Dominant Pupil


I gave my cat a stroke before gently shoving it over and sitting next to it on my sofa. It gave a meow of complaint but obviously wasn’t too bothered as it soon curled its paw over it’s eye and went back to blissful sleep as I picked up the pile of essays from my English leavers class. These were the kids that really hadn’t been old enough to leave at the start of term, had turned 18 during term and were pretty much counting down the days until the end of term so that they could escape the hell that was their school days. It really wasn’t much fun teaching the class but it paid the bills. I took the first one from the top and snorted in derision as I saw it was Darren Miller’s. Darren was a bit of a wannabe thug, well built, muscled, acted so tough and so cool. He certainly had never shown much ambition on scholarly attitudes. But my derision quickly turned to something else as I read his efforts at a short ‘romantic’ story. I’ve corrected the spelling and grammar but below is pretty much what he had written.

“That Bastard teacher Mr. Jones (my name!) had kept me back for detention again! I hadn’t done anything except tell that slut Michelle Gayle how fine she was looking in her whore skirt. But he took exception to that, fucking faggot that he is. So anyway, when all the rest of the class had gone it was just me and him in the class and I could tell he was checking me out, like he fancied me. Everyone at school said he was queer and I could see he was well impressed with me. I mean who wouldn’t be?

Anyway, after he was staring at me for near five minutes I got up and stood in front of his desk and confronted him, like. Told him straight.

“What you looking at man?”

He was rattled, didn’t like being caught out like that and he couldn’t look at me, he stammered and mumbled some response but I ignored him.

“You like me do you? You like young meat?”

The old fag was nearly wetting himself and he actually admitted he did, then tried to take it back, he was embarrassing. So I decided to humiliate him, show him his place.

“Bet you’d like a bit of black cock, wouldn’t you? Bet you never had none, have you? Well get over here on your knees and beg and I might let you taste it.”

He broke just like that, he got down and crawled over to me while I let my dick out and I made him beg to kiss it. He did like a little bitch and soon enough I fucked his faggot mouth with it. Showed him what happens when you mess with me!”

And that was it. A terrible story to be sure and pretty much enough for me to get him expelled, though I doubt he cared. It bothered me though for a couple of reasons. I had heard the rumours that I was gay at school before just because I didn’t have a girlfriend or wife but I ignored them. But most concerning of all was the fact I was sporting a massive erection by the time I had go to the end of Darren’s charming little tale!

I was bemused and not a little concerned by this development. The story was pathetic really, the scrawling of an obviously deluded and sick mind. And yet it had such a profound effect on me, it had affected me and for the rest gaziantep escort of the evening I could not shake the imagery, the symbolism or the thought of that bloody story. I went to bed that night still hard and spent the night tossing and turning and unable to shake the image of me on my knees sucking Darren’s dick.

The next day dragged until my English class last thing. I haven’t yet decided how to deal with this. I know I should have reported the story to the head of my Department and Darren would have been either suspended or expelled. But I didn’t. I thought about it, then thought some more and the more I thought the less confident I was about what to do. When his class entered I couldn’t even meet Darren’s eyes but towards the end I decided to act and told him to stay behind after class as I wanted to speak to him. He just grinned at me. I wondered if I knew what I was doing.

When the other kids rushed from the room Darren remained looking cocky at his desk. I still found it hard to look at him so I turned back to my desk, found his essay and turned back, dropping it on his desk.

“This, Darren, is not acceptable work. I don’t know what you are trying to prove but I want you to take this essay and get rid of it then hand in a replacement one, a decent one this time, by tomorrow.”

He smirked.

“What’s the matter bitch? Was it not spelled correctly or something? ‘Cause I know you like what happened.”

I didn’t even pick him up on calling me bitch. I just stood there and stammered until he pointed his finger at my crotch and to my eternal embarrassment there was a very definite, very obvious bulge pointing out in my trousers. I stood stunned and Darren reached the same hand out and cupped my balls through my linen trousers.

“Go and lock your door and draw the blinds on it. Then you can take off all your clothes and get on your knees. Don’t argue, you know you want to bitch.”

This was my last chance to back out of this and we both knew it. I could stand up to him and order him from the classroom if I really wanted to, but I guess I wasn’t thinking with my brain anymore. I moved like a zombie to the door, paused, then locked it and pulled the blinds. The cleaners would not be round for at least an hour and none of my colleagues would bother with the door closed. My class was on the third floor of the school building so it wasn’t like anyone was going to see in. I could not believe I was going to do this, could not understand what was compelling me to do this but I turned and looked at the smirking pupil.

“Let’s see what you are packing teach. See how your pathetic little weener stacks up against mine.”

“Darren, I don’t think..”

I broke off because he sharply go to his feet and march up right in front of me and stared hard into my eyes before he barked at me.

“Listen bitch, what you think doesn’t fucking matter anymore. You do what I tell you, understand? Good. Now take your fucking clothes off so I can get a good laugh at you.”

His stare burrowed into me and I think I was physically shaking as I backed down and obediently started to unbutton my shirt. He nodded and moved back to sit on his desk, arms crossed as I continued to strip off. I paused when down to just my boxer shorts, suddenly aware again of how dumb this was. It’s my job, my career, maybe even more on the line here and all for what? A cheap thrill? What on earth was I doing?

“Those as well bitch, let’s see what you got in there, it seems keen enough to get out!”

I was still sporting a hard ridge which was even more obvious now that I was just in my shorts. My cheeks burned with embarrassment as I hooked my thumbs into the belt of my shorts and with one last look up at the goading black eighteen year old I pushed the shorts to my ankles and stepped out of them and stood up totally striped naked before him. Darren stifled his amusement badly, pointing and laughing at me. I burned with more shame but the weird thing was it was arousing me more and more. My humiliation was complete when Darren picked up a ruler from my desk and held it against my short, fat cock. He deliberately measured it short and shouted out.

“Four inches! Four inches! Fucking hell, I was bigger than that in Primary school!”

With a swiftly flurry of his hands he whipped his own dick out and he was not lying, it was a monster, at least to my eyes. Seven inches and as thick as mine and he wasn’t even nearly properly hard yet. I stared at it and knew what I would be doing to it before long. I was disgusted with myself, with what I had allowed to happen to me. He watched me intently, leaving me alone for a short time before giving me more orders.

“You like it? You want to get nearer? Worship it? Maybe even taste it? Yeah, I bet you do. But first you are going to wank yourself off bitch. You are not going to suck me while turned on, you will do it with a limp dick and guilt and shame in your mind. Now get on your knees and cum for me. Yeah, look at my big, black dick while you do it!”

My body betrayed me again and I slowly sunk to my knees on he cold, hard wooden floor. I was inches from his beautiful member and I could not take my eyes off it as it twitched and slowly straightened as I began playing with myself.

I was so turned on, I could not remember ever feeling like this, it felt as if I could cum almost without touching my dick. I gripped it hard and began pumping it furiously, the need to cum overpowering now. Darren could see I was near the edge so he stepped forward, gripped his own semi -erect cock and began to slap it hard against my face contemptuously. It was so degrading and humiliating being treated like this by a male pupil who was more than half my age, his youth seeming to make a mockery of my life up to this point. At a particularly hard slap of his dick across my nose I tensed up and felt my balls boil over and spat out a load of cum onto the floor in front of me. I pumped on and got the lot out and once again Darren mocked me.

“Wow! Is that all you’ve got bitch? That is so fucking weak! I mean I’ve had third and fourth loads that were bigger than that!”

Even without his words the usual shame and guilt was washing over me after I came. I guess I was just so repressed and it was always the case that once I had cum I was instantly regretful and ashamed. I looked at his now stiff dick and didn’t feel half as excited or aroused as I had, I just wanted to get out of here. I looked down at the small patch of my cum on the ground and that made my mind up, I pushed myself up to get to my feet but Darren grabbed me by the hair and forced me back to my knees.

“Where are you going teach? Just ‘cos you got off don’t mean we’re finished. What about me? Thought you wanted this (said while bouncing his dick off my chin). Not now? Well tough fucking luck, you aren’t going anywhere until I cum and I ain’t using my hand like you, no, I’m using your face! Now open up bitch!”

Uurgh! I felt sick as I bowed to the inevitable and opened my mouth and he lanced his large dick into it. He had me over a barrel and we both knew I, I had chosen to strip naked and wank off before a pupil of mine and if he chose to tell on me I was truly fucked. Him making me cum before face fucking me was a cruel move as I could have handled this if I still had the promise of release but this way I was hating every moment of my denouement.

Darren was not gentle with me. He kept a firm grip on my hair and my ears as he plunged his huge member in and out of my gasping, sucking mouth. He went balls deep quickly on me and I gagged and felt my gorge rising. Darren did not care and held his dick there, his big balls balanced on my chin. I just kept my hands by my side and let the teenager fuck my face like that, after all wasn’t this all my own fault, hadn’t I all but asked to be treated like this?

His dick smelled stale and musky and I fought not to think when he had last washed it but I knew the taste would live with me for all my days. What a sight I must have presented a forty year old white teacher on his knees blowing a hot young, black stud. And then, without warning his dick exploded in my mouth and wave after wave of cum fired down my throat. I choked on the first blast, unexpected as it was, and opened my mouth letting his dick from my lips. All that happened was he sprayed his cum all over my face, in my eyes, my nose and my hair until he finally stopped with my face literally dripping with his cum.

“Now that’s a real load bitch, not that pathetic dribble of yours down there!”

Bringing my puddle of cum to mind gave Darren one further degradation for me to perform.

“And you can’t leave that for the cleaners, no way so why don’t you get down there and lick it up bitch, lick your own cum off the floor!”

Bizarrely I was starting to get hard again and aroused as I dropped to my belly and began to do what he said, lick my own drying semen up. Darren chuckled and turned to pack his school bag. He gave me one last instruction.

“You can go when you are finished bitch, but you are going to keep me back late tomorrow night too and you’ll also keep Jade McNiven back as well with us.”

With that he confidently strode to the door, flung it open and headed open leaving me, in full view of the open door, naked and on my belly, face covered in cum licking at the floor wondering what the next day would hold for me…

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