a place to stay for a little bit. And I think it’d be nice to have a man around the house while your father’s gone, you wouldn’t mind that, would you?” Of course I said no, I wouldn’t mind. But all the time that Mr. Sharma was over my mom did the cooking and the cleaning of the house, which was very unlike her. And Mr. Sharma would smile at her in a way that made me very uncomfortable, like he was also thinking about her big ass. I was very happy when he left.

But then the next month it was my principal, Mr. Marlin. Who stayed over, and she didn’t even have an excuse for him. And then the next month my school football coach, a huge, muscly black guy came and stayed with us. And one night when Mr. Marlin was over, I got up from bed to go to the bathroom and in the hallway I heard mom being pounded. You could tell she was trying to be quiet, but Mr. Marlin gorukle escort was going all out. On top of mom’s whimpering I could hear his deep gravely voice, “oh, take it, slut. Take this big cock you fat bitch.” I creeped up to the door and, to my chagrin, it was completely closed. But from up close I could hear his balls slapping against her and my parents’ headboard hitting the wall. Of course, I was offended at the revelation that my mom was cheating on my father, but hearing her be pounded and abused like that also made me uncontrollably hard. It took me 30 seconds to gush cum right there on the carpet in front of their door.

I tried telling Dad about what I heard, the next day even I called him, and nervously said, “hey Dad, listen, I think I have some bad news about Mom.”

“Is she okay?” He said.

“Yeah, she’s fine,” although I’m sure she’s pretty sore, “it’s just about the visitors she has over a lot.”

“Oh, oh, oh, Steve, I know what you’re going to tell me. And listen, those guys are my friends, they wouldn’t do anything I’m not okay with. Don’t worry about your Mom like that.”

I said okay, but I just didn’t believe that Dad knew what I was going to say. Was he really just that oblivious? Or is he for some reason okay with all these guys pounding his wife? Both answers didn’t seem satisfactory.

At the same time, however, I had never been more turned on in my life. I left my room over and over at night to listen for my Mom and Mr. Marlin fucking. And each time I had the privilege of listening to Mr. Marlin abuse her, I came harder than ever in my life, and I’d sit their afterwords, splashed in my own cum and continue to listen, reveling in my Mom’s cheating.

But eventually Mr. Marlin left and my Dad came back, and I didn’t have any more of my Mom’s sweet sex to jerk off to. I became desperate and started sneaking into her room to steal her panties, smelling them jerking off into them, imagining Mr. Marlin’s cum dripping from her pussy into the panties on my face. I observed my parents too, and both Dad and Mom were acting normal as ever. In fact, they were better than normal, when my Dad came back from business trips he seemed happier than ever to make dinner and the massage mom and he just hung on her every need.

But eventually he had to leave again, thank God. I NEEDED to hear Mom fucking again so I could get off just as hard as I could before. But then Mom told me who would be visiting—my chemistry teacher, Jerry Huck.

“No!” I said, “Mom, I hate him! He is so mean to me, and your gonna bring him into our house?” And probably fuck him, I added in my mind.

“Listen sweety, he’s a friend of ours and he needs a place to stay. It’s the least you can do to try and be hospitable.

I had never heard about this supposed friendship before, but in my sick, sick mind I thought at least I’ll have something good to jerk off to again. And somehow, the idea of someone I really hate fucking my mother made it even more hot. Sure enough the first night he stayed with us I snuck up to their bedroom door and heard the most violent gagging sound, and Mr. Huck was saying, “take it piggy, ugh, suck my cock piggy. Oh my god your fat fucking slut throat is so loose. How many cocks have you had in here bitch,” and then slap, and then a moaning whimper from my mother. I exploded on myself right then, and whimpered along with my abused mother.

The next day was Saturday and sitting around with nothing to do all day made me so unbelievably horny. But Mom was in her room all morning so I couldn’t even go and grab some of her panties—I had to wait around until 2 PM when she left the house for the grocery store. As soon as she did I burst into her room to grab the smelliest panties I could find. Instantly I pulled my pants down to jerk off in her underwear. It felt so good, any guilt I had in my mind about my mother’s infidelity just melted away as I rubbed my cock with her panties. I thanked Mom for fucking my teachers and my coaches altıparmak eskort bayan just for the euphoria.

But then a throat cleared behind me, and I froze.

“I forgot my keys when I went to the store,” my mom said from behind me. I must not have heard her come back into the house. “Turn around,” she said, and I did so, face blushing I bent over to pull up my pants. “No no no,” she said swatting my hands away from my pants, “if you want to be a little pervert, you’re going to be treated like one. Does it turn you on the rub yourself with your mother’s underwear? Huh? Does it?”

I could feel her eyes bore into me as I looked down at her feet.

“Um… no,” I said.

“Don’t lie to me, I know what you were doing. Tell me! Does it turn you on?”

“I guess, a little. Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“Tell me this then, does it turn you on to sit outside mommys door and listen to her private time?” My face blushed deeper. “Yeah! That’s right, I know about your little night time excursions. It’s a little hard to miss walking over cum first thing in the morning.”

I didn’t know what to say, I felt so ashamed.

“Take your pants off,” she said, “and pull your shirt up so I can see your little cock.”

What I couldn’t believe what she was saying. But the she walked over to me and gave me a hard spank to accentuate each word—”Take. Your. Pants. Off!” So I did it.

“Now,” she said as she pushed me onto the bed. “As I said, if your going to be a little pervert, I’m going to treat you like one.” She slipped her tight jeans off her wide hips—I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “It’s not your fault, baby,” she said as she mounted me on the bed, her perfect brown asshole directly above my face. “Some men just get off on the most perverted things. It’s only natural with a small cock like yours that you’d be a little submissive sissy. But to your own mother. Luckily I have plenty of experience working with beta men like you.”

She lowered her anus down onto my face and I eagerly stuck out my tongue to taste it. She pulled her big, sweaty cheeks apart so that my mouth could reach her asshole. I instantly began licking, breathing in her musk, and pushing my tongue into her as far as I could. She pressed the weight of her ass down onto me, squeezing me face, then she moved her hips so that my nose slid from her asshole into her wet vagina.

I felt her pinch the head of my cock, and I winced in pleasure and pain.

“You are such a nasty little boy!” She said, softly rubbing the head of my cock. “I can’t believe I’ve been living with a little sissy pervert all this time.”

I squirmed and wiggled my head.; I wanted to move my nose up to smell her asshole more, but she kept moving her hips, using my face to massage her clit. She pinched the head of my cock harder and I let out a moan.

She giggled. “Your little cock is so sensitive, just like your dad’s! Not like Jerry’s at all.”

I twitched with a pang of jealousy. She continued: “Have you seen Jerry’s member, honey? He’s a monster. I knew you’ve heard us going at it. He goes for so long, and he’s so rough, like a dog. Not like your father honey. Your father could cum at the touch of a feather if I just humiliated him enough. Which I actually did once: I had him call my lover, my boss Mr. Salburry, and tell him that he gave consent to him fucking his wife and sleeping in his bed whenever Mr. Salburry wanted, which of course he was doing anyways. And I just stroked his nubbin cock with a feather. He came all over himself.”

She continued to rub her pussy and ass on my face as the jealousy fired up inside me. She pressed her asshole hard onto my mouth and said, “Lick up, baby. Mommy likes is when you lick her dirty hole”

I did as she said and as I was licking three little puts of air came out of her anus. She giggled as I squired with pleasure at breathing in her farts, and she gave my cock a firm but playful slap.

We heard the nilüfer eskort bayan front door open downstairs. “Oh, that must be Jer,” mom said. And sure enough a minute later Jerry walks through the door. I see him look at me, mom kneeling over me, her juices and my saliva dripping onto my face, and gives a smug smirk. My mom instantly gets off of the bed and walks over to greet him. He slaps her hard and says, “on your knees bitch, have I taught you anything.”

My mom drops to her knees, she looks down with a prideful smile, I think I can see her blushing, and fishes my chemistry teachers cock out of his pants and takes it in her mouth. She sucks like a pro, I bet you could hear her sloppy wet mouth from the street outside, and she looks up at him with obedient loving eyes. He slaps her hard again while she’s sucking and she obviously loves. He grabs her hair and pushes his cock to the back of her throat before saying, “take it you dirty slut.”

All I can do is lie there, becoming more and more aroused at seeing my mother being treated like a whore and trying not to give Jerry the satisfaction of seeing my cum to him abusing her. She takes his cock out of her mouth to lick his hairy balls and he slaps his cock on her face before slapping her again with his hand. She squeals with pleasure at being hit.

“Jerry, sir?” She says, “I think my lil Stevie might want a taste.” She looked at me and licked the saliva off her lips. She came over to me and gave me a deep wet kiss; I could taste his sweaty cock in her mouth. Then she led me over to kneel in front of Jerry. From here I could tell that his cock was much bigger than mine, much thicker too. I thought about what mom said about my dad, I guess cock size is genetic.

“Well,” Jerry said, “what are you waiting for faggot?” I just looked forward at his cock, and it pointed back right into my mouth. Bam! Jerry had slapped me in the face and a surge of energy went right down from my face into my cock.

“Are you a slut like your mother or what?” He said.

And obediently I leaned in and took the head of his cock in my mouth. It tasted sooo good. I could taste his sweat and his precum and my mothers saliva as I stretched my lips around his cock. And I just wanted more. More cock deeper in my mouth. More of Jerry’s cock.

“Good girl,” he said. And my mother spanked me from behind. I wish I had lipstick on like mom so that I could see how deep I can go. I want to beat mom, be a better cocksucker than her. I open my eyes to see Jerry, who was once just my science teacher, looking down at his little slut slobbering all over his cock. No wonder mom does this so much, it feels so good.

From behind my mother caresses my ass, and slowly sticks a finger up my ass as I suck. I moan in pleasure on Jerry’s cock. Then another finger and I push his cock deeper, filling up my throat. He Grabs my hair and starts pounding my mouth, my mother massages my prostate; my cock feels electric, like any single touch could set me off. I try to suck harder but my mouth is getting tired.

“I always knew you were a little fucking sissy,” Jerry said, pushing his cock back into my. “Even before I started fucking your whore mom it’s obvious all you could ever do is obey and service a real man.”

“Mmhmm,” I gargled, looking up at him with tears in my eyes. My mom stuck her fingers deeper inside of me. I wanted to say, ‘yes sir, yes all I’m good for is servicing you,’but I couldn’t stop sucking his cock. My mom’s fingers were moving in and out of my behind and I could feel the pressure building up in my cock. Mom started rubbing my balls with her other hand and I knew this was it. I sucked faster and faster until I pushed myself all the way down, completely choking myself on Jerry’s big cock and all the pressure in my butthole and balls released with a stream of cum onto the floor.

Bam! Jerry slapped me again, “you made a mess you little bitch. I’d make you clean it up if I didn’t still have to cum.”

He threw me out of the room and I heard him throw my mom onto the bed and start pounding her. Probably in the asshole I was just licking.

What’s that? Jackpot! Mom left her dirty pink panties outside her door. I spent the next hour smelling and jerking off into her panting while listening to Jerry fuck her stupid.

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